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    Sherpa Roof Rack Review

    Sherpa Equipment Co was born in Colorado with one purpose in mind: disrupt the roof rack industry with a series of racks that were seriously built for off road abuse. To make that they needed better, stronger and thicker materials. Well, they have delivered.

    With aircraft aluminum grade side plates, their roof racks are thicker and stronger than most of those from the competition. Their side plates or panels are ¼” thick, which is quite impressive. On top of that, they all come with a special designed rubber feet or seals, that go between the rack’s panels and the vehicle’s roof. This protects the roof from vibration and rattling on off road trails, avoiding any damage as well as any water leaking in and rusting the rack or roof.

    As you can see on our Sherpa roof rack video review, the quality and design is out of question. We visited the Sherpa Equipment Co booth at the Overland Expo West, had a chance to speak to the staff as well as thoroughly inspect their roof racks, and trust us, quality is out of question. Whether you own a 4Runner, Tacoma, FJ Cruiser, Sequoia, Ford or other vehicles, Sherpa should be one of the first rack brands you look for.

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    Toyota 4Runner Sherpa Roof Racks

    In this collection we will briefly introduce some of the best Sherpa Equipment Racks for 4runner. We will take a look at their Toyota 4Runner platform racks, ranging from the 5th gen 4runner roof rack, to the 4th gen and the 3rd gen racks. Sherpa still offers even half racks for the 4runner, so to take a look at those, scroll all the way down to look at all the available racks and you'll find them there!


    Sherpa Roof Rack 4Runner Crestone

    sherpa roof rack 4runner 5th gen

    The Crestone: Sherpa’s Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen Roof Rack, an authentic work of art built for the elements. With a 700 lbs static load rating, you know that really heavy off road gear can go on your Sherpa rack and nothing, I repeat nothing can rattle it, pun intended.

    Thanks to rubber seals under the aircraft grade aluminum side panels (which are ¼” thick), this rack can sustain a real off-road abuse and no water, dust or any other thing should go between the legs and roof. These same seals will protect the roof of your 4Runner from rattling, scratches or any other potential damage.

    This long platform roof rack comes with 9 crossbars or slats, all of which can be easily added or removed from the side of the rack itself by simply unbolting them. Each slat or crossbar has an inner channel where aftermarket rack accessories can be added, such as MaxTrax mounts, or roof top tent mounts. 

    Needless to say, thanks to the great load rating, this overlanding roof rack will enable you to carry a roof top tent over it without any trouble. The long footprint makes it even ideal for hard shell roof top tents.


    Sherpa Roof Rack 4th Gen 4Runner

    sherpa roof rack 4th gen 4unner

    The Princeton roof rack, that’s the Sherpa Roof Rack for the 4th Gen 4Runner going from 2003 to 2009. It comes with quite a few options to choose from to customize it and make it the perfect roof rack for your rig. First, you can choose from two wind fairing options: half height to fit a light bar, and full height without any light bar but reducing considerably both wind resistance and noise. You can also choose the rack finish to leave it bare aluminum or have it powder coated in black, and the same applies to all the slats of the rack. That way you make sure the rack looks just like you want.

    What stands out about this 4th gen 4Runner roof rack by Sherpa is the fact that it weighs only 50 lbs, yet just like most Sherpa racks, it has a 600 lbs static load rating. As we have mentioned previously on this Sherpa roof rack review, their racks are made with the strongest side panels in the market thanks to the ¼” thick aircraft grade aluminum. This rack is made to withstand real off road abuse at the same time as not even the vibration of an overlanding trail will affect your roof thanks to the spacers between the feet and the roof’s mounting points.

    Finally, thanks to a low profile design, we are looking at less wind resistance than most other racks in the market, and a very sleek design. It still remains a perfect rack to carry from kayaks, to ladders and even roof top tents or whatever cargo you can think of.


    Sherpa Roof Rack 3rd Gen 4runner

    Sherpa Roof Rack 3rd Gen 4Runner

    The Matterhorn, that’s the name of This Sherpa Roof Rack for a 3rd Gen 4Runner. They also have the Antero, which is a shorter rack, half rack to be precise, for those looking for a shorter footprint.

    The Matterhorn roof rack is ideal for any Toyota 4Runner from the 1996 to the 2002 version. As usual with any Sherpa roof rack it’s made with aircraft grade aluminum side panels, both of them ¼” thick, and it comes with the choice of either a full height wind fairing, or a half height fairing so you can install a light bar on the front of it. The rack can be either fully powder coated in black for a slick look, or leave it in bare aluminum for a tougher raw outcome. 

    Installation is quite simple, thanks to a drill free mounting. Just bolt the platform rack onto the existing mounting points of your 3Rd Generation 4Runner. The load rating of this roof rack is of 200 lbs dynamic and 600 lbs static, so when you are parked. That’s more than enough for the largest roof top tents in the market, as well as for any overlanding equipment.


    Sherpa Roof Rack Tacoma

    sherpa roof rack tacoma

    Sherpa has a few different roof rack options for a Toyota Tacoma, from the Access Rack to the Camper Rack, you’ll find what you need. The Grand Teton is the ideal Tacoma rack from Sherpa for a double rack Tacoma 3rd gen from the 2005 to the 2022 version.

    This Sherpa roof rack for Tacoma comes with an impressive 400 lbs of dynamic weight capacity and a 700 lbs of static weight capacity. Quality is out of question, with a lifetime warranty and top notch materials all made in USA, this Sherpa Tacoma rack is one of the best in the entire market. 

    Make sure that you increase the cargo carrying capacity of your Taco with this aftermarket roof rack. Thanks to the 7 crossbars that go in the rack, you have quite enough space to carry a roof top tent, an LED light bar, kayaks, or other overlanding gear. Finally, the low profile of the rack itself, makes it incredibly aerodynamic and it will not be as noisy as other rack systems!


    Sherpa Roof Rack Sequoia

    sherpa roof rack sequoia

    The Toyota Sequoia is the biggest Toyota vehicle in the market and a rig this size deserves the best possible after-market gear you can get. The Sherpa roof rack for Sequoia is the answer. Named the Harvard perhaps due to how smart and qualified it is (this is just a wild guess), this roof rack offers an impressive 400 lbs dynamic load rating and an even more impressive 700 lbs static load rating. Mounting any roof top tent, or even the heaviest of cargo on top of it will never even be a concern. This Sherpa roof rack can handle everything.

    It comes with a total of 9 slats or crossbars, which can actually be removed if you want since this is a modular rack. However, the great thing about a longer rack with more slats, is the fact that you can attach more rack accessories or carry more gear over it. There will automatically be more mounting and tying points, since the slats have special points to attach stuff to them.

    When it comes to quality, there is simply nothing to question or doubt about any Sherpa rack. Made with the thickest aluminum side panels in the market, made of ¼” aircraft grade material, this rack is made to handle the toughest terrains, the heavier weights and the most unexpected vibration or conditions and still keep your cargo safe and your roof free of damage. Looking for quality? Click the button below and find out.


    Sherpa Roof Rack GX470

    sherpa roof rack gx470

    Yes we know there is a newer version for this vehicle, but the truth is that the Lexus GX470 has become a sort of cult vehicle. People are increasingly looking for them for off road or overlanding purposes and guess what? It’s one of Sherpa’s best selling roof racks. 

    A long and wide overlanding platform rack, the Sherpa roof rack for GX470 is built to last. Made in USA with the benchmark Sherpa quality materials: aircraft grade aluminum for the side panels, both which are ¼” thick, which is more than the competition. Thanks to rubber seals, rattling noise is reduced to the bare minimum. 

    On top of all that an outstanding 700 lbs of static weight capacity pretty much certifies this as one of the top overlanding racks in the market. Built for off-road abuse. Literally abuse. That’s Sherpa’s purpose: to manufacture roof racks that can take a serious beating without affecting your vehicle in any way.

    And when we mean that it won’t affect your Lexus GX470, well it’s not only the rattling or the roof, but the wind noise and fuel consumption. The notorious slim and low profile design will cut through the wind like a sharp blade, barely making any noise as you drive.


    Sherpa Rack Jeep Gladiator

    sherpa rack jeep gladiator

    The Sunlight, an outstanding roof rack that is changing the game for Gladiator racks. Finally, Sherpa came out with a line of roof racks for Jeep vehicles, and the Sherpa Rack for Jeep Gladiator is outstanding. Following Sherpa’s guidelines, you can choose between a half height wind deflector to fit a light bar or not. The finish of the side panels can be bare or powder coated black, just like the slats, which are removable and modular.

    This roof rack is made of reinforced aircraft grade aluminum side panels. As a matter of fact, it boasts an interesting 300 lbs static weight capacity which is strong enough for most cargo out there. It is made in USA, completely weather resistant and with a limited lifetime warranty. Quality and weight capacity are our of question, this is a very good roof rack.

    Perhaps the best thing about this Sherpa rack for Jeep Gladiator is the fact that it requires no drilling to install it. It’s a gutter mount system that quite easily gets clamped onto the gutter of your truck, and attached safely without much sweat. Therefore, this can be a single man’s job done over the weekend without even having to touch your roof or do any modification. Simple and fast.


    Sherpa Rack Rav4 

    sherpa rack rav4

    The Rav4 has recently become one of the preferred overlanding vehicles across the United States. Why? Well, it’s a Toyota which is a synonym of quality and durability, it’s also quite comfortable, affordable and customizable. For its price you get a solid rig that can handle some light overlanding and still serve the purpose of a city or family SUV. You get kind of the best of both worlds. But, to do so you need to upgrade it with a roof rack, and one of the best is the Sherpa Rack for Rav4, the Snowmass.

    Designed for the 2019 to the 2023 Rav4 models, this roof rack does require you to remove the headliner from the roof and will not work with a panoramic roof, so keep this in mind. As to the weight, it’s quite lightweight at just 45 lbs, yet it can still handle a very impressive 700 lbs static load rating. With a total of 8 slats or crossbars it has enough mounting or tying points for any roof top tent or even for a tent and additional cargo.

    As all Sherpa roof racks, the Snowmass is made with aircraft grade aluminum side panels and spacers that are thicker than the rest out there. This ensures the rack itself can handle all the off-road abuse you can think of keeping the cargo safe and most importantly your roof safe. Looking for one of the best Rav4 racks in the market? This Sherpa rack is for you.


    FJ Cruiser Sherpa Rack

    fj cruiser sherpa rack

    The FJ Cruiser has been for a long time sort of a cult vehicle when it comes to the overlanding world. Not only because of the exterior appealing design, but the quality and ability to handle heavy off roading without compromising comfort. Well, to ensure you can take this overlanding to the max, you need an aftermarket roof rack, and Sherpa’s The Fuji is a great choice.

    It offers a 400 lbs dynamic load rating and a very impressive 700 lbs static load rating. That’s enough for any roof top tent, even hard shells, as well as for any heavy cargo. It is made in USA, from both aircraft grade aluminum and stainless steel metal. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, guaranteeing durability and quality in all weather conditions.

    Weighing just 47 lbs, installation is not hard. It has 8 slats which are more than enough to use as different tying points. Plus, you can choose between a half height wind deflector to include a light bar at the front, or a full height deflector in case you prefer to reduce the wind noise and resistance. An excellent roof rack for a classic overlanding rig.


    Sherpa Rack Ram 2500/3500

    sherpa rack ram

    Finally, Sherpa has come out with a rack for the Ram 2500/2300, and it didn’t disappoint. The Sherpa Rack Diablo is perfect for both the Ram 2500 and 3500 crewcab and mega cab. It’s an outstanding USA made roof rack with a 700 lbs static weight capacity, which means you can mount anything over it without any risks, from roof top tents to ladders and cargo.

    Perhaps the best thing about this roof rack is that installation is a breeze as it integrates directly to the vehicle’s roof mounting points. It also comes with an adjustable mounting system that allows you to customize it a bit for a better snug fit that eliminates gaps or shifts if you go through bumpy or complex paths. Thanks to a low profile fit, it’s very aerodynamic and has little wind resistance.

    Made from aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel and boasting some of the thickest side panels in the market, this roof rack will not only last long, but withstand the tough use you want to give to it. What better fit than this to such a powerful truck like the RAM?


    Sherpa Roof Rack Accessories

    An aftermarket rack might not be complete without some rack accessories, don’t you think? Well, you can order any Sherpa rack with a half-height wind deflector which leaves a space for an LED light bar. Therefore, you can start from there. Alternatively, you can get some of their useful after-market rack accessories, such as the roof top tent mount, the Sherpa Smiley, or a few others. This section will go over two of the many rack accessories, but if you’re interested in more just scroll all the way down this page to find all the accessories we have available for your Sherpa Equipment roof rack.


    Sherpa Awning Mounts

    sherpa awning mounts

    The Sherpa awning mounts are one of their best rack accessories or add-ons. Not only will they allow you to easily mount an awning to your rack, but there incredibly smart design will let you easily mount a roof top tent and awning at the same time without them colliding or being a complete pain in the butt to mount them. 

    These awning mounts are a sort of hook shape, that stick out from the side panel of your rack, and are perfect for mounting any side awning, and keeping it at least 1 or even 1.5 inches away from the tent, it any.

    These Sherpa awning mounts will work with almost any awning brand in the market. Just be aware they will NOT work with a 270 degree awning or batwing awning, only and exclusively side awnings. For longer awnings, you want to take a look at the HD awning brackets.


    Sherpa Handle Light Brackets

    sherpa handle light brackets

    We personally love these handle light brackets, they are small, affordable and smartly engineered. Why? Well they are extremely versatile.

    The main point of these handle light brackets is for you to install them onto the handle of the Sherpa roof racks. Also, there is a seamless integration with Baja designs Rock Lights, and you can even try to mount to them other rock lights from other brands.

    Suddenly, you can have the side panels of your rack, as well as the handles lit, not only providing some much-needed light on any camping setup, but also just lighting up the sides of your rack for whenever you need to reach up and grab something from it. See them as a safety and practical add-on!


    Why Choose A Sherpa Roof Rack? 

    Made In USA

    All Sherpa roof racks are made in USA. Sherpa Equipment Co is a Colorado based company, that manufactures all their racks here in America. This probably can give you a peace of mind about quality, durability and craftsmanship.


    Aircraft Grade Aluminum & Stainless Steel

    Sherpa roof racks are made with literally the highest quality aluminum side panels in the market. They are made with 1/4" thick aircraft grade aluminum side panel, as well as other stainless steel parts, ensuring these racks can take all the off road abuse you can think of. The spacers that go between the roof of your vehicle and the side panels are also thicker than other brands, to better withstand vibration creating a thicker and more reliable cushion between the rack and the roof.

    Specifically Designed For Your Rig

    Sherpa Equipment Co racks are made specifically for each vehicle, meaning you get one specific rack to fit a specific car. That ensure that the design, dimensions, weight and materials are all properly designed and tested to fit either your 4Runner, Tacoma or any other vehicle. They fit like a glove.


    Over 600 Lbs Load Rating

    Each Sherpa roof rack has over a 600 lbs load rating when the vehicle is parked. All except the Jeep racks which use a gutter mount system that handles a bit less weight but are still reliable. That said, all Sherpa roof racks are some of the toughest and more resistant in the world.


    Sherpa Roof Rack FAQs

    How much weight can Sherpa racks carry?

    Sherpa roof racks can handle an outstanding 300 lbs of dynamic weight capacity (when the vehicle is in motion), and an even greater 700 lbs static weight capacity (when the car is parked). This means their load rating is great and can literally carry any type of gear, from kayaks, to roof top tents.


    Does a Sherpa rack come with warranty?

    Yes, all Sherpa Equipment Co roof racks come with a lifetime warranty.


    How complex is a Sherpa roof rack installation?

    Installation is not complex, but we do recommend the help of at least one more person. Sherpa racks don’t require any drilling, meaning it’s a faster and even easier installation process. However, you do need to bolt them and tighten them over the existing factory roof mounting points.


    Where are Sherpa Equipment Co racks manufactured?

    Sherpa Equipment Co is a Colorado based company, and all their roof racks are USA made.


    Prinsu vs Sherpa roof rack, which one is better?

    This is a very common question and a difficult answer. Both racks have a very similar design, low profiled, with an easy slat/crossbar mounting and removal solution, made in USA and capable of holding lots of weight.

    Sherpa definitely can handle a larger weight capacity thanks to the aircraft grade aluminum side panel which is stronger and thicker.

    Nonetheless, Prinsu does have some additional aftermarket accessories, and the price point is slightly more affordable.

    In the end it comes down to you what you prefer, but both are excellent roof racks!


    Are Sherpa offroad racks noisy?

    Not at all. Sherpa racks are actually very low profile, and come with an included wind deflector, which helps cut the wind and reduce the noise a lot. Yes, we are looking at a roof rack, which means there will always be some noise and some whistling sound, but out of all the platform roof racks out there, Sherpa is amongst those making less noise.


    Sherpa Vs Prinsu Roof Rack, which one is better? 

    In the end the decision comes down to you. These are both excellent roof rack choices, made in USA from similar materials and design. The Sherpa roof racks boast a thicker side panel, with slightly better rubber feet that go on the roof’s mounting points and tend to have a higher load rating. However, pricing is also higher.


    Sherpa Vs Victory Roof Rack, which one is better?

    Both companies make excellent roof racks, and in the end the choice comes down to what you want and need. Sherpa roof racks have thicker side panels at ¼” thick, made of aircraft grade aluminum, which give them a better load rating or weight capacity. Nonetheless, they are also slightly more expensive, so price does come into play.


    How do you install a Sherpa Equipment Co Rack?

    Installing a Sherpa Equipment roof rack will depend on the vehicle. Some attach to the gutter, others can be bolted on the vehicles’ roof factory mounting points, other will require you removing the roof liner. As you can see, some are faster and easier to install than others, but in short it comes down to the specific vehicle you have. Therefore, make sure to check the instructions that come with each Sherpa Equipment roof rack so you know exactly what to expect. The good thing is, most of Sherpa’s racks can be installed by yourself with the help of someone else.


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