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    In the realm of outdoor enthusiasts, travel aficionados, and those who embrace an active lifestyle, the name Thule shines as a beacon of innovation and excellence. With a legacy that spans decades, Thule has established itself as a global leader in designing and crafting premium products that cater to the needs of those who seek adventure, exploration, and the thrill of the open road.

    With hundreds of different outdoor products to offer, Thule is certainly one of the biggest leading brands when it comes to camping, overlanding, and just outdoor recreation in general. That’s why we want to showcase all of the Thule products we’ve got in store for you in hopes that you can find something that will fit your needs and your lifestyle. But before we get onto that, we first want to talk a bit about Thule and get you familiar with them if you haven’t heard about them before.

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    Thule Meaning

    First, let’s start by saying that Thule, besides being one of the most famous outdoor recreation companies, is also one of the oldest. Thule was established in 1942 in Sweden and its founder was Erik Thulin, a true lover of the outdoors. Ever since then they have been creating solutions to simplify life’s adventures. They produce high-quality, stylish products that are safe and easy to use. On top of all that, all of their products go through vigorous testing to ensure that they are ready to withstand everything you throw at them.

    Thule's story is one of a relentless commitment to pushing boundaries and reimagining possibilities. What began in a small town in Sweden has evolved into a brand synonymous with quality, durability, and a deep understanding of the needs of modern adventurers. From rooftop cargo carriers that redefine how we transport gear to bike racks that facilitate seamless cycling escapades, Thule has consistently demonstrated a dedication to enhancing the journey, making it as enjoyable and convenient as the destination itself.

    Guided by the belief that an active life is a fulfilling life, Thule's product portfolio extends far beyond its initial offerings. Today, the brand encompasses a diverse range of solutions, including roof racks, cargo boxes, bike carriers, water sport carriers, luggage, and strollers. With each meticulously crafted product, Thule empowers individuals and families to embrace their passions and create memories that resonate for a lifetime.

    But Thule is more than just a manufacturer of outdoor gear; it's a partner in every adventure. The brand's unwavering commitment to safety and sustainability ensures that every product not only meets rigorous standards but also aligns with a shared responsibility to protect our environment. Thule's dedication to innovation is evident in its continuous exploration of new materials, technologies, and design elements that elevate user experiences to new heights.


    Thule Roof Top Tent Models


    Low Pro 2

    Thule Low Pro 2 Person Tent

    Catering to individuals who value comfort and ease during their outdoor escapades, the Thule Tepui Low Pro 2 rooftop tent emerges as an exceptional selection. This tent distinguishes itself by being one of the most compact and lightweight choices available. However, let's delve into a more comprehensive examination of its features and offerings.

    The tent's design showcases a sleek and low-profile appearance, giving it a streamlined look that not only enhances its visual attractiveness but also reduces wind resistance even during high-speed travel. This characteristic makes it a perfect companion for extended road journeys. Despite its modest size, the tent comfortably accommodates two people and provides ample storage room. The interior layout is thoughtfully planned, incorporating generous side windows that welcome the beauty of the surroundings indoors.

    A noteworthy attribute of the Thule Tepui Low Pro 2 is its use of premium materials. The tent is meticulously constructed from 600D ripstop polyester, reinforced by a waterproof rainfly, ensuring that your shelter remains impervious even during heavy rainfall. To support restful nights, the tent's base includes a 2.5-inch high-density foam mattress that offers both comfort and support.

    Designed for effortless setup and takedown, this two-person tent can be easily managed by a single individual in just a matter of minutes. Adding to this convenience, the provided aluminum telescoping ladder is sturdy and guarantees easy access to the tent's interior. Additionally, the tent incorporates a skylight, while its spacious front door facilitates straightforward entry and exit – a design feature that is especially advantageous for nighttime stargazing.


    Thule Kukenam

    Thule Kukenam 3 Person Tent

    Up next, we have another great Thule roof top tent and this on is made to fit 3 people. This is the Thule Tepui Kukenam 3 person tent and like the rest of the RTTs that Thule has to offer, this one is also very lightweight, weighing only 130 lbs! That means that you can mount in onto pretty much any vehicle out there without having to worry about the weight capacity that your roof rack or even the roof of your vehicle can withstand.

    This 3 person Thule tent is made out of 600D ripstop fabric that has water resistant ventilate coating and is also UV and mold resistant. It also comes with a durable 420D polyester oxford rainfly which is PU coated and which will protect you from any unforgiving weather conditions. This Thule RTT can withstand 600 lbs of weight capacity which is just enough to sleep 3 people.

    As we already mentioned, this 3 person roof top tent can withstand string winds an harsh weather conditions and that is also thanks to the sturdy aluminum frame that keeps this soft shell tent up. The base of this tent is also made of aluminum, and it is insulated with fiberglass sheets so that it can keep you warm even during the coldest of nights.

    The A-Frame design of this tent is very spacious and lets you have a comfortable camping experience wherever you go. It also features large side windows and 2 sky panels that lets you gaze at stars during the night. Inside the tent you’ll find a comfortable high density foam mattress that comes with its own machine washable cotton cover as well as many intenal pockets that you can use to organize your gear and personal belongings.



    Thule Autana 3

    Thule Autana 3 Ruggedized

    The Thule Tepui Autana 3 rooftop tent presents a remarkable option for those seeking a top-tier, robust, and spacious rooftop tent solution. This particular Thule rooftop tent is meticulously crafted to comfortably accommodate up to three individuals, catering excellently to small families or groups of friends with a penchant for camping and outdoor exploration.

    A standout characteristic of the Thule Tepui Autana Ruggedized 3 rooftop tent resides in its rugged build. Crafted from premium materials, this tent is engineered to withstand challenging weather conditions and rough terrains. Its tent body is constructed from heavy-duty 600D ripstop fabric, providing waterproof capability, while the rainfly is composed of durable 420D polyester. The tent is further enhanced with an aluminum frame, which offers a combination of lightweight design and impressive strength, delivering stability and support even in the most demanding circumstances.

    An additional noteworthy aspect of the Thule Tepui Autana 3 rooftop tent is its ample interior space. Unfolded, the tent measures a generous 122 x 56 inches, offering abundant room for three occupants to sleep comfortably. Moreover, the tent incorporates a high-density foam mattress that delivers both comfort and support, ensuring a restful night's sleep regardless of your location. What's more, the tent includes an annex that can be utilized for storing extra camping gear or as an additional sleeping area.

    The setup and takedown of the Thule Tepui Ruggedized Autana 3 rooftop tent are facilitated by its straightforward design and user-friendly features. Equipped with a telescoping ladder, the tent can be adjusted to fit various vehicle types. Its large and easy-to-operate zippers further simplify opening and closing the tent as required.



    Thule Explorer Ayer 2

    Thule Ayer 2 Person Tent

    Thule has established a reputation for crafting high-quality overlanding and camping gear, and their rooftop tents continue to maintain this esteemed legacy. Renowned for producing some of the lightest rooftop tents in the overlanding sphere, Thule's offerings are exemplars of excellence. This specific model, categorized as a soft shell variant, emerges as potentially the lightest choice in its class, boasting a mere weight of 95 lbs, while still possessing the resilience to withstand the challenges posed by strong winds and adverse weather conditions frequently encountered during your journeys.

    Impressively, this rooftop tent for two people not only ranks among the lightest available but also flaunts remarkable compactness. Its adaptable design allows it to be mounted on a variety of vehicle sizes, effortlessly catering to solo adventurers or couples seeking to relish the great outdoors. The setup process is effortlessly quick, taking only a matter of minutes, and packing up is equally convenient, perfectly suited for your on-the-move lifestyle.

    Constructed using 260g polyester cotton, the tent utilizes a 600D ripstop fabric that's reinforced with a water-resistant ventilated coating. It's also designed to resist UV rays and mold growth. Complementing this is a 420D polyester oxford fabric coated with PU for waterproofing, ensuring both you and the tent's interior remain dry even during the most intense rainfall.

    Thanks to its welded aluminum construction, this two-person tent stands resiliently against strong winds and unfavorable conditions, maintaining its stability. Inside, you'll find a high-density 2-½" foam mattress with a machine-washable cotton cover. The tent incorporates openings on all four sides, offering a panoramic view of your surroundings.

    Each opening comes equipped with no-see-um mesh, effectively preventing unwelcome insects from intruding. Additionally, this outstanding and budget-friendly two-person tent includes an aluminum telescoping ladder with a maximum height of 8' and 6", adjustable to accommodate varying vehicle heights.

    Thule's expertise in creating premium camping equipment is vividly evident in their lineup of rooftop tents. The combination of a lightweight, compact design with top-notch materials, thoughtful construction, and a comfortable interior renders this tent an enticing choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Its capacity to seamlessly blend convenience, protection, and expansive views establishes it as an essential companion for unforgettable journeys. Whether you're exploring alone or with a companion, Thule's two-person rooftop tent promises enhanced comfort and enjoyment for all your outdoor adventures.



    Thule Roof Rack Options


    Thule Roof Rack Basket

    Thule Canyon XT Roof Box

    This basket roof rack model, designed and manufactured by Thule, stands as one of the most compact options available. It boasts the versatility to fit a wide range of vehicles, either by attaching to your Thule load bars or directly onto your vehicle's roof. It's important to note that this rack is better suited for lighter loads, such as additional luggage that won't fit inside your vehicle or for transporting everyday items.

    Featuring a sleek low-profile design with gradually sloping side walls, it facilitates easier loading and unloading of your cargo. Furthermore, it includes a built-in wind deflector, effectively minimizing wind resistance and noise while driving, even at higher speeds. With a weight of merely 29 lbs, this rack exhibits a remarkable weight capacity of 150 lbs. Its robust and high-quality construction ensures durability, designed to endure various challenges that come its way.

    This model seamlessly integrates with a multitude of Thule load bar systems and, in alignment with numerous other Thule products, comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Despite its compact size, this basket roof rack is economically priced and is sure to be a valuable addition to your vehicle. Don't miss the opportunity to explore this exceptional offering!



    Thule WingBar EVO Crossbars

    Thule WingBar Evo Cross Bars

    Differing from the aforementioned roof rack basket, this particular roof rack designed for the Toyota 4Runner and is categorized as a cross bar roof rack. However, it remains a robust and aerodynamic piece of off-road gear capable of supporting a weight of up to 220 lbs, all without necessitating any drilling or modifications during installation.

    These Thule Winbar EVO crossbars offer a larger loading space when compared to the AeroBlade bars, constituting an upgraded iteration. Their enhanced aerodynamic design, featuring the TrailEdge design, significantly reduces wind resistance and noise even when driving at higher speeds.

    These crossbars have a versatile capacity, suitable for securing a diverse array of items like kayaks, skis, snowboards, cargo carriers, and roof boxes, all while ensuring your sunroof remains unobstructed. Their durability is noteworthy, with a dynamic weight capability of 220 lbs when the weight is evenly distributed.

    SmartSlides slidable length scales are integrated into these cross bars, facilitating quick and straightforward installation. Tested in some of the most demanding environments to ensure resilience, they come backed by a 5-year warranty. Don't hesitate to explore these remarkable cross bars!



    Thule Truck Rack


    Thule TracRac Universal Bed Rack

    Thule TracRac TracOne Truck Bed Rack

    This exceptional Thule bed rack is arguably one of the more economical choices currently accessible. It presents itself as a sturdy and stylish rack, characterized by its simplicity in assembly and installation. Utilizing Thule TracRac on your truck bed doesn't necessitate any drilling. This product from Thule, akin to many others, boasts reliability and is poised to be a splendid addition to your upcoming journey.

    The Thule TracOne bed rack, as previously mentioned, is exceedingly resilient, capable of accommodating an 800-pound static load. It also stands at a height of 30 inches. This combination of stature and strength equips the overland truck bed rack to transport substantial and elongated cargo. Items like kayaks, planks, ladders, skis, and even a rooftop tent can be securely affixed to the TracRack.

    Moreover, it possesses a mere weight of 42 lbs and exhibits an aerodynamic design accompanied by integrated wind deflectors, thereby minimizing strain on your fuel consumption. This Thule bed rack is also among the lightest alternatives available today. To prevent scratching, chipping, and the effects of muddy environments, the rack is coated with a protective powder.

    For installation onto your truck bed, the Thule TracRac TracOne employs heavy-duty clamps. It stands as an excellent bed rack system, so don't hesitate to explore its features!



    Thule Xsporter Pro Pickup Truck Bed Rack

    Thule XSporter Truck Bed Rack

    Let’s present another amazing truck bed rack system from Thule. This is yet another Thule bed rack system that can be mounted on a variety of vehicles and it is one of the most complete rack with innovative height adjustability and wind tunnel-optimized aerodynamics. Thanks to the adaptability of the bed bars height you can better carry and fit any load that you have.

    This high-quality Thule bed rack can withstand a 450lbs load rating when installed properly. That means that it can support the weight of kayaks, ladders, various boards, and even roof top tents. Another great this about this bed rack system is that it does not require any drilling in order to be installed. It also does not require any cutting as well.

    It comes with integrated AirTrip bar technology that redirects airflow for superior aerodynamics, WindDiffuser technology which disturbs airflow to reduce wind drag and noise even when driving at high speeds, and it even comes with SecureLock that locks the rack to the truck bed with four One-Key lock cyclinders to prevent it from being stolen.

    It was tested in harsh conditions to ensure its durability and it is safe to say that this is one of the better pickup truck bed rack systems out there and there’s no doubt that it will be a great addition for your next overladning adventures.



    Thule Cargo Box Options


    Thule Force XT XL

    Thule Force XT L Roof Box

    Thule has established a reputation for crafting top-tier roof box models designed to facilitate the transportation of your gear and personal belongings while safeguarding them from external elements that could cause damage. The Thule Force XT boasts an elegant and aerodynamic design coupled with robust construction that ensures longevity.

    The durability of the Thule Force XT is unparalleled. It has undergone rigorous testing to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, making it an ideal companion for your next off-road adventure. As previously mentioned, the Force XT XL features an aerodynamic shape that minimizes wind resistance and noise, even during high-speed drives.

    Crafted from premium materials, this Thule roof box is built to endure. Thanks to the PowerClick quick-mount system, setup is a breeze. It offers a voluminous 16 cubic feet of space with a remarkable 165-pound load capacity, all while weighing just 41 pounds. Virtually anything can be stored inside, from backpacks, clothing, and bedding to skis, snowboards, gear, and various other items that fit comfortably.

    Enhanced security is provided by the locking system, and accessing your cargo carrier is effortless due to the LockKnob, which also prevents damage to the Thule Comfort Key. Additionally, the forward placement of the Thule roof box on the vehicle roof ensures unobstructed access to the trunk.



    Motion XT Thule Roof Box

    Thule Motion XT XXL Roof Box

    The Thule cargo box emerges as an exceptional selection for storing your travel essentials, offering substantial storage capacity and remarkable characteristics. It's highly acclaimed among adventure enthusiasts and frequent travelers, recognized for its stylish design, robust construction, and user-friendly attributes, rendering it one of the most popular roof rack accessories in use.

    Engineered with aerodynamics as a priority, the Thule cargo box effectively minimizes wind resistance and mitigates noise while in transit. Its sleek black finish adds a touch of elegance to any vehicle, enhancing its visual appeal. Crafted from premium materials, including a reinforced lid and base, this cargo box ensures remarkable durability, providing reliable protection for your belongings, even when facing challenging weather conditions.

    A noteworthy highlight of this cargo box lies in its impressive storage capacity. Boasting a spacious volume of 22 cubic feet and accommodating up to 165 lbs, it offers abundant room for transporting sizable items like skis, snowboards, camping gear, or family luggage. Its clever design optimizes space utilization, enabling efficient packing and organized arrangement of your possessions.

    Prioritizing user convenience, this cargo carrier ensures effortless operation. Featuring a dual-sided opening mechanism, it facilitates easy access to your cargo from either side of the vehicle, simplifying the loading and unloading process. Additionally, the box integrates Thule's innovative PowerClick quick-mount system, ensuring a secure and hassle-free installation procedure. The inclusion of the SecureLock technology adds an extra layer of security by keeping your cargo securely locked in place!



    Thule Bike Rack

    Thule Apex Swing Bike Rack

    For everyone who likes to go bike riding on those narrow trails this is the perfect Thule accessory for you. Introducing the Thule Apex XT Swing 4, a bike rack on which you can mount 4 bikes at the same time and take them with you wherever you go. This excellent premium hanging hitch bike carrier provides amazing protection and also unobstructed access to the rear side of your vehicle.

    It provides superior stability for you bikes thanks to the anty-sway system which prevents the bike to bike contact that could potentially damage them. You'll have 7 inches of space between each bike once you mounted them on this Thule bike rack which is just enough to prevent any contact from happening while you’re driving.

    It has a compact cradle design that can accommodate a variety of bike sizes and frame styles and you can also use an integrated cable lock to lock the bikes to the rack and prevent them from falling off. This Thule bike rack is very easy to install and is also easy to lock to the vehicle thanks to the tool-free SnugTite stinger.

    This bike rack weighs only 19 kg and can withstand the weight of 68 kg. It is a perfect overlanding accessory if you are traveling with your family or a group of friends that want to take outdoor exploration further and like to explore those narrow trails that your vehicle can’t g through.



    Thule Parts


    Thule Boot Bag Review

    Thule Boot Bag

    This is a pretty self-explanatory product as you can tell by the name and it is used to neatly organize your boots so that you won’t have any dirt inside your tent once you go inside it. Not only does it have a cool and modern design, but it is also very practical and easy to use, and you can simply attach it on the outside of your tent.

    Simply slide the upper tab of the bot bag into the C-channel in front of your Thule roof top tent and you’re ready to go. This Thule boot bag is completely waterproof so you can leave it outside even when it's pouring. It also comes with an extra mesh pocket on the front of the bag for extra storage but keep in mind that that pocket is not waterproof.

    This is a single boot bag meaning that you cannot really fit two pairs of boots inside but if needed you can always use this bag to store other important pieces of gear or other belongings. It is a great accessory for any camping trip so be sure to check it out.



    Thule FAQS


    Where is Thule from?

    Thule originated in Sweden In the city of Hillerstorp and it was founded by Erik Thulin in 1942!


    Is Thule a good brand?

    Thule is one of the best overlanding and camping brands in the world and they make a wide varety of gear that will make your next outdoor adventure a lot more enjoyable.


    Where does Thule make their products?

    Thule has many factories around the globe and many of them are located across Europe, Brazil, and the US.


    Will a Thule bike rack fit on my car?

    That depends on the vehicle you have. There are many different bike racks that fit a variety of different vehicles.


    Are Thule roof racks universal?

    No, they are not. Each Thule roof rack is specifically designed to fit a certain vehicle.


    Are Thule cargo boxes waterproof?

    Thule cargo boxes are weather resistant, they can be exposed to dirt, dust, snow, and light rain for a short amount of time without affecting the contents of the box. However, if the hard shell rooftop carriers are exposed to heavy rain for longer periods of times, then they might let water in and potentially damage whatever is in them.


    Can Thule keys be copied?

    The short and sweet answer is no, they cannot. If you lost your key by any chance you cannot copy it but instead you would have to completely change the lock.


    Will Thule fit my car?

    There are a variety of Thule products out there built for a variety of different vehicle models. Thule roof top tents are universal, and they can fit on pretty much any car out there as long as its roof can withstand the weight of the tent and the people that’ll be using it.


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