Truck Bed Rack

    Truck Bed Rack Guide

    A good truck bed rack can make a world of difference for yourself and your vehicle, not only because bed racks increase your cargo carrying capacity, but they offer a huge range of possibilities to literally upgrade your vehicle and lifestyle. Depending on the style of rack you choose, you can add accessories for overlanding, fishing or pretty much any outdoors activity. Alternatively, you can use it more for a day-to-day purpose and adapt it to your work or travel needs. As you can see, truck bed racks can quickly become the best aftermarket accessory for your vehicle. 

    Now, the question you want to answer is which truck bed rack is for you? In short, it will depend on a few key factors: such as the height, the weight capacity, the mounting design, the aftermarket accessories available, as well as your budget. Based on those factors, you will know which one to get. This guide will help you with that. 

    We will begin at looking at the some of the best truck bed racks in the market. The list will go over just a few, not all the models we offer, because otherwise it can be too overwhelming. The idea is to cover completely different designs and specify why they work and we recommend them. However, you will find there are more models and even brands, which can also be what you want and need. Our recommendation is you thoroughly go over this guide, as well as reading a bit more about other models so you can make an informed decision.


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    Best Truck Bed Rack Models

    As mentioned before, these are some of our preferred bed racks mostly due to the quality of the brands that make them. By the end of the read you should know what type of bed rack you need, and you can even find more models below the list. If you have questions, call us: 844-200-3979.


    Leitner Designs Truck Bed Rack With Tonneau Cover

    truck bed rack with tonneau cover

    You guessed right, Leitner Designs also manufactures an extremely reliable truck bed rack that works just fine with most tonneau covers. You might wonder why is it so hard to find bed rack working with covers, and the answer is that depending on the mounting system, which most of the time is on the inner rails of the bed, the covers interfere with the mounting points of the rack. Therefore, it’s hard to have one with the other. And, if you choose one bed rack that works with tonneau covers, you risk getting one that’s not strong enough to hold the weight you need to carry.

    Well, Leitner designed the ACS tonneau, which works with retractable tonneau covers such as the Retrax, as well as other well-known brands. This patented truck bed rack will work only with t-slot rail tonneau covers, meaning those covers that are installed or attached onto the t-slot rail on the inside of the bed of your truck. 

    Given it doesn’t attach on the same exact spots as the other ACS, the ACS tonneau has a static weight rating of 800 lbs. This is still quite impressive and allows you to carry most heavy cargo, even tents. The dynamic weight rating is of 400 lbs. On top of that, it’s almost an exact clone of the ACS forged, with an aluminum construction, a height of 23” from the top bed caps, powder coated steel brackets and a myriad of compatible accessories.

    You can add to it the famous gear pods, road showers, MaxTrax boards, Rotopax, other gear and it is even compatible with the Decked Drawer System if you want to. It’s also compatible with other brand accessories such as Yakima, Thule or Rhino-Rack, meaning it will work with most of the gear you can find in the market, making it a great system not just for overlanding, but carrying stuff or adapting to outdoor adventures. 


    • Works with most t-slot tonneau covers
    • Has an impressive static weight capacity of 800 lbs
    • Made in USA
    • High quality and craftmanship


    • Slightly more expensive than other bed racks

    Leitner Active Cargo System

    overland truck bed rack

    Leitner Designs’ bed racks are the definition of an overland bed rack. Made of forged aluminum, the Leitner Active Cargo System is lightweight, yet sturdy enough to carry even the heaviest of cargo. Thanks to it being forged, it reduces rattling and noise as well as offering an elegant design. It also includes support arms at the center of the rack for better stability and an increased weight capacity. 

    As a matter of fact, the weight capacity of the ACS is of 1400 lbs when parked or static, and 800 lbs when driving on a normal road and 400 lbs when driving off-road. Clearly, it’s a strong and reliable system that enables you to mount from roof top tents, to the heaviest of accessories. Other features of this rack include powder coated steel brackets, as well as a height of 23” measured from the top of the bed caps.

    The main reason why this is considered an overland bed rack is thanks to how many aftermarket accessories can be added to it and the wide range of uses you can give to it. The ACS by Leitner allows you to add many different things such as the Gear Pods (which are essentially sturdy and long lasting storage boxes), road showers, recovery boards and tracks, Rotopax and pretty much anything you can imagine. It is designed in such a way that attaching accessories to it is quite simple and smooth, so turning it into a full overlanding rack is a piece of cake. Add to that the impressive weight capacity as well as the tough off road look, and you know you got yourself an overlanding bed rack.

    Don’t forget, it can also be used for other things, such as carrying ladders or kayaks or other longer cargo, since it has the same height as the cab of any pick up truck in the market. You can even increase the height by adding optional load bars over the top of the rack itself. Now you know, if you want an overland bed rack, the Leitner ACS should be your top choice. 


    • Static Weight Capacity of 1400 lbs
    • Wide range of extremely useful rack accessories to upgrade its storage capacity and use
    • Perfect to carry anything, from heavy to longer cargo
    • Weighs only 85 lbs


    • On the more expensive range of the spectrum due to the quality and craftmanship

    CBI Bed Rack Tacoma

    truck bed rack tacoma

    You might wonder why on Earth we took the time to talk about a vehicle specific bed rack in this collection, and we haven’t really mentioned other specific vehicles, but that just is because we sell a majority of Tacoma bed racks. Therefore, we decided to explore one particular bed rack for a Tacoma. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other options for other trucks from the same manufacturer. As a matter of fact, CBI also makes bed racks for Gladiator, Ford, you name it. You just search for them below and you’ll find them.

    What makes the CBI truck bed rack for Tacoma special? First of all its made in USA at CBIs headquarters, therefore quality, craftsmanship and even design are top of the line. Second, you can choose to get it made from either steel or aluminum. You want a lighter bed rack, or a stronger one, it’s your choice. Both will have slightly different purposes with steel being more suitable for heavier cargo as it’s stronger and sturdier, but aluminum being the lighter choice and still quite strong.

    On top of that, this bed rack has a 500 lbs load rating, and it works for both short and long bed Tacomas. Again, you have the flexibility of choosing what’s best for you and your ride. It sits at a slightly lower height than that of the cab, which reduces a bit the noise and wind resistance if you aren’t carrying anything, but enables you to still carry longer items such as ladders, kayaks or more and be tied over the cab. It kind of gives you the best of both worlds of truck bed racks, and that can always be a smart choice.


    • Made in USA
    • Choice of different lengths and materials
    • Sits right below the cab for little noise and wind resistance 


    • Could have a higher load rating

    Kuat Truck Bedside Rack

    truck bedside rack

    Kuat is a recognized brand for their bike cargo equipment, from hitch bike carriers, to other types of rack bike carriers. Well, they designed one of the best truck bedside rack models in the market: the Kuat Ibex. This universal bed rack fits most trucks in the market and it’s easily installed thanks to the J-hook mounts for trucks without t-channels, or the t-channel mounts for trucks who have them, such as the Tacoma, Tundra, Titan and Gladiator.

    The Ibex can be heavily customized to add most of Kuat’s accessories to carry your bike as well as other equipment. For example, you can add an antenna mount, mole panels, axe or shovel holders, a bottle opene, MaxTrax and Rotopax mounts, another cross bar and most importantly it can be mounted even over Retrax covers with a specific part. All in all, not only is this a universal system, but one that can let you carry as many accessories as you can imagine bedside. 

    As to the weight capacity, the Kuat Ibex can handle an impressive 1200 lbs of static weight capacity, one of the strongest in the market. Its dynamic weight capacity is og 600 lbs or 300 lbs off road, which is still incredible. Mount anything you can think of, from bikes, to kayaks, ladders, and even roof top tents. The Ibex can handle it all.

    Finally, just to recap some of its features, the Ibex has an adjustable height by lowering the telescoping crossbars. The idea is for you to easily fit or carry different items. The aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware makes this a very well built rack system, which will last for years.


    • Universal
    • 1200 lbs static load rating
    • Plenty of aftermarket rack accessories
    • Easy to install


    • On the more expensive side due to the high quality

    OVS Overland Truck Bed Rack

    truck bed rack with adjustable height

    OVS is a great brand of overlanding equipment that makes really smart items, and the Discovery truck bed rack is not an exception. The best thing about this truck bed rack is that it has an adjustable height, as a matter of fact the rack towers which hold the sides of this system have 6 different heights. Therefore, you can adjust the top rails of the bed rack to either be at the same exact height of the cab of your truck, or even sit at quite a low profile. 

    Another great feature of this truck bed rack is the fact that it can be installed without any drilling, which makes it convenient for those that want to do it at home and don’t like suing power tools. It is also a universal bed rack, working on a Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado, Nissan Frontier and many other mid size trucks.

    As to the load rating, we are talking at 1350 static, which is one of the strongest in the market. The dynamic, which is when the truck is in motion, is of 450 lbs, but that is still strong enough to carry even the heaviest of roof top tents as well as other accessories. Speaking of accessories, thanks to the side mole panels, this bed rack allows you to mount or attach to it plenty of rack accessories or items without interfering with whatever you carry over it.


    • Adjustable height with 6 different heights
    • Universal bed rack for most mid size trucks
    • 1350 lbs of static load rating
    • Drill free installation


    • Despite the drill-free installation, there are many components to the rack that can make it a lengthier process to install than usual

    Front Runner Truck Bed Rack Tent

    truck bed rack for roof top tent

    Front Runner is one of the best overlanding brands in the entire world. Our team at Off Road Tents has had the pleasure to visit their headquarters and factory more than once, and every time we’ve been we have been impressed by the attention to detail, quality control and even technology they use to manufacture their products. The truck bed racks are not an exception. 

    These truck bed racks are quite different than most other in the market, as they are essentially a platform sitting over legs, and the platform style suits perfectly roof top tents. It is just much easier to install any tents over the longer platform, which has mounting points on any of the slats, and allows you to comfortably position it where you consider it best. Plus, thanks to all the rack accessories Front Runner has for their platforms, you can make the task easier with either a quick release roof top tent mount kit, or just the standard roof top tent mount kit. 

    Another great feature about this bed rack is the fact that it sits at quite a low height, meaning, not only is it easier and simple to mount any tent or cargo to it, as the rack itself sits lower than the cab, but it also reduces noise and wind resistance. Pretty much anything you mount to the rack won’t go over the cab of your truck, meaning there is pretty much zero wind resistance or noise. Do be aware that since it sits a mid height, it will block some of the vision you get at the back of your cab as it can cover some of the rear window. Also, longer items such as canoes, kayaks or such, that normally need to overhang over the cab, might not be suitable to be used with this rack. 

    Finally, it has a 660 lbs load rating, meaning you can safely carry anything you can imagine over it. And if you don’t want the full platform truck bed rack, Front Runner also makes the typical bed load bars, which are cross bars for the bed of your truck. They will also work with roof top tents and other accessories, just not as versatile as this truck bed rack. 


    • 660 lbs load rating, ideal for any type of cargo
    • Extremely easy to install roof top tents thanks to the long platform
    • Tons of aftermarket rack accessories to add to it
    • No noise or wind resistance 


    • Mid height bed rack, won’t work much with longer items that must sit above the cab

    Tuff Stuff Adjustable Truck Bed Rack

    adjustable truck bed rack

    Adjustable truck bed racks are great as they can fit almost any truck as well as enabling you to use them for different cargo carrying scenarios. At Off Road Tents we sell multiple adjustable bed racks, from those with adjustable heights, to those with adjustable widths. In this particular case we are looking at the Tuff Stuff 51” Adjustable Truck Bed Rack, which has an adjustable width ranging from 51” to a maximum of 68” wide. 

    This particular truck bed rack has a unique sliding center rail system, allowing it to be installed on various different vehicles and beds, from full-size Ford F350s, to Ford Ranger as well as mid size Toyota Tacomas. As to the height, it is not adjustable, but it still sits tall at the same height of any cab, allowing you to easily carry longer items such as ladders or kayaks, or even a roof top tent. 

    It has a load rating or weight capacity of 800 lbs when parked, which is more than enough for the heavier items you are thinking on carrying. As to the price, it’s perhaps one of the most affordable systems in the entire market, and for the quality you get, this is what we consider a smart purchase. Don’t forget it has an adjustable width, meaning if you buy it for a Tacoma, you can uninstall it and then use it over another vehicle such as an F150. Therefore, it’s not a one vehicle truck bed rack, but an adjustable and universal system. 


    • Adjustable width from 51” to 68”
    • Universal fitting, can be installed on multiple vehicles
    • Excellent price
    • 800 lbs load rating 


    • Not many accessories to use with
    • Design wise it’s not as sleek as other models

    Body Armor Heavy Duty Truck Bed Racks

    heavy duty truck bed racks

    You want strength and a good cargo carrying capacity, and that’s just what the Body Armor 4x4 Tacoma heavy duty truck racks offer. With a static weight capacity of 800 lbs and a dynamic weight capacity of 350 lbs, you can throw whatever you can think of on top of it, and the rack will handle it with elegance.

    Excellent craftsmanship, with a two stage powder coating in black that will last for years and even resist the occasional chip. This bed rack has a pretty sleek design that perfectly matches the Tacoma. It allows the use of factory bed rails, as a matter of fact it bolts on to the existing factory mounting points, quick installation for anyone. 

    Carrying any heavy duty gear is possible. This bed rack can handle even the heaviest of hard shell roof top tents, since not only does it have an impressive weight capacity, but it sits at the same height as the cab, so a tent on top can overhang over the cab without any risk.

    Finally, when it comes to the extra features, it has two accessory mounting points over it, so you can add other things such as lights, accessories and recovery gear. As to the sides of the rack, they are adjustable as you can move around the side panels to your liking as to carry different items over them. An excellent heavy duty rack system 


    • 800 lbs static load rating
    • Great materials, craftsmanship and powder coating
    • Easy mounting to your vehicle


    • Not as many mounting points as one would like

    Cali Raised LED Kayak Truck Bed Rack

    kayak truck bed rack

    Cali Raised LED is a great brand that manufactures great products at an affordable price, their bed racks are an example of that. With the option of getting a truck bed rack for a Tacoma, Tundra, Colorado and more, you have the versatility to find one for your vehicle. On top of that, their systems can be low profile (low height), mid or tall. The tallest one being 17.5” tall, pretty much like your cab, thus making it perfect as a kayak truck bed rack.

    With a weight rating of 1,100 lbs static (when parked), these bed racks are perfect to carry any item you can think of. However, as mentioned before, the height is ideal for kayaks if you choose the tall one. You can have the kayak tied to the bed rack side panels, and have it overhang slightly over your cab, even if you don’t have crossbars. Plus, thanks to the affordable price, you’re not going over the top with this system, it’s good for kayaks, canoes, ladders, tents, or just carrying stuff. It’s a win-win deal. 

    Installation depends on the vehicle you are getting one for, but it’s not complex at all. It sits over the sides of the bed of your truck, and clamps onto the inside rail of the bed. As a bed rack itself, it weighs only 55 lbs, being extremely lightweight, and it comes powder coated in black for a sleek design, and thanks to the side panels you are looking at the option of mounting a plethora of accessories to it, optimizing the space of your vehicle.


    • Affordable price
    • Comes in 3 heights, the tallest one being ideal to carry kayaks
    • 1,100 lbs load rating when parked
    • Weighs only 55 lbs 


    • Doesn’t allow you to use it simultaneously with a tonneau cover

    Thule Truck Bed Rack

    thule truck bed rack

    Thule is perhaps one of the best known brands in the automotive and outdoors industries, with racks, backpacks, tents a hundreds of other accessories under their wing. Amongst their bed racks, they have one that we highly recommend due to the price, quality and versatility, that is the Thule TracRac TracOne. 

    This universal Thule truck bed rack is easily installed to almost any truck with a drill-free system. It has a weight capacity of 800 lbs when parked, meaning you can mount over it from roof top tents, to canoes or even heavy cargo. The height is also adjustable as you can move it up or down slightly to accommodate it to your liking and needs. It comes in either black or silver, depending on which color fits better with your ride.

    Finally, the price is excellent and truly affordable. If you then factor into it the fact that you can change truck and still keep the rack and use it on your new truck, it means you’re not really ever breaking bank, you are making a lifelong investment. Plus, backed by the Thule Limited Lifetime Warranty, this is a no brainer.


    • 800 lbs weight capacity
    • Universal truck bed rack
    • Drill free installation 


    • Could be sturdier for heavier cargo

    Tuwa Pro Ridgeline Overland Bed Rack

    ridgeline overland bed rack

    Let me guess, you own an Honda Ridgeline and you’ve been having a hard time finding a bed rack for it. You’re not alone. There are a few options, but some like the RCI bed rack aren’t Ridgeline specific and need some adjustments which can be a hassle. Well, Tuwa Pro thought of that and finally came out with their excellent Shiprock bed rack system, exclusive for the Honda Ridgeline, which can be found at mid height and full height.

    This excellent overland bed rack system is easily installed to your Ridgeline’s bed without any drilling involved. It also has a modular length and adjustable features so you can move the side bar around, or purchase additional crossbars and put them where it suits you. When it comes to cargo carrying capacity, that won’t be an issue, as the Tuwa Pro Shiprock has a 700 lbs static rating, and a 300 lbs dynamic.

    How about quality? Well, fully built in carbon steel and powder coated in black, this bed rack can withstand corrosion and rust like no other. Not for nothing does Tuwa place a limited lifetime guarantee on it. It’s an excellent rack system, one to last for ages and carry anything over it.

    Please bear in mind, that this is a Ridgeline specific bed rack, it comes with a special installation kit due to the walls of the Ridgeline’s bed being flush and not allowing the common set of pinch in clamps that other trucks allow. However, Tuwa provides the necessary hardware and you can get this installed in no time.


    • 700 lbs static load rating
    • Excellent quality, carbon-steel construction and lifetime warranty
    • Designed specifically for the Ridgeline 


    • Requires a special installation kit provided by Tuwa with the rack, but that takes longer to install

    RCI Gladiator Utility Bed Ladder Rack

    utility bed ladder rack

    One of our all time best selling bed racks and for one reason: it’s great. The RCI utility bed ladder rack for the Jeep Gladiator is an 18” tall system, which enables you to carry any longer item you can think of over it, such as ladders, canoes, kayaks or construction materials. It perfectly fits the Jeep Gladiator, upgrading its cargo carrying capabilities.

    This RCI rack has a static weight capacity of 750 lbs, quite impressive and capable of holding any roof top tent in the market. If you want additional height for the rack to rise above your cab, then you can even purchase the riser kits, giving you up to 2” more inches in height. Useful.

    With plenty of mounting points all around the rack, it makes it the perfect companion for any overlander or contractor. Mount on it anything from lights, to recovery gear, fire extinguisher, shovels, axes, you name it. This bed rack was built for flexibility and adaptability, literally a utility bed rack.

    The quality is out of question. These are made directly in Colorado, powder coated in black and with an additional layer of epoxy primer which gives them an even more durable finish. They withstand rust, corrosion and all the elements perfectly, and are made to last for years.


    • Made in USA
    • Plenty of mounting points for more gear
    • Ideal to carry longer items due to height 


    • Cannot be used with tri-fold tonneau covers

    RCI Universal Truck Bed Rack

    universal truck bed rack

    Before we had spoken about universal bed racks that can fit more than one type of vehicle. They are useful and a smart investment because even if you change your truck, you can potentially use the same bed rack on a new one. Well, that’s the case of this RCI universal truck bed rack. If you search below you will find that it comes for many different trucks, but it’s almost essentially the same model, we just make it easier for you.

    It comes in different heights, the one pictured being 18” tall, or the same height as the cab. However, you can also get the 12” tall version, which is essentially a mid-height bed rack. Any of these versions comes with a 750 lbs load rating, being strong enough to carry even the heaviest of items. Plus the side panels that go from front to back are perfect to attach and install other overlanding accessories such as shovels, Maxtrax, Rotopax and more. This universal bed rack is also quite handy for outdoors adventures.

    A great thing about the RCI universal truck bed racks, is that you can purchase separately C-clamps, and depending on your truck they allow you to have a quite simple drill free installation. Otherwise, you can also buy separately the tonneau cover adapters, so that this bed rack will work with most tonneau covers. Nonetheless, be aware it’s not compatible with all covers or all trucks. 


    • 750 lbs load rating
    • Works with most trucks in the market
    • Has side panels which are great to install other overlanding accessories
    • Can have a drill free installation


    • Will not work with all tonneau covers in the market

    Cali Raised Chevy Colorado Overland Bed Rack 

    chevy colorado overland bed rack

    A 100% USA made bed rack, for an emblematic truck such as the Chevy Colorado, and at an affordable price. The American dream. Except this isn’t a dream, it’s an actual bed rack by Cali Raised LED. This bed rack is CAD designed, CNC cut, bent and welded all in their Colorado factory. It comes with a lifetime warranty and the craftsmanship is out of this world. Built in aluminum, it compromises some of its toughness to remain lighter and not over-stress your truck.

    Installation is simple and doesn’t require any drilling. As to the flexibility of the bed rack itself, well it comes with two side mole panels to offer a numerous or even infinite amount of mounting points for all sorts of hear. Ready to go overlanding? Well, now you’ve found your bed rack.

    Can it carry a tent? Sure it can. It sits at a lower height behind the cab, so larger tents with an overhang are perhaps excluded. However, smaller tents such as soft shells fit perfectly over it, and the lower profile even reduces wind noise and deflection. And yes, the static weight capacity is over 500 lbs, enough for any tent!


    • Made in USA
    • Affordable
    • Perfect to mount other accessories and gear to it 


    • Sits at a low height limiting the length of items to be mounted over it. 

    BillieBars Truck Bed Rack F150

    low profile truck bed rack

    Low profile truck bed racks are really, really convenient as they sit at the lowest possible height, have zero impact on wind resistance and noise, and sometimes depending on what you mount over them you still manage to have visibility from the rear window of your cab. Most low profile truck bed rack systems tend to be the classic load bed bars, and this is just the case with these Billie Bars. 

    Made in USA, most BillieBars can also be installed with a tonneau cover, giving you even more flexibility. They come in different heights, with the most common one being just 6” tall above the bed. It all seems too good to be true, and it is! Oh wait, no, there is something even better: BillieBars have a 1000 lbs load rating and you can mount anything over them and still have it sit at arm’s reach. Honestly, it cannot get more handy than that. 

    These low profile bed bars are designed to fit many different trucks found in America, from the Tacoma, to the Gladiator, the Ford F-Series and many more. It’s as simple as taking a look at all their different styles and choosing the one suitable for your truck. Installation on any truck is quite simple thanks to their patent pending style. Weighing only 50 lbs and easily removed, these truck bed bars are one of the preferred choices for carrying stuff over your bed.


    • Made in USA
    • Can be used with a tonneau cover
    • 1,000 lbs load rating
    • Easily installed and removed


    • Despite coming in 3 different heights, there aren’t ones that are the same height as the cab of your truck

    Leitner Dodge Ram 1500 Bed Rack

    dodge ram 1500 bed rack

    Another best seller and another Leitner Forged bed rack. This Dodge Ram 1500 bed rack is an outstanding piece of gear. It can fit all Ram models, from the 1500, the 2500 to the 3500, you just choose the size you need. Fully forged, no rattling noises, no real weak spots, and an elegant and smooth design, perfect for a tough and imposing truck such as the RAM.

    By this point of the read you may already know all the ACS Leitner rack advantages, but let’s take a look at them again. Weighing only 85 lbs, it’s a lightweight bed rack for such big dimensions. It’s fully made of aluminum, and has an impressive off-road dynamic weight capacity of 400 lbs, one of the best in the industry. The static weight capacity is actually of 1400 lbs, can’t get better than that. 

    It sits high, at your cab’s height, and you can add additional crossbars to go over it so it sits even higher and can carry construction equipment, ladders, kayaks and more. Anything you think you need to carry over it, this bed rack can handle it, freeing up additional space in your truck’s bed and inside of the cab. It’s even compatible with the Decked storage drawer system, meaning all your materials, items, or gear can literally be kept in the bed of your RAM.

    Finally, thanks to it being a Leitner rack, it has all the aftermarket rack accessories you can think of. Just upgrade it and turn it into the best bed rack you’ve ever seen.


    • 1400 lbs static load rating
    • Fully forged for an elegant and long lasting construction
    • Multiple aftermarket rack accessories to add to it
    • Fits 1500, 2500 and 3500 RAM


    • Slightly expensive due to quality being excellent

    BillieBars Nissan Frontier Bed Cargo Rack

    nissan frontier bed cargo rack

    We love all Billie Bars for how adaptable and flexible they are, how they let you keep your tonneau cover, and how you can add to the side of this low profile bed bars other equipment such as mole panels or bike carriers with ease. They are innovative, game changers, sold at an incredibly comfortable price.

    And because any Frontier owner knows their vehicle is about comfort, then these are the perfect bed bars for it. These BillieBar bed bars fit the Nissan Frontier form the 2005 to the current model. They come in 4 different heights that can be either 6”, 11”, 17” or even 24” tall. Just keep in mind that the lower you keep them, the more aerodynamic your truck remains. 

    As we said before, they are compatible with tonneau covers, that’s great. But even greater is the fact that they still keep a 1000 lbs static load rating, so throw over them anything you want, such as a tent. And did we mention you can carry a tent and still install on the side a panel or even a bike rack? Well yeah, you can. Suddenly all your outdoors adventures can be fitted into two bed bars.

    Oh, and they’re made in USA, weigh less than 50 lbs, are fully made of aluminum yet with strong steel brackets and hardware. Probably one of the best racks in the market.


    • Made in USA
    • Come in 4 different heights for you to choose
    • Can use a tonneau cover with them
    • 1000 lbs load rating


    • Are there any? 

    Truck Bed Rack Accessories

    A truck bed rack isn’t really complete if you don’t get truck bed rack accessories for it. In this section we will take a look at a few of the accessories we think are perhaps the best to get. Keep in mind not all accessories are suitable for all rack systems, as some are custom made for the system of the same brand. However, some are universal and we’ll point those out.


    Truck Bike Bed Rack Mount

    Many of the mentioned brands above make their own bike rack or bike mount, some even have hitch racks for the bikes so you don’t need to put them over the bed rack. However, we think that if you already have a bed rack, getting a bike rack adapter or mount is perhaps the best idea, since you know your bicycles will be better attached to the rack.

    Front Runner makes an incredible bike rack pro mount which fits with any of their bed racks. Unfortunately it’s exclusive of the Front Runner platform bed rack, but this pro bike carrier keeps your bikes in place even with both wheels on (so you don’t need to take one off), it’s sturdy, bolted to the slats and thanks to how low the Front Runner racks sit, it’s easy to put bikes on and off the rack.

    Alternatively, other brands such as RCI make a special clamp and mounting system to make it quite simple to mount your bike to their rack. This one isn’t universal either, but other brands, almost each one, makes their own system, so just ask us if you need one for the specific rack you get.

    Bed Rack Lights

    This is what we call a universal truck bed rack accessory: lights. Any bed rack can have pretty much any light, whether that’s an LED light bar or a pod, or even rock lights installed on it. Plus, dare we say this is the most recommended accessory to get. The lights will help you guide yourself at night if required to mount or take off cargo from your bed rack, or just to inspect the surroundings of your vehicle. 

    Another great alternative is to install lights to either the back of the rack or the sides, simply to have a much better view of the road and your surroudnings if you’re backing up, need a lighted path or campsite. Never underestimate how useful and handy more lights can be for you, and certainly some on your bed rack are a good choice. Plus, the way most racks are made today, you have side panels, top load bars, corners, etc where to easily attach a smaller light pod or even a bar. Therefore, get one.

    We have many different brands that you can take a look at, from Heretic, to KC Hi Lites, Cali Raised LED, Baja Designs, Rigid and more. The one you want will depend on quality and budget. So take a good look at what you really want, as well as what type of rig you want to create and what would be the best light system for you.

    Leitner Gear Pod

    The Leitner Gear pod is a be rack specific accessory but we still wanted to include it. It fits perfectly with any vehicle, as long as you have a Leitner ACS bed rack. You can get the single Gear Pod or the Double Gear Pod, and well, you can clearly get more than one. 

    It seamlessly installs to either side of your Leitner ACS, and allows you to lock it and safely store any gear or item you need inside of it. Leitner has even designed specific pouches and bags that have the same shape and size as the pods, so you can store them inside of them.

    Made of a special plastic material, durability isn’t a concern at all. These can handle any weather condition and are durable against all elements. They are even portable if one wishes to carry them around, and can be used fully as utility boxes too!

    What To Consider When Buying A Truck Bed Rack?

    We will look at three particular factors that will affect the use and flexibility of your bed rack: height, load rating and the design.



    The very first factor to consider when picking a truck bed rack is the height. There are normally four different heights: low (which are commonly bed bars sitting at no more than 10”), mid height, which is a rack sitting at around 12” tall, full cab height at 18” tall and finally roof rack height at around 20” tall.

    As just mentioned, the lowest profiled truck bed racks tend to be load bed bars, which are two crossbars sitting on your bed and can be as low as something like 4”, and maybe sometimes tall at around 10”. These are perfect to carry items that you want to have at arm’s reach, and you don’t want to deal with putting on or off a very tall rack. The other advantage of low-profile systems is that they have literally no wind resistance or make any noise at all. However, do consider that a lower profiled rack will mean less space in the bed of your truck for taller accessories and if you put on a tent or a larger load the rear window of the cab might be blocked by this item.

    A mid-size bed rack gives you a lot of the advantages of. Low profiled one: no wind resistance or noise, it has the same disadvantages (blocks the vision of the rear window) but has some extra advantages such as the fact that most of these mid height truck bed racks have side panels to mount a few extra accessories. Plus, they do have more clearance for items that can go in the bed itself. 

    Full cab truck bed rack systems tend to be some of the best sold. They are taller, giving enough clearance to fit even bikes or tall items in the bed, they have larger or more than one side panel to install extra accessories, and sit tall enough to leave a good vision on the rear window of the cab. Just keep in mind, these being tall at around 18”, will offer wind resistance if you carry a tent, and make some noise. However, that’s also the advantage these have is they let you carry longer items. 

    The last style are roof rack height bed racks, which are slightly taller that a cab rack height, at around 20”. These are the exact same height as your roof rack, and are perfect for those who buy bigger tents, such as a hard shell, and want it to sit over the bed rack but have the overhang sitting on the roof rack. It’s perhaps the safest choice out there for bigger, bulkier loads, as it allows you to share have these items overhang right on top of the roof rack you have.


    Load Rating

    The load rating or weight capacity is really important, as it defines how much weight you can actually put on your bed rack. There are two types of load rating: static weight capacity (which is when your vehicles is parked), and dynamic weight capacity which is when you are in motion.

    The static load rating is always at least twice as much as the dynamic, and you always want to make sure that if you get an item that weighs, say 200 lbs, your bed rack must have at least a 200 lbs DYNAMIC weight capacity. Then, when you are not driving, you can add much more weight safely. That means, if you want a roof top tent that weighs 150 lbs, get a bed rack with at least a 150 lbs dynamic load rating, and then the static load rating will be around 600 lbs so you know you can safely have yourself and a few more people sleeping on the tent.



    The design of the bed rack is also a key factor in your decision of what to get. Do you want a simpler rack that’s only two crossbars to carry a few things? Or do you want something more like the Leitner ACS which enables you to carry tons of rack accessories, potentially still have a tonneau cover? Do you want a fixed bed rack, or one with an adjustable height? As you can see, the design is an important factor to consider before purchasing.


    Truck Bed Rack Comparison Chart


    Works For

    Weight Capacity



    Leitner ACS Tonneau

    Most trucks

    800 lbs

    2 Years


    Leitner Active Cargo System

    Most Trucks

    1,500 lbs

    2 Years


    CBI Bed Rack Tacoma

    3rd Gen Tacoma

    900 lbs

    Limited Lifetime


    Kuat Ibex


    1200 lbs

    Limited Lifetime


    OVS Discovery Rack


    1350 lbs

    4 Years


    Front Runner Slimiline II Truck Bed Rack

    Most Trucks

    660 lbs

    Limited Lifetime


    Tuff Stuff Adjustable Truck Bed Rack


    800 lbs

    2 Years


    Body Armor 4x4 Overland Bed Tack

    3rd Gen Tacoma

    800 lbs

    Limited Lifetime


    Cali Raised LED Tacoma Bed Rack

    2nd & 3rd Gen Tacoma

    1,100 lbs

    Limited Lifetime


    Thule TracRac TracOne


    800 lbs

    5 Years


    Tuwa Pro Shiprock Mid Rack

    Honda Ridgeline

    700 lbs

    Limited Lifetime


    RCI 18" Adjustable Bed Rack

    Jeep Gladiator

    750 lbs

    Limited Lifetime


    RCI 18" HD Universal Truck Bed Rack


    750 lbs

    Limited Lifetime


    Cali Raised LED Overland Bed Rack

    Chevy Colorado

    1,100 lbs

    Limited Lifetime


    Billie Bars F150 Bed Bars For Retractable Covers

    Ford F150, F250 & F350

    1,000 lbs

    3 Years


    Leitner ACS Forged For RAM

    RAM 1500, 2500 & 3500

    1,400 lbs

    2 Years


    BillieBars Nissan Frontier Bed Bars For Retractable Covers

    Nissan Frontier 2005-Current

    1,000 lbs

    3 Years



    Truck Bed Rack FAQs


    How to install a truck bed rack?

    First of all, and the most important rule of all is to follow the installation guide that often comes with the rack you purchased. Every bed rack is different and requires a different approach to installation. While some are more difficult in comparison to others as they may require drilling and so on, installation is not difficult and is not very time-consuming. If you have experience with bed racks, the good old DIY approach with the manual should do the trick. On the other side, have a skilled mechanic with you if installing it for the first time.

    What do you use a truck bed rack for?

    Truck bed racks are mostly used to carry additional items and things on your truck. They give you an extra cargo carrying space and capacity to carry more things, heavier things, and even longer things such as ladders or kayaks that must be placed at a higher level than that of the bed. A truck bed rack can give you that taller point to carry these items.


    What are bed rails on a pickup?

    Bed rails of a pickup truck are these inner rails that fit inside the bed of any truck and allow you to tie or attach items and cargo to them. Most truck bed racks either attach, bolt or clamp onto these bed rails, in other cases it’s tonneau covers that attach to them, or if you don’t have any of these, you can just tie cargo and accessories to them to secure them in place.


    What is the benefit of a bed rack?

    The main benefit of a bed rack is that it allows you to carry heavier and bulkier items on the back of your truck, without fully compromising the space on its bed. Essentially, you can carry both items in the bed and more over the bed rack. It increases your cargo storage space.


    Are truck bed rails universal?

    The short answer is no, not all rails fit every bed. However, it is also important to note that not all mattresses, bed frames, and side rails are interchangeable.


    Do truck bed racks have an adjustable height?

    Not all bed racks feature an adjustable height. When you find a bed rack that you consider getting, always check its description to see if the height is adjustable.


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