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    MaxTrax Recovery Board Collection

    MaxTrax is an Australian brand born from a stressful incident, where a bogged vehicle was almost lost despite being equipped with all the traditional recovery equipment. Which is why, no matter how modified you have your rig, these MaxTrax Recovery Boards are a must in your build.

    Has your vehicle ever got stuck in the sand or mud? It's pretty common to encounter slippery trails, muddy paths, or sandy terrains when you go off-roading or overlanding. Having the right recovery gear is a must, and that's where your Max Trax comes into play.

    This is a system that will provide you with a safe, simple, easy and quick vehicle recovery and extraction. You will no longer need an outside assistance, like towing, snatching, or winching. 

    One of the most durable, safe and reliable recovery boards available in the market. Easy to carry anywhere, they will save you from those complicated situations.

    Tested on the toughest grounds of the Australian territory, this ultimate brand created a lightweight, yet durable, strong and impressively effective vehicle recovery equipment.

    You can rest assured that these outstanding products will take your overlanding experience to a whole new level. No need to worry if a road is firm enough for your vehicle, with these MaxTrax Boards you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. 

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