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    National Luna Fridge Review

    National Luna, a South African company established in 1981 by Philip and Pam Waring, is renowned for its top-notch portable refrigeration and power solutions, designed mainly for outdoor and off-road enthusiasts. Their signature products are durable and energy-efficient portable fridges and freezers ideal for camping and overlanding. In addition to these, they provide various outdoor living products like power solutions and dual battery systems known for efficient power management in vehicles.

    With more than three decades of experience, National Luna has honed their expertise, customizing their 12-volt fridges for the 4x4 and off-road sector, solidifying their position as a durable option for outdoor escapades. At Off Road Tents, you can explore their extensive product range, from multiple fridge/freezer models to an array of battery management solutions, elevating your next outdoor adventure.

    Their high-quality, durable, and reliable products are designed to endure extreme conditions and remote environments. National Luna has expanded its presence globally, reaching regions like Europe, the UK, Australia, and North America.

    When it comes to overlanding and camping, a fridge, freezer, or cooler is a crucial component for keeping food and beverages fresh and cool, especially for avid outdoor enthusiasts.

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    National Luna Fridge Freezer Models


    Legacy National Luna Fridge

    National Luna Legacy Stainless Steel Fridge

    National Luna's Legacy series fridge is a 12v portable refrigerator and freezer featuring an off-road compressor. This innovative unit efficiently cools and preserves your food and beverages with minimal energy consumption. The compressor operates in high-speed TURBO mode until the desired temperature is achieved. Legacy models work with a wide voltage range (9.6V to 31.5V DC) and offer automatic switching for AC voltage (100V to 240V).

    These new Legacy series National Luna fridges boast improved insulation compared to older models, ensuring better long-term food preservation. Crafted from durable stainless steel, they can withstand rough handling and keep your contents safe, secure, and, most importantly, well-chilled. The product offers energy-efficient power management with customizable battery discharge levels. It features metal cabinets, inner liners, and advanced foam insulation for superior efficiency.

    National Luna fridges include battery protection circuitry for temperature stability, reduced running time, faster cooling, and prolonged food freshness. The National Luna Legacy fridges are equipped with user-friendly features, including a clear digital thermostat, a programmable intelligent controller, an automatic TURBO mode, the ability to customize battery discharge, dual LED interior lights for improved nighttime visibility, and numerous other impressive functions for you to explore firsthand!

    The National Luna Legacy fridge models come in a variety of sizes; 40L, 50L, 52L, 55L, 60L, 65L, 72L, 80L, 90L, 110L, 125L.



    National Luna Fridge 90L

    National Luna Fridge 90L

    For a robust, reliable, and spacious fridge/freezer suitable for your next off-road adventure with friends or family, search no further. The National Luna 90L fridge can hold up to 180 cans, making it an ideal choice for larger groups and extended journeys. With two well-insulated compartments, you have the ultimate flexibility for cooling your items.

    You can adjust the temperature from -18 degrees to +20 degrees to meet your specific requirements. The National Luna app allows for remote monitoring and control, providing convenience and peace of mind. It includes a power-saving mode that automatically shuts off the compressor when the desired temperature is reached, preventing excessive drain on your vehicle's battery.

    The fridge is built with ruggedized 430 stainless steel for enhanced durability in various environments. Its interior is lined with corrosion-resistant aluminum, making it easy to clean and safeguarding against spills. Integrated LED lights ensure clear visibility of the contents, even in low-light conditions. This 90-liter fridge weighs 33.6 kg and comes with a 3-year fridge and freezer warranty, as well as an 8-year compressor warranty. Be sure to explore its features!



    National Luna 60 Twin Fridge & Freezer

    National Luna Twin 60L Fridge

    The National Luna 60L Legacy Smart Fridge/Freezer is a durable and feature-rich portable cooling solution for outdoor enthusiasts. It's made from robust 430 stainless steel to withstand harsh conditions. Equipped with smart functions, it has a digital temperature controller for easy setting and a power-saving mode that shuts off the compressor when the desired temperature is reached, conserving power while keeping your items cool.

    This fridge/freezer can hold up to 108 cans or 54 bottles and has two compartments for flexible use as a fridge or freezer. Its temperature range spans from -18°C to +20°C, suitable for freezing and refrigeration. Plus, it has an LED light for clear visibility in low-light settings. Notably, it boasts a rugged stainless-steel exterior that resists scratches and dents, and a built-in battery protection system to prevent draining your vehicle's battery, ensuring a worry-free trip.

    The fridge offers a user-friendly National Luna app for temperature control. It includes high-density foam insulation for extended cooling and reduced energy use, alongside a robust, easy-to-clean aluminum interior. This 60-liter fridge, weighing 28 kg, comes with a 3-year fridge and freezer warranty, as well as an 8-year compressor warranty. Don't miss out on discovering all of its great features!



    National Luna Battery Management


    National Luna Portable Power Pack

    National Luna Portable Power Pack

    The Portable Power Pack is a compact and removable battery box with a built-in split-charge isolator, serving as a secondary power source for 12-volt devices. It's ideal for modern vehicles that can't accommodate a second battery in the engine compartment. It features fused accessory plugs, a high-power plug, a built-in monitor with battery warnings, USB charge ports, additional DC output, and a National Luna 5 charger input.

    The included plugs are suitable for low-power devices like fridges, lights, or pumps, while the high-current input-output can handle more demanding equipment like inverters or chargers. The built-in split-charge isolator is fully automatic, eliminating the need for extra hardware, and it comes with a Cable Kit included. For outdoor enthusiasts, it's a reliable and versatile choice. Although not the most budget-friendly, the peace of mind and convenience it offers justify the investment.



    National Luna Battery Box

    National Luna Auxiliary Box

    This independent auxiliary battery solution, unlike the mentioned portable battery pack, doesn't include a built-in smart solenoid. Instead, it's a separate device that shares the same case as the power pack and includes all the necessary connection cables for attaching a battery. Using this battery box, you can incorporate an extra battery into your vehicle, delivering extra electrical power to operate accessories such as fridges, lighting, inverters, and various 12-volt devices.

    The box typically includes a variety of outputs like fused accessory plugs, high-power plugs, USB charging ports, and extra DC outlets, offering flexibility to connect various 12-volt accessories. National Luna is renowned for its rugged and durable products, and the auxiliary battery box is no different, designed to endure the challenges of off-road and remote journeys. Its installation is straightforward, often including all required cables and hardware, saving you from having to buy them separately.



    National Luna Dual Battery Kit

    National Luna Dual Battery Kit

    This Dual Battery Kit is essential for maintaining multiple batteries in your vehicle, making it ideal for overlanders, extended off-road journeys, or road trips. The National Luna 12V Split Charger System is an all-in-one Dual Battery System, complete with an Intelligent Solenoid, a Dual Battery Controller, and all the required installation materials.

    The Intelligent Solenoid efficiently handles battery charging while the vehicle is in operation and automatically isolates it when the vehicle is off. The Dual Battery Controller allows you to monitor battery status and offers manual control over connections when needed.



    National Luna Lights


    National Luna Touch Light

    National Luna Touch Light

    National Luna Touch Lights are your ideal companion for camping, outdoor adventures, or overlanding journeys. They offer user-friendly operation, excellent lighting, and versatile features, ensuring your safety while moving about. National Luna has introduced cutting-edge LED technology to your outdoor experience, offering an array of energy-efficient, compact, and low-voltage light fixtures.

    These lights emit a natural white, UV- and infrared-free light, ensuring safety and comfort. With top-notch LEDs and an efficient regulator, they provide superior brightness while consuming minimal power, outlasting others. The anti-glare design and clear polycarbonate reduce glare and ensure even light distribution, preventing eye strain.

    Smart power regulation maintains consistent illumination across voltage ranges, promoting longevity and cool operation. All models feature high-quality components and robust metal circuit boards for reliability. Ultra-power versions come with aluminum bases for extended durability. These lights are safeguarded against electrical issues like reverse polarity, short-circuits, and surges, commonly found in electrical systems.



    National Luna Fridge Accessories


    National Luna Fridge Jacket

    National Luna Fridge Protection Jacket

    Although National Luna fridges are known for their durability, adding an extra layer of protection, such as the National Luna protective jacket, is a smart move. These jackets effectively guard against physical damage like dents and scratches, and they can even enhance fridge performance by shielding the metal surface from direct sunlight.

    Constructed from sturdy nylon, the National Luna fridge jacket features a high-strength zipper, ventilation net, and a convenient side pocket for storing power leads. They are available in sizes suitable for most National Luna fridge/freezer models and are quick and easy to attach, taking just a few minutes.

    Unlike many protective covers for various gear, you can still operate the National Luna fridge with the jacket in place, eliminating the need to remove it, saving you time and effort.



    National Luna Base Plate

    National Luna Fridge Base Plate

    Keeping your National Luna fridge stable when traversing some of the harshest terrains out there can be a hassle. You could risk spilling its content or even damaging the fridge itself and risk not having a reliable cooling solution for the rest of your trip. That's why there is an ingenious National Luna fridge accessory that could diminish all of those worries and that would be the fridge base plate.

    The National Luna fridge base plate is a simple piece of high-strength powder coated 3CR12 stainless steel that attaches to the floor of your vehicle, boat, trailer, or any other moving vehicle and keeps the National Luna fridge safe and sound and prevents any movement resulting in catastrophe. It is very lightweight piece of metal that is low profile and even comes with spring-loaded locking pins that will keep your freezer in place wherever you go.



    National Luna FAQS


    Where are National Luna Fridges made?

    National Luna fridges and other products are developed and manufactured in South Africa with some of the strictest quality and performance requirements in order to ensure that all their products remain functional in harsh environments.


    What compressor does National Luna use for their fridges?

    National Luna uses German-engineered Danfoss compressors which are considered the best in the world.


    What are National Luna fridge problems?

    National Luna makes some of the most reliable fridges and freezers out there and while most of them do not have any problems, some are reported to have problems with the cooling system especially if the battery is low.


    National Luna fridge for sale?

    In search of a trusted source for National Luna fridges? Your search ends here. Off Road Tents is an authorized distributor of National Luna products, and we carry a diverse range of their offerings. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of FREE doorstep delivery for your National Luna products!


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