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    A real off road vehicle or overlanding rig requires the right gear, and that also means a portable fridge, freezer or cooler. Portable fridges are that particular accessory that can completely change for the better, or worse, your road trip, camping or overlanding experience. Keeping your food, drinks or other important things fresh and cool is no joke, it's key.

    Finding the right fridge is therefore something truly important, and you should see it as an investment. You want a unit that will last for years and years, working well on any environment, but most importantly, that it fits your car and it's needs accordingly. Another VERY important and most of the time essential accessory for us, car camping lovers, is to have our beverages very cold after setting up camp.

    In this collection you will find a wide variety of brands such as Dometic, ARB and ROAM offering fridge freezers and coolers that serve exactly that purpose. Stick around until the end of this collection and who knows, you might just find the perfect portable fridge!

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      How to Choose a Portable Fridge

      With a variety of options available on the market, it's important to make an informed decision that aligns with your needs and preferences. When choosing a fridge or freezer for your car, several factors come into play to ensure a smart choice that suits your needs.

      From capacity to features, power sources to convenient storage options, let's explore the key aspects that will help you make an informed decision.

      Capacity and Size:

      • Estimate the amount of space you'll require based on the duration of your trips and the number of people you'll be catering to.
      • Ensure that the dimensions of the fridge or freezer are suitable for the available space in your vehicle. Measure the designated area to avoid any fitting issues.


      • Some models offer dual compartments, allowing you to separate different types of items for efficient organization.
      • Consider fridges that are capable of reaching and maintaining very low temperatures, especially if you plan to store frozen goods.
      • Look for user-friendly control panels and settings that enable you to customize the temperature according to your specific needs.

      Location and Power:

      • Evaluate the available spaces in your vehicle, such as the trunk or backseat area, and choose a location that is easily accessible and secure.
      • Most car fridges and freezers operate using the 12v input of your car, ensuring a reliable power source while on the road.
      • While the 12v connection is common, it's wise to explore alternative power sources, such as portable battery packs or solar panels, to ensure continued operation even when the car engine is off.

      Fridge Slide:

      • A fridge slide is a specialized tray or drawer system that securely holds your cooling unit.
      • This accessory makes it remarkably easy to slide out the fridge for quick access, open and close it without hassle, and store it conveniently.
      • Fridge slides are particularly beneficial for larger fridges that might be difficult to manage without assistance.

      By carefully evaluating these key aspects and understanding your specific needs, you can confidently choose a car fridge, cooler or freezer that aligns perfectly with your travel plans. 


      Best Portable Fridge

      Think of portable fridges as your cool buddies. They help keep your food and drinks chilled but not frozen. They're great for things like fruits, veggies, drinks, and stuff you want to keep fresh but not icy. Picture temperatures like when you take a cool shower – around there. These fridges are awesome for:

      • Camping and Road Trips: You can stash all sorts of tasty treats to munch on during your journey.
      • Short Getaways: If you're only away for a little while, these fridges keep your snacks from getting spoiled.
      • Outdoor Parties: Whether it's a picnic or a BBQ, these fridges make sure you've got cold drinks and snacks on hand.

      Now that we have covered what situations they are suited for, check out our top portable fridge picks:

      National Luna Portable Fridge With Freezer

      National Luna Portable Fridge With Freezer

      With a large 50-liter capacity, this fridge freezer is designed to keep all your food and drinks fresh and cool for days, no matter where you go. Whether you're camping, road tripping, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, the National Luna Legacy Smart Fridge Freezer will ensure that you always have access to fresh, delicious food and drinks.

      But that's not all - this fridge freezer is also smart and technologically advanced. With a built-in Bluetooth module, you can easily control and monitor the temperature of your fridge from your smartphone or tablet. This means you can set the temperature to your exact liking and make adjustments on the go, without having to leave your seat or open the lid.

      This revolutionary fridge freezer is also extremely durable and rugged, thanks to its stainless steel construction and heavy-duty hinges. It's designed to withstand even the toughest of conditions and will keep your food and drinks safe and secure, no matter how bumpy the ride.

      Perhaps the best thing about this fridge freezer is its energy efficiency. It's designed to run on minimal power, which means you can enjoy all the benefits of a fridge freezer without having to worry about draining your battery. Plus, it comes with a 3-year warranty, so you can rest assured that you're investing in a high-quality and reliable product.


      Dometic CFX Portable Fridge For Car

      Dometic CFX

      With its impressive 113-can/70L capacity, this fridge is designed to keep your food and beverages icy cold, even in the most challenging conditions. The dual-zone cooling compartment allows you to customize temperatures, ensuring your drinks stay refreshingly cold, while your frozen treats remain frosty at a chilling -7°C.

      Compact yet spacious, the fridge boasts dimensions of 18.6"H x 34.9"W x 19.5"D, making it a perfect fit for your outdoor escapades. But what truly sets this cooler apart is its advanced technology. You can effortlessly monitor and control the temperature via the CFX3 App, guaranteeing your items are always at their desired chill level.

      No need to worry about power sources—this cooler's advanced compressor electronics are remarkably energy-efficient, and it operates smoothly on AC, DC, and solar power. Enjoy the freedom to go off-grid without compromising on the cooling performance.

      Moreover, the Dometic CFX-75DZW offers a 60% boost in storage capacity compared to traditional ice chests of similar size. Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly replenishing ice. Plus, the 3 Stage Dynamic Battery Protection System ensures your car's starter battery remains lively by shutting off the cooler automatically, enhancing overall car battery performance.

      ARB Portable Fridge Freezer

      ARB Portable Fridge Freezer

      This 12V portable car fridge is designed to be your ultimate travel companion, ensuring your food and drinks stay fresh no matter where your adventure takes you. With a spacious 47-quart capacity, you'll have ample room for all your essentials, eliminating the need for bulky coolers.

      Say goodbye to condensation hassles, thanks to the anti-condensation technology that keeps the interior dry and comfortable even in extreme conditions. Organizing your items is a breeze with the internal basket system, offering quick and easy access. Cleaning up is a snap with the convenient drain plug, ensuring a mess-free experience.

      Experience the convenience of an LED light inside the fridge, making it effortless to locate items, day or night. Crafted with a rugged and durable outer casing, this fridge is built to withstand the challenges of off-road travel.

      Recessed carry handles and tie-down points make mounting secure and hassle-free. Upgrade your adventure gear today with the ARB Single Zone Zero Fridge Freezer - 47QT, and embark on your journeys with confidence and style.

      Kakadu Mini Portable Fridge

      Mini Portable Fridge

      Picture this: you're on an exhilarating road trip, sun on your face, and laughter in the air. You pop open this mini portable fridge, revealing an array of icy drinks and mouthwatering delights. It's not just a fridge; it's your gateway to unforgettable adventures.

      With a spacious 45-liter capacity, this fridge is your go-to adventure partner. It's not about merely cooling drinks; it's about having the freedom to choose what suits your mood – from crisp salads to frozen treats. Thanks to its reliable LG compressor and advanced electronics, it guarantees consistent performance. Regardless of the terrains or hot temperatures, your goodies remain refreshingly chilled or perfectly frozen.

      Built from tough polypropylene, this fridge thrives in the outdoors. Impact-resistant and well-insulated, it safeguards your treasures from the challenges of your journey. Power it up via your vehicle's DC outlet or a standard AC power source. Worried about your battery? The 3-stage battery monitor lets you protect it while enjoying uninterrupted cooling.

      Customize your cooling experience with the dual-speed compressor. Whether you're conserving energy or rapidly cooling, you're in control. Moreover, a digital display and interior LED lighting ensure easy access, even in the dark. Plus, the dedicated dairy section keeps your delicate items fresh and separate.

      This Kakadu mini portable fridge isn't just a fridge; it's a promise of culinary freedom and remarkable moments. Ready to elevate your outdoor escapades?


      Truma 12v RV Refrigerator

      Next in line we have the Truma 12v RV refrigerator, a true marvel in compact, lightweight, and space-efficient outdoor cooling. Whether you're embarking on off-road adventures or simply craving refreshingly chilled beverages, the C30 Fridge is your ideal companion. Don't let its size fool you; this pint-sized powerhouse by Truma delivers top-notch performance, making it the most compact yet formidable cooling system.

      Standing at just about two feet tall, this Truma Cooler's powered cooler is the perfect companion for storing your provisions and favorite beverages. It boasts ample space to accommodate bottles like beer or champagne, making it a must-have for camping trips.

      The LED-lit interior ensures visibility during nighttime excursions and can even serve as a reliable smartphone charger, keeping your gadgets powered throughout the day. Managing your electric portable car fridge from Truma is a breeze with the wireless remote application.

      Utilizing Bluetooth connectivity, you can effortlessly adjust the internal temperature, power the unit on or off, and monitor the remaining battery voltage right from your own device. Say hello to unparalleled convenience and efficiency with the Truma C30 Single-Zone Portable Fridge.


      Guana Equipment Portable Fridge for Camping

      Guana Equipment Portable Fridge for Camping

      Moving on, we have a game-changer for your outdoor journeys by Guana Equipment. With two size options, 30L and 50L, this innovative electric fridge/freezer guarantees that your food and drinks stay cold, no matter where your adventures take you.

      Are you tired of having to stop for ice during your road trips and outdoor escapades? The Monteverde Fridge/Freezer is here to change the game. It's your reliable solution for keeping everything refreshingly cool without the fuss of traditional coolers. Built to Guana Equipment's exacting standards, this portable electric car fridge is solid, dependable, and exudes a high-end quality you can trust.

      Designed to thrive in different climates, it's suitable for T, ST, N, and SN classifications. Powered by a compressor cooling system, it ensures your items stay frosty without fail. Operating at a noise level of under 45db, it won't disturb the serenity of your outdoor experiences. Plus, it adapts to any power source with ease, as it supports both AC voltage (100-120V / 220-240V / 50-60Hz) and DC voltage (12V / 24V).

      The Monteverde Electric Portable Fridge & Freezer is your dependable companion for preserving freshness on the go. Say farewell to ice runs and embrace the convenience of this top-notch fridge/freezer by Guana Equipment. Elevate your outdoor adventures with the Monteverde – where chilling meets thrilling!

      Best Portable Cooler

      Let's talk about portable coolers! When you're out and about, having the right cooler can keep your drinks and snacks perfectly chilled. Whether you're into camping, the beach, or just need a cooler for your next trip, we've got you covered. We'll break down the best options and help you find the perfect portable cooler to keep things cool on the go.

      Dometic Portable Fridge Cooler

      dometic 12v fridge

      Engineered for off-road enthusiasts, this ice chest redefines outdoor experiences. With thick PU insulation, your ice stays frozen for days, allowing uninterrupted enjoyment of chilled beverages and fresh food, wherever you roam. The Dometic Patrol 105 features a large, leak-proof drain for effortless post-adventure cleaning. No mess, no stress—just easy maintenance.

      Air-tight deep-freeze lid seal keeps your contents fresh by preventing air leaks, maintaining optimal temperature and ice retention. Built tough with one-piece rotomolded PE construction, this ice chest takes on any outdoor challenge, from rocky terrains to dense forests. Convenience is paramount with one-handed rubber latches for swift lid access. Grab what you need hassle-free during your outdoor pursuits.

      Equipped with an 81-can/102-liter capacity, it's your reliable partner for extended adventures, ensuring you're well-stocked wherever you go. Optimal dimensions (18.8" H x 44.9" W x 18.1" D) strike the perfect balance between spaciousness and portability, fitting seamlessly into your setup.

      Elevate your outdoor experiences with the Dometic Patrol 105 Ice Chest. Combining innovation, durability, and convenience, this ice chest is your reliable partner for all your off-road escapades. Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway or a longer expedition, the Dometic Patrol 105 guarantees that your refreshments stay icy, your food stays fresh, and your adventures remain unforgettable.

      ROAM Portable Rolling Cooler

      ROAM Portable Rolling Cooler

      When it comes to outdoor adventures, you need a cooler that can keep up with your demands, and our Ultimate Adventure Cooler is up to the task. Packed with innovative features and built to withstand the toughest conditions, this cooler is your ultimate companion for any excursion.

      No need to worry about the elements. This ROAM cooler boasts a weather-tight seal that keeps your refreshments and supplies safe from the harshest weather conditions. Stay organized on the go with the included storage basket. It's perfect for separating items you want to keep readily accessible, so you can easily grab what you need without digging through the ice.

      It's removable cup holder keeps your drinks within arm's reach with the removable cup holder. Whether it's a refreshing soda or your favorite beverage, this handy feature ensures you stay hydrated on your adventure.  The internal divider can also serve as a cutting board to prepare meals on the fly and help to separate your food and drinks, making it easier to keep things organized.

      Say goodbye to struggling with stubborn latches. This cooler features single-finger action latches that make opening and closing a breeze. Security matters. With a lockable lid, you can keep your contents safe and sound, ensuring your valuable supplies are protected. Easy transport is essential. This cooler comes equipped with grip grab handles, ensuring you can carry it comfortably, even when it's fully loaded.


      Why Choose a Portable Fridge for Car

      Here's the deal – sometimes you want to bring along a mix of chilled drinks, fresh snacks, and frozen treats. A portable fridge freezer lets you do just that. It's like having your own mini grocery store on the go. Here's why they're awesome:

      • Versatility: Whether you're on a short trip or a long journey, having the option to switch between fridge and freezer mode means you can carry a wider range of foods.
      • Space-Saving: Instead of carrying two separate appliances, you get the benefits of both in one unit. This means more space for other essentials.
      • Efficiency: Portable fridge freezers are designed to be energy-efficient, using smart technology to keep your food at the right temperature without draining your power source.
      • Convenience: You don't need to worry about finding room for both a fridge and a freezer. Plus, you can easily adjust the temperature settings to match your needs.


      Portable Fridge FAQs

      1. Do portable fridges use a lot of energy?

      Factors like size, cooling technology, insulation, ambient temperature, and usage habits affect energy use. Generally, larger fridges, compressor-based models, and efficient insulation use less energy. 


      2. How cold is a portable fridge?

      It depends on the model and brand. However, portable fridges can typically cool to around 32°F to 50°F (0°C to 10°C) in the refrigerator compartment and as low as -4°F to 14°F (-20°C to -10°C) in the freezer compartment. Temperature range depends on the model and external factors.


      3. How much does a 12V fridge use daily?

      On average, a portable 12V fridge might consume around 1.5 to 2.5 amp-hours per hour, which translates to roughly 36 to 60 amp-hours per day.


      4. What to look for when buying a portable fridge?

      When buying a portable fridge, consider size, cooling technology, temperature range, energy efficiency, insulation, durability, power source compatibility, portability, controls, brand reputation, noise level, warranty, and any extra features that suit your needs. 


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