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    ‘’At Rhino Rack, we believe there is an adventurer in all of us.’’ And indeed, the Australian-based outdoor gear and equipment company proves that we always have that inner nature enthusiast within us. Providing us with top-class and finest roof racks and accessories ensures that every journey, whether as a beginner, a seasoned explorer, or just someone who wants to enjoy the outdoors, is worth having

    Rhino rack started selling its first roof accessory in 1992 in New South Wales, Australia, further expanding internationally six years after its initial launch. With continuous market research and product development, this Aussie brand roof rack paved its way to being one of the most reliable suppliers for outdoor overlanding equipment, giving us roof rack accessories worthy of worldwide recognition.

    What’s best about this great brand is its commitment to nature preservation. Aside from providing its patrons with high-quality roof racks, awnings, and innovative accessories, Rhino Rack offers conservation programs for rhinoceroses and wildlife. 

    However, what makes their roof racks incredible? The grit, courage, and determination set them apart from the others. These qualities keep them going the extra mile to provide you with convenience and comfort on every outdoor adventure.

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    Rhino Roof Rack Types

    What keeps the Rhino Rack patrons committed to using this world-renowned brand? It is the company’s innovative approach and creative ideas that always push them forward. Imagine having a roof rack system that can quickly adapt to your overlanding needs, whatever type of adventure you may be interested in, or a rack accessory that spreads out your cargo evenly throughout your off-road ride. The conveniences of having a Rhino Rack with you are limitless. 

    Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform

    Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform

    One of the leading platform racks available for your outdoor needs, the Rhino Rack Platform provides an efficient roof rack system that answers all your questions about overlanding.

    Having a system between your off-road rack and its accessories is a game-changer for Rhino Rack. Aside from the usual function of racks to carry cargo, equipment, or outdoor gear, different integrated features and functionality are placed for your satisfaction. 

    Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform Features

    The award-winning Rhino Rack Platform Rack boasts a stylish, low-profile design made from elegant yet sturdy aluminum and fiber-glass reinforced nylon corners with black-powder coating as additional protection. The Rhino Platform Rack can also accommodate electric wirings without looking messy. All extrusions of the rhino rack can sport wiring capabilities if you decide to mount any of your lighting accessories on it. 

    Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform Mounting and Installation

    You shouldn’t be worried about the strenuous effort of mounting the platform rack to your vehicle. Though additional modification or drilling may be necessary depending on your vehicle type, Rhino Rack added a measuring strip for faster and easier installation. Also, mounting different accessories for off-roading won’t give you any trouble. Depending on your needs, multiple roof rack accessories for securing your valuables are available.

    Multiple Platform Rack sizes are available to fit securely with your off-road ride. You can mount Rhino Rack on vehicles like Toyota (4Runner, Tundra, Nissan (Frontier, Armada, Titan), GMC Canyon, and Chevrolet Colorado. 



    Multiple Mounting Points for Roof Accessories

    Load Limit dependent on your vehicle capacity

    Sturdy and durable materials

    No option for high-profile rack height

    5-Year Warranty

    Distinguished for great quality and design



    Rhino Rack Back Bone Roof Rack

    Rhino Rack Backbone

    The team behind Rhino Rack is innovative and continuously seeks out perfection with their roof racks. Since the Rhino Pioneer Platform Racks can depend on your vehicle’s load limit, they thought of an easy way to still enjoy your adventures even on full load capacity. 

    Back Bone Roof Racks ensure that your vehicle’s roof can accommodate all your cargo and equipment placed on top. The Rhino Rack backbone system evenly spreads out the weight of your load, preventing unwanted strain on a specific area of your roof. Some may think that having an unbalanced load is tolerable. However, aside from being unsafe on the road, it may damage your off-road ride in the long run.

    Having the Back Bone Roof Rack can revolutionize your outdoor adventure experience by adding a little flair to your roof rack usage. The primary goal of using this roof accessory is to distribute the weight of cargo evenly, but having the Back Bone Roof Rack can also enable you to carry up to additional 331 lbs on some vehicles. Plus, the Bare Bone Rhino Roof Rack is ISO Certified, and that’s enough to guarantee that you’ll get the most out of this roof rack.

    Installing the Back Bone Rhino Roof Rack might need additional modification or drilling to your vehicle, depending on the car model. The Back Bone Rhino Rack is fitted to the factory roof mounting points, if available, or directly to the roof of your off-road ride. Eight contact points help distribute your load across your roof rack when installed. 



    ISO Certified and passed International Standard

    Might need additional drilling or modification

    Aesthetic and durable at the same time

    Total load limit depends on the vehicle model

    Helps carry more equipment and extends load limit


    Rhino Rack Cross Bars

    If you are not fond of installing a full roof rack system to your vehicle or don’t see the purpose of having one yet, the perfect option for you is to have two parallel bars running against your roof rack railings. Crossbars can also provide an additional mounting option for your cargo requirements. Rhino Rack Crossbars can be attached together with the Back Bone Rhino Rack system and still carry your outdoor equipment. 

    There are different types of Cross Bars from Rhino Rack that you can utilize, all depending on your preference and which off-road equipment you’ll need to mount. There are two bar types available for Rhino Rack, the overhang bar that provides a broader surface area in contact with your cargo and the seamless flush bar that has the exact measurement of the width of your off-road ride. 

    Rhino Rack Heavy Duty Crossbar

    Rhino Rack Heavy Duty Cross Bars

    The Heavy-Duty Rhino Rack Crossbars are for all-around usage, whether for outdoor adventures or the daily transport of oversized items. Usually, this crossbar type can hold different heavy-duty accessories with the help of C-channel and its square-shaped bar. Rubber strips are also placed inside the C-channel fitment to prevent scratches or damage from your load.

    If you casually get on an outdoor adventure and just need to move things around with the help of your car, the Heavy-Duty Cross Bars are the right choice for you. Rhino Rack Cross Bars are made from structural-grade aluminum construction, which provides strength and durability.

    Rhino Rack Vortex Crossbar

    Rhino Rack Vortex Cross Bars

    Vortex Crossbars, such as the Rhino Rack Aero Crossbars, lean towards the functional yet aesthetic side of overlanding accessories. They are often composed of the same lightweight, structural-grade aluminum materials. But the style is elliptical in shape, providing better aerodynamics than the other cross bar type. 

    Another distinction between the Rhino Rack Vortex Crossbars and the Heavy-Duty Crossbars is their load rating capacity. Vortex bars give a higher weight limit capacity to hold mounts for kayaks, canoes, bicycles, or luggage boxes. 

    Crossbar Type

    Rhino Rack Heavy Duty Cross Bars

    Rhino Rack Aero Vortex Cross Bars

    Bar Type



    Material Composition


    Lightweight and Strong Aluminum

    Cross Bar Shape



    Lock System


    Secured with Keys

    Best Used For

    All-Around Usage and Cargo Carrying

    Outdoor Adventure and Cruising on a Speedway


    Lower Load Rating


    Rhino Rack Accessories

    Once you are fully immersed inside the Rhino Rack System, there’s no turning back. Depending on your off-road requirement, different roof rack accessories are available for your usage. For the Pioneer Platform alone, several mounting accessories are present to help you stow your cargo in place. And for you to have a full-blast outdoor experience, why not complete your Rhino Rack accessories lineup?

    Rhino Rack Batwing Awning 270

    Rhino Rack Batwing

    Batwing, or the Rhino Rack Awning, can bring your outdoor camping experience to a whole new level. Depending on your chosen variant, the Rhino Rack Batwing can be placed either on the passenger or the driver’s side of your off-road ride. This roof rack accessory provides additional shade to your camping space, giving you additional protection when it rains, or when the sun is too bright. Having the Rhino Rack Batwing around during adventures gives that ease and relief from the prevailing weather.

    The most important quality that an awning should have is its superb material composition that won’t let you down. That’s why Rhino Rack outsourced the best quality hardware that can match your pace. The Rhino Batwing is made of rip-stop polycotton canvas with a 210D rating that gives UV50+ protection against harmful rays. A heavy-duty awning arm with a quick install function and magnetic neodymium lock provides the framework of your awning. Accessories to secure your Batwing in place are included: Awning legs, pegs, ropes, hook, and tie-down straps are all packed together for your convenience. 

    Rhino Rack Kayak Carrier

    Rhino Rack Kayak Loader

    If you are born to conquer the ocean or just someone who just wants to paddle across the river during camping trips, it's best to bring your kayak with you always. What better way to have it always on the go? By installing Rhino Rack Kayak Carriers on your Pioneer Platform rack. However, remember these guidelines when choosing which Rhino Rack Kayak Rack is perfect for you. 

    Before considering buying a Kayak carrier, you must first determine your vehicle's load capacity rating. Apart from that, you should consider that the kayak-carrying technique is suitable for your outdoor water equipment. Will you transport it from the kayak’s side, keel or gunwales? You should also be able to answer these questions easily: 

    • How many kayaks will you need for your trip?
    • What type of kayak will you be bringing?
    • How long is the kayak that you intend to bring?
    • Does your destination require a permit to bring such?

    Whichever your answer is, there’s a Rhino Rack Kayak Rack suitable for your usage. Even if you require as many as four kayaks for the gang, Rhino Rack can provide you with a smooth, safe, and secure cruising on the freeway. 

    Rhino Rack Cargo Box

    Rhino Rack Cargo Box

    Got too much gear that you cannot simply mount on your Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform Rack because of its size? Installing a Rhino Rack Cargo Box puts your outdoor accessories together, secures them against any weather condition, and still has that necessary space inside your outdoor rig.

    A few things to remember before purchasing a Rhino Rack Cargo Box: 

    • Measure the outdoor accessory that you intend to bring
    • Calculate properly the load rating of your vehicle plus the Rhino Rack Crossbar
    • Ensure that there is ample space and clearance between your tailgate and the cargo box
    • Evenly spread out the load inside the Rhino Rack Cargo Box to avoid changes in vehicle handling. 

    And once you are ready for a great weekend getaway, there’s nothing else to worry about. Rhino Rack’s system, as well as its accessories, will definitely provide you and the rest of the gang with a memorable outdoor experience. 

    Rhino Rack Roof Rack FAQs

    Are Rhino Racks noisy? 

    Generally, whichever Rhino Rack products you install, there will be a lesser noise and fewer rattle that can be felt when cruising at a certain speed. However, in any case, even in slow driving scenarios, there’s a significant noise that can affect you. Ensure that all hardware composition is placed correctly and secured tightly. 


    Should I choose Rhino Rack or Yakima?

    Rhino Rack’s approach to answering your overlanding woes is outstanding. Though Yakima is a great brand, Rhino Rack can be more versatile with your preference. A wide array of choices is available for every outdoor equipment, cargo, or gear you’ll need to bring. The Rhino Rack System doesn’t stop at making an exceptional Pioneer Platform Rack or Crossbars, but they continue to adapt to the needs of every outdoor enthusiast.


    Can I install a light bar over a rhino rack roof rack?

    Lighting accessories are part of the overall outdoor experience that needs to be considered when installing a roof rack. And Rhino Rack ensured a unique feature on their pioneer platform rack that can mount a light bar when required. The Pioneer Platform Rack has removable nylon corners that can covertly house electric wirings, keeping a much more organized look on your off-road ride.


    What is the Rhino Rack weight limit?

    Other roof rack suppliers often disclose an absolute value regarding their roof rack weight limit. However, Rhino Rack doesn’t explicitly tell us each of their product’s load capacity. They want us to understand that every vehicle comes with a different weight capacity and each roof rack accessory we put on top of our off-road ride. We should also consider the static and dynamic capacity of our rig and the terrain of the road we are about to tackle.

    These factors generally affect the overall weight limit of your car. The best we can provide in detail is the individual weight of each Rhino Rack product, to help you better calculate your vehicle’s total weight capacity. 


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