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TentBox Harshell Roof Top Tent


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TentBox Roof Top Tents

For those interested in affordable, yet good quality Hardshell rooftop tents, then the TentBox is a great option.

Ollie Shurville thought it over quite a bit when he decided to launch the TentBox, and has had a fair amount of success since then. The UK entrepreneur wanted something more in order to take some fine road trips across Europe. He created the hardshell RTT better known as the TentBox, and since then it has been growing to the point it made it to USA.

With a high quality fiberglass shells on the top and bottom, this hardshell pops up completely, giving you the possibility of a 360 degree view. On top of that, the price is affordable compared to other hardshell roof rack tents, and of course we cover the shipping.

It has outstanding features, such as 4" thick mattress, which makes a big difference on your quality of sleep. 

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