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    iKamper Roof Top Tents and Accessories

    iKamper is one of the biggest and most sought brands as they continue to deliver top-quality, durable and remarkable products. Their roof top tents have truly revolutionized the overlanding industry. Also, we are proud to announce that Off Road Tents was the first US-dealer of this one-and-only brand. 

    The South Korean company, has been taking over the whole world thanks to their amazing story and their incredible Roof Top Tent: the Skycamp. The quality of this tent is frankly amazing, like no other in the market, and considered by many the best hardshell rooftop tent out there.

    To design it, it took the owner a few years, and adventures across the USA, plus making literally millions of dollars in a Kickstarter Campaign. Well, he nailed it, and he brings you what every one dreams of having in the top of their vehicle.

    This outstanding brand has a passion for the outdoors and believes in environmental preservation and sustainability, as well as respecting our beautiful, shared nature. With an exponential growth in previous years, iKamper has reached the global market, becoming one of the most relevant brands in the off-road industry. 

    From Hardshells to Softshells, iKamper has taken overlanding to a more professional level. Their widely known Skycamp Roof Top Tent, and the improved model Skycamp 2.0 Roof Top Tent, will simply boost your camping experiences. 

    Both of these car hardtop roof tents can easily fit 4 people, can be opened and closed in less than 60 seconds, and are 4-season camping tents. They can withstand all types of extreme conditions, from snow, to rain, to even heat. 

    With iKamper you can go anywhere to want; beautiful National Parks, hot sandy desserts, the mountains and into the woods. All your outdoor camping dreams will come true. Equip your vehicle, modify your car and give and awesome variation to your rig with iKamper. 

    Plus, it can be used on most vehicles, from a Mini Cooper up to a Jeep Wrangler or a Toyota 4Runner. Just make sure your vehicle has the right roof rack, however most will be able to support these roof top tents.

    What makes iKamper apart:

    • Made at their own factory in South Korea
    • Patented design on the iKamper Skycamp and the iKamper X-Cover Roof Top Tents
    • Winner of the Red Dot Award for the iKamper Skycamp Mini and iKamper Skycamp 2.0 Roof Top Tents
    • Other great features of the iKamper Roof Top Tents include: breathable, aerodynamic and lightweight design, waterproof rainfly and more. 

    Also, their famous AIOKS (All-In-One Outdoor Kitchen System), will provide you with all your outdoor kitchen needs. From table, stoves, cookware, utensils, food and drinks, all available for you in a small enclosed aluminum box. It comes with a two-burner system, premium materials, birch plywood, adjustable aluminum legs, stainless steel and rubber double injection making them completely portable. 

    Browse through our wide range of products and choose the one that fits your needs better. If you have any questions feel free to send us an email to info@offroadtents.com

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