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Rhino-Rack Roof Racks, Platforms, Trays, Cross-Bars & More

Looking for an aftermarket set of crossbars? A platform rack? Then you should seriously look into the collection of Rhino-Rack roof racks.

With almost 30 years of experience building and crafting the toughest roof racks in the world, this Australian company has been fighting head to head with the bigger brands.

They believe in quality design and affordable prices, just what we like at Off Road Tents.

Probably, what will surprise you the most, is the vast amount of racks they offer.

Rhino Rack has different sets of cross-bars, which also complement their platform racks. They come in models called Euro, Vortex and Heavy Duty.

Euro are the most basic ones, made for smaller vehicles carrying smaller weights.

Vortex are a mid-level type of load bars. They will fit pretty much any vehicle, and can carry good loads or weights, normally up to 165 lbs in dynamic load rating (DWC), which is when the vehicle is in motion.

As the the Heavy Duty racks, they were originally designed as car racks for contract vehicles to transport extremely heavy goods or items. now, they are also used for overlanding, or just for normal vehicles to carry anything on top. They normally have a DWC of 220 lbs.

Take a good look at their Pioneer Platforms too, as well as their Backbone models which increase the DWC of the whole vehicle as they are attached to the skeleton of your car.

Rhino Rack is an excellent brand for cross bars and car racks, but do make sure to take a good look at the type of rack you get (gutter mount, clamp, trackmount, etc) to better determine which model of rack is for you, and which better suits your rig.

If you need more information about racks, contact us, or take a look at our blog posts.

We are really proud to be dealers for all of the Rhino Rack products. From roof racks, to the famous Pioneer Platforms, their Vortex and Heavy Duty lines, as well as Trays, Cross-Bars and even all of their rack accessories.

We also believe ourselves that thanks to Rhino-Rack products, you will be able to completely set up your vehicle, whether that's a Toyota 4Runner or a Tesla, they will have the racks, and you can find the rest of the accessories here at Off Road Tents.

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