Important Covid-19 Information – Off Road Tents

Important Covid-19 Information

These are uncertain times, scary even, and at Off Road Tents we understand the importance of safety. We wish you, your family and close friends to stay safe and positive. These are times in which we must work together as human beings to ensure we overcome any obstacles in our way.

We also wanted to update you about the different situations. Currently, all team members of Off Road Tents are working from home to reduce any risks and flatten the curve.

Our warehouse is operating as usual, and so are the majority of warehouses from our partners. We have also made sure to put into place sterilizing and sweeping policies that minimize the risk and the spread in the warehouse. We are also aware that our partners are doing the same. All necessary precautions are being taken.

At the moment, we are shipping without any real inconvenience, but it is important to note that delays may occur with shipments.

There are reduced amounts of trucks carrying deliveries everyday, as part of the containment solutions, and warehouses are operating at reduced schedules. So please, be as patient as you can, and expect a few delays. We're working harder to process and prepare orders faster than before, as to make sure they ship faster, and are not affected by delays. Still, they can happen.

In the upcoming days, if the situation changes, warehouses close, carriers stop delivering to certain areas, or such, we will update you, we will inform you, and we will give you options such as, keeping your order on backorder until the situation passes, cancelling your order.

If you decide to cancel your order, we will need to charge a small transaction fee:

-For orders from $0-$300, a $10 transaction fee
-For orders from $301-$500 a $15 transaction fee
-For orders from $501 to $750 a $25 transaction fee
-For orders from $751 to $1000 a $35 transaction fee
-For orders $1000+ a $50 transaction fee

we hope you understand that every time we process your order, we get charged by the bank a processing fee, which if cancelled, we don't get back. So, we are happy to cancel your orders as we understand the complex situation we are in, but we do need to charge such fees as to keep things fair.

In the meantime, we feel that this is a good time for all of us to be with our families and loved ones, work on our hobbies, whether that is our rig or finding time to be with our families indoors, or camping in a safe area with a safe social distance from others.

If you have any questions about your order, or if you want to know about future orders, stock, products, or heck, even tips on camping spots, general guidelines to follow, please reach out. Our team will do its best to help you.

We will overcome this together.