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Time for another review article. A few weeks back we made a comparison article between the Yulara by TJM and the Smittybilt Overlander 2387. This time around we are going to take a closer look at two very similar RTTs, both in price, quality and design, but that many customers ask us about.

The review will be about the Type E 3 Person Roof Top Tent by Odin Designs, and the Rincon 3 Person Roof Top Tent by HIT. We will start by the basics, then showing the specs of each tent, an overview, pros and cons and a final word by us.

Now, before we begin, we are going to state the obvious, both tents have a 3 person capacity, both are manufactures in China, and both are distributed in America. Once again, as we have said many times, the fact they are made in China doesn’t mean they are cheap, at all. Actually, these are two of the best quality tents from Chinese factories: the reason being that both Odin and HIT are smaller brands that depend a lot on customer satisfaction. Both brands inspect each tent rigorously, as to make sure they ship in a perfect state so customers find no problem with them whatsoever.

Let's begin.

Type E 3 Person Roof Top Tent - by Odin Designs
odin designs type e 3 person rtt



Size Open

Size Closed

Person Capacity


Type E 3 Person


56” W x 96” L x 49” H

56" W x 48” L x 12.5" H


130 lbs


The Type E Roof Top Tent includes a travel cover made of Heavy-Duty PVC, travel straps, anti condensation mat, mattress with removable cover, telescoping ladder, rainfly, and annex.

The annex can be extended from 6.5 to 7.5 feet, and it comes with a removable floor and a back door that zips all the way up or down, depending on how you see it.

As to the materials, this tent is made of high-grade 420D/260G polyester nylon ripstop, and it is waterproof, mold and mildew proof. The travel cover is one of the thickest and most resistant in the whole market, being 1200D/680G PVC travel cover.

Other features of the RTT see it come with the best quality YKK zippers, side windows with awnings that roll all the way up, a skylight feature with netting to avoid bugs or creatures coming in.

The Type E comes with an anti-condensation 2.5-inch thick foam mattress, which includes a removable and washable cover.

Probably one of the best features of this tent is that it has a Diamond Plate Aluminum Base, heavy-duty cover straps and 16 mm aluminum poles for the skeleton of the RTT. All these are heavy duty and quality features that aren’t easy to find and guarantee something that only Odin Designs offers: Limited Lifetime Guarantee. What does that mean? Workmanship is covered for life and that speaks highly about quality.

Despite all the features, the tent is only 130 pounds of weight, but with the annex it goes up to 148 pounds. Still lightweight enough to easily mount it on any racks, and not causing much of a problem in the fuel consumption of your vehicle.


Odin Designs is one of our favorite companies, the owner and founder Reuben Davison has a very interesting story (you can read it HERE), and is truly committed to building great roof top tents and a community of customers that enjoys them.

As to the Type E, the E stands for Extended, and that’s due to the extended overhang the Type E has, which covers the ladder, creating a roof like feature if you are standing next to your rig (see image below as an example).

type e rtt

The tent itself comes with an annex that you can attach below that extended overhang, and it’s actually very spacious, allowing you to use it as a changing room or why not to store some additional luggage or gear.

The quality of his tents is something we have to talk about. Odin Designs truly delivers quality. Not only because of the Limited Lifetime Warranty, but Reuben cares about all the customers, even those who buy through us! Your purchase is in safe hands if you go with Odin.

People are yet to discover the full potential of Odin. This is a brand that we are pretty sure will start getting it’s deserved recognition in the following months. The customer service is fantastic and the tents are of an awesome quality.


  • Limited Lifetime Warranty and a fantastic quality tent
  • Includes a Spacious Annex
  • Even without the annex, the extended overhang gives some sort of coverage below the tent
  • Outstanding customer service


  • It is a 3-person tent, but more like a 2 adult and a small kid tent.

Final Thoughts:

We might be a bit biased because Reuben is a fantastic person and entrepreneur, but the truth is Odin delivers. If you want a quality Roof Top Tent that lasts a lifetime, then the Type E can give you that. Period.

Rincon Roof Top Tent 3 Person - by HIT Tents

hit rincon 3 person rooftop tent



Size Open

Size Closed

Person Capacity


Rincon Roof Top Tent


56" W x 132" L x 50" H

56" W x 48" L x 15.5" H


130 lbs


The Rincon RTT comes with a travel cover made with Heavy-Duty PVC, mattress, aluminum ladder, and rainfly.

The body is made of 400g-ripstop poly-cotton canvas, which is breathable, but it also provides enough insulation for you to use this baby even during winter. That’s right, this RTT isn’t just for summer or spring, it’s for autumn and winter too, and it can take snow.

It also includes a rainfly, made of 420D polyester oxford material, obviously rainproof, mold proof and UV resistant. On top of that, you have one of the best travel covers in the market, made of 1200D Heavy Duty PVC, UV protected and waterproof. You can say this is a 4-season tent of very high quality.

As to the base, it is aluminum, it comes with an aluminum ladder too, and the RTT itself weights 130 lbs. The mattress is 3 inches thick, extremely comfortable and comes with a washable cover.

Now, time to look at the truly important specs: the seams and the construction. This tent has one of the best structures (skeleton), built with thick and durable fabric and with handmade seams or stitching that ensure a high-level or experienced level or even expedition quality tent. It will last for years.


HIT (Hinterland Industries Tents), is family owned business that has more than 20 years of experience when it comes to camping, the outdoors and overlanding. They decided it was time to create an awesome RTT that ensured the users the comforts of a home, with unmatched quality. Out of all their models, the Rincon is our favorite.

Nonetheless, all of the 4 tents they have are great. The thing we like the most is that all their tents are handmade and go through a very strict quality control, you are paying for the best quality.

rincon rtt

The Rincon is not cheap, but that is because now we are entering the set of more custom tents. HIT is not a massive brand like Yakima or Smittybilt, they are family owned, and as such, they pay more attention to what they do, and they want to make only the best. Therefore, you pay for details and a user-friendlier tent.


  • Extremely high quality and durability
  • 4-season tent 
  • Handmade and strict control before shipping 
  • Lightweight 


  • The annex is not included in the price

Final Words:

We really like what HIT does and will likely keep doing, because it shows they care. They didn’t get into the business simply to make a profit here and there. No, they came in to build high-level or expedition quality tents.

The strict quality control each of these goes through, translates in happy customers who can go around the country doing what they like the most: overlanding safely and comfortably.

Wrapping Up

Time to wrap it up and give a final overview of what we think of both these roof top tents. We are talking about two small, boutique brands that are slowly getting the hype they deserve. These are not like Smittybilt or other mainstream tents, that despite serving a purpose, aren’t really for experienced overlanders or those interested in having quality trail adventures.

These are top quality tents, fighting their way to the top with Eezi-Awn or other great manufacturers, doing things that matter: caring about quality.

Customers review them as excellent RTTs and we can’t deny it.

Yes, you will pay slightly higher prices, and you might think: “Why not an ARB?” And we will tell you: “Because you purchase value, you purchase an experience”.

Which one do we prefer?

Frankly, we don’t prefer one or another. You are making a safe choice with both.

The Rincon is slightly more expensive and it does have the inconvenience that the annex has to be bought separately, but at the same time it is more spacious and fits 3 people comfortably.

The Type E by Odin Designs has a slightly more appealing design by some with the extended overhang and the annex included in the price, however the Rincon comes with a thicker poly cotton body fabric, making the tent a bit more suitable for lower temperatures.

In the end it comes down to you, to what price you are willing to pay, to where you want to camp, and to what exactly do you prefer in terms of space and accessories. We just want to reassure you, that these are both extraordinary tents, and despite the brands not being yet households, don’t be surprised if they’ll become such soon.


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