Aluminess Aluminum Roof Racks & Accessories

    Designed and manufactured in California, Aluminess roof racks offer lightweight yet string and reliable cargo options for your vehicle. Specialized in the creation of high quality aftermarket cargo carrying roof racks, Aluminess has been in the market for over 12 years and they have become a household name.

    Their roof racks are some of the lighter ones available, meaning there is a much smaller impact on your car's suspension, brakes, fuel consumption and all the other problems that might arise from too much weight.

    Nissan, Mercedes, Chevy and Ford are the brands that Aluminess platform racks are specialized in, but in particular the Sprinter Vans. Their van racks are excellent, and preferred by many in USA.

    But wait, it's not just roof racks they manufacture, but also bumpers, receiver hitches, ladders and more.

    If you want a high quality and lightweight aluminum accessory for your vehicle, you can be certain that Aluminess is a brand to trust.