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    Front Runner is one of the leading brands in the overlanding world and they are responsible for creating some of the best off road gear and some of the most durable and reliable roof rack systems out there. What started out as an idea by a handful of friends around a campfire surrounded by nature and wildlife in South Africa is now one of the most famous overlanding gear manufacturing companies this world has.

    They had backgrounds in engineering, design, manufacturing, and off roading and most importantly an idea they wanted to carry out. Being unsatisfied with the equipment they had they wanted to make an innovative approach to creating what is now the most rugged and durable equipment you can find on the overlanding market.

    Being surrounded by harsh environments, they had an amazing testing ground where they could carry out all of the necessary experiments to ensure the durability of their products. They had a tough love approach when creating said products as they didn’t want their future customers and outdoor lovers to feel the same dissatisfaction they felt when using some of the gear that quickly gave up on them.

    The products that Front Runner Outfitters have today are some of the highest-quality ones, intelligently crafted with durability in mind. Combining strong materials and experimenting with different manufacturing styles they succeeded in creating durable yet lightweight products that we all now know and love.

    One of the most popular products that Front Runner Outfitters have to offer now is their Slimline II series roof rack which is specifically designed for a variety of vehicles out there. However, they have much more to offer than just that. They also have a variety of different overlanding and camping accessories that will come in handy on your next adventure. They even blessed us with an amazing roof top tent!

    There is so much more that we can say about Front Runner Outfitters, but we will let their products do the talking. With that said, we’ve made this collection showcasing a handful of their amazing products but apart from the product list we have prepared for you, we have an abundance of Front Runner Outfitters products for sale!

    We hope you’ll find something that will suit your needs and your lifestyle and upgrade your off-road rig with the gear it deserves!


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    Front Runner Slimline 2 Roof Rack

    Front Runner Slimline II Roof Rack

    As we already said, Front Runner Outfitters have created one of the most reliable roof rack systems in the overlanding market and it is the Slimline II series. This rack system is both sturdy enough to carry a variety of different camping and overlanding accessories as well as a roof top tent that will give you a piece of mind when sleeping in the great outdoors.

    Created from a combination of 3CR12 stainless steel and T6 aluminum, this rack is both sturdy as it can be a lightweight so that your off-road rig and fuel tank won’t feel a difference. On top of having a rugged construction, the Slimline II also has a protective black epoxy powder coating that will increase its durability against unforgiving weather conditions and prevent it from eroding.

    There are many Slimline II models, and they are all specifically made to fit each vehicle perfectly. That means that they are not universal, but they can all withstand a huge weight load of up to 660lbs, and sometimes even more depending on the roof of your vehicle and how well the load is distributed on the rack itself.

    Having a sleek and slim design, this Front Runner Outfitters rack system will not affect the aerodynamics of your vehicle. With the inclusion of the wind deflector, this rack will lessen the wind drag and noise even when driving at high speeds. They are also very modular systems allowing you to adjust the number of slats you want to have and how you want to place them.

    Each of the said slats come with holes and channels that will make adding accessories and accessory mounts a piece of cake. And to top it off, the Slimline II is incredible easy to install. Some of the rack models have to be drilled in to your roof while others DO NOT require any drilling whatsoever and can be mounted withing an hour.

    The Front Runner Outfitters Slimline II roof rack is an extremely reliable option that you can find for a variety of vehicles brands such as; Toyota, Ford, Subaru, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Jeep, Chevrolet, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, Porche, and many more.



    Front Runner Slimline II Tacoma

    The Tacoma 3rd Gen Front Runner Slimline II roof rack kit offers the same feature and amazing qualities as the rest of the Front Runner racks and you can explore more and check it out below for yourself!



    Front Runner Slimline II 4Runner

    The Front Runner Slimline II roof rack for the 5th Gen 4Runner is a modular full length rack that is easy to install and comes with all the great features mentioned above. Feel free to check it out below!



    Front Runner Rack Tundra

    The Tundra Front Runner rack requires drilling in order to be installed and it is designed to fit the 3rd Gen Crew Max Tundra. Feel free to check out all of the amazing features below!



    Front Runner Roof Rack Accessories

    The following products are perfect to fit any Front Runner rack! From tents, to smaller items such as storage boxes or water tanks. There are hundreds of others not reviewed, which you can find by just browsing this collection.

    Front Runner Outfitters Roof Top Tent

    Front Runner Roof Top Tent

    While there are so many roof rack options that the Front Runner Outfitters have to offer, there is only one roof top tent they have at the moment. While you might argue that that is not enough, we are here to prove you wrong. You see, as they have put in their hard work to create some of the other high-quality products they have at your disposal, that is exactly what they did with their roof top tent.

    They wanted to make one RTT that will have all of the great features as some of the other great roof top tents on the market. This 3 season roof top tent is perhaps one of the lightest roof top tents on the market right now, weighing 93 lbs while being sturdy enough to endure the weight of 2 full-grown adults.

    The Front Runner roof top tent is a soft shell RTT that will take a few minutes out of your day to set it up and take it down when relocating your vehicle to a different spot. Constructed out of durable, heavy-duty, water-repellant 260g 600D poly/cotton ripstop body, it can withstand even the strongest of winds and harshest of rainfalls.

    This Front Runner roof top tent features windows on all 4 sides so that you can take in all the nature surrounding you as well as a Skyview window that you can use to let in that extra sunlight during the day and gaze at stars during the night. Now, you might be worried that because of all of those windows, you won’t be getting good enough sleep as all the insects will go inside your tent.

    But that’s not true, as all of the openings have screen mesh on them that ill prevent any critters from entering your tent ensuring a nice and comfortable sleep. Speaking of comfortable sleep, inside the tent you’ll find a high-density foam mattress that comes with its own machine-washable moisture & mildew-resistant polyester oxford fabric.

    You’ll also find a lot of integrated interior storage pockets that will help you better organize your gear and belongings and keep the inside of your tent clutter-free. With the tent, you’ll also get a sturdy telescoping aluminum ladder capable of adapting to a variety of vehicle heights that is also able to withstand a whipping 400lbs of weight load. And to top it off, you can even attach an annex to this Front Runner Outfitters roof top tent!



    Front Runner Wolf Pack

    Front Runner Wolf Pack Storage Box

    Who doesn’t like a clean and organized vehicle interior? We all know how time-consuming rummaging through piles of stuff can be and luckily Front Runner Outfitter has come up with a simple solution to help us out with that. Thanks to their Wolfpack box, you can forget about creating a mess in your vehicle ever again.

    The Wolfpack box is a storage box made by Front Runner Outfitters that can be used to organize a variety of things ranging from kitchen supplies and food to clothes and other gear that can fit inside it. Made from high-density polyethylene, this storage box can withstand tumbling inside your car on heavy off-road trails.

    While they might be water-resistant and dustproof, they are not waterproof. That being said, we don’t advise that you keep some of the more fragile and delicate things inside such as any pieces of technology as they might get damaged. The Wolfpack box is a stackable storage solution meaning that you can stack one box on top of the other, thus saving space inside your vehicle.

    You can place or mount them wherever you like, even on your roof rack, just be sure to strap them well to minimize movement and to prevent them from slipping off. They are easy to clean and you just need to wipe them off after you are done using them. And another great thing is that you don’t have to worry about mildew as there boxes have drain holes that will empty out any water that gets in.



    Front Runner Outfitters Expander Camping Chair

    Front Runner Camping Chair

    After a long and difficult drive to find your perfect camping spot the only logical thing to do is sit back and relax, maybe crack open a cold one, and perhaps even replenish your energy with some good food. And while you could do that on the go, why not have a sturdy and reliable foldable camping chair where you could sit back and enjoy the view around you?

    As you can see, Front Runner Outfitters have made their goal to equip you with pretty much anything you would ever need on your next outdoor trip. What makes this chair different from other camping chairs out there is the fact that it is built from heavy, black powder-coated steel that will not give up on you like those other clunky camping chairs.

    It is also very lightweight, weighing only 9 lbs, considering its rugged construction. This Front Runner camping chair folds up to the size of a laptop making it extremely easy to carry and store wherever you go. It folds out in 3 easy steps, does not sink in sand or dirt, and sits at a comfortable table height so that you don’t have to bend down to eat your food.

    Couple more great features about this Front Runner Outfitters foldable camping chair is that it includes a cup holder for any refreshing beverage you might have, a media pocket for your cell phones, tablets, and any other pieces of technology you might posses, and even a utility pocket that you can use to store away some of your belongings, toiletries, or smaller pieces of camping gear.



    Front Runner Water Tank

    Front Runner 42L Water Tank

    Once you are out in the great outdoors it may be a hard thing to find a clean source of drinking water. Sure, you can always find a stream of water or even use water purification tablets but why would you risk your health if that’s not your last choice? We and many other people believe that it is always better to bring your own supply of drinking water wherever you go and in order to do that you would need some place to store it.

    Luckily, Front Runner Outfitters came through again and they provided us with this amazing 42L Pro Water Tank that you can simply strap on your roof rack and take with you on your next adventure. It is constructed out of food-grade BPA-free polyethylene that will not leak out any harmful chemicals even when it is scorching hot outside.

    42L can go a long way especially if you are only using it for drinking or washing up. Now, as we already said, this Front Runner water tank can be strapped onto your rack using a black powder-coated stainless steel strap that will prevent this tank from moving and slipping off. It is a very simple, yet effective Front Runner Outfitters creation that you can even attach a hose to if you need and customize it toward your needs.



    Front Runner Wind Deflector

    Front Runner Wind Fairing

    While the Front Runner Outfitters Slimline II is as the name says, slim, it won’t hurt to give it that extra help in becoming even more aerodynamic and creating even less of a wind drag. A wind deflector or wind fairing can make a big difference on every roof rack out there and can even reduce your vehicle’s fuel consumption.

    It is easy to install and you only need a few minutes to do so. It is made out of black powder-coated aluminum that is able to withstand the harshest weather conditions, and it creates a sealed gap between the roof rack and the roof of your vehicle where air will just flow over it, creating great aerodynamics while reducing wind noise, even while driving at high speeds.

    Thanks to the adjustable brackets, you can correctly angle the Front Runner Outfitters wind deflector and position it in the most effective way. Weighing only 3.3 lbs, this Front Runner Outfitters rack accessory will be a great addition to your Slimline II roof rack .



    Front Runner Outfitters FAQS


    Where are Front Runner products made?

    The Front Runner products manufacturing facility is located just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa.


    What is the Front Runner Slimline II roof rack weight capacity?

    The weight load capacity of the Front Runner Outfitters roof rack system is 660 lbs.


    Is a Front Runner roof top tent worth it?

    Well that all depends on your needs and your lifestyle. But the Front Runner roof top tent is one of the lightest RTTs you’ll find on the market right now and is also one of the most affordable ones as well making it a perfect roof top tent for your next outdoor adventure especially if you are just starting your interest in overlanding and off roading.


    What do Front Runner Outfitters do?

    Front Runner Outfitters makes a variety of camping, off-roading, and overlanding gear that you can equip your vehicle with. They have been around for some time now and have been creating some of the most high-quality and thoroughly tested items on the outdoor market. From roof racks, roof top tents, storage systems, fuels and water tank, and other camping accessories, Front Runner Outfitters has it all.


    What is the Front Runner Outfitters warranty policy?

    Front Runner Outfitters have a Limited Lifetime Warranty for their roof rack models, 3 Year Warranty for roof rack accessories and mounting systems, and 2 Year Warranty for roof top tents & awnings.


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