Bundutec Roof Top Tents, Awnings & Equipment

    For those looking for the best, most innovative, modern and comfortable car Roof Top Tent as well as Awnings, Bundutec is the brand to go with. They are a South African brand, the country that basically exemplifies what overlanding, camping and adventuring is. 

    Bundutec is one of the big players. The BunduTop is their signature hard top tent, and their unique awnings are the BunduAwn, BunduEl and BunduHalf Wing.

    The BunduTop is an outstanding hardshell roof top tent, with features that will dazzle everyone. It's pricey, yes, but it's worth it. The roof of the pop-top is raised by a push of a button. 

    They manufacture one of the most luxurious, comfortable and durably rooftop tents in the overlanding industry. It can be easily opened and closed, unlike any other roof top tent, it has an electric motor that will take less than 30 seconds to open or close. 

    Plus, their awnings are something out of this world too, with great designs and technology that no other brand offers. Self-supported and self-deployed, these awnings will last as long as possible, which is why they come with a 2 year warranty.  

    With Bundutec, you will take your off-road adventures to a more professional level and experience a camping lifestyle like you have never before. These car top tents are one of the most sought in the overlanding industry, and their hardtop tents are simply one-of-a-kind.

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