Alu-Box Aluminum Stackable Cases

    Alu-Box Aluminum Stackable Cases, Boxes & Containers

    Alu-Box is a Danish (Denmark) brand with over 20 years of experience manufacturing hard aluminum boxes, cases and containers. They are experts in providing aluminum boxes, specialized to store food, drinks, medicines and even industrial products. 

    They are stackable, dust and water proof, and incredibly durable. AluBox has vastly grown and is currently one of the most important brands for overlanding containers world-wide.

    The quality of their products is out of question. They come in multiple sizes and are ideal for anyone camping, overlanding or about to take on any sort of road trip.

    They have a wide range of standard Aluboxes that are globally sold to customer like industrial, Defense, emergency services, offshore, transportation, data carriers and a vast amount of expedition purposes. These top-quality, durable and reliable containers will meet and exceed all expectations. 

    Made out of materials that are corrosion resistant, seawater and tropical climate resistant, chemical resistant, and more. You will be capable of taking the Alu-Boxes to the most remote areas and be confident enough that they will not let you down.

    No matter where you are or where you go, these incredible and ultimate Aluboxes are a camping equipment that you will want to have. Take your outdoor adventures to a new level and become a professional camping traveler with Alu-Box.

    Browse through the different variants and choose the size, style and dimension that suits better your needs. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email to

    Or even better, give us a call at 844-200-3979 and we'll be more than happy to help!