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    Guana Equipment might be one of the newest brands to join our already vast collection, yet they have shown their commitment in delivering only the highest quality, most durable and reliable products. 

    All the way from the Costa Rican rainforest to the USA, Guana Equipment has been consistently providing one of the best roof top tents in the overlanding market. With a long journey and high understanding in the camping environment, these outdoor lovers will take your road trips and adventures to a whole new level. 

    Their rooftop tent models can easily handle incredibly heavy winds, as well as tons of heavy rain. They will keep you away from the wet ground and give your camping setup a more professional edge. Best of all, Guana Equipment roof top tents are one of the cheapest RTTs on the market while still having one of the sturdiest constructions you can acquire!

    They specialize in creating high-quality, affordable soft shell roof top tents as well as some of the best awning models on the overlanding market! We won’t go too much into detail about their products here as you will see in depth review for each of their product as see what amazing features it has to offer. So without further ado let’s begin!


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    Guana Roof Top Tent Models


    Guana Roof Top Tent With Annex


    Guana Equipment Wanaka


    Guana Equipment Wanaka 55

    Here we have one of the most popular Guana roof top tent models and it is the Guana Equipment Wanaka RTT. Important thing to know about this model is that it comes in 3 different sizes depending on your needs. The first and smallest one is the Wanaka 55. Then we have the medium sized one and it is the Wanaka 64. And finally, we have the biggest one and it is the Wanaka 72. They are all made out of the same material and have the same amazing features to offer.

    This is a soft shell roof top tent that can be used during all 4 seasons and it has extremely durable construction and is made out of rugged materials that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Depending on the size you choose, this tent can sleep from 3 to 5 people at the same time! Another amazing thing about this Guana Equipment tent is that it comes with an annex!

    That annex can be used to store away all the extra camping gear you have or even provide shelter for other people in need! Now as we said, all the size of the tent uses the same rugged material and that is the 600D waterproof poly-oxford canvas that comes with taped seams and PU coating for extra resilience. Not only that but this Wanaka roof top tent features a 600D waterproof poly-oxford rainfly as well.

    Guana Equipment Wanaka With Annex

    This Guana Equipment roof top tent uses 1” thick aluminum poles for its construction and a diamond anti-scratch aluminum plate for its base and it even has edge protectors on the base of the tent to prevent the canvas from tearing. Another cool feature about this Guana roof top tent is that it has windows on all sides of it so that you can enjoy the scenery around you and it even comes with a skyview window that lets in more light during the day and can provide an amazing view of the night sky at night!

    When not using the tent simply store it away in the heavy duty 1000D PVC travel cover that comes with it! This is perhaps one pf the cheapest soft shell roof top tents out there for its size and it also features one of the thickest mattresses out there. Inside the tent you’ll find a 3” thick high density foam mattress that comes with its own machine washable cover!

    Inside there are also plenty of storage pouches that you can use to store away some smaller pieces of gear, clothes, toiletries, or other belongings. You’ll also find an LED light strip that will illuminate the inside of your tent, your annex, and even the outside providing enough light to see where you’re going when it’s dark outside.

    The dimensions, as well as the weight of the tent, differs from the size you choose. That also applies to the annex. However, you can take a look at all of the 3 available tent options for yourself below this text! Guana Equipment roof top tent models are one of the most affordable and durable ones on the overlanding market right now and will surely be a great addition to your next off-road adventure so be sure to check some of them out!





    Guana Equipment Soft Shell Roof Top Tent


    Guana Equipment Nosara 55


    Guana Equipment Nosara 55

    Guana Equipment has established itself as a dependable manufacturer of soft shell roof top tents, and their latest offering, the Nosara roof top tent, further exemplifies their excellence. It has undergone rigorous testing in challenging environments to ensure its durability. This Guana roof top tent accommodates three people and is suitable for use in all four seasons. Additionally, it comes with an annex that can be attached to enhance its functionality.

    Crafted from 420D waterproof poly-oxford canvas with taped seams and PU coating, this soft shell roof top tent boasts exceptional quality. It also features a robust 600D waterproof poly-oxford rainfly with a special silver coating underneath, providing enhanced insulation and protection. The tent's base is constructed from a black diamond anti-scratch aluminum plate, equipped with edge protectors to prevent canvas tearing.

    Designed with windows on all sides, this Guana Equipment 3 person roof top tent allows you to immerse yourself in the surrounding scenery wherever your adventures take you. It even includes a skylight window, enabling you to bask in the sunlight during the day and admire the stars at night. The tent interior is equipped with ample storage pockets to help you keep your belongings organized and the space tidy. Furthermore, utility nets are provided on the tent base, offering additional storage options.

    Noteworthy features of this tent include its YKK zippers, renowned as the highest quality zippers currently available in the market. This Guana Equipment tent also comes with a 2.75" thick high-density foam mattress accompanied by a machine-washable cover. As previously mentioned, the annex, crafted from the same high-quality materials as the tent, is a versatile addition. It can serve as extra storage space for camping supplies or even as additional sleeping quarters for fellow campers. It is important to note that the annex floor is included with the tent.



    Smallest Guana Equipment Roof Top Tent


    Guana Equipment Kamuk


    Guana Equipment Kamuk

    Our final Guana roof top tent for this list is the Kamuk 48 which is a 2 person roof top tent that can be used during all 3 seasons as it is incredibly rugged and can withstand any outside weather conditions including heavy winds! Besides being extremely durable like the rest of Guana Equipment roof top tents, it is also possibly the lightest RTT on the market as it weighs only 95 lbs!

    The tents construction consists of aluminum poles that make its sturdy frame and as for the tent fabric, it is made out of 420D waterproof poly-oxford canvas that has taped seams and a PU coating! It also comes with a durable black rainfly made out of the same materials. Not only is the tents canvas durable but also its black diamond aluminum plate base!

    What makes this tent so convenient is its compact design. Sure, it is a 2 person roof top tent as we mentioned earlier but it also takes up only half of your roof rack thanks to its narrow design, leaving the other half free so that you could mount the rest of your gear or even things such as canoes, kayaks bikes, and more!

    Inside you’ll find a 2.5” thick high density foam mattress that'll provide the necessary comfort for that good night's sleep. This Guana roof top tent has windows on all 4 sides and even a skyview window that can let in more light during the day and let you gaze at stars during the night! This Guana Equipment RTT comes with a 1 Year Warranty like the rest of the Guana Equipment products!



    Guana Equipment Awning Models


    Guana Equipment Morpho 270 Awning


    Guana Equipment 270 Awning

    Guana Equipment presents another impressive offering, the Morpho 270 awning, which provides exceptional features at an affordable price. This awning has undergone extensive testing to ensure its durability, even in harsh weather conditions. Setting it up is effortless and takes less than a minute. For added stability, the awning comes with aluminum telescoping poles, although it can also be used as a freestanding rack.

    One standout feature is its versatility, as it can be mounted on any roof rack. Whether you have a full-length or ¾ length rack, as long as it is positioned at the end of the vehicle to avoid interference, this awning will fit perfectly. The awning is constructed with high-quality aluminum poles, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

    The fabric of the awning is made from heavy-duty 420D ripstop polyester, featuring double-stitched seams for water resistance. It is also weather and mold resistant. Additionally, a reinforced PVC membrane corner piece safeguards the fabric from tears and prevents water leakage.

    When not in use, the awning can be conveniently packed away into the provided 680G/1200 OVC black travel cover. The telescoping poles can extend to a height of over 7 ft, accommodating different vehicle heights. Another remarkable feature of the Morpho 270 awning is its compatibility with the Morpho 270 awning walls, which can transform it into an annex or tent.

    These walls are made from the same weather-resistant material as the awning fabric, offering privacy and protection against the elements. Equipped with zippered windows and entry points, they allow you to enjoy the surrounding scenery and ensure proper ventilation. With its exceptional features, the Morpho 270 awning stands out as one of the top choices in the market. Don't miss the opportunity to explore it further!



    Guana Equipment Almendro Side Awning


    Guana Equipment Side Awning

    Introducing the Guana Equipment side awning, which is currently one of the most affordable options in the market. While it is not a freestanding awning like the ones mentioned earlier, it is constructed with high-quality materials that ensure its durability against strong winds and heavy rainfall. This awning offers ample shade for you, your friends, and your family to relax and enjoy the surrounding scenery.

    The awning is crafted from 420D rip-stop polyester canvas and is available in two different colors to suit your preferences. Setting it up is a straightforward process, taking just a minute or two. When not in use, simply pack it up and store it in the heavy-duty 1200D PVC travel cover, providing protection against external elements.

    If you prefer an awning that does not wrap around your vehicle or if you are not ready to invest a significant amount of money, this is the perfect option for you. It will make a great addition to your off-road rig and is sure to enhance your next camping or overlanding adventure. Feel free to explore it further!



    Guana Equipment Awning Walls


    Guana Equipment Awning Walls

    Each of the Guana Equipment awning models has its own set of walls that can transform said awning into an annex or just a livable space. A great thing about awning walls is that they can add more sun protection as well as provide protection from wind or any other hostile weather conditions.

    When the awning walls are set up, they provide more usable space than an annex would which makes it a great solution if you have extra campers that need somewhere to rest or simply keep their gear safe and dry!

    The walls come with window openings as well as a doorway that you can use to enjoy the scenery around you from a safe space as well as for ventilation purposes. Both the awning walls from the 270 awnings as well as the side awning are constructed out of heavy-duty 420D polyester ripstop that can withstand pretty much anything!

    They also come with sturdy PVC travel cover that will protect said awning walls even more when not using them. Both sets of awning walls come with a PVC floor that will keep all the water out of your enclosure! With these awning walls, you can transform both your 270 awning as well as the side awning into a tent/annex that can house more people and gear and keep you safe from any unpredictable weather on your next overlanding adventure!




    Guana Equipment Accessories


    Portable Fridge


    Guana Equipment Portable Fridge

    Tired of having warm drinks and spoiled food on your overlanding adventures? A lot of us are. But Guana Equipment has you covered for that as well. Besides making extraordinary roof top tents and awnings, Guana also makes a few neat overlanding accessories that could come in handy such as this portable fridge!

    It can produce temperatures from –20℃ to +10℃ or –4 Fahrenheit to +50 Fahrenheit depending on your needs and preferences. It runs on 12V/24V and can be powered even with a smaller portable power station or you can even charge it through a power outlet at your home!

    It comes in 2 different sizes, the Monteverde MV30 and the MV50. MV30 weighs 17kg or 37.5 lbs while the MV50 has 19.2kg or 43 lbs. The difference between the MV30 and MV50 is its height. The MV50 has extra 4 inches that you can use to store even more food or beverages of your choice.

    It uses a compressor as its cooling system however it is really quiet as its noise level is below 45db. It is reasonably priced and has a durable construction that can withstand even the tumbling in your vehicle over uneven terrain and there’s no doubt that it’ll be a great new addition to your overlanding setup and your next adventure!



    Guana Equipment FAQS


    What is the best Guana Equipment roof top tent?

    One of the most popular Guana roof top tent models is their Wanaka roof top tent and it comes in 3 different sizes alongside a huge annex!


    Can I mount a Guana Equipment tent and awning together?

    Yes you can! Your roof rack can support both your Guana roof top tent as well as your side or 270 awning!


    Is Guana Equipment Morpho 270 awning universal?

    Yes it is! As long as you have awning mount brackets you can mount your Guana Equipment Morpho 270 awning on to any roof rack out there!


    What is the Guana Equipment warranty policy?

    Guana Equipment has a 1 Year warranty policy on all of their products!


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