How To Stay Comfortable During An Off-Road Trip


Off-road trips are not always associated with comfort. After all, you will spend several hours on the road! If you are Overlanding, you will be sleeping in tents and spending most of your time outdoors when you’re not driving. 

However, the rewards of Overlanding are worth it! 

On a thrilling trip like this, it's immensely satisfying to take in wide, unobstructed views of nature, sleep under the stars, and spend quality time with yourself or your family.


How to Stay Comfortable During an Off-Road Trip


But how do you reap these perks and ensure you have a good time along the way? 

Learn the secrets of staying comfortable during an Overlanding or off-road excursion! 


A Guide To A Comfortable Off-Road Or Overland Trip 

Who says Overlanding has to be a rough journey? Enjoy every moment of your time outdoors with these tips:

1. Have A Comfortable Ride.

Your vehicle is your mode of transportation, storage area, and living space when you’re out on an off-road trip! One of the greatest discomforts you can experience is being cramped inside a car that is loaded with your clothes, tent, food, and outdoor gear. Go Overlanding with a generously sized vehicle if you can, and have it tuned up before your trip. 

Maximize the space in your vehicle with roof racks. Roof racks are a series of bars that are attached to the roof and span the top of your car.

Just like vehicles, roof racks also vary in make and design. 


Here Are Three Well-Built Roof Racks To Check Out: 

  • Prinsu Full Roof Rack does not require drilling to be installed and is ideal for holding cargo boxes, rooftop tents, water tanks, and fishing rods.
Prinsu 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner Full Roof Rack 1995-2002

  • Megamule Roof Rack can fit several types of car models. It is a versatile, one-piece, basket-type roof rack that can easily be mounted on round, square, rectangular, or aerodynamic cross bars.
BajaRack The Megamule Basket Roof Rack

  • 144 Low Roof Racks are made for Mercedes Sprinters and come with two flooring options: slat floor and perforated sheet floor.
144 Low Roof Racks



2. Upscale Your Navigation Gear.

Finding your way is a significant part of off-road travel. Your smartphone will not cut it as you might be in areas with limited or no cellular signal. You need a reliable, easy-to-use navigation system if you don’t want to stop every few minutes to check your map or prolong your stay on the road. The GPSMAP 66i is a portable satellite communicator that comes with maps and lets you add more routes. It can also send SOS signals to search and rescue monitoring centers within the area. 

Garmin GPSMAP® 66i


3. Make A Cozy Sleeping Arrangement.

You deserve a restful, comfy sleep after a long, possibly bumpy ride! Invest in a quality tent that will make you look forward to sleeping as much as waking up surrounded by nature. The iKamper Skycamp 3.0 hardshell tent comes with a thick, king-sized mattress and can fit up to 3 adults. 


iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Roof Top Tent 


Apart from its spacious dimensions, the iKamper Skycamp Tent also features a wide sky window so you can watch the stars while falling asleep! The sky and side windows can be closed at anytime. 


4. Enjoy Warm, Delicious Meals.

One of the comforts you give up while Overlanding is enjoying a warm, filling meal. Unless, of course, you bring a portable kitchen system! The Overland Vehicle Systems Komodo Camp Kitchen is an all-around cooking setup for the outdoors. It has a small area for cooking or preparing food and a multi-use station with a burner, a griller,

and a skillet. This functional, space-saving, and lightweight outdoor kitchen system is great for families and groups. 



Overland Vehicle Systems Komodo Camp Kitchen



5. Get A Secure Changing Room Or Latrine.

One of the most basic concerns for newbies is this: when Overlanding, how do you go to the toilet? Or where do you change your clothes? 

Getting some privacy can be a challenge if you are traveling in a group. Besides, having a convenient way to go to the bathroom at night will be extremely helpful when you’re in the middle of nowhere! Fortunately, you can get a Portable Changing Room & Toilet. This Overlanding must-have is a changing room that doubles as a latrine. It comes with a 5-gallon toilet that has a folding lid and can pump fresh water. 


Portable Changing Room & Toilet


Enjoy the outdoors even more when you don’t have to give up certain comforts. Follow this guide for a comfortable and enjoyable off-road trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work on a 2021 TRD Off-road with Prinsu Roof rack?

Yes, absolutely. This tent is compatible with a Prinsu roof rack!

Will this work on a 2021 TRD Off-road with Prinsu Roof rack?

By standard bars, do you mean the side rails the 5th gen includes? Or the factory crossbars going from left to right? Our recommendation is that you aftermarket crossbars or a full roof rack, because they are much stronger and can handle much more weight. Here are some options:

I have a 4th gen 4runner would it fit with that?

Yes, it'll work just fine. Just make sure you need a roof rack. Here are some options:

Does it have the hole for the A/C unit?

It has space to put in a hose to cool the tent. But a specific hole for an A/C unit not really. Depending on the circumference of what you need, yes.

We have a ram 1500 short bed. How do I know what tent will fit my truck? Or is it based on the rack you buy to put on the top of the truck?

It's based a bit more on the rack. Well, if you want the tent on your bed, then one like this one will be perfect. It has the right dimensions to fit a short bed. Still, I recommend you look at racks at the same time. You can search on our site for Bed Racks for Ram 1500.

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