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Decked Truck Bed Drawer Systems

The best of the best pick-up truck bed drawer system in the world. Yes, that's exactly what we think about Decked. A USA made drawer system that will fit the bed of almost any truck: Ford, Toyota, Nissan, RAM, Dodge, GMC, Chevrolet, you name it, they have one.

Ideal to safely, securely carry any gear, accessory, work tool, recovery straps and all sorts of items you can think of.

On top of that, Decked drawer storage kits do not take all the space in the bed of your pick up, which still allow you to carry more items on top of the drawers, whether that's storage containers, construction materials, or even motorbikes of that was the case.

These drawer systems manufactured by Decked have a weight capacity of over 2000 lbs on top of them, they don't rust, they don't get wet, have a lifetime warranty and are incredibly easy to use and to help you have a quick and simple access to anything you need.

These are an absolute game changer for storage and transportation of literally anything you can think of.

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