Subaru Outback Build

    Subaru Outback Offroad Build


    Subaru Outback is a very popular choice in the off-road community and for a good reason. While it may not be the best choice for hardcore off-road terrains like some other dedicated off-road vehicles it is still a capable and versatile vehicle that can conquer many different terrains and can be used for overlanding.

    While the stock Subaru Outback is an amazing vehicle as it is, to prepare it for off-road setting you would need to change it and upgrade it a bit. And that is exactly what we are going to talk about today. We are going to talk about how to make your Outback suitable for off-road terrains and in general for any outdoor adventures.

    We will go into detail about each off-road upgrade and explain why you should think about investing in it if you want to have a good and reliable off-road vehicle that won’t break down after a single overlanding journey. We will also go into detail about each part and why it plays such an important role.

    We hope that by the end of the article, you’ll find some upgrades that’ll suit your needs and your lifestyle and hopefully be able to build the Subaru Outback of your dreams. With that said let’s dive right in!


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    The suspension system of off-road vehicles serves several important functions. Firstly, it absorbs the impact and vibrations caused by uneven and rugged terrain, such as rocks, bumps, and potholes. This not only provides a smoother ride but also protects the vehicle's components from strain and potential damage.

    Secondly, a well-designed suspension system helps to maintain tire contact with the ground, even on challenging terrain. This maximizes traction and grip, ensuring better control and stability for the vehicle. It allows the vehicle to navigate steep inclines, loose surfaces, and off-camber situations with greater ease.

    Thirdly, the suspension system enhances stability and control, particularly in unpredictable off-road environments. By minimizing body roll, pitch, and yaw, it enables the driver to maneuver the vehicle more effectively and respond to obstacles quickly and safely.

    Another vital aspect is that the suspension system increases the ground clearance of the vehicle, which is necessary to overcome obstacles without damaging the undercarriage or crucial components. With adequate travel and articulation, the vehicle can traverse uneven surfaces, large rocks, and deep ruts without getting stuck or sustaining harm.

    Furthermore, a well-designed suspension system improves the handling characteristics of the vehicle in off-road conditions. It optimizes traction and stability by distributing weight evenly across all four wheels. The suspension geometry and components work together to provide the necessary articulation, wheel travel, and damping characteristics for improved off-road performance.

    Additionally, the suspension system helps reduce the impact and jolts transferred to the driver and passengers during off-road driving. This results in a more comfortable and controlled ride, reducing driver fatigue and allowing passengers to enjoy the experience without excessive discomfort.

    Lastly, the suspension system's load-carrying capacity is essential for off-road vehicles that often need to transport heavy loads such as camping gear, equipment, or additional passengers. A robust suspension system ensures that the vehicle remains level and balanced, even when heavily loaded, maintaining stability and preventing sagging or bottoming out.




    Traction is crucial for off-road vehicles as they encounter various challenging terrains such as loose surfaces, mud, rocks, and sand. High-quality off-road tires feature aggressive tread patterns that maximize grip and traction. The deep grooves and lugs on these tires allow them to effectively bite into the terrain, preventing the vehicle from getting stuck.

    Durability is an important aspect of off-road tires. They are specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of rough terrains. With reinforced compounds, thicker sidewalls, and durable materials, these tires can resist punctures, cuts, and damage from rocks, branches, and other obstacles commonly found off-road. This durability enhances the lifespan and reliability of the tires, minimizing the risk of unexpected tire failures.

    Off-road tires provide increased ground clearance due to their larger diameter and higher sidewall profile. This extra clearance is particularly valuable when navigating uneven surfaces, rocks, and logs. By raising the vehicle's height, these tires help prevent contact between the underside of the vehicle and obstacles, reducing the likelihood of damage to essential components.

    Designed with self-cleaning features, off-road tires efficiently expel mud, rocks, and debris from their tread patterns as they rotate. This prevents the tires from becoming clogged and maintains traction in muddy or sticky conditions. By clearing away the accumulated debris, the tires sustain their grip and prevent a loss of traction.

    Good off-road tires significantly enhance the vehicle's overall performance in off-road situations. They contribute to improved control, stability, and responsiveness, enabling drivers to maneuver confidently through challenging terrains. These tires can enhance acceleration, braking, and cornering capabilities, maximizing the off-road potential of the vehicle.

    Safety is paramount during off-road adventures, and high-quality off-road tires play a vital role in ensuring it. By providing better handling and stability, these tires minimize the risk of accidents or rollovers. With improved traction and grip, they help the vehicle maintain control, preventing slippage or sliding on slippery or uneven surfaces. This enhanced safety benefits both the occupants of the vehicle and the vehicle itself.




    Bumpers play a vital role in off-road vehicles for several reasons:

    Protection: Off-roading involves navigating rough terrains with numerous obstacles. Bumpers act as protective shields for the vehicle's front and rear, safeguarding critical components such as the engine, radiator, and lights from potential damage. They absorb and distribute impact forces, reducing the likelihood of costly repairs and ensuring the vehicle remains in working condition.

    Approach and Departure Angles: Bumpers are designed with the vehicle's ability to safely tackle inclines in mind, ensuring they do not scrape the ground. By providing additional clearance, particularly at the front, bumpers enable the vehicle to approach and depart from steep inclines or obstacles without getting stuck or causing damage.

    Mounting Points: Many off-road bumpers come equipped with secure mounting points for accessories like winches, recovery gear, auxiliary lights, and tow hooks. These mounting points offer convenient and reliable locations to attach essential equipment needed for off-road adventures. Bumpers with robust mounting capabilities enhance the vehicle's versatility and readiness for various off-road situations.

    Recovery Assistance: Off-roading can lead to situations where the vehicle becomes stuck or immobilized. Bumpers with integrated recovery points or built-in winch mounts make vehicle recovery easier and safer. These features allow winches or recovery straps to be utilized for pulling the vehicle out of challenging situations or assisting other stuck vehicles, enhancing the vehicle's self-recovery capabilities.

    Customization and Style: Bumpers present an opportunity for vehicle customization and personalization. They come in a wide range of styles, finishes, and designs, enabling off-road enthusiasts to enhance the vehicle's appearance and aesthetics. Custom bumpers can contribute to a rugged and aggressive look while still providing the necessary functionality and protection.


    Rock Sliders


    Rock sliders, also known as rocker guards or rock rails, are essential for off-road vehicles due to several reasons;

    Protection: When driving off-road on rocky terrains, the vehicle's vulnerable areas, such as the undercarriage and rocker panels, are at risk of damage from rocks and obstacles. Rock sliders provide an additional layer of protection, made from durable materials like steel or aluminum, that absorb impacts and deflect objects away from the vehicle. This prevents costly damage to the body, frame, and vital components.

    Structural Integrity: By reinforcing the rocker panels, which are prone to bending and deformation under extreme force, rock sliders enhance the overall strength and rigidity of the vehicle's frame. This is particularly important in off-road situations where the vehicle encounters uneven terrain, off-camber angles, or steep inclines, placing additional stress on the chassis.

    Increased Ground Clearance: Rock sliders are designed to hug the side of the vehicle's body, creating additional clearance between the frame and the ground. This extra ground clearance enables the vehicle to navigate over rocks, logs, and other obstacles without getting stuck or causing damage to the undercarriage. It prevents the vehicle from becoming high-centered and minimizes the risk of scrapes and dents, allowing for smoother progress through challenging terrains.

    Improved Off-Road Capability: Rock sliders offer practical benefits beyond protection. They can serve as sturdy stepping platforms, providing occupants with a secure foothold when entering or exiting the vehicle, particularly on uneven or muddy terrain. Additionally, they can serve as reliable mounting points for accessories like side steps, traction boards, or jacking points, further enhancing the vehicle's off-road capabilities and versatility.

    Resale Value Preservation: Equipping an off-road vehicle with rock sliders can help maintain its resale value. The added protection they provide against off-road hazards and potential damage reduces the need for expensive repairs and keeps the vehicle in better condition overall. Prospective buyers interested in off-roading activities are often drawn to vehicles with rock sliders, as they signify the owner's commitment to safeguarding the vehicle during off-road adventures.


    Skid Plates


    Skid plates are crucial for off-road vehicles for the following reasons:

    Protection: Off-roading often involves encountering rugged terrains with rocks, logs, and other obstacles that can harm the vehicle's undercarriage and vulnerable components. Skid plates, typically constructed from durable materials like steel or aluminum, act as a shield. They absorb and distribute the impact forces, preventing direct contact and potential damage. This safeguards essential parts, reduces the risk of costly repairs, and maintains the integrity of the vehicle.

    Impact Absorption: Skid plates absorb the energy from impacts when the vehicle encounters rocks, stumps, or other hard objects on the trail. They serve as a sacrificial layer, absorbing the brunt of the impact and shielding more expensive and critical components. By doing so, they ensure the vehicle remains operational, minimizing the risk of mechanical failures, and allowing for continued off-road exploration.

    Underside Protection: The underside of off-road vehicles is vulnerable to damage from rough terrains, sharp objects, and uneven surfaces. Skid plates provide extensive coverage, extending from the front to the rear of the vehicle, safeguarding critical parts exposed beneath. By creating a barrier between the ground and the vehicle's undercarriage, they protect against dents, punctures, and scrapes that could compromise the vehicle's functionality.

    Off-Road Capability: Skid plates enhance a vehicle's off-road capability by providing the confidence to navigate challenging terrains without fear of damaging vital components. With skid plates installed, drivers can confidently tackle rocky trails, overcome obstacles, and conquer off-road hazards. The added protection offered by skid plates ensures a smoother and safer off-road experience, enabling drivers to explore more demanding terrains with ease.

    Peace of Mind: Off-road enthusiasts value the peace of mind that comes from knowing their vehicle is well-protected. Skid plates provide reliable defense against potential damage, offering reassurance during off-road adventures. With skid plates in place, drivers can focus on the thrill of the journey without constant worries about damaging their vehicle. Skid plates provide a sense of security, allowing drivers to fully enjoy their off-road experiences.




    Gear and Equipment: Off-roading requires carrying various gear and equipment, such as recovery tools, camping gear, spare parts, and emergency supplies. Sufficient storage space ensures organized and secure storage, enabling quick access when needed. It allows off-road enthusiasts to bring all necessary items for their adventures and be prepared for unexpected situations.

    Convenient Accessibility: Having appropriate storage solutions in an off-road vehicle ensures easy access to essential items. Well-designed storage compartments or systems facilitate efficient organization, making it easy to locate and retrieve specific items promptly. This accessibility is particularly important in remote or off-grid areas where access to supplies or tools may be limited.

    Ample Cargo Capacity: Off-road vehicles often need to transport bulky or oversized items like camping gear, spare tires, or recovery equipment. Satisfactory storage capacity allows safe and secure transportation of these items without sacrificing passenger comfort or obstructing visibility. It provides flexibility in arranging cargo, and accommodating various needs and load sizes.

    Organization and Cleanliness: Off-road adventures can be messy, with dirt, mud, and debris often entering the vehicle. Having designated storage compartments or organizers keeps items secure, preventing them from rolling around or getting mixed up while driving off-road. This promotes a cleaner and more organized interior, making it easier to maintain the vehicle's cleanliness and ensuring equipment and gear stay in their designated places.


    Roof Top Tent


    Off-the-Ground Camping: By being mounted on the vehicle's roof, rooftop tents eliminate the need to find level ground or clear obstacles, which can be challenging in traditional ground camping. It also reduces the risk of encounters with crawling insects, reptiles, or other ground-level wildlife.

    Easy Setup and Takedown: Rooftop tents are designed for quick and effortless setup and takedown. They often feature a foldable design that can be easily opened or closed with minimal time and effort. This convenience is especially valuable when camping in remote or unfamiliar locations during off-road adventures.

    Portability and Flexibility: Rooftop tents are compact and lightweight, taking up minimal space when closed. This allows for additional storage of equipment and accessories on the vehicle's roof. Moreover, rooftop tents can be easily detached and reattached, enabling campers to switch between rooftop camping and utilizing the vehicle's interior as needed.

    Improved Safety: Sleeping in a rooftop tent offers an added layer of safety compared to ground camping. The elevation reduces the likelihood of encounters with wildlife, including potentially dangerous animals. It also provides a better view of the surroundings, enhancing security and peace of mind.

    Scenic Views and Comfort: Rooftop tents provide the opportunity to enjoy stunning views from a higher perspective. Campers can wake up to panoramic vistas and unobstructed stargazing. Additionally, these tents often offer comfortable sleeping arrangements, such as foam mattresses and built-in ventilation, ensuring a restful night's sleep while being immersed in the natural beauty of the surroundings.


    Subaru Outback Roof Rack Models


    Prinsu Roof Rack Subaru Outback


    Prinsu Subaru Outback Roof Rack

    The Prinsu roof rack is specifically designed for 6th generation Subaru Outback models from 2020 onwards. Like all Prinsu roof rack models, it has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its durability and strength, even in harsh conditions. This roof rack is a low-profile design that can be installed without the need for drilling.

    Despite being lightweight at just 46 lbs, this platform roof rack can support over 500 lbs of weight capacity, making it suitable for mounting a roof top tent and various other overlanding and off-road accessories. Its height is slightly over 2 inches, providing a sleek and compact profile.

    Additionally, the Prinsu roof rack features an integrated wind deflector that improves the aerodynamics of your vehicle, reducing wind drag and noise, even when driving at high speeds. Constructed from durable aluminum, the rack has been black powder coated to protect against scratches and corrosion, particularly when driving through muddy terrain.

    One of the standout features of this Prinsu rack is its complete modularity, allowing you to customize it according to your specific needs. You can easily add or remove crossbars on the rack as required. Most of the crossbars are made of black anodized aluminum, while one of them is not anodized. This flexible design ensures that the roof rack adapts to your preferences and cargo requirements.

    Why do we like it?

    • Modular roof rack system
    • Low profile and aerodynamic design with an integrated wind deflector
    • Lightweight and sturdy construction
    • Does not require any drilling
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 46 lbs 500 lbs+ Limited Lifetime





    Subaru Outback Wilderness Roof Rack


    Front Runner Roof Rack For Subaru Outback

    The following product comes from Front Runner, a renowned manufacturer of overlanding equipment known for their exceptionally durable roof racks designed for various vehicles. This specific roof rack is tailored for Subaru Outback Wilderness models manufactured from 2022 onwards. It is a lightweight platform roof rack that can be installed without the need for drilling.

    The roof rack is constructed using robust materials such as T6 aluminum and durable stainless steel. It is coated with black epoxy powder to provide protection against potential damage. Despite weighing just 62 lbs, it possesses remarkable strength to support heavy items like kayaks, motorcycles, bicycles, extra luggage, fuel tanks, or even a rooftop tent. With a static weight capacity of 600 lbs, this roof rack can accommodate a wide array of gear, gear mounts, and additional items.

    A notable feature of this roof rack is the ample space beneath it, allowing for storage of extra items like a camping table or similarly sized equipment. For enhanced aerodynamics and reduced noise during travel, a wind deflector or LED light bar can be added to the roof rack. Installation is straightforward with the included hardware and provided instructions. If you're interested in this remarkable roof rack system, be sure to check it out!

    Why do we like it?

    • Very easy to install
    • No drilling required
    • Slim and durable platform rack
    • A variety of accessories can be mounted
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 62 lbs 600 lbs+ Limited Lifetime



    Subaru Outback Crossbars


    Rhino Rack RCL Subaru Crossbars


    Subaru Outback Crossbars

    These are Rhino Rack cross bars that were designed to fit the Subaru Outback models from 2017 up to the current one. Keep in mind that it will only fit the Subaru Outback Touring 5dr SUV with flush rails! As with many Rhino Rack crossbar models, this one is also a very sturdy one and can accompany you greatly on your next overlanding adventure.

    While it does not have a weight capacity as the previously mentioned platform roof racks it can still be used to carry a variety of items. You can use it to mount a bike, kayak, skis, cargo carriers, or even that extra luggage. Keep in mind that these cross bars cannot withstand the weight of a roof top tent and the people inside it.

    They are durable and built to last and are also suitable with a range of accessories. They are most suitable for light off-road activities as well as driving around in urban area. They are also very aerodynamically designed and will not create wind drag and noise even when driving at high speeds!

    Why do we like it?

    • Lightweight and aerodynamic design
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Durable materials used



    Rhino Rack Vortex SX Subaru Crossbars Outback


    Rhino Rack Vortex Crossbars For Subaru Outback

    Let's discuss the Vortex Rhino Rack crossbars, which are intended to fit many vehicle models, including the Subaru Outback. These crossbars are beautifully crafted, have excellent aerodynamics, and are highly durable and robust. They are intended to fit your raised railing without difficulty and come with security hardware to protect against theft. Installing and removing them is a simple process.

    These crossbars are made to last and are both strong and lightweight enough for off-road usage. They are 50 inches long and come in black. Additionally, they may be used with a variety of Rhino Rack accessories to improve your overlanding experience. The required hardware and installation instructions will be included with the crossbars.

    They have been tested in the most difficult situations and have been approved to withstand just about anything you put them through. Rhino Rack provides a lifetime warranty on these Vortex crossbars as proof of their quality. Be sure to check them out!

    Why do we like them?

    • They come with anti-theft hardware
    • A variety of accessories can be equipped
    • Lightweight yet durable



    Subaru Outback Roof Top Tent Models


    iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Subaru Outback Tent


    iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Roof Top Tent For Subaru Outback

    iKamper is a well-known manufacturer renowned for their contemporary and high-quality rooftop tents. Among their popular offerings is the Skycamp 3.0 model, a four-person, all-season rooftop tent that takes your overlanding experience to the next level. What makes this tent stand out from others in the market?

    The Skycamp 3.0 is crafted from durable and reliable 300gsm poly-cotton canvas, ensuring its longevity. It can be effortlessly set up in under a minute. The rainfly is made of waterproof polyester 750 ripstop material, treated with an eco-friendly DWR treatment. Additionally, the blackout cloth effectively blocks sunlight, ensuring a comfortable sleep even after sunrise.

    Despite its capacity for four people, the Skycamp 3.0 remains relatively lightweight at 165 pounds and offers a 44.3 square foot footprint. The hard shell is insulated with quilted material to reduce moisture and provide warmth during colder weather. The exterior consists of two layers of fiber-reinforced polyester and one inch of air insulation, while the aluminum honeycomb plates offer excellent floor insulation, making it a sturdy and dependable choice for truck bed camping.

    Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, the Skycamp 3.0 ensures warmth on the coldest nights. It features a 2.5" thick polyfoam mattress with a 9-zone layout, including an insulated layer that keeps moisture out and provides a comfortable sleeping surface. The zipper and window designs have been improved for easy opening and simultaneous access to both the canvas and mesh windows. The outer canopy can also double as a blind if needed. Additionally, the tent includes a sky-view window that offers a clear view of the stars during nighttime adventures.

    Why do we like it?

    • One of the highest quality hard shell roof top tent on the market
    • Has high-quality blackout cloth
    • Has a very thick mattress
    • Well-insulated shell and interior
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    4 People 165 lbs

    Open: 83" x 77" x 48"

    Closed: 55" x 85.5" x 13"

    2 Year Limited



    Smittybilt Overlander Tent For Subaru Outback


    Subaru Outback Smittybilt Overlander

    Smittybilt is an exceptional manufacturer renowned for their roof top tents. With their extensive experience and commitment to customer satisfaction, they have earned a solid reputation. Today, we will explore why their Overlander tent is highly regarded and frequently chosen by customers.

    The Overlander tent is designed to accommodate three individuals comfortably. The body of this Subaru Outback rooftop tent is constructed from 600D heavy-duty ripstop polyester canvas, ensuring durability and waterproofing. It features a lightweight, water-resistant 420D oxford rainfly and robust 4mm steel spring flysheet poles. Additionally, the tent comes packaged in a heavy-duty 650gsm, 1000d PVC travel bag, equipped with UV-resistant straps and a Velcro lining for complete waterproof protection.

    The base of this roof top tent is crafted from a sturdy 1" thick aluminum/polyurethane material, contributing to its overall durability. Surprisingly, the entire tent weighs only 117 lbs while boasting a remarkable 661 lbs load capacity. Inside the tent, you'll find a comfortable 60mm high-density foam mattress with a detachable cover. To keep annoying mosquitoes at bay, the windows and openings on all four sides of the tent are equipped with mesh screens.

    Furthermore, this roof top tent features a sky view window, allowing you to enjoy sunlight during the day and stargaze at night. If needed, you can easily illuminate the interior using the included LED light strip. To keep your RTT organized, there are storage pockets inside the tent where you can store camping supplies, toiletries, or even shoes, ensuring a tidy and clean sleeping area.

    Why do we like it?

    • Is suitable for smaller vehicles
    • Has a tough construction
    • Very lightweight
    • Spacious interior full of storage pockets
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    2-3 People 117 lbs

    Open: 95" x 56" x 51"

    Closed: 47" x 56" x 11"

    2 Year Limited



    iKamper XCover 2.0 Outback Roof Top Tent


    iKamper XCover 2.0 Tent For Subaru Outback

    The roof top tent from iKamper, a Korean company, offers comfortable accommodation for 3-4 adults. Designed as a versatile all-season tent, it can be used throughout the year. You can enjoy uninterrupted sleep even after sunrise, thanks to the thick 300gsm blackout poly-cotton canvas that effectively blocks sunlight.

    The X-Cover 2.0 tent stands out with its redesigned rear window, serving multiple purposes as a windbreaker, canopy, or blinds. It also boasts panoramic windows on all sides, providing stunning views of nature from every angle. The tent is built to be sturdy and waterproof, featuring a waterproof polyester 75D ripstop rainfly fabric with an eco-friendly water-repellent (DWR) coating.

    Equipped with a Scratch/UV-resistant Rocky Black FRP shell, durable canvas sides, and integrated crossbars, the X-Cover 2.0 is an excellent choice for transporting gear during overlanding adventures. It includes double sky-view windows for stargazing at night. Surprisingly, it is one of the lighter roof top tents available, weighing only 150 lbs.

    Why do we like it?

    • Very lightweight considering its size
    • Features durable blackout canvas
    • Can withstand harsh weather conditions
    • Has integrated crossbars
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    3-4 People 150 lbs

    Open: 89" x 69" x 48"

    Closed: 48" x 77" x 13"

    2 Year Limited



    Guana Equipment Wanaka Roof Top Tent For Subaru Outback


    Guana Equipment Wanaka Tent For Subaru Outback

    This soft shell roof top tent is designed to provide a comfortable space for up to four people, making it suitable for year-round use. While it offers a more affordable option compared to hard shell tents, it doesn't compromise on durability, withstanding extreme weather conditions. Included with the tent is an annex that can be attached to accommodate additional sleeping space or store camping gear.

    Both the tent and annex are made from waterproof ripstop polyester material, featuring taped seams and a PU coating. They come in a tan color. The tent's diamond plate aluminum base is resistant to scratches, ensuring longevity, and edge protectors prevent the canvas from tearing.

    To ensure a comfortable sleep, the tent is equipped with a 3-inch thick high-density foam mattress and an anti-condensation pad. It offers three spacious entrances with transparent mesh and fabric, which can also be used as awnings to keep insects and pests away. Additionally, the tent is compatible with an annex made from the same materials as the main tent.

    Both the tent and annex feature improved high-quality YKK zippers. Inside the tent, there are two shoe bags and internal pouches for organizing camping supplies and toiletries. LED strips are integrated into the tent for nighttime illumination, while the windows and sky view window provide natural light during the day and offer the opportunity for stargazing at night.

    Why do we like it?

    • Heavy-duty, durable canvas
    • Has one of the thickest mattresses on the market
    • Plenty of storage pouches
    • An annex can be added for extra room
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    3-4 People 155 lbs

    Open: 56.3"W x 122"L x 49.5"H

    Closed: 56.3 "W x 48"L x 12"H

    1 Year Limited



    Subaru Outback Awning Models


    Guana Equipment 270 Awning


    Guana Equipment Morpho 270 Awning

    This Morpho 270 awning, created by Guana Equipment, stands out as one of the most affordable options available while still offering impressive features. Its durability has been tested in extreme wind and weather conditions. Deploying the awning takes less than a minute, and while it can be used as a freestanding rack, we recommend utilizing the included aluminum telescoping poles for added stability.

    Notably, this is a universal awning that can be mounted on any roof rack. It is compatible with both full-length and ¾ length racks, as long as it is positioned at the end of the vehicle to avoid interfering with the mechanism. Constructed with high-quality aluminum poles, it is designed for long-lasting performance.

    The awning fabric itself is made of heavy-duty 420D ripstop polyester, featuring double-stitched seams to ensure water resistance. It is also weather and mold resistant. Additionally, a reinforced PVC membrane corner piece protects the fabric from tears and prevents water leakage.

    When not in use, the awning can be packed away into the included 680G/1200 OVC black travel cover. The telescoping poles can extend to a height of over 7 ft, accommodating a wide range of vehicle heights. Another impressive feature of this 270 awning is its compatibility with the Morpho 270 awning walls, which can transform it into an annex or tent.

    These walls, made from the same weather-resistant material as the awning fabric, provide privacy and protection against the elements. They feature zippered windows and entry points for enjoying the surrounding scenery and ensuring ventilation. With its exceptional features, this Morpho 270 awning is among the top choices currently available. Feel free to explore it further!

    Why do we like it?

    • Very affordable 270 awning
    • Durable, high-quality canvas
    • Walls can be added
    • Can be mounted onto any roof rack system



    FSR 270 Awning


    FSR 270 Awning

    Freespirit Recreation has gained a strong reputation in the off-road industry for their exceptional roof top tents, and now they have introduced another impressive product: the 270 awning. What sets this awning apart is its extensive 270-degree coverage and quick setup time of under a minute. While it is freestanding, support poles can be used for added stability if desired.

    Weighing a mere 37 lbs, this 270 awning is one of the lightest options available. It can be conveniently mounted onto your roof top tent or roof rack, depending on your preference. When not in use, the awning can be safely stored in a durable and weather-resistant 600D bag. The awning fabric itself is constructed from highly durable, waterproof, and weather-resistant 600D Oxford ripstop canvas.

    A notable feature of the FSR 270 awning is its integrated "kick stand" positioned at the center. This clever design elevates the canvas, creating a slope that prevents water from pooling and allows it to effortlessly slide off the fabric. To ensure durability, this awning has undergone rigorous testing in extreme weather conditions.

    Designed as a universal model, this 270 awning can be installed on almost any vehicle. Another great advantage is the availability of optional walls that can be attached to the awning, creating an annex space for additional sleeping or storage capacity. It's important to note that the walls are sold separately.

    Why do we like it?

    • Modern looking
    • Very lightweight yet sturdy
    • Freestanding 270 awning
    • Walls can be added to create an annex



    Guana Equipment Side Awning


    Guana Equipment Side Awning

    This is possibly one of the cheapest awnings on the market right now and it is the Guana Equipment side awning. It is not a freestanding awning like the previously mentioned ones however it is made out of high quality materials and can withstand string winds and heavy rainfall. It will also provide enough shade under which you can unwind with your friend and family and enjoy the scenery around you.

    The awning is made out of 420D rip-stop polyester canvas and can come in 2 different colors depending on your preferences. Setting up this awning is pretty straight forward and you would only need about a minute or two to do so. When not using it anymore imply pack it up and store it away in the heavy duty 1200D PVC travel cover that will protect if from any outside elements.

    This is the perfect awning if you are not a big fan of the awnings that wrap around your vehicle or if you are just not ready to invest more money into one. It will be a great addition to your off-road rig and will surely be a great addition to your next camping or overlanding trip so feel free to check it out!

    Why do we like it?

    • Lightweight awning
    • Heavy-duty materials used
    • Can withstand heavy rainfall and strong winds
    • Setup is fast and easy



    Subaru Outback Storage Ideas


    Front Runner Vehicle Drawer System


    Front Runner Vehicle Drawer System

    Let’s take a look at the drawer kit that was made to fit the Subaru Outback. This drawer kit fits perfectly into the Subaru Outback trunk and can help you store away and organize your camping gear, toiletries, or other belongings and miscellaneous. The sliding top of this drawer makes it easy to get into those hard-to-reach places of your trunk.

    It was tested to make sure that it can withstand uneven road and off-road conditions. Now this drawer system has a 250 lbs load capacity which is more than enough to store away anything you can think of and of course anything that can fit inside. The flat deck allows you to stack up to 331 lbs of stuff across the surface.

    Another cool thing about this system is that it is fitted with a latching mechanism and both the drawer and slide are kept in place because of it. If you ever have to put wet or muddy gear on top of this drawer kit don’t worry because it is black powder coated as all the Front Runner roof racks and will not erode or get damaged.

    It is the perfect system for either an overlanding journey where you would have to keep a lot of supplies in it or just a regular day where you could fit all of your groceries inside and wouldn’t have to worry about them tumbling around in your trunk. It is not exactly an affordable system but it sure is a great one that is worth every penny so be sure to check it out!



    Thule Roof Box


    Thule Cargo Carrier

    The Thule roof box is an exceptional cargo box that offers ample storage space for all your travel requirements. With its sleek design, durable build, and convenient features, this cargo box has become a popular choice among adventure enthusiasts and frequent travelers.

    The Thule roof box features an aerodynamic design that minimizes wind resistance and noise during travel, while its glossy black finish adds a touch of elegance to any vehicle. Crafted from high-quality materials, including a reinforced lid and base, this cargo box ensures outstanding durability and protection for your belongings, guaranteeing their safety even in challenging weather conditions.

    One of the notable advantages of this roof box is its impressive storage capacity. With 22 cubic feet of space and a weight capacity of 165 lbs, you'll have plenty of room to transport bulky items like skis, snowboards, camping gear, or luggage for the entire family. The design of this cargo box maximizes space utilization, allowing for efficient packing and easy organization of your belongings.

    Designed with user-friendliness in mind, this cargo carrier offers convenient operation. Its dual-side opening feature enables hassle-free access to your cargo from either side of the vehicle, simplifying the loading and unloading process. Additionally, the box incorporates Thule's patented PowerClick quick-mount system, ensuring a secure and effortless installation experience. The integrated SecureLock technology adds an extra layer of protection by keeping your cargo securely locked, providing peace of mind throughout your journey.



    Subaru Outback Accessories


    Prinsu Load Panel


    Prinsu Load Panel

    This is a roof rack accessory that lets you mount a variety of items and other off-road accessories to your roof rack system. It is created to maximize carrying capacity and to make it easier to attach certain gear. Keep in mind that this load panel is only compatible with Prinsu roof racks.

    It is made from high-quality, durable materials and has a black powder coat finish to prevent scratches and erosion in muddy environments. It is very lightweight, weighing 10 lbs and can be installed easily in a matter of minutes.

    A great advantage of this load panel is that it allows you to create a more versatile rack system onto which you can attach a variety of accessories and tailor them to your needs. It is a great rack accessory to have so be sure to check it out!



    Subaru Outback Fog Lights


    Heretic Fog Lights For Subaru Outback

    Introducing the Subaru Outback fog lights! These lights are specifically engineered to optimize visibility and minimize the impact of fog. With this fog light kit, you can confidently navigate any terrain, as it effectively illuminates the road ahead and ensures clear visibility.

    The standout feature of these Heretic Fog Lights is their remarkable brightness. Utilizing advanced LED technology, these lights emit a powerful beam that can cut through even the thickest fog. The optical design is exceptional, producing a wide and uniform beam that brilliantly lights up the road with an impressive 2900 lumens.

    Durability is another key aspect of the Subaru Outback Fog Lights. They are constructed using top-quality materials, such as military-grade aluminum for the housing and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses for the covers. With an IP68 rating, these fog lights are built to withstand extreme conditions. Furthermore, they are fully weatherproof, ensuring reliable performance in rain, snow, or mud.

    In terms of aesthetics, these Fog Lights feature a sleek and modern design that adds a stylish touch to any vehicle. Their low-profile construction enables seamless integration onto any vehicle without occupying excessive space, while still delivering a substantial amount of illumination.



    Subaru Outback Light Bar


    Cali Raised 42 Inch Light Bar For Subaru Outback

    Let's examine the Cali 42" Slim single-row LED Subaru Outback light bar, which has gained significant popularity in the market. Here are some compelling reasons why this LED light bar stands out. Equipped with 40 individual LEDs, it offers an impressive lifespan of over 50,000 hours and produces a remarkable output of 20,000 lumens. Its universal compatibility makes it suitable for use with a wide range of vehicles.

    One notable feature is its instant-on capability, eliminating the need for a warm-up period. The light bar incorporates integrated temperature management and features durable polycarbonate lenses. Additionally, it boasts an IP68 rating, signifying its ability to withstand dust, dirt, and even sand. It is also submersible underwater for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1.5 meters, further enhancing its durability.

    Setting up the Cali 42" Slim LED light bar is a straightforward process, making it an essential accessory for any off-road or overlanding adventure, particularly during nighttime travels.



    Prinsu Quick Release Awning Mount Brackets


    Prinsu Quick Release Awning Mount Brackets

    We have yet another Prinsu rack accessory and it is the Prinsu Awning Mount Brackets, a product that lives up to its name. These brackets, specifically designed for Prinsu roof racks, come in pairs and offer a straightforward solution. They are lightweight, durable, and installation is a breeze.

    Constructed from 1/8" thick steel, these brackets are built to last and have the added benefit of a black powder coating, providing extra durability. The positioning of these quick-release awning mount brackets will depend on the size of your roof rack and the chosen awning.

    Setting up these brackets is a quick process, taking just a few minutes, and you'll be ready to mount your awning. They feature integrated lock tabs and rivets for added security and weigh only 4lbs, ensuring they won't add unnecessary weight to your setup.



    Front Runner Quick Release Tent Mount Kit


    Front Runner Quick Release Tent Mounts

    The last Subaru Outback accessory for this list would be the Front Runner Quick Release Roof Top Tent Mounts, a product that speaks for itself. As another exceptional offering from Front Runner, these mounts are designed to simplify the process of mounting and dismounting your roof top tent (RTT).

    Say goodbye to the struggles of dealing with tight spaces and cumbersome tools. With these tent mounts, attaching your RTT to your roof rack becomes a breeze, thanks to the integrated tabs that enable quick and secure attachment. Installation is a straightforward task, requiring just a few minutes of your time.

    Crafted from 3CR12 stainless steel, these mounts boast exceptional durability and longevity. Additionally, their black powder coating enhances their resilience, protecting them from erosion, especially in muddy environments. Despite their robust construction, they weigh a mere 14 lbs, minimizing any added weight to your setup. It's important to note that these brackets are compatible only with Front Runner roof racks.

    This affordable and impressive piece of overlanding gear eliminates the need for modifications or drilling during installation. If you're in search of a hassle-free solution to enhance your overlanding experience, be sure to explore these Front Runner Quick Release Roof Top Tent Mounts.



    Subaru Outback Build FAQS


    How do I setup my Subaru Outback for camping?

    That all depends on what kind of terrain you will go. If you do not plan on going on some hardcore off-road terrains then all you need to have on your Subaru Outback is a good and reliable roof top tent. However if you do plan on going on some of the more hostile terrains you would need to have a good suspension system, off-roading tires, skid plates, rock sliders, and even a bumper to protect your Subaru Outback from getting damaged by any rocks, low lying branches and other debris.


    Can you put a bullbar on a Subaru Outback?

    Yes you can! You can put any type of bumper and/or bullbar onto your Subaru Outback and protect its front side as well as the passengers inside it from any potential collisions.


    Can Subaru Outback go off-road?

    Yes it can! While there are vehicles that are better suited for off-road environments, Subaru Outback can also be a great vehicle that can go on all terrains and overlanding trips.


    What is the Subaru Outback roof weight limit?

    Subaru Outback with factory rails can withstand 176 lbs of dynamic weight capacity.


    What is the Subaru Outback roof rack weight capacity?

    That all depends on the roof rack models, however, Subaru Outback roof racks can have a static weight capacity around 600 lbs.


    Can I put a tent on a Subaru Outback?

    Yes you can! We’ve mentioned what we think are some of the best Subaru Outback roof top tents but there are plenty more that may suit your needs better.


    Can you sleep in the back of a Subaru Outback?

    Yes you can! While we do recommend that you invest in a roof top tent, you can sleep in the back of a Subaru Outback although it may not be your most comfortable night.


    Is Subaru Outback good for overlanding?

    Yes it is! The Subaru Outback is a great and reliable vehicle that can run for a long time without any problems. It can be upgraded with a variety of protective gear as well as suspension systems to make it even better.


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