Claims For Missing Parts & Warranties

This information is only for customers who have claims for MISSING PARTS and WARRANTY issues on orders older than 30 DAYS from when you received it!

Email us at, we will reply within 48 hours.

Once again, this page is for orders OLDER THAN 30 DAYS from when you received it which have a missing part you just found out, or you need to put in a warranty claim.

If you call our customer service team, they will direct you over the phone to this page, as it contains all the information to start helping you. It's hard to help over the phone for older orders, so we need to follow the procedures clearly stated on this page.

Missing or Incorrect Parts For Orders Older Than 30 Days:

What to do if I have missing parts and my order is older than 30 days?

  • Be patient, orders older than 30 days require a longer procedure as we need to track your order, see what might have happened to cause the missing parts, so on and so forth. BUT WE WILL HELP YOU.
  • Please send us an email to: Be very specific and add your order number, item you ordered, name and address
  • In the same email, explain as thoroughly as you can what you are missing or got sent incorrectly, and send us pictures of all the items you received, showing the SKUs or part numbers of each item which you can find in the PRODUCT MANUAL.
  • Once we have those, we will proceed to investigate to see if the carrier lost or not a box, or if the parts were never included in the box.
  • We will then proceed to help by sending a replacement part or trying to solve the issue ASAP.
  • Please be patient, we understand your frustration, but this process typically takes 10 business days before we can ship the new parts. We try to solve them within 3 business days, but if the carrier lost the box, it might take longer until we determine what happened.
  • Our team works incredibly hard to help you, but please understand that orders older than 30 days are not eligible for returns or claims for damages. It is your responsibility to check as soon as possible if you order has all the items in it, or if it was damaged or not.

After 30 days have gone by, we don't accept returns, and we're not liable for missing parts or damages. HOWEVER, we'll do our best to help, we won't leave you hanging, but we do need time and patience. The process of sending new parts or finding a lost box from an order older than 30 days takes longer. There is a longer chain of people to go through, so that's why we ask for patience.

We have a very high rate of fixing these issues and helping our customers, so you are in safe hands.


Warranty Issues:

Warranty problems are slightly different, and we completely understand if you have one, it's been a while, and you need help. We will do our best to help in a timely manner.

Once again we will need to ask you to please be patient, as warranty issues might take some time. We try to help you in a 10 business day time frame. If the problem can have a quick fix such as a replacement part, we'll do our best to get that out in 10 business days.

If the problem requires another type of solution, we will provide it, once again, in a 10 business day time frame.

What to do with a Warranty issue:

  • Please read our WARRANTY PAGE to see if you are eligible.
  • If you are, send us an email to:
  • In the email send your order number, name and address alongside the item you purchased and has a problem.
  • Explain, thoroughly, what the problem is.
  • Send us as many CLEAR and explanatory emails of the issue, so we can quickly determine what is happening and how we can assist you.
  • Once the claim has been sent, please be patient, we will proceed to investigate, as well as to find the solution to either send a replacement part, or find a local place to fix the issue, or to send a whole new product.

Please be advised, that if you're out of your warranty period, we will not be able to assist you.

We do have spare parts, and can help advice what to do or where to fix your item if you need to, so do still reach out, but be comprehensive, if your item is not under warranty, we cannot help.

If you have any questions or doubts, email us at: