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    Chevy Colorado Accessories Review

    Providing reliability, comfort, durability, and adaptability for off-road settings, the Chevy Colorado is among the top midsize pickup trucks available. Engineered for off-road performance and well-equipped for daily tasks like heavy lifting and towing, the Chevy Colorado is a reliable companion for various journeys. Explore this assortment to discover a range of Chevy Colorado accessories that seamlessly enhance your vehicle's appearance, adding a rugged touch while delivering exceptional functionality for your upcoming outdoor adventures.


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    Aftermarket Chevy Colorado Accessories

    In the upcoming section, we will examine the crucial Chevy Colorado accessories and other aftermarket components available. This includes an overview of racks, lights, overlanding gear, and more. If you have inquiries about specific gear or categories not covered, feel free to get in touch.



    Some of the more essential Chevy Colorado accessories is a reliable suspension kit, offering not just protection and improved off-road performance but also the capacity to absorb impacts across different terrains. This kit enhances stability, boosts load-bearing capability, ensures vehicle safety, and elevates ground clearance, facilitating smoother navigation through challenging off-road trails.


    Chevy Colorado Wheels & Tires

    Equipping your Chevy Colorado with robust tires and wheels is vital to ensure reliability on challenging terrain. Dependable and high-quality tires enhance traction, come with reinforced sidewalls to withstand punctures, and efficiently clear mud and debris with their durable tread pattern. This not only enhances control, stability, and overall off-road performance but also ensures safety, benefiting both occupants and the vehicle.



    Front and rear bumpers are crucial components for protecting your Chevy Colorado. In off-road situations, where risks are prominent, these robust bumpers act as the first line of defense, shielding against significant damage and prioritizing safety for both you and your passengers. Additionally, these bumpers improve your vehicle's ability to navigate steep inclines safely, provide attachment points for accessories and lights, and offer recovery solutions, including the option to attach a winch for handling challenging situations.


    Rock Sliders

    Rock sliders offer additional protection against rocks and branches and are typically made from steel or aluminum. Positioned beneath your vehicle's doors, they protect the undercarriage and lower doors from potential damage, ultimately enhancing ground clearance. Apart from their protective role, rock sliders also serve as convenient steps, aiding entry and exit, especially in muddy conditions. Additionally, they can function as anchor points for additional features like side steps or jacking points, further boosting the off-road adaptability of your Chevy Colorado.


    Skid Plates

    To safeguard your Chevy Colorado, it's wise to invest in undercarriage protection, shielding against rocks, branches, and trail debris. Full-length skid plates play a crucial role in absorbing and dispersing impact forces, creating a barrier between your vehicle's vulnerable components and potential damage. With skid plates in place, you can confidently explore challenging terrains, knowing that essential vehicle parts are shielded. Additionally, they act as a deterrent against theft, safeguarding valuable components.



    Enhancing the storage capacity of your Chevy Colorado is crucial for off-road journeys, considering its limited space. Options like installing a roof rack system provide additional room for securing gear during overlanding. Another effective strategy involves incorporating storage drawers and containers into your vehicle's trunk or roof rack, promoting organization and facilitating easy access to necessary items. Expanding storage not only accommodates gear and accessories but also ensures a secure and comfortable transportation experience.



    Enhancing your off-road adventures with various vehicle lighting options, including LED bars, fog lights, and spotlights, can be beneficial. However, it's crucial to find the right balance to avoid excessive brightness. Choose lighting solutions tailored to the specific needs of your Chevy Colorado and the terrain you'll navigate. These lights improve visibility and safety, especially during nighttime off-road excursions, providing clear vision, precise vehicle control, and the ability to identify potential obstacles that could hinder your journey.


    Roof Top Tent

    Contrary to the belief that roof-top tents are unnecessary for camping, we highly recommend their use for several compelling reasons. Sleeping inside your vehicle or setting up a ground tent can be uncomfortable, whereas a roof-top tent offers an elevated and secure shelter with a comfortable mattress, ensuring a restful night without discomfort. Additionally, these tents provide reliable protection against adverse weather conditions and feature well-insulated interiors, keeping you warm on cold nights.


    Chevy Colorado ZR2 Accessories

    For passionate off-road enthusiasts who enjoy pushing their vehicles to the extreme on challenging off-road trails, the Chevy Colorado ZR2 is the ideal choice. As the sport version of the Colorado, it comes with a factory lift and enhanced off-road capabilities compared to the standard Chevy Colorado. This model is highly favored for outdoor adventures, making it a great candidate for upgrades with a variety of Chevy Colorado accessories, which we will explore in this section.


    Prinsu Roof Rack Colorado

    Chevy Colorado Prinsu Rack

    Prinsu, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality Chevy Colorado accessories, presents the Chevy Colorado Prinsu rack, a standout product for your upcoming off-road adventure. Weighing only 36 lbs, this rack exhibits an impressive static weight capacity of 1000 lbs, allowing versatile mounting options for gear, accessory mounts, cargo boxes, and even a roof-top tent.

    Crafted from durable 3/16” thick 5052 aluminum, this rack ensures longevity and resilience to various challenges. It's a fully modular system compatible with sunroofs, ensuring quick and easy installation without the need for drilling. The integrated wind deflector and low-profile design enhance your vehicle's aerodynamics, reducing noise even at high speeds.

    Featuring built-in drop-in points for convenient cargo attachment and integrated tie-down points for increased stability and security, this rack stands out. Its compatibility with various LED light bar systems adds an extra layer of functionality, providing enhanced visibility for nighttime driving. Explore the multitude of exceptional features offered by the Prinsu roof rack for an unparalleled off-road experience.

    Why do we like it?

    • The most aerodynamic and lowest-profile roof rack on the market
    • Installation is drill-free
    • Whopping 1000lbs of weight load capacity
    • Lightweight, sturdy powder-coated construction
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 36lbs

    Static: 1000lbs

    Dynamic: 600lbs

    Limited Lifetime



    Chevy Colorado ZR2 Skid Plates

    Chevy Colorado CBI Skid Plate

    Safeguarding your Chevy Colorado ZR2 during off-road exploits is paramount, and a key component among Chevy Colorado accessories is the underbody protection kit. This comprehensive kit includes front, transmission, and transfer case skid plates, providing robust defense against potential hazards encountered on rugged trails.

    Crafted from durable 3/16" thick steel and coated in black powder, the skid plate kit shields crucial components such as cross-members, the front differential, oil pan, transmission, second and third cross-members, exhaust cross pipe, and the transfer case from rocks, branches, and debris. Its corrosion-resistant design ensures long-lasting protection. The built-in oil drain holes facilitate easy oil changes without removing the plate.

    Reinforced edges between cross-members enhance strength, and bolt protector rings safeguard exposed bolts. The smooth surface aids in navigating challenging terrains, particularly during rock crawling. The installation process is hassle-free, requiring no drilling or modifications to your vehicle. Upgrade your Chevy Colorado's protection with this reliable skid plate kit.

    Why do we like it?

    • Provides full underbody protection
    • Thick steel construction capable of withstanding even the harshest of conditions
    • Integrated drain holes
    Material Weight Warranty
    Steel or Aluminum 150lbs Limited Lifetime



    CBI Colorado ZR2 Bumper

    Chevy Colorado Front Bumper

    Continuing our exploration of essential Chevy Colorado accessories designed for rugged off-road experiences, we introduce the CBI front bumper—an ideal complement to the sleek aesthetics of your Colorado ZR2. This bumper seamlessly integrates with the vehicle's body lines while delivering crucial frontal protection, ensuring you're well-equipped for your next off-road journey.

    Crafted from a combination of steel plate and tubing, the bumper is engineered for heavy-duty performance. Its optimized approach angle facilitates smooth climbs on inclined trails and negotiates obstacles seamlessly, enhancing overall vehicle performance. The robust construction acts as a reliable shield against rocks, low-hanging branches, debris, and potential collisions, safeguarding your vehicle during challenging off-road excursions.

    An added feature of this Chevy Colorado accessory is its versatility in lighting customization. The bumper accommodates up to six LED light pods and a single-row 30” light bar, enhancing nighttime visibility and illuminating your path on nocturnal adventures. Moreover, the bumper is winch-compatible, featuring a convenient cutout on the front center side. Notably, the design ensures compatibility with cruise control sensors, making it a practical and versatile addition to your Chevy Colorado ZR2. Explore the CBI front bumper to elevate both protection and aesthetics for your off-road trips.

    Why do we like it?

    • Winch compatible design
    • LED light bar can be added
    • Steel construction with hooped design
    • Sleek look with angled design for better approach angle
    Material Weight Warranty
    Steel or Aluminum 150lbs Limited Lifetime



    CBI Rear Bumper Colorado ZR2

    Chevy Colorado Rear Bumper

    Here we have another piece of Chevy Colorado accessories for the ZR2 model and it is a rugged, heavy-duty, high-quality CBI rear bumper that is built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions and trails and seamlessly integrates with the body lines of the Chevy Colorado while having a wing arm that lets you attach an extra tire and a few more accessories to it that will certainly come in handy on your next outdoor adventure or pretty much wherever you go.

    This Chevy Colorado rear bumper has a full steel construction made out of 3/16” thick plating and ¼" mounting with a black powder coat finish for extra resilience and protection against erosion. An amazing this about this CBI rear bumper is that it mounts directly to the frame of your Chevy Colorado, utilizing already existing factory holes without having the need to drill anything or further modify your vehicle. It weighs 175 lbs which will put a bit of strain on your vehicle and fuel efficiency, however, the rear protection you’re getting with it is unmatched.

    Unlike the stock Chevy Colorado bumper, this one has greatly increased departure angles that will let you go over any type of terrain without having to worry if you are going to damage your vehicle. Thanks to the ¾" recovery points, you can be sure that you’ll be prepared even for some of the worst-case scenarios. With the added swing arm, you will also increase the protection of your truck tailgate whilst having no interference when trying to access its content as it swings out completely to the side.

    Why do we like it?

    • Heavy-duty steel construction
    • An optional swing out arm can be added
    • Has great departure angles
    • Thick and tough recovery points
    Material Weight Warranty
    Steel 175lbs Limited Lifetime



    Chevy Colorado Overland Accessories

    If you enjoy venturing into uncharted territories with your reliable vehicle, it's worth exploring essential overlanding upgrades to enhance your sustainability in challenging outdoor environments. In the following section, we'll discuss about Chevy Colorado accessories for camping and overlanding.


    Guana Wanaka Roof Tent

    Guana Equipment Wanaka Roof Top Tent For Chevy Colorado

    At the top of our list of must-have Chevy Colorado accessories for camping and overlanding, we introduce an impressive soft-shell rooftop tent designed by Guana Equipment. This tent is capable of accommodating three individuals and is suitable for year-round use, showing exceptional durability. Its sturdy 600D waterproof ripstop polyester oxford canvas body, along with a thick rainfly made from the same robust materials, equips it to withstand even the most challenging weather conditions.

    Setting up the tent is a quick and efficient process, and disassembly is equally straightforward. What distinguishes this rooftop tent is its well-thought-out design, featuring windows on all sides that provide an immersive connection with the surrounding landscape. Additionally, a skyview window allows ample natural light during the day and a chance for stargazing at night. For added convenience and privacy, the tent includes a bottom entrance. Furthermore, it offers a range of enticing features, including a plush 3-inch high-density foam mattress, ample storage space, and an interior LED light strip.

    Surprisingly, this rooftop tent is exceptionally lightweight, tipping the scales at just 140 lbs. This makes it an excellent choice for any off-road setup, as it places minimal stress on your vehicle. You also have the option to attach an additional annex, constructed from the same durable materials as the tent, to expand sleeping accommodations or provide extra storage space for your gear. With a multitude of other compelling features to discover, this rooftop tent stands as an attractive choice worthy of your consideration.

    Why do we like it?

    • Durable tear proof canvas
    • One of the most affordable RTTs on the market
    • Spacious interior with ample storage
    • Lightweight roof top tent with one of the biggest annexes out there
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    3 Person 140lbs (155lbs with annex)

    Open: 56.3" (143cm) W x 122" (310cm) L x 49.5" (126cm) H

    Closed: 56.3 " (143cm) W x 48" (121cm) L x 12" (30.5cm) H

    Annex Room: 100" (254cm) W x 100" (254cm) L x 75"-82.5" (190cm-210cm) H

    2 Year Limited



    iKamper Skycamp Mini 3.0

    Chevy Colorado Skycamp Mini

    Presenting the iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mini, a premier choice among hard-shell roof-top tents and a standout addition to Chevy Colorado accessories. This sophisticated and rugged 2-person, 4-season roof top tent adheres to the strictest international standards, ensuring optimal performance in various environments and weather conditions. Its robust hard-shell casing, crafted for durability, pairs seamlessly with a high-performance tent canvas.

    Crafted from breathable 300gsm poly-cotton blackout canvas, this roof-top tent offers a tranquil resting space, even under the sun. The 75D waterproof polyester ripstop rainfly, featuring a DWR coating, effectively repels heavy rain. Inside, the tent is equipped with quilted insulation for warmth during colder temperatures. The Skycamp 3.0 boasts a 9-zone, 2.5-inch thick polyfoam mattress with an insulating layer to combat condensation.

    The tent's design includes ample windows, a skyview window for stargazing, and a versatile feature allowing you to detach the canvas, transforming it into a roof-top cargo box. Surprisingly lightweight at 125 lbs, it facilitates straightforward installation with patented universal mounting hardware compatible with various rack systems. Explore the numerous exceptional attributes of this remarkable roof-top tent for an enhanced outdoor experience.

    Why do we like it?

    • Premium canvas materials used
    • Incredibly well-insulated interior
    • Modern looking with aerodynamic hard shell casing
    • Easy to set up and can be turned into a roof top cargo box
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    2 Person 125lbs

    Open: 83" x 52" x 48"

    Closed: 55" x 57.5" x 13.5"

    2 Year Limited



    Chevy Colorado Exterior Accessories

    Numerous exterior Chevy Colorado accessories offer practical benefits for everyday use and outdoor adventures alike. From storage enhancements like rack systems to improvements for the vehicle's exterior, this section features a variety of options. Discover Chevy Colorado accessories that not only enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle but also serve practical functions for various journeys.


    Front Runner Chevy Colorado Roof Rack Platform

    Front Runner Chevy Colorado Rack

    Another excellent choice among Chevy Colorado accessories is the Front Runner Slimline II Kit, meticulously tested to ensure durability in the most challenging environments, providing an unparalleled experience on your next off-road adventure. With a weight of only 64.8 lbs, it adds minimal load to your vehicle, preserving fuel efficiency. This Colorado rack system has an impressive weight capacity of 660 lbs, allowing you the flexibility to mount a variety of items securely.

    Crafted from black epoxy powder-coated 3CR12 high-strength steel and T6 aluminum, this rack exhibits resilience in diverse environments, resisting corrosion even in muddy or snowy conditions. The slats' channels facilitate easy mounting of accessories using standard 8mm bolts, ensuring a secure attachment to the rack system.

    The Front Runner Slimline II system's design positions it just above your roof, providing space to slide in additional items underneath, such as a foldable camping table or similar-sized gear. As a fully modular roof rack, it offers easy customization to suit your needs, and installation is a breeze without the need for any drilling. There are numerous other commendable features to explore, making it a worthwhile addition to your Chevy Colorado.

    Why do we like it?

    • Easily adjustable modular roof rack system
    • Sleek and slim platform rack
    • Does not require drilling for installation
    • Steel construction able to withstand even the harshest conditions
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 64.8lbs


    Limited Lifetime



    Chevy Colorado Rhino Rack

    Rhino Rack Chevy Colorado

    If you’re not a fan of bug and bulky platform racks, Rhino Rack has got you covered with another amazing addition to Chevy Colorado accessories, the Rhino Rack cross bar system. Thanks to its clip-on system, you can install these cross bars rather easily as you only need to adjust them where you want them and simply clip them onto your roof. Offering long-term performance and being suitable for light off-road use, these Rhino Rack cross bars will be the perfect addition to your next outdoor adventure!

    Constructed out of extruded aluminum, these cross bars are not only very lightweight but are also extremely strong, being able to withstand the weight of various Chevy Colorado accessories and other Rhino Rack accessories. They are sleek looking and are designed to seamlessly integrate with the looks of your vehicle while having a low profile that will aid in the aerodynamics of your vehicle and will create less noise even when driving at high speeds.

    A few more amazing features that we would like to mention are the santoprene rubber pads that are extremely high quality and will not rub off onto your vehicle as well as the lockable leg system that will increase their security and prevent theft. These amazing Chevy Colorado cross bars are skillfully engineered in order to withstand the rigors of everyday use while providing a stable platform ont which you can load a variety of accessories that will be of great use on your next adventure. Be sure to check them out!

    Why do we like it?

    • Low profile and aerodynamic design
    • Lockable legs for added security
    • Quick and easy installation and removal
    • Lightweight and sturdy construction
    Drill or No Drill Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 220lbs 1 Year Limited



    RSI SmartCap Rack

    RSI SmartCap Drop Rack

    Continuing our exploration of top Chevy Colorado accessories, we present an ingeniously crafted rack system designed exclusively for mounting on any RSI SmartCap. What sets this top rack apart from others in the market is its unique ability to slide out to the sides of the SmartCap, facilitating the mounting or detachment of gear without the need to climb onto your vehicle. It's essential to note that this rack system is specifically engineered to work with SmartCaps and is not compatible with other truck bed toppers.

    Constructed from robust stainless steel, it is built to endure challenging environments and heavy off-roading. The addition of a black powder coat finish enhances durability and provides rust protection. With a dynamic load rating of 330 lbs and a static load rating of 770 lbs, this top rack boasts exceptional strength. However, it's important to refrain from mounting a rooftop tent on it, as the rack splits into two sides, compromising the safety of such an arrangement.

    Nevertheless, you can utilize it to mount various Chevy Colorado accessories and gear for your off-road excursions. Compatible with all SmartCap models, including EVOa Adventure, EVO Sport, and EVOc Commercial bed caps, this top rack offers versatility for different SmartCap configurations. There's much more to discover about this remarkable top rack, so feel free to explore its features.

    Why do we like it?

    • Sturdy platform rack system with high weight load capacity
    • Innovative sliding mechanism
    • Very convenient to use
    • Low profile and sleek design
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill

    5’ Bed: 69.45lbs

    6’ Bed: 72.75

    Static: 770lbs

    Dynamic: 330lbs

    3 Year Limited



    EGR Fender Flares

    Chevy Colorado Fender Flares

    This is one of the simpler Chevy Colorado accessories, providing a straightforward addition to your vehicle. The bolt-style fender flares not only contribute to the aggressive aesthetic of your truck but also offer an extra layer of protection. Designed to accommodate larger tires and wheels, these flares combine style, affordability, and functionality, delivering exceptional coverage against rocks, spray, and debris during your travels.

    Precision is paramount in the construction of these fender flares, featuring CAD design and robotic trimming for a visually appealing and snug fit. Crafted from high-impact acrylic, they are resistant to scratches and UV damage, ensuring longevity and immunity to rust. Installation is a breeze, requiring no drilling or modification to your vehicle, making it a convenient DIY project.

    Available in sets for both the front and rear, these EGR fender flares will give your Chevy Colorado a robust and oversized appearance, turning heads wherever your off-road adventures take you!

    Why do we like it?

    • Gives your vehicle that robust and wider look
    • Can accommodate larger wheels and tires
    • Provides side protection



    Chevy Colorado Bed Accessories

    The Chevy Colorado stands out as a fantastic mid-sized truck, offering an array of exterior and interior accessory choices. Additionally, it provides numerous options for upgrading the truck bed. Maximize the potential of your vehicle by exploring the Chevy Colorado accessories available for your truck bed below.


    RCI Chevy Colorado Bed Rack

    RCI Chevy Colorado Bed Rack

    RCI has expanded its range of Chevy Colorado accessories, and among them, we find this bed rack, a notable addition worthy of discussion. Boasting a static weight capacity of 1500 lbs, a robust build, adjustable width, and integrated mounting points, this bed rack system ensures a seamless enhancement to your off-road configuration, guaranteeing a trouble-free experience on your upcoming outdoor expedition. It's essential to highlight that this truck bed rack is available in three distinct lengths, catering to the specific dimensions of your Chevy truck bed.

    Constructed from durable black powder-coated 12GA steel, you can rely on its durability and resistance to various challenges, all while maintaining corrosion resistance. Standing at a height of 18", this Chevy Colorado bed rack provides excellent visibility of your truck bed through the rear window. Furthermore, it offers ample space underneath for storing a diverse array of gear and accessories, complemented by numerous mounting points along its sides, allowing for additional gear to be secured on top of and alongside the rack.

    The distinguishing feature of this rack lies in its capacity to minimize wind drag typically associated with rooftop tents, as it positions itself below the level of the cab. When a rooftop tent is installed, it aligns seamlessly with the cab of your Chevy Colorado. Assembly and installation are simplified through the inclusion of drill-free clamps. However, it's crucial to note that the provided C-clamps may not be universally compatible with all tonneau covers, and in such instances, you might need to affix the rack to the sides of your truck bed using drilling.

    Why do we like it?

    • The width of the rack is adjustable
    • No drill needed for installation
    • Whopping 1500lbs of weight capacity
    • Numerous integrated accessory mounting points
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill (Uses Clamps) 90lbs

    In House Tested: 1500lbs

    Recommended Static: 750lbs



    BillieBars Chevy Colorado Bed Rack With Tonneau Cover

    BillieBars Chevy Colorado

    BillieBars introduces an outstanding set of precisely tailored bed bars designed for the Chevy Colorado. These bed bars are intricately designed to seamlessly integrate with a tonneau cover, providing enhanced security for your truck bed while offering versatile mounting options for various items, including rooftop tents, all on your Billie Bars bed bars. With four different height options, you have the flexibility to choose and customize these bars according to your specific needs.

    These bed bars have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their durability and resilience, capable of withstanding the most demanding conditions encountered during your overlanding journeys. To fortify their robustness and protect against scratches and corrosion, especially in muddy terrains, the cross bars are treated with a dual-stage powder coat and a zinc base. Crafted from high-quality, long-lasting aluminum, these bed bars are built for long-term endurance.

    A notable advantage is their placement below the cab level, enhancing your vehicle's aerodynamics even when loaded with gear. Furthermore, their impressive 1000 lbs weight capacity ensures they can accommodate a wide range of cargo, essential for your forthcoming off-road adventures. Installation is a straightforward process, and they even come with a 3-year bracket guarantee, providing the flexibility to replace brackets if they happen to sustain any damage. Billie Bars bed bars embody exceptional value for their cost and undoubtedly serve as a reliable companion on your upcoming journeys.

    Why do we like it?

    • Comes in 4 different height options
    • Is compatible with tonneau covers
    • Has 1000lbs of weight load capacity
    • Sturdy, lightweight construction
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 50lbs


    3 Year Limited



    RSI SmartCap Chevy Colorado

    RSI SmartCap Chevy Colorado

    SmartCaps stand out as one of the more inventive Chevy Colorado accessories, offering complete modularity and excellent upgrade options to tailor them to your preferences and needs. Currently, they rank among the top bed cap systems available, designed for complete weather resistance. The robust stainless-steel shell can endure significant wear and tear, handling various challenges with ease, and is sturdy enough to support additional accessories or a rooftop tent.

    Installation is a breeze, requiring simple clamping to your truck bed. The SmartCap prioritizes functionality, allowing easy access and organization of your bed by simply opening the side windows, eliminating the need to open your truck tailgate and enter it. Additionally, it features an integrated interior LED light for better gear organization.

    The Chevy Colorado SmartCap is compatible with a wide range of aftermarket accessories, enhancing your off-road adventures. With an impressive 330 lbs dynamic weight load rating and 770 lbs static load capacity, this bed cap combines functionality with a sleek, aerodynamic design that seamlessly integrates with the overall appearance of your Colorado, providing a polished and refined look.

    Why do we like it?

    • High weight load capacity
    • Durable modular construction
    • Compatible with many RSI accessories
    • Easy installation procedure



    Decked Chevy Colorado Bed Drawers

    DECKED Chevy Colorado Bed Drawer System

    If you own a Chevy Colorado and struggle with organizing your truck bed, you're not alone. Although it may seem challenging to methodically arrange your cargo instead of tossing it in, the advantages become clear in time saved and easy access. That's why we're introducing one of the best Chevy Colorado accessories for storage organization.

    Introducing the DECKED drawer system, tailor-made for the Chevy Colorado, featuring two spacious drawers for efficient vehicle organization and protection of your belongings from the elements. What sets the DECKED drawer system apart is its exceptional durability, with a galvanized steel subframe and drawers crafted from high-density polyethylene. This construction makes them resistant to harsh UV exposure and temperature fluctuations, ensuring they can withstand rugged off-roading and daily use while effectively safeguarding your possessions from adverse weather conditions.

    Installing the DECKED drawer system is a simple process, precisely tailored to your truck bed to maximize usable space without the need for drilling. It can be easily attached using J-hooks secured to the bed tie-downs, streamlining assembly, installation, and removal when not in use. The standout feature of this truck bed drawer system is its impressive load-bearing capacity, supporting up to 2000 lbs of evenly distributed payload on top. Each drawer can handle 200 lbs, providing ample storage for your gear and personal items, ensuring you're well-prepared for your adventures, no matter where they may lead.

    Why do we like it?

    • Installation requires no drilling
    • Sturdy spacious drawers
    • Impressive load-bearing capacity of up to 2000lbs
    • Incredibly tough frame



    Chevy Colorado Off Road Accessories

    The Chevy Colorado stands as a highly reliable vehicle renowned for its exceptional off-road capabilities, making it a favored option among outdoor enthusiasts. Fortunately, owing to its popularity in the off-road community, we can now showcase some top-notch Chevy Colorado accessories designed for off-roading. These accessories not only give your vehicle a rugged and tough appearance but also provide protection against the challenging conditions of off-road adventures.


    Chevy Colorado Sport Bar

    Chevy Colorado Sport Bars

    For increased roll over protection and structural rigidity if your vehicle we want to introduce yet another great addition to Chevy Colorado accessories and that would be the EGR sport bar. But this Chevy Colorado sport bar does not only serve a great purpose in off road sporting events but it also enhances steering as it keeps the bed of your vehicle from moving too much thus reducing the chance of your vehicle getting damaged on rough trails.

    Crafted from polished stainless steel, you can be sure that this sport bar can withstand even the harshest weather conditions out there and pretty much anything you can throw at it without even eroding. It also complements the look of your truck and integrates with its body lines making it look even more robust. Installation is rather simple and straightforward as the bars attach to your bed railing without having the need to drill or further modify your vehicle.



    Chevy Colorado Lights

    Navigating unfamiliar terrain can pose challenges, especially when venturing into darkness without clear visibility ahead. This underscores the importance of having effective lighting, including reliable backup lights. A quality set of lights not only illuminates the road ahead but also the surrounding area, minimizing the risk of accidents during your journey.


    Heretic Light Bar

    Heretic 40" LED Light Bar

    When it comes to Chevy Colorado accessories, certain items should top your priority list, especially if you're an outdoor enthusiast eager to conquer challenging trails. At the forefront of these essentials is a reliable LED light bar, designed to illuminate your path and ensure clear visibility while driving.

    Let us introduce the Heretic 40” LED light bar, a versatile addition that can be securely mounted on the front of your roof rack, projecting three different types of beams to light up the road ahead. Crafted from USA-patented 6061 CNC aluminum billet, the light bar's housing boasts durability, and it features IP68-rated stainless steel mounts, ensuring resilience even in the most demanding environments.

    Remarkably lightweight at just 8lbs, this light bar emits a clear, white LED light that significantly extends your ability to discern objects from a greater distance. When navigating slippery off-road trails, particularly at night, it becomes crucial to invest in a dependable LED light bar like this one to enhance safety and visibility on your upcoming outdoor adventures.

    Why do we like it?

    • Durable housing able to withstand harsh conditions
    • Features a variety of beam patterns
    • IP68 rated mounts



    Chevy Colorado Accessories FAQS


    Is Chevy Colorado a good vehicle?

    Chevy Colorado is among the most reliable vehicles out there with strong off road capabilities and a good balance between power and fuel economy. It is a great vehicle for everyday tasks, and you can even take it on some of the harshest off road trails out there without having to worry about it breaking down.


    What are the best Chevy Colorado accessories?

    You should always equip your vehicle with the accessories that fit your needs and your lifestyle. And we know that that differs from person to person so in our humble opinion we want to say that the best Chevy Colorado accessories would have to be the ones related to increasing storage capacity, such as roof racks, ones that add additional protection to your vehicle, such as bumpers, skid plates, rock sliders, and more, and also the ones that provide a safe and comfortable sleeping quarters such as a good and reliable roof top tent.


    Can you mount a roof top tent on a Chevy Colorado?

    Indeed you can! Chevy Colorado is a tough vehicle capable of withstanding a lot of weight load capacity giving it the ability to mount even some of the larger roof top tents out there!


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