The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Best Car Roof Rack


Car Roof Rack Guide 

We’ve taken the time to construct this in-depth guide about roof racks in hopes that we can explain more about what roof racks are in general, what they are used for, and even how to select the right roof rack that will fit your needs and your lifestyle. So stuck around and learn about all the different types of roof racks there are, all the different parts of the said rack, and even see a few models that we think are the best on the market right now!


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What Is A Car Roof Rack?


Now let’s first talk about what a roof rack is. A roof rack is a frame that goes on top of your vehicles roof and sits on the roof rack legs that can either be drilled into the roof of your vehicle or in some cases just bolted into the already existing holes.

Roof racks are there to increase the weight capacity of our cars roof and let us transport longer and heavier loads with increased security. You can use them to haul construction materials and even use them on your off road or overlanding trips to transport that extra cargo that cannot fit inside your vehicle and other things such as kayaks, bikes, skis, snowboards, water tanks, awnings, and you can even mount a roof top tent on top of them.

There are roof racks for a lot of different vehicles models out there are there are different types of roof racks as well. They can be made out of steel or aluminum and in some cases the combination of the two. Some roof racks have a lower weight capacity and can be used to carry lighter loads whereas some have an incredibly high weight limit and can be used to load up weeks' worth of supplies for your overlanding trip.

There are thousands of roof rack models on the market right now and we know that it can be confusing to choose the right one as many of them have a lot of good features. But that is the next thing that we want to talk about so stick around and let us help you learn how to choose the right roof rack for you!



Roof Rails Vs. Roof Racks


Most cars usually have pre-fitted roof rails. They run from the front to the back of the roof. They can be one of the attachment points for roof racks. While they are not suited to carrying heavy items such as roof top tents or any of your extra gear, they may be used to safely transport some of the smaller items.

Car Roof Rails

Roof racks on the other hand have been specifically designed to carry a heavy load. They can be used to transport a variety of items on a daily basis and even on longer overlanding trips. You can add a variety of attachments on to serve you better on your next off-road trip.

Car Roof Rack


How To Choose A Roof Rack?


Now this is the part that will take most of your time when you’ve finally decided that you want to get a roof rack for yourself. However, making this decision doesn’t have to be a hard thing to do. There are a few things that you should keep an eye out for when choosing the roof rack that will fit your needs and your lifestyle and we will go through them right now.


Roof Rack Material


Now as we already said, roof racks can be built from steel, aluminum or a combination of the two. And if you are asking which one is the best, we cannot give you the answer because that completely depends on your needs.


Aluminum Roof Rack

Let’s talk about the aluminum roof rack first. Car roof racks that have aluminum construction are lightweight and are resistant to corrosion. They may not be as durable as the steel ones and not as cheap, but they can still carry heavy gear and valuable items.

The Prinsu Roof Rack 4Runner 5th Gen Full Rack Non-Drill 2010-2022 has an additional powder-coated black finish to protect it from harsh elements.


Steel Roof Rack

Now when it comes to steel roof racks, they are very sturdy and built to last. They are unfortunately more prone to corrosion than the aluminum ones, however you will almost always see a rack that has zinc coating to prevent that. They are heavier and thus affect the fuel economy of your car more, but they are also less expensive than the previously mentioned aluminum roof racks.

The GOBI Stealth Roof Rack for Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen w/ LED Lightbar Set Up is one of the most durable racks. They are 100% fully welded, using only the screws to secure the racks to the vehicle, making the rack noise and rattle-free.


Alloy Roof Racks (Aluminum And Steel)

And finally, we have roof racks that are made both from aluminum and steel and with them you get the best of both worlds. You get the durability of the steel roof rack and the lightness of the aluminum one.

Slimline II platform roof racks by Front Runner get the best of aluminum and steel.

Another notable feature of this particular rack is that it can be installed with drill and non-drill options.


Roof Rack Weight Limit


This is yet another important thing that you should look for when deciding which roof rack, you should get. Not all roof racks have the same weight limit meaning that not all roof racks serve the same purpose.

If your plan is to load up the rack with weeks' worth of supplies and maybe even a roof top tent for your next overlanding adventure, then you should look for roof racks that have a higher weight capacity so that they can withstand all of that load.

Now if your plan is to use your vehicle and your roof rack for shorter off-road trips that don’t require you to carry a lot of gear or at least a lot of heavy gear then you can settle down for a roof rack that can withstand a lower weight load.


Dynamic Weight Capacity VS Static Weight Capacity


Each roof rack has a dynamic and static weight capacity. Dynamic weight capacity is the load that your rack can withstand hen your vehicle is moving, and the static weight capacity is the lad that you roof rack can withstand when your vehicle is static or not moving. The dynamic load rating will always be lower than the static one and you shouldn’t go above the dynamic load rating (at least when driving) as that could be dangerous for you and for your equipment.

If you happen to mount a roof top tent on your roof rack you should also think about the weight of the people that will sleep inside it and add that to the already existing weight of your entire gear that will go on top of the said rack so you can calculate exactly how much you can load it up without crossing the limit.


Roof Rack Purpose


Now let’s talk about what you can do with your roof rack. Now a lot of people tend to use their racks for carrying any cargo that either cannot fit in their car because of its shape or size. You can use a roof rack to carry anything from construction materials to off road and camping equipment.

You can use it to carry longer loads that again cannot fit inside your vehicle or truck bed or you can use it to carry stuff like kayaks, bikes, skis, additional luggage, furniture, and even a roof top tent. Having a roof rack gives you the ability to safely fasten any load you put on it and that way it makes it safer to transport both for you and other people on the road.


Car Roof Rack Storage


Roof racks add additional storage space for all the things that might not fit inside your vehicle, or you just don’t want them there because they will take up most of the space and will not leave enough room for the passengers.

You can mount a variety of stuff on a roof rack like kayaks, canoes, skis, snowboards, paddle boards, bikes, extra luggage, liquid tanks, and so much more. You can tie them up to your roof rack so that they won’t slide off during your commute.

However, there are also a variety of roof boxes or roof cargo carriers that you can mount onto your roof rack and use them to store a variety of smaller items that would otherwise be difficult to attach securely on top of said roof rack.


Roof Rack Price


When it comes to the price of roof racks, we already know that it depends on the material of the rack itself. Aluminum roof racks are more expensive than steel ones. However, that is not the only thing that will affect the price.

The price of the car roof rack will also vary on whether the roof rack requires any drilling or modifications done to be installed. What items you need to bring and whether you need additional accessories to load them can also add to the expense.

There’s a bunch of roof rack models on the market right now and the best thing you can do is to just look around, find a few racks you like, compare their features, and after that decide on one that best fits your needs.


Types Of Car Roofs


Before heading to the store or adding a roof rack to your cart, you need to understand what kind of roof your vehicle has.

Depending on the type, you'll know what type of roof rack you can get, or if there is more than one option.

In this section we'll mention the main car roof types, so you can determine yours and select the preferred roof rack option from there.


Common Roof Types:

  • Naked or Bare roof
  • Roof with rain gutters
  • Factory-installed raised sidebars
  • Factory-installed flush side rails
  • Factory track or fixed-point


Naked Or Bare Roof 

Naked roofs, or bare roofs, are those without pre-installed attachment points at the top of the car. You can still install a platform rack on this roof type. There are clip or clamp-mount roof racks. Clip-fit racks consist of the tower and the clip-or-fit kit. They can be easily attached and removed, so no drilling is required.

They fit snugly on the outer edge of the roof or into the car door. Some racks can also be permanently fixed or installed by drilling them onto the roof. Drilling is not necessarily dangerous; if done correctly, it is actually safer, sturdier, and can handle more weight.


Roofs With Rain Gutters

Rain gutters are usually found in full-sized cargo, passenger, commercial vans, and some Jeeps. There are many racks available that can be installed on the rain gutter roof type.


Car roof that has rain gutter mounts (8 total)


Factory-Installed Raised Sidebars

Raised rails are elevated off the roof and are good attachment points for installing platform racks.


Factory car roof raised side bars


Factory-Installed Flush Side Rails

Some manufacturer-installed bars sit directly against the roof. They are where the roof rails are connected, but since there are no spaces between the roof and the rails, they usually have grooves where the cross bars are installed. They have channels or pinholes that the towers fit into. A clip kit, leg kit, and crossbars are needed to install roof racks on this rail.


Factory-Installed Flush Side Rails


Factory Track Or Fixed-Point

Some cars come with factory-fastened connector points located on the outer edge of the roof, with two points for each side. If you don't have this, it can be drilled into your vehicle's roof. Fixed points serve as the mounting points for roof racks. They can either be a Crossbar Overhang or Crossbar Terminating, also called the Flush style.

Most overlanders use the overhang because it gives them an extra surface for mounting their cargo. As a matter of fact, if you have overhang cross bar systems, you can easily mount an awning to them. The flush crossbars look seamless and clean as they do not extend outside the bar.

Rhino Rack Vortex Roof Bars


Types Of Roof Racks


Car Roof Rack Cross Bars


Crossbars run perpendicularly from the driver’s side window to the passenger’s side window. They consist of two to three bars made of steel, aluminum, plastic, or a combination. The crossbar roof rack is ideal for mounting almost any type of equipment, such as bicycles, snowboards, or kayaks, because its dynamic load rating ranges from around 65 lbs. to up to 220 lbs. Its feature allows an even distribution of weight across the bar itself.

Now cross bars may not be the best option for you if you plan on putting heavy loads on it as it simply cannot withstand that. Some cross bar models can withstand a lightweight roof top tent, but you should still be very careful when calculating how much weight you are going to put on your said cross bars.

If you want to see more cross bar models that we have to offer feel free to check out our Cross Bar Collection!

Cross bars have 3 different mounting styles and those are;

  • Gutter-Mount
  • Bolt-On
  • Clip-On


Gutter Mounted Cross Bars


Gutter Mount Cross Bars

Gutter-mount cross bar models are as the name suggests, installed in the rain gutter of the vehicle. For this type of roof, a durable platform gutter mounted rack will also be used where kayaks, boards, fishing rods, tents, and other overlanding essentials can be securely placed.

They are the sturdiest cross bars out of the 3 mounting styles. They are capable of carrying more weight than the clip-on or a grab-on system.


Bolt-On Cross Bars


Bolt On Crossbars

Bolt-On Cross Bars are attached to the rig’s factory mounting points or to a track, which can be sometimes provided by the rack manufacturer or bought separately. This feature makes them very well attached and secured and fixed.

They are secure and durable but easy to install and remove. They are perhaps the strongest crossbar rack systems available. The weight distribution across the roof of the car and across the entire body of it enables heavier weight loading.


Clip-On Cross Bar


Clip On CrossBars

The cross bars are clipped on the car roof’s side rails or directly to the bare roof. These crossbars are not meant to carry heavy weights. Use them only for lighter items. They are very efficient and are able to be installed in just a couple of minutes.

The Clip-on crossbar clamps on effortlessly to the rig’s roof but can securely and efficiently carry your gear on top. Here are great examples of clip-on crossbars:


Platform Roof Racks For SUV


Platform Roof Rack

Platform roof racks are undoubtedly the most popular type of roof rack on the market right now and they have a good reason for it. They are sturdy, versatile, and have the highest weight capacity out of all roof rack types (some have over 1000lbs of weight limit)!

They have a platform with slats which you can use to put a wide variety of items on it including longer and heavier loads. The platform over the entire roof and makes the whole roof of your car usable and gives you a platform on which you can store away pretty much anything including a roof top tent.

You can also mount a wide variety of accessories to them and even things such as awnings. They have the best weight distribution out of all racks out there. Platform racks can be grab-on mounted, bolt-on mounted, or even attached to the already existing roof rails. Most of them, however, are generally no drill racks and they are just bolted onto the already existing holes on your vehicles roof.


Car Roof Rack Basket


Car Roof Rack Basket

Basket racks are very similar to the aforementioned platform roof racks with one exception. They have high railings around the base of the rack which makes them look like a basket, thus the name. They are another great type of roof racks as they can also withstand a heavy load and provide additional security thanks to the rails.

You can also use them to haul longer things such as kayaks, planks, skis, snowboards or pretty much anything that fits into the weight limit of the rack itself. They have more tie-down points and thus adding even more security to your cargo, making it virtually impossible for anything to slip from it.


Roof Rack Parts

Roof Rack Mounts

This is one of the essential parts of any roof rack system as you cannot mount a roof rack to your vehicle without it.

Roof Rack Mounts


Foot Set Or Tower

Foot set or the tower connects the mount to the cross bars or the platform of the roof rack and is there to bear the weight of your load.

Roof Rack Foot


Cross Bars

Those are bars (usually 2 of them) that run from the front to the back of the roof. They are there to bare the load that you put on them whatever that might be.

Roof Cross Bars



The roof bars can be mounted to the vehicle with the help of an adapter. Some roof racks work well with crossbars alone, while others require an adapter. Aftermarket roof racks sometimes come in kits. Other times, you need to buy the parts individually, which allows you to mix and match.

Roof Rack Adapters / Roof Rack Risers



The surrounding frame gives the platform roof rack structure and helps keep the rack together. Since the frame is solid and strong, it helps resist lateral and gravity loads or forces. This enables the whole roof rack structure to support more weight and sustain a more extensive beating when off-roading.

Roof Rack Frame



The vertical cross bars that you see on platform roof racks are called slats. Without them you wouldn’t be able to mount anything to your roof rack. The more you have them the more weight capacity your roof rack has.

Roof Rack Slats


Wind Deflector

The wind deflector is a piece of aluminum that sits at the front of the roof rack and is there to reduce the noise when driving and improve the aerodynamics of the rack itself.

Roof Rack Wind Deflector


Best Car Roof Racks


Now that we have covered pretty much everything that you should know about roof racks it’s time to show you what we think are some of the best roof racks on the market right now and hopefully help you find the one that will suit your needs.


Prinsu Roof Rack 4Runner – 5th Gen


Prinsu Roof Rack 4Runner

This is by far the most popular choice when it comes to good, high-quality, reliable roof racks systems. This particular one was made to fit the 5th gen 4Runner model. It is lightweight, durable, and also affordable no drill roof rack system made by Prinsu. But there are a lot more features that this rack has to offer so let’s dive right in and see what else makes it so great.

The greatest roof rack for a 4Runner, in our humble opinion, is this one. It doesn't require drilling to install and is lightweight, inexpensive, strong, and low profile. It is made of high-quality, long-lasting aluminum and has a black powder coating to shield it from scratches and even erosion when driven through muddy terrain.

Also, because it is a modular roof rack system, you may choose how many crossbars you wish to have on it. The more crossbars you have, the higher the weight load rating your rack will have. They are rather simple to install and remove if you don't require some of them. With the exception of one, all of the crossbars are made of black anodized aluminum.

They include built-in drop-in points that make it simpler to attach your cargo, and they also provide a variety of tie-down options that improve the stability and security of the aforementioned cargo or certain accessories. One of the lowest profile roof rack systems available at the moment, this Prinsu roof rack has a height of more than 2".

Together with its low height, it also has an aluminum wind deflector that improves your car's aerodynamics, lessens wind drag, and lowers road noise. A roof top tent can even be mounted with the help of this sturdy rack set, which has a weight capacity of more than 500 lbs. This is more than enough to carry items like kayaks, motorcycles, extra luggage, or additional goods.

Be sure to check out this 4Runner no drill roof rack!

Drill Or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity  Warranty
No Drill 50 lbs 500 lbs+ Limited Lifetime



Front Runner 4Runner 5th Gen Cargo Roof Rack


Front Runner Roof Rack 4Runner

This top-notch 5th Gen 4Runner roof rack was made by Front Runner. All 2010–present Toyota 4Runner models are compatible with this full-size Slimline II 4Runner roof rack. Please keep in mind that this roof rack is available both with and without drilling options for attachment. A ladder that allows you to ascend to the top of the 4Runner roof rack would be a nice feature that would allow you to secure your cargo or add extra items. The ladder, however, must be purchased separately.

The rack is made of tough T6 aluminum, sturdy stainless steel, and is erosion-resistant black epoxy powder coated. Even though it weighs only 80 lbs., this roof rack is sturdy enough to hold the weight of almost anything you put on it, including kayaks, motorcycles, extra luggage, fuel tanks, or even a roof top tent.

The 660 lb. static weight capacity of this roof rack is more than enough to transport anything you can imagine. This rack's great feature is that, when mounted, there is room underneath it to store other objects, such as a camping table or pretty much anything else that is similar in size.

In order to increase aerodynamics and reduce noise, this 4Runner roof rack can be fitted with a wind deflector, while an LED light bar would aid in illuminating any roads at night. You only need to utilize the hardware that is provided, follow the directions, and it is very easy to install. This is yet another very popular choice for roof rack models on the market right now so feel free to check it out.

Drill Or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity  Warranty
No Drill 80 lbs 660 lbs+ Limited Lifetime



Prinsu Cab Rack Tacoma – 2nd & 3rd Gen


Prinsu Roof Rack Cab Rack For Tacoma

Let's now examine yet another design for the Prinsu roof rack. The Toyota Tacoma vehicles from 2005 to the present are compatible with this roof rack. The Tacoma's roof rack is shorter and less expensive because it is designed for a pickup truck. It is the same length as the Tacoma's roof since it was designed to fit onto the cab of the truck. It won't fit over a camper shell if you have one.

Yes, it has the same characteristics and is constructed from the same materials as the Prinsu roof rack mentioned before. It is inexpensive, durable, lightweight, and installation doesn't call for any drilling or modifications. It has a black powder coat finish to prevent any chipping, scratches and even erosion when driving around in muddy terrain.

It is a low-profile roof rack that also comes with an aluminum wind deflector to improve your car's aerodynamics and lessen wind drag and road noise. Also, this rack system is sturdy and has a weight capacity of more than 500 pounds, which is more than enough to carry items like kayaks, motorcycles, extra luggage or gear, and even a roof top tent.

They have built-in drop-in points that make attaching your cargo easier, and they also offer a range of tie-down options that increase the stability and security of the mentioned cargo or a variety of accessories. The height of this Prinsu roof rack, which is one of the lowest profile roof rack systems at the moment, is just over 2".

It is a modular roof rack system, so you may choose how many crossbars you want on it as well. The more crossbars your rack has, the higher its weight load rating is. Installing and removing them is simple if you don't require some of them. Apart for one crossbar, the crossbars are entirely made of black anodized aluminum.

It is also a little bit lighter than the full-length model of the Prinsu roof rack because less material was utilized in its construction. This implies that your off-road vehicle won't have to carry as much weight. Be sure to check out this Toyota Tacoma roof rack kit!

Drill Or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity  Warranty
No Drill 38.5 lbs 500 lbs+ Limited Lifetime



Front Runner Roof Rack Subaru Forester – 2013-Current


Front Runner Roof Rack Subaru Forester

We already mentioned a Front Runner roof rack model, but we have another one that Is designed to fit the Subaru Forester model from 2013 up to the current one. It is a very reliable, durable and string roof rack kit that is very easy to install as it requires no drilling, or any modification done to your vehicle. But stick around and let’s see what else makes it so great.

This roof rack is made out of high-quality, built to last, T6 aluminum and stainless steel and has a black epoxy powder coat to increase resilience of the rack and prevent it from eroding in muddy environments. It is also a very lightweight model as it weighs only 45 lbs. This is yet another low profile roof rack that can be fitted with a wind deflector to increase aerodynamics of the rack and prevent the noise when riving on road or even an LED light bar to illuminate the road when driving at night.

It has a string and durable construction and can withstand 660 lbs of weight capacity which will be more than enough to fit all of your overlanding gear and even mount a roof top tent on top of it. You can also fit this roof rack system with a variety of Front Runner accessories which will come in handy on any off-road trip. Another cool thing about this rack is that you have enough space between the roof and said rack to store something like a foldable camping table or anything similar in size.

As we already mentioned this is a NO DRILL roof rack system. However, in order to use it on your Subaru Forester you need to have OEM roof rails. You would then attach the rack to those rails, and it will only take you a few minutes to do so. This is an amazing Forester roof rack so feel free to check it out!

Drill Or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity  Warranty
No Drill 45 lbs 660 lbs+ Limited Lifetime



Gobi Roof Rack Jeep Cherokee KL


Gobi Roof Rack For Jeep KL

Now let’s have a look at the basket roof rack model made by Gobi. This roof rack was designed to fit the Jeep Cherokee KL models from 2014 up to the current one. Gobi is famous for manufacturing high-quality, durable, and lightweight basket roof racks and this one is no exception so let’s take a look and see what makes it so great.

First of all let’s start by saying that this basket roof rack has a built to last, stainless steel construction with an anti-rust undercoat and a black powder coat to increase the resilience of the rack. It comes with a integrated wind deflector which will improve the aerodynamics of the rack and the vehicle and will also reduce the noise when driving on the road.

This is a no drill roof rack meaning that it does not require any drilling or further modifications to the roof of your vehicle in order to install it. A special feature about Gobi Stealth roof racks is that they make less noise than the majority of roof racks on the market as they are fully welded and have fewer screws in them.

They are pretty strong and can withstand a 600 lbs + weight capacity which is enough to load the rack with pretty much anything you want and even mount a roof top tent on top of it. Another great thing about it is that it comes with a ladder which will make getting thing up and down the roof rack so much easier.

It is a great basket roof rack system that will surely be a great addition to your next overlanding adventure so be sure to check it out!

Drill Or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity  Warranty
No Drill 70 lbs 600 lbs+ Limited 1 Year



Baja Rack FJ Cruiser Roof Rack Basket


BajaRack Roof Rack FJ Cruiser

This is yet another basket roof rack system that was manufactured by Baja and was made to fit the Toyota FJ Cruiser from 2007 up to the 2017 models. It is a versatile, sleek looking, easy to install, and sturdy roof rack kit that would be perfect for any off-road trips you might take. So, with that said let’s take a look and see what else this rack has to offer.

This roof rack has a welded steel tubing construction and is coated with epoxy primer to protect it from erosion and features a black powder coat to improve the durability of the rack itself and prevent any scratches. This rack also comes with an aluminum wind deflector that will improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle and the rack itself and will also reduce the noise when driving on the road.

The great thing about this roof rack is that it is compatible with a wide variety of accessories, and you can even mount an LED light bar on the front of it to illuminate the road when driving at night. Apart from that you also have just enough space between the roof of your vehicle and the roof rack to store things like a foldable camping table or anything similar in size.

You can use this rack to carry a variety of items including longer loads such as kayaks, skis, snowboards, ladders, planks, and you can even mount a roof top tent on top of it. Because it is a basket roof rack you’re the items inside the rack will be safe and will not have a risk of falling from the rack thanks to the tube walls that surround the parameter of the said rack.

It has a dynamic weight capacity of 300 lbs and a static weight limit of more than 600 lbs. Installing it doesn’t take a lot of time as this is a No Drill roof rack. This is another amazing basket roof rack kit so feel free to check it out!

Drill Or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity  Warranty
No Drill 73 lbs 600 lbs+ Limited 2 Year



Car Roof Rack Universal Rhino Rack Vortex


Rhino Rack Vortex Cross Bars

Let's talk about these Vortex Rhino Rack cross bars. They are designed to fit a variety of vehicle models. They are beautifully constructed, have excellent aerodynamics, and are very durable and strong. They are meant to fit your raised railing with ease.

They come with security hardware that guards your racks against theft and are simple to install and remove. These crossbars are made to last and are both sturdy and light enough for off-road use. They are 50" long and are available in black color.

They can also be mounted with a range of Rhino Rack attachments, which will greatly improve your next overlanding trip. You will also receive the required hardware and installation instructions in addition to the cross bars.

You may be confident that they can endure just about everything you put them through because they were put to the test in the most demanding conditions and approved of to their standards. Rhino Rack offers a lifetime warranty on these Vortex crossbars as evidence of this. Feel free to check them out!

Drill Or No Drill Weight Capacity  Warranty
No Drill 165 lbs Limited Lifetime



Car Roof Rack Thule WingBar EVO


Thule Wingbar Cross Bar

This is yet another cross bar kit made by Thule and this particular one was designed to fit Jeep JL models from 2018 up to the current one. It has a sleek looking, durable, and aerodynamic construction that is reasonably priced and is perfect for everyday use or even on your next off-road trip.

These Thule Winbar EVO cross bars are an updated version of the AeroBlade bars and have a bigger loading area. They also have a better and more aerodynamic design which will reduce the wind drag and make less noise when driving on the road.

They will not interfere with your sunroof, and they are capable of carrying a variety of different items such as kayaks, skis, snowboards, or even cargo carriers or roof boxes. They are prety strong and have a dynamic weight capacity of 220 lbs when the weight is evenly distributed.

The length of these cross bars is 53” and installing them is pretty easy and will not consume a lot of your time. They have been tested in some of the harshest conditions to ensure that they can withstand pretty much anything you put them through. They even come with a 5-year warranty! Be sure to check them out!

Drill Or No Drill Weight Capacity  Warranty
No Drill 220 lbs Limited 5 Year



Roof Rack Accessories


Roof Rack Light Bar


Cali Raise 42 Inch LED Light Bar

Let's take a look at the Cali 42” Slim single-row LED light bar. Here are some reasons why this LED light bar may now be the most well-liked one on the market. With 40 distinct LEDs, this bar has a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours and can output 20,000 lumens. It is a universal light bar, thus it can be used with almost any rig.

It doesn't require a warm-up period when turned on and has integrated temperature management and robust polycarbonate lenses. Another great thing about it is that it has an IP rating of 68 meaning that this light bar can withstand dust, dirt, and even sand. It can also be immersed underwater for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1.5 m!

It is really simple to set up and having it will be essential for any off-road or overlanding adventure, especially when traveling at night.



Car Bike Roof Rack


Front Runner Pro Bike Carrier

Let's talk about bike carriers. We all know that it's important to properly anchor our load and equipment to our vehicle since we don't want anything to fall off while navigating rugged terrain or even merely smooth roadways. Other drivers would be at risk, and your equipment would be harmed. This is why you need to have a strong and dependable roof rack bike carrier when taking your bike on your next off-road trip.

So, with that said let’s talk about the Front Runner Pro Bike Carrier. You would need to remove your front wheel from many bike carriers in order to secure it to your rack. Nevertheless, with this one, you don't have to, which saves time.

It is compatible with all bike sizes and is simple to install in just a few minutes. With tire widths ranging from 18mm (0.7") to 132mm (5.2), this bike carrier is flexible and capable of holding most wheel diameters, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and fat bikes.

When not in use, this carrier can be folded flat on your roof rack and is made of the same weather-resistant stainless steel and powder coating as the Front Runner racks and mounting systems. This 20-pound bike carrier will undoubtedly be a useful addition to your roof rack.



Roof Rack Cargo Carrier


Thule Motion Cargo Carrier

What if you had that extra luggage that cannot fit inside your vehicle but you don’t want to put it on your roof rack because it may be fragile or it may even be something like clothes or just extra gear that you might need on your next road trip. That’s where these cargo carriers come in.

Let’s take a look at the Thule Motion Roof Rack Cargo Carrier. Thule has been making some of the highest quality overlanding stuff for quite some time now and this cargo carrier is no exception. They have a sleek looking, durable, hard-shell casing which will protect anything you put inside it from any outside elements including rain and snow as it is also waterproof.

It can hold up to 165 lbs and it is designed for maximum space efficiency and aerodynamics so that you won’t feel the wind drag and hear the noise when driving on the road. It is incredibly easy to mount thanks to the PowerClick quick-mount system that “clicks” into place when properly mounted.

You can lock the cargo carrier and that way prevent any of your stuff from getting stolen when not around it. You can even carry skis inside it as long as they have a maximum length of 215 cm. This Is by far the best and most popular roof cargo carrier on the market right now so feel free to check it out!



Car Roof Rack For Kayak


Front Runner Kayak Carrier

Another great accessory to add on your roof rack system is this Front Runner Pro Canoe, Kayak, and Sup carrier. It is designed to fit onto the Front Runner slimline II roof rack models and only takes a few minutes to install.

This kayak carrier features variable width adjustments, variable angle brace adjustments, padded hull protection and is even compatible with small boats. It comes with all the necessary accessories to safely secure your kayak onto the roof rack so you don't have to worry about it slipping off.

This kit is constructed out of 3CR12 stainless steel that has been black powder coated to increase durability and prevent erosion. It also features EPE foam pads. Thanks to this Front Runner kayak mount you can now bring your equipment with you to your favorite stream, river, or even lake.

Couple more things we want to mention about this kayak carrier are the angled rubber lined "V" braces that are adjustable up to 20% for the perfect saddle fit for the hull of your boat. Also thanks to the padding you don't have to worry about scratching or damaging your kayak in any way during transport.

This Front Runner kayak carrier fits most sizes of canoes, kayaks and even surf skis and has a weight capacity of up to 300lbs! This is one of the better roof rack accessories to have so feel free to check it out!



Car Roof Rack FAQS


Does a roof rack affect fuel economy?

Yes it does. Everything you put inside or outside your car will affect its performance and the fuel economy. Roof racks are usually lightweight and have wind deflectors so if you do not have any items over them they do not affect your vehicle preformance that much. However when you do drive your car with your cargo over the roof rack then it will affect it more.


How much is a roof rack weight limit?

That all depends on each roof rack but usually platform roof racks have the highest weight capacity which is over 500lbs.


Are roof racks universal?

No, they are not. Each vehicle has a roof rack that is specifically designed to fit it. As many cars have different dimensions many racks also have to adapt to those dimensions. There are however some cros bar roof racks that can fit more than one vehicle model.


Can roof racks be removed?

Yes, they can. If you no longer wish to have them on your vehicle you can simply remove them the same way you installed them. If you used bolts to tighten your roof rack to your vehicle, simply loosen them and remove your rack.


How to install a roof rack?

There are many different roof rack kits out there and not all of them have the same way of getting installed. Most of them will require you to tighten them using bolts to the roof of your car.


Will a roof rack damage my car?

No, it won’t. Most of the roof racks that are available on the market right now do not require any drilling or modifications done to your car in order to be installed. There are, however, some that do need some drilling in order for you to mount them to the roof of your vehicle. But even then, they do not damage your car. However, if you ever decide to remove them, please remember to fill in those holes that you used to mount your roof rack as you do not want to have any leakage points in your roof.


Can I access a car wash with a roof rack?

Yes you can! Having a roof rack installed on your vehicle will add a few inches to its height so it will not prevent you from entering a car wash!


Is there a car roof rack installation near me?

You can install a roof rack by yourself but if you are not sure how to do so you can always take your vehicle and said roof rack to your local mechanic shop.


Can roof racks be stolen

The permanent rack solution that bolts onto your roof or drills into it is highly secure. For clamp-on crossbars, choose the lockable ones.


Can I install a roof rack if I have a sunroof?

Yes you can. Some roof racks will affect the use of your sunroof an block the sun rays while some roof racks have a sunroof cutout that will not interfere with the opening mechanism of your vehicle's sunroof.


Can roof racks leak?

Some aftermarket platform racks can cause leaks on the roof. Waterproof the holes using adhesives or sealants to prevent damage to the car’s interior.


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