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Tentsile Tree Tents

Tentsile is a brand that took the camping experience to a whole new level. They created a type of tent that was almost inimaginable! 

How does a portable, lightweight tree house sound to you? Well, that's basically what they've created. Tree tents that combining tension obtained by three anchor points, create a usable "living space" for everyone to enjoy. 

Camping tents on which you can sleep suspended above the uneven terrain, better protected from bugs and animals, and immersed in nature. Sounds familiar? That's why we think Roof Top Tents and Tentsile's Tree Tents are similar in certain ways, and we love them.

Their passion for nature, design and camping are admirable and that's why at Off Road Tents, we are incredibly proud to partner with them and continue spreading the love for adventure in nature! 

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