ALP Generators

    ALP Propane Generators

    Time to go camping, overlanding, off-road and you need that extra power. A generator is a great solution, a great source of energy for your lights, cooking gear, fridges, you name it.

    Well. ALP Generators offer you a propane-based option for your power.

    Powered 100% by propane, these ALP Generators are much better and friendlier for the environment. Plus, the have a 60 hour, that's right, sixty hour run time with only a 20 lb tank of propane. That's just insane.

    And if you have a smaller propane tank, due to storage limitations, these generators still run 3 hours on a just 1 pound propane tank. Tal about being efficient!

    With a lightweight and compact design, ALP generators weigh only 30 lbs, making them a portable generator for you to carry anywhere, even the furthest away place you can imagines.

    Finally, if you're interested on other features, these ALP generators have an emergency LED light, a 1 year warranty, multiple charging outlets, and a low oil auto shut off, to protect the motor.

    Time for your next adventure with an environmentally friendly generator!