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    TentBox Roof Top Tents

    For those interested in affordable, yet good quality Hardshell rooftop tents, then the TentBox is a great option.

    Ollie Shurville thought it over quite a bit when he decided to launch the TentBox, and has had a fair amount of success since then. The UK entrepreneur wanted something more in order to take some fine road trips across Europe. He created the hardshell RTT better known as the TentBox, and since then it has been growing to the point it made it to USA.

    With a high quality fiberglass shells on the top and bottom, this hardshell pops up completely, giving you the possibility of a 360 degree view. On top of that, the price is affordable compared to other hardshell roof rack tents, and of course we cover the shipping.

    These Hardshell or hardtop tents will give an awesome variation to your rig, boost your overlanding experiences, and take your outdoor adventures to a whole new level.

    Their most popular model is the TentBox Hardshell Roof Top Tent that is long lasting, lightweight and has an excellent aerodynamic design. Will comfortably fit two people, this car top tent weights only 144 lbs and can fit in most vehicles, such as Toyota, Jeep, Mercedes, Lexus, Honda, Kia, Hyundai and more.

    Outstanding features such as:

    • British design
    • 4" thick mattress
    • 1 minute setup time
    • 2 year warranty
    • Fits any vehicles
    • Weather proof
    • Fast delivery

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