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RSI SmartCap Truck Bed Canopies

Forged in South Africa and taking over the whole world, that's what RSI has been able to do thanks to the best truck bed canopies in the market: the SmartCaps.

The RSI Smart Cap is the world's first modular stainless steel truck canopy or cap system. The design offers you a 5 piece modular product, that can easily and seamlessly integrate accessories so that the bed of your pick-up truck is prepared for any adventure.

Different models such as the EvoSport, EvoaAdventure, EvoCommercial give you the flexibility to choose from, so that your vehicle is equipped and upgraded with the right aftermarket hard cap system.

For example, the SmartCap Evoa Adventure is ideal for extreme off-road use. The stainless steel construction makes it pretty much indestructible and unaffected by any element, wind, sun, rain, snow, nothing will get through. It also includes inner molle panels to mount all your gear, as well as gullwing windows for easier access and storage of accessories or anything you can think of.

RSI has literally changed the game, and not for nothing are overlanders all over America looking to get these caps for their truck. As. a matter of fact the RSI SmartCaps work for:
  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Jeep Gladiator
  • RAM
  • Chevrolet

Time to take your truck to the next level with these outstanding RSI truck bed caps.
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