Truma Coolers

    Truma Electric Portable Fridges & Coolers

    Truma coolers and electric portable fridge freezers are some of the best available in the market. With years and years of being in the market, they have perfected their electric coolers to make sure they are ready for any adventure.

    They are specifically designed to keep your food, drinks and snacks ice cold, frozen, fresh, you name it. They can easily fit pretty much any vehicle, so from an overlanding adventure, to a simple roadtrip, these portable car fridges are ideal.

    But what makes these 12v portable refrigerators so special?

    • Versatile USB port for charging devices such as smart phones
    • 12V DC on both ends and 110V AC connection on one end
    • 1 year warranty
    • Class A++ energy efficiency for refrigerating appliances

    Make sure that you are prepared and you can keep your food and drinks fresh. You never know when you are off the grid and your food must be kept fresh for longer than expected. An electric portable fridge completely solves those potential problems.

    Truma manufactures some of the best units in the industry, so you can have the peace of mind it'll not only last for years, but it's reliable enough for you to keep your supplies fresh.

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