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FSR Adventure Series A49H Automatic 2 Person HardShell Roof Top Tent

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Adventure Series A49H - Automatic - 2 Person Hardshell Roof Top Tent - by Free Spirit Recreation

Innovation and thinking outside the box, these are two of the characteristics that distinguish Free Spirit Recreation (Go FSR) from all other rooftop tent brands out there. They break the traditional barriers and bring the overlanding community fantastic designs.

The A49H is just that, a unique hardshell or hard top roof top tent, with an automatic feature. Simple, with a remote or a Free App on your smartphone you can control the tent and open or close it in just 30 seconds.

The RTT doesn't stop there, it comfortable fits 2, making it the ideal tent for couples or solo travelers, and it weighs only 139 lbs, making it one of the lightest hardshell tents in the market. You will save a lot in fuel economy, and installing it will be much easier than with other brands or models.

It includes a cable for the motor to attach to your car battery, and it even includes a solar panel to help you charge the motor or car battery.

The shell is made from ABS.

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  • Engineered with ultralight fabrics and materials making it one of the lightest automatic roof top tents in the world.
  • Patented exclusive design sets up and closes in under 30 seconds
  • Includes 2 key fob remote controls
  • Unique design eliminates the need for additional setup.
  • Aerodynamically engineered to withstand heavy winds and shed rainwater.
  • 2 hanging shoe storage pockets that roll out quickly and wrap around alloy bars for storing with ease.
  • Store 12-volt cord in hidden zipper pocket for quick easy access built-in
  • lt in air vents with quick adjust control feature.
  • Interior features a large living area, built-in pockets, and plenty of places to hang your gear.
  • Built-in awning creates a natural panoramic view so you can enjoy all of your favorite camping spots from the comfort of your tent.
  • Control your tent using Bluetooth on our exclusive app available for download on your Apple or Android device!


  • 4 Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter weather ready
  • Size Opened: 52”W X 85”L X 48”H
  • Size Closed: 52”W X 85”L X 9”H
  • Sleeping Footprint: 49”W X 83”L (Twin XL bed is 39” X 80”)
  • Sleeping capacity 1-2 people
  • Weight: 139 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity: 750 lbs.
  • Motor: 12 volt/12W/6A/Thrust 1300N
  • Solar panel: 12 volt/15W/1.25A/Monocrystalline

Main tent construction:

  • Color: Grey Body, Black Rainfly and Black Shell.
  • Shell Material: ABS
  • Polyester-cotton rip-stop canvass
  • Fabric weight 6 oz./per square yard
  • 500 denier fibers
  • 2,000mm polyurethane waterproof ventilate coating
  • Mildew resistant treatment
  • Fire Retardant treatment
  • UV treatment to extend fabric life & maintain colorfast
  • Double stitched seams with polyurethane seam tape for exceptional watertight seal
  • Ceiling fabric made from 4.5-ounce breathable cotton to help wick moisture away.

Rain fly/trim/pocket construction:

  • Woven polyester-oxford
  • Silver Coated for superior UV protection
  • Unique engineered design to withstands heavy winds
  • 2,000mm polyurethane waterproof coating
  • Fabric weight 4 oz./per square yard
  • 210 denier fibers
  • Mildew resistant treatment
  • Fire Retardant treatment
  • UV treatment to extend fabric life & maintain colorfast
  • UPF 50+
  • Double stitched seams with polyurethane seam tape for exceptional watertight seal

Travel Cover/Roof:

  • Polymer Composite ABS
  • 8 Heavy duty binding straps for tight seal
  • Built-in ladder storage on top of cover with 2” wide heavy duty straps and nylon buckles
  • Steel re-enforced corners with polished finish
  • Textured aerodynamic design for increased durability and wind resistance.
  • 2” rubber seal and heavy duty rubber corners for increased weather protection

  • Screen Doors & Windows: Upgraded no-see-um black polyester mesh


  • 3” thick high-density memory foam
  • 6 lbs. per cubic foot high density
  • Removable washable cover
  • Secondary high-density foam floor for added comfort and insulation


  • 2” high-density EPE foam sewn into anti-tear polyester-oxford shell with 2,000mm polyurethane coating and level 4 water-resistant treatment.
  • 10 heavy-duty 50” X 2” X 1” welded aluminum rectangle tubes mounted to 3” X 2” extruded aluminum alloy frame.
  • Aluminum allow handles for easy installation
  • Ladder: Aluminum locking ladder with fixed 7 1/2-foot height.

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Step-By-Step Guide On How To Mount A Roof Top Tent:

  1. All tents have a similar installation process, but they might vary a little, that is why we recommend you reading carefully THROUGH EACH PRODUCT MANUAL, as well as watching their videos (most are online, or you can ask us to send them to you).

  1. Tools needed: A Phillips head screwdriver, a box cutter, a second 13 mmm ratcheting wrench, a 10mm ratcheting wrench and a heck saw.

  1. Before mounting them onto a roof rack, flat rack or crossbar, the first step is removing your newly bought RTT from the box, as well as all the bits and pieces included (all RTTs WILL include all the necessary installation parts and a manual).

  1. Take the tent out of the box and place it on a clean surface with the straps faced DOWN. Set aside the mounting racks. Remove the protective plastic from the tent with the box cutter. Undo the straps from the sides of the tent and across the base.

  2. Open the tent, and take from inside of it all the contents. Most brands will include a tent cover, rainfly, ladder, mattress, and a pouch with the hardware, tools and parts.

  1. Most RTTs will include the following tools and hardware (see Image as an example): 2 bungees, 2 ladder brackets, 8 aluminum channel sliders with bolts and nuts, 4 end caps, four steel mounting plates, the needed wrenches, and four medium sized bolts with washers.

    tools included inside roof top tents
  1. Then, time for the action. Grab the mounting tracks of the RTT; place them on the tent base parallel to the hinges, aligning the holes in the tracks with the holes in the base.

  2. Grab the nuts, remove them from the four medium sized bolts and slide them into the mounting channels, as to align them to the holes in the base.

  3. Then take the bolts each with two washers, and slide them between the mattress and the tent base.

  4. Screw them into the pre drilled holes and the nuts you just put in the tracks.

  5. Once the tracks are on, you need turn/flip the tent over to install the ladder.

  6. Grab the Ladder Brackets and unscrew the bolts on each bracket, so that you can position over the pre-drilled holes at the edge of the tent base.

  7. Take the longer bolts each with the washer, and slide them between the mattress and the tent base, into the pre-drilled holes and up through the ladder bracket.

  1. Attach each one with a nut and leave them loose.

  1. Then grab the ladder and through the holes at the end of it, join it to the by passing the remaining length of the bolt through the holes in the ladder end. Then add another nut and tighten it on both sides.

  1. Then rotate the ladder a few times, before tightening the bolts of the brackets to the base.

  1. Then secure the ladder with the straps (most tents should have them), and then reattach the side straps of the tent to secure it. 

  1. Once all the parts have been installed, make sure you put the travel cover on top of the tent. It is a very easy process that barely needs explanation; just make sure you close the zippers carefully to prevent the tent fabric catching to the zipper.

  1. Time to place the tent on top of the vehicle. Since they weigh over 120 lbs, you will want the help of someone to do it. 

  1. Mounting the tent mounting tracks depends on whether you have side rails or cross bars, and if you want the tent to open towards the side of the car or towards the back. In this step-by-step guide we will use a side mounting as an example on top of cross bars.

  1. Place the mounting racks in the base of the tent, PERPENDICULAR to your roof rack bars.

  1. Then, fit two aluminum channel sliders and bolts into each end of the mounting track, so that there is a bolt on either side of the roof rack bar. Repeat this process at each of the 4 points where the racks and mounting racks cross.

  1. Once this is done, fit a steel mounting plate on the bolts and under the roof rack bar, and secure them with nuts and tighten them with a wrench.

  1. Insert the rubber end caps into the end of the mounting tracks to avoid water or other materials going in there. You might need to hammer them in, but don’t be too aggressive.

  1. It is INSTALLED!

How To Open The Roof Top Tent:

  1. Now, to open it, release the side straps, pull back the ladder until it locks out and use it as leverage to open the tent.


  1. Make sure all rungs of the ladder are locked into the edge.


  1. Before getting into the tent, make sure the hinges are properly engaged.


  1. Then unclasp the awnings and find the predrilled holes for the rainfly rods.


  1. Insert at a 45-degree angle and hook through the grommet.


  1. You are READY!

FSR Adventure Series A49H Automatic 2 Person HardShell Roof Top Tent Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Great Product

This wasn't my first choice, I was going to go for a Roofnest, but after comparing prices and features, and talking with the (EXCELLENT) customer service people at Off Road Tents, I changed my mind. I really like the automatic feature on this hardshell, and the rest of the RTT has just great materials and build.


Ask a Question
  • Can I mount an awning on the opposite side of opening with this tent.

    Yes you can

  • Can the Adventure Series annex be attached to this tent?

    No, th annex will not work with this unit.

  • What kind of roof rack requirements does this tent have? Does it require more than cross bars?

    The requirement is 2 cross bars, that's all. 

  • Can you manually open and close this unit? Just wondering what is plan B if the motor goes out. If it does what does it cost to replace the motor or solar panel?

    Yes, it can be manually opened and closed. The price of the motor set would be $195 and the price of the solar panel is $110. Please let us know if you have additional questions!

  • I have a 2 door Jeep Rubicon 2017. Will this tent fil on top of this Jeep?

    We recommend you to manually measure the W and L of the roof of your Rubicon and then compare it to the closed dimensions of the tent (52" W x 85" L x 9" H). This way you can create a mental picture of how it would look on top of it. It will work perfectly on top of it, but it might have a bit of overhang. Hope this helps!

  • Can you install a kayak carrier (for 2 kayaks) on top of any of the hard shell RTTs? I have a Jeep Wrangler.


    Thanks for reaching out. 

    On most of them its not recommended. The only hardhsell we currently sell that has racks on top is Roofnest's Sparrow X, which is available today and selling fast! 

    Let us know if we can help you with anything else, have a great day. 

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