5 Best Sprinter Roof Racks


Most Reliable Sprinter Roof Racks For Over-all Use

Sprinter vans have become over the years some of the preferred vehicles for different uses: work, transportation, and even overlanding and camping. If you are the owner of a Sprinter Van then you probably love going on road trips with friends, family or travel groups, and you know how useful and flexible this car can be.

Traveling whether that's for work or passion is a full on experience that requires preparation. Sometimes you need to carry lot's of work gear such as ladders and equipment. In other cases you're traveling to escape within nature, feel the freedom and connection you get from the outdoors.

As said, all of this requires preparation and the right equipment. And what better way to do so than with the best aftermarket mods you can get? Certainly, it will make your traveling more easy, comfortable and sophisticated.

Whether you own a Freightliner, Dodge, Mercedes-Benz or any other Sprinter Van, then it's best that you install a roof rack that can go wherever you want to go.


5 Best Sprinter Van Roof Rack Models

The search for the best Sprinter van roof rack might be a daunting task for you. So we come up with the most suitable roof racks for Sprinter van and help you decide on which should be installed right away. 

As experts in the off-road and overland industry, these are frankly the highest quality, most durable, comfortable and reliable Sprinter roof racks you will find. Most of them will carry anything you need, from surfboards, cargo carriers, kayaks, bikes, ladders, accessories, to even rooftop tents.

You might know some of these brands, as they are giants in the overlanding industry that will forever change, for the better, your way of traveling.

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Rhino Rack Mercedes Sprinter Roof Rack

Rhino-rack Sprinter Roof Rack

The Heavy-Duty RLTF Black or Silver 2-Bar Sprinter Van Roof Rack is a solid, durable and reliable rack system suitable for your Mercedes Sprinter van, which you may use for work and travel needs.

This Sprinter roof rack can hold up to 220 lbs of weight, which is ideal to carry heavy objects such as roof top tents, cargo carriers, or ladders. It does not require any drilling, as the RLTF system is attached to a set of factory trackmounts already on your vehicle.

It fits to your vehicle providing a sleek and table roof rack system that is also easy to remove and has a high profile design, ideal for highly curved roofs.


  • Removable and easy to install
  • Strong and built to last
  • Stylish and suitable for light duty off-road use
  • Compatible with a wide range of accessories 


    Prinsu 144 (2014-2018) Sprinter Van Roof Rack With Ladder

    Prinsu Sprinter Van Roof Rack

    Made in the USA, Prinsu Design Studio is an Idaho based company focused in manufacturing high quality and durable platform roof racks. With an excellent functionality, this roof rack for Sprinter van from Prinsu will give an awesome variation to your rig and take your overlanding adventures to a more professional level.

    A Sprinter Van is a vehicle that will transport nearly anything, everywhere you go. However, if modified or outfitted with a proper and suitable cargo-carrying roof rack, this vehicle becomes even more powerful and limitless. Installing the Prinsu Sprinter rack will definitely put your rig at the top of its game in terms of cargo capacity and versatility.

    It has a Limited Lifetime Warranty and a static weight capacity of over 500 lbs. It will carry roof top tents, cargo carriers, gear, ladders, accessories, kayaks and more.


    • Sleek and low-profile design
    • Integrated light bar mounting with wind deflector
    • Very lightweight and completely modular in layout and use
    • Roof racks have integrated “drop points: for easy accessory mounting
    • Optional ladder available


    Thule TracRac Roof Rack For Sprinter Van

    Thule TracRac 3-Bars Sprinter Van Rack

    If you’re looking for an affordable, yet durable and reliable rack, then the 3-Bar TracRac Sprinter Roof Rack from Thule is precisely what you need.

    Thule is a Swedish brand known worldwide for specializing in building high quality and ultra-durable roof racks. The quality, durability, flexibility and design in truly unbeatable and out of question.

    The TracRac Van 3 Bars is no exception. These are aluminum constructed van racks that have 750 lbs carrying capacity, unlike any other. This allows you to effortlessly carry different equipment or outdoor gear you'll need on your next trip.

    In addition, the material construction for this Sprinter van roof rack weighs only around 47 lbs, which means that it will not have a big impact on your fuel economy and won't impact over-all load when in installed. 


    • Aerodynamic and quiet due to integrated wind deflectors
    • Easily installs to the rain gutters for quick installation
    • Protect different size loads with the aluminum load stops that adjust to the full width of the van
    • Accommodates curved roof vans with the shims that help level the load bars
    • Durable, corrosion resistant aluminum construction 


    Aluminess Sprinter Roof Rack

    Aluminess Sprinter Van Roof Rack

    Aluminess Products Inc., is another overlanding brand proud to offer products that are “Made in America”. For more than 12 years they have established a solid reputation for manufacturing high quality aluminum products for trucks, SUVs, and vans.

    Designed for strength and utility, Aluminess is one of the brands that will offer you the most options for your specific Sprinter Van. These are lightweight roof racks that will allow full performance out of your suspension and prevents wear and tear on your alignment, brakes, and tires.

    Having the Aluminess roof rack for your Sprinter provides additional confidence in wherever you may go. It can easily accommodate any off-road gear or other over-sized materials, thanks to the standard size rear-to-front-door rack rails giving ample space for your provision. 


    • Perfect carriage for cargo boxes or surfboards
    • Available in double loop or touring style
    • Mount to factory or aftermarket roof tracks of your Sprinter Van
    • Multiple flooring options that depend on usage and user preference


    Front Runner Sprinter Modular Roof Rack

    Front Runner Slimline II Sprinter Van Roof Rack

    The Slimline II Sprinter Roof Rack is a high performance and top-quality roof rack, that will surely take your adventures to a whole new level. Made by Front Runner, a well-known brand in the overlanding industry, they manufacture some of the most sophisticated, durable and reliable platform roof racks.

    Thanks to the 3CR12 stainless steel and black powder coating finish, the Slimline Sprinter van roof rack is capable of withstanding harshest weather condition without the fear of corrosion or rust damage. 

    Aside from the durability in extreme conditions, this roof rack can also mount up to 660 lbs static load capacity and will carry anything you may need, from surf boards, kayaks, bikes, cargo carries, gear, accessories, to even RTTs.

    In addition, depending on what size you want and your specific Sprinter Van, Front Runner has the perfect roof rack just for you. 


    • Multiple style and dimension variation to fit with your preference
    • Contains a Slimline Tray, Wind Deflector, Track Set and Mounting Feet
    • Drilling and modification required for a more secure installation
    • Limited lifetime warranty offered by Front Runner


    Sprinter Roof Rack FAQs

    How are Sprinter van roof racks installed?

    Depending on your Sprinter roof rack type, installation on your off-road rig varies on specific rack models. There are Sprinter racks that don't require drilling or modification and can be easily attached to your roof. Some models use the factory mount railings and utilize them as mounting points, and some need modification or drilling.

    Why do I need a roof rack for my Sprinter Van?

    Installing a roof rack on your Sprinter van provides several advantages. This rack accessory extends your cargo-carrying capacity and frees up space inside your off-road rig. Also, it enables you to carry over-sized overlapping equipment or lets you enjoy overnight camping through your rooftop tent.

    How much weight can a Sprinter Van roof rack carry?

    The weight capacity of a Sprinter Van roof rack can vary depending on the rack's design and manufacturer's specifications. It is important to check the load capacity provided by the manufacturer and adhere to the recommended weight limits to ensure safe and secure transportation.

    Can I install any roof rack model on my Sprinter van?

    Some roof racks are vehicle-specific. It's best to check what the best Sprinter van roof racks are recommended for you to maximize the full potential of your off-road rig. Knowing which Sprinter roof racks that are suitable to your vehicle and preference may help you save time, money, and effort before installing one.


    Let’s Wrap It Up

    The main goal of this article was to provide you some insight into the most outstanding roof racks for your Sprinter Van.

    All of them offer different features and solutions for your rig, and your choice should be narrowed down depending on why you want the rack, what you will be mounting on it and where you will be using it.

    Purchasing a Sprinter rack for the top of your vehicle is something you need to give a amount of thought, evaluate factors such as load capacity, build, as well as what type of Sprinter Van you own and how you want to modify it.

    Remember, all of these Sprinter Van roof racks are a good add for your vehicle, but one might be a better one than the other, depending on what you’ll be using the for and how much you want to spend.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate in giving us a call: 844-200-3979 or shoot us an email at info@offroadtents.com

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