EcoFlow Review

    Specially designed for tiny homes and RVs, Ecoflow power kits and generators have come a long way and have become much more than that. From RVs to overlanding vehicles, roof top tents, best portable camping ac units and a lot more products that have revolutionized many industries.

    At Off Road Tents we like to define Ecoflow as your best power partner. Yes, literally the power source of any overlanding, off road or camping trip you may be planning. Heck or even any family holiday.

    Ecoflow power kits can replace the electric systems of a vehicle, RV or even a building. Their power kits and generators are extremely easy to use and install, very intuitive with a plug and play system so you can modify your hardware to fit the power needs you may have. 

    Depending on the power output you need, you can choose from the different sizes and capabilities of the Eco Flow devices. You can literally power all your essential appliances, with an AC main output of 3600W and a DC main output of 1600W, Ecoflow generators can even power a full sized fridge! 

    In this Ecoflow collection and review you will be able to find all Ecoflow products, from generators to portable air conditioning and solar panels. Our goal is to help you choose the best product based on your needs. And if you have a question, just reach out!

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    EcoFlow Generator  

    Rather than calling them generators, Ecoflow likes to call their power supply system’s portable power stations. Well, they have different Ecoflow portable power stations, and in this section, we will highlight or go over the most popular ones: the Delta, Delta Pro, Delta Max and the River.

    As mentioned before, these are perhaps the most popular Ecoflow generators, but this doesn’t mean that other models aren’t as good or won’t work for you. Instead, use this guide to decide which is the best Eco Flow power supply kit for you, based on dimensions, price, features and what you want to use it for. If by pure chance the popular models work well, then that’ great, if you need another option, just scroll down to find them below.


    ecoflow delta

    EcoFlow Delta 

    The Ecoflow Delta is the first of the Delta line. It comes in two sizes: Delta 1000 and Delta 1300. The main difference being that the Delta 1300 has a 1260Wh capacity, and the Delta 1000 a 1008Wh capacity.

    Just in case both Ecoflow Delta have a lightning speed charging feature, as a matter of fact thanks to a patented X-Stream Technology, the Delta charges from 0 to 80% in just one hour. It then has 6 AC outlets for a total of 1800W and a 1260Wh capacity. Thanks to the inverter, you can charge any appliance or tool under 1800W.

    To top it all off, the Delta can power 13 devices at the same time. Yes, you read that right, suddenly you find yourself deep in the woods, and need to charge your phone, computer, or any safety device, and you got the option to charge 13 devices at the same time. Plus, if you add to your EcoFlow Delta one of the solar panels, it’ll charge in just 4 hours, or even 10 hours charging this generator with the 12/24v port of your rig!

    What we like

    Charges from 0-80% in just one hour!

    Charge 13 devices simultaneously and can handle any appliance under 1800W

    6 x AC outlets

    Lifespan of 800 cycles (1300) or 500 cycles (1000)

    Lightweight at only 31 lbs. Easy to carry around.


    ecoflow delta pro

    EcoFlow Delta Pro

    The EcoFlow Delta Pro is the newest power station in the market, and certainly one of the biggest. With a 3.6kWh capacity that can even be expanded all the way to 25kWh, it is a leader in AC output. It is a portable generator with the beauty of 3600W, perfect for the biggest or more heavy duty appliances such as a dryer, or AC units. Are you starting to see yourself getting a portable AC with the Delta Pro for your next trip?

    Amongst the great features it has is that you can expand it with extra batteries, other Smart Generators and even the Smart Home Panel (all by Eco Flow). On top of that, you can charge it in 6 different methods, and even combine them.

    Finally, and what we think it’s by far the best feature of this EcoFlow generator is the fact that it’s so powerful, that the DELTA Pro can power up to 10 circuits, so if your home is hit by a power outage, or even if you need in case of an emergency, or to take it to your basement, it will keep you safe. Given its power it can also charge and provide power to anything in your overlanding and camping setup.

    What we like

    Can power anything with a 3600-7200W output

    World’s fastest charging, and can multicharged itself up to 6500W

    Fully charges in just 1.8 hours

    Lifespan of battery of 6500 cycles

    Remains portable weighing 99 lbs


    eco flow delta max

    EcoFlow Delta Max

    This is kind of the middle child of the Delta line. The EcoFlow Delta Max comes in two versions: 2000 and 1600. Thanks to the possibility of expanding it to 6kWh with the smart extra batteries, you can literally keep your home powered with it during any emergency, power outage or even natural disaster.

    It charges at light speed, with an 80% charge in just 60 minutes. The Eco Flow Max also has the ability of handling devices of up to 3400W. Not bad at all. If you pair it up with EcoFlow solare panels, you can even deliver to it 800W max solar charging speed.

    Weighing only 48 lbs, this remains perhaps EcoFlow best portable generator for those looking to go off the grid for a bit, and need to have an emergency power source for their vehicle, appliances and more. Never underestimate a portable power generator for camping or outdoors experiences, and the EcoFlow Delta Max ticks all the boxes you need.

    What we like

    Charges from 0-80% in just 65 minutes.

    2016kWh capacity

    6 x AC outlets

    Lifespan of 800 cycles

    Weighs only 48 lbs, portable for any occasion


    ecoflow river portable power station

    EcoFlow River

    The EcoFlow River is a compact and extremely portable power generator or supply. The dimensions and weight of only 11 lbs make it one of the preferred power options for overlanders, off-roaders and even those who need emergency power sources at home or in their RVs.

    The EcoFlow River power station charges from 0-80% in just an hour, as well as being able to handle power devices and appliances of up to 1800W. You can even double its capacity by adding an Extra Battery, allowing to grow your power needs without the need of another power supply.

    To top it all off, and we are thinking of all the families out there who enjoy outdoors adventures but also like to keep all the family’s devices charged, this generator can charge up to 10 devices simultaneously. It has 3 pure sine wave AC outlets, and a 288Wh capacity.

    Let’s not forget you can also charge the EcoFlow River in around 3 hours with the 12v entrance of your vehicle. This comes in handy when you’re driving so you can charge the River, and then use it to power other devices for hours when on the campsite. 

    What we like

    Extremely lightweight and portable at just 11 lbs

    Charge 10 devices simultaneously and can handle any appliance under 1800W

    3 x 600W AC outlets

    Lifespan of 500 cycles

    Can be charged with a solar panel and even the 12v connector of your vehicle



    EcoFlow Solar Panel

    EcoFlow solar panels are some of the best in the market, and have the great advantage of being compatible with almost all of their other devices, such as generators. By getting the solar to XT60 charging cables, the EcoFlow Solar Panels will connect to the Delta and River power stations.

    On top of that, these solar panels allow you to chain them together so they can join forces and charge must faster other devices. Literally create your own solar panel grid whilst on the road, and get ready to bring power back to your setup. 


    ecoflow 220w bifacial solar panel

    Ecoflow 220 Bifacial Solar Panel

    EcoFlow has many different solar panels, different prices, and dimensions as well as capacity. We really like and recommend the EcoFlow 220W Bifacial Solar Panel, as it is a two in one panel, basically one side has a 220W capacity, and the other side has a 155W capacity. This will allow you to capture 25% more solar energy and charge any portable power station much faster than usual.

    As with all Eco Flow products, this solar panel is built to last, with a high-quality tempered glass that can withstand heat of up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It doesn’t joke around. Basically, this solar panel is built to go on extreme weather and sunny conditions such as those in Arizona or Utah.

    To top it all up, it’s portable in dimensions and weight, and it includes its own carrying case. Therefore, you can easily pack it at the back of your vehicle, and take it out when you’re camping, or just relaxing, and have it power your portable station. It has a short circuit current, with a 13A front side and an 8.8A rear side.

    What we like

    Extremely portable, includes carrying case and weighs only 21 lbs

    Really high quality craftsmanship and materials

    2 sides with a 220W front side and a 155W rear side


    ecoflow solar tracker

    Ecoflow Solar Tracker

    The EcoFlow Solar Tracker is one of the most innovative and technological products that the brand has ever made. This is literally the first consumer grade solar tracker in the industry. You can place an Eco Flow Solar Panel on the Solar Tracker, have it spin and swivel on two axes so that it’ll continuously pinpoint and find the best angle to the sun. There is no better solar charger than this for any power station or appliance.

    The EcoFlow Solar Tracker will automatically track the position of the sun, adjusting the solar panels on it 3 times during the day. If what you are looking is to have solar panels regularly charging batteries or portable power sources because you need them for work, life or on a permanent basis if you live in the outdoors, this is the devices you will need.

    The main advantage comes with the fact that you get 30% more watts of solar energy if you use the tracker as opposed to not using it. More sunlight will hit the solar panels at all times of the day, collecting more renewable energy every passing minute.

    What we like

    Highest quality materials and craftmanship

    Automatically changes position 3 times per day

    Collects 30% more watts of energy


    EcoFlow Wave Portable AC

    ecoflow wave portable air conditioner

    A portable camping tent air conditioner is what most of you, our customers, ask for. We always recommend you the EcoFlow Wave Portable AC, the very best in the market. Very easy to carry and move around, whether that’s at home, in an RV, or even better on an overlanding or camping trip, the Eco Flow Wave AC weighs only 38 lbs and measures 20 x 12 x 16 inches. Yes, it’ll fit in your rig.

    It cools really fast with 4000 BTUs, making it the ideal camping ac. To put it into perspective, the Wave will cool small to medium spaces in just 8 minutes, and the battery will last for 3 full hours. That’s enough for a good night of sleep, since the tent or space will remain cool for some time even when the air con is off.

    However, if you plug it into an add-on-battery or onto the EcoFlow power stations, you can get up to 12 hours of cooling, no problem at all. It can also be plugged anywhere, whether that’s a wall outlet, to a solar panel, or even a 12v port. 

    It has a max AC input power of 700W, as well as a max cooling power of 600W. It it noisy? Not really, the EcoFlow Wave is one of the quietest portable ac units in the market, ideal for the outdoors so it won’t disturb wildlife, or distract you from the beautiful noises of nature.

    What we like

    Can cool a small to medium space in just 8 minutes.

    Battery life of 3 hours on its own, but of up to 12 hours if connected to a power station

    Extremely portable weighing just 38 lbs


    Eco Flow FAQs  

    Can an Ecoflow generator charge a car battery?

    Yes they can. As said before, most EcoFlow generators have different outlets, and can handle enough watts as to charge a car battery if you have the correct connectors. The EcoFlow Delta line is the best fitted EcoFlow generator to charge a car battery.


    Can the Ecoflow River Pro power a refrigerator?

    Depends on the size. Ideally it shouldn’t be powering a full sized home fridge, but it can certainly power smaller fridges as well as powering electric portable car fridges.


    What is better, Eco Flow or Jackery?

    Both systems are different in design and even features. We cannot say one is better than the other. EcoFlow has the advantage of having numerous devices that can pair up with their generators.


    Where is Ecoflow made?

    Most products are manufactured in China.


    Can the Ecoflow Wave work as a portable ac for camping?

    Absolutely. The EcoFlow Wave is the perfect portable ac for camping, given it only weighs 38 lbs, it’s not that big, and it can quickly cool a camping tent, roof top tent or even an RV in just 8 minutes. Plus, it has 3 hours of battery life on its own, and if paired up with a power source or battery it’ll last up to 12 hours. Camping suddenly became cool!


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