Overland Vehicle Systems (OVS)

    OVS Overland Vehicle Systems Review

    Overland Vehicle Systems or OVS is right now one of the best overlanding brands in America, plain and simple. Are you after a roof top tent, a rack or recovery gear? Our two cents are for you to keep reading. This OVS brand review will go in depth on most of their tents and roof top tents, bed racks, awnings and accessories. By the end of this read you should know you want to upgrade your rig with an OVS product. On top of that you'll know which tent you want, what rack you need, and which accessory will better equip your vehicle for an overlanding adventure.


    4 years limited warranty on all their products, smart design and affordable prices. That's the 3 main things you should know about the California based company. The rest will be a story for you to write with your vehicle, their products, and the road.

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    Overland Vehicle Systems Roof Top Tent Models

    The following section will do an in depth review on most of the OVS tents, focusing on the materials, the pros and cons of each one and why we like them. If you want more information, click on the button after the review of each tent to learn more about each one.


    Overland Vehicle Systems Bushveld Roof Top Tent 

    OVS Bushveld RTT

    This is yet another hard-shell roof top tent made by OVS and it is a side opening, 4 person RTT that was built to last and tested in the harshest weather conditions to make sure that the tent can withstand them and that the people using them would not be harmed. It also has a very aerodynamic design when closed so you will not feel any wind drag or hear noise when driving on the road.

    This OVS roof top tent has a double 600D rip-stop canvas body fabric and also features a durable and rugged 420 oxford rip-stop and waterproof rainfly which has a UV rating of PU 2500. With this tent, you don’t have to worry about any leaks as it has waterproof seals. The hard cover of this RTT is made out of polymer and has a black aluminum insulated diamond-plated base that will keep you warm even during the coldest of nights.

    The Bushveld roof top tent has 3 openings, 2 of which are windows, and one is the entrance point. All of the windows, including an extra sky view window that you can use for stargazing at night, have breathable mesh on them to prevent any insects from going inside your tent. Inside you will also find a memory foam mattress with a quilted cover and even 2 memory foam pillows. Underneath them is also a built-in anti-condensation mat which will give you an additional level of comfort when sleeping.

    Thanks to the 2 nitrogen-charged gas structs, this RTT can open in just under a minute and can be closed at about the same time. A couple more things you will find inside this tent are the integrated shoe and storage pouches that help you organize your tent and keep it clutter-free. It is pretty lightweight considering that it can sleep 4 or more people and it weighs only 175 lbs.

    It is one of the better roof top tents on the market right now so feel free to check it out. 

    Why we like it?

    • Very easy to open
    • Sturdy and durable construction
    • Has a sleeping capacity of 4 (or more) people
    • Can be used in all weather conditions and for all 4 seasons
    • Aerodynamic design when closed
    • Lowest profile roof top tent
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions  Warranty
    4+ People 175lbs

    Open: 78” x 84” x 43”

    Closed: 81” x 47” x 7”

    4 Year Limited


    Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 4

    OVS Nomadic 4 Roof Top Tent

    First on the list is the biggest roof top tent models that the Overland Vehicle Systems have to offer. That is the Nomadic 4 RTT. It is a soft shell roof top tent, but it does have a pretty rugged and durable construction and is able to withstand any weather conditions which means that it is perfect for camping during any 4 seasons throughout the year. But let’s see what else it has to offer.

    This OVS roof top tent has a 600D Poly Cotton Rip-Stop fabric and features a 420D Polyester Oxford Waterproof rainfly which is able to protect you from heavy rain, snow, and even the harshest of winds. This RTT has 3 openings, 2 of which are windows, and one serves as an entry point through which you can enjoy the scenery around you. It even features a sky view window which you can use to let that extra sunlight in during the day and is perfect for stargazing at night.

    All of the windows have a 120G Fade-less glaze breathable mesh that will stop any critters from entering your tent. As we already said, this tent has a rugged build with all its hinges made of marine grade 304 stainless steel. As for the shell of the tent, it is made out of lightweight anodized aluminum poles that will keep your tent from collapsing even during some harsh weather conditions and strong winds.

    This OVS roof top tent has a sleeping capacity of 4+ people and a weight capacity of 950lbs. Inside the tent, you will find a comfortable 3” thick high-density foam mattress that comes equipped with a black quilted cover to prevent condensation and to keep you warm. N top of that there are also 6 built-in storage pouches inside the tent that will help you organize your belongings and keep your RTT cluster free.

    During the night you can use the integrated LED light strip to illuminate the tent as well as the annex that you can attach that will give you a lot of extra room to store additional camping supplies or even sleep a couple more people. The Nomadic 4 roof top tent comes with a telescoping aluminum ladder that can extend up to 96” so that it can adapt to a variety of vehicle heights and it also comes with a 4 Year Limited Warranty!

    Why we like it?

    • More than 4 people can sleep in this RTT
    • Very sturdy and durable construction
    • Affordable roof top tent
    • Thick and comfortable mattress
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions  Warranty
    4+ People 183lbs

    Open: 75" x 122" x 51"

    Closed: 75" x 47" x 14"

    4 Year Limited


    Overlanding Vehicle Systems Mamba 3

    OVS Mamba 3 Roof Top Tent

    This is another great choice that the Overland Vehicle Systems has to offer, and it is the 3-person, clamshell hard shell, aluminum-bodied roof top tent that was tested in some of the harshest conditions to make sure that it can withstand any outside elements without getting damaged. It takes less than a minute to set it up and put it away, but it does have a lot more great features to offer so let’s get to it.

    First off let’s talk about the body of this RTT. It has a premium 600D rip-stop polyester waterproof canvas construction and all of its windows feature a 120G environmental fadeless breathable gaze to prevent any insects or other critters from entering your tent. This OVS roof top tent also has military-specked and waterproof grade seals that will prevent any water from leaking inside no matter if it's snowing or if there is a huge storm outside.

    Now when it comes to the clamshell of this RTT it is made out of aircraft-grade aluminum which makes it both lightweight and extremely durable and even has a 1” thick aluminum honeycomb insulated base that will keep you and your fellow campers warm even during the coldest of nights. Inside the tent you will find a 2” thick, high-density foam mattress and underneath it a ¾" thick anti-condensation mat which will add to the overall insulation of the tent as well.

    Another great thing about Mamba 3 is that it is very aerodynamic when not in use so you will not feel the wind drag as much and you will not hear the noise when driving on the road. A couple more things that we want to mention are the integrated interior organizational pockets that let you organize the inside of your tent and keep it clutter free and the nitrogen gas-charged struts that are responsible for the fast setup time.

    This is not as affordable tent as the aforementioned one, but it is worth every penny so feel free to check it out!

    Why we like it?

    • Built to last hard shell
    • Very fast setup time
    • Aerodynamic design when not in use
    • Very well insulated interior
    • Plenty of interior storage pouches
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions  Warranty
    3 People 250lbs

    Open: 91” x 55.5” x 8”

    Closed: 91” x 55.5” x 64"

    4 Year Limited


    Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 3

    overland vehicle systems nomadic 3

    One of the best-selling tents that we have here at Off Road Tents, mostly because of the convenient dimensions this tent has to offer, the great price, and most importantly the quality. The Nomadic 3 is made of the best and most heavy-duty canvas in the market: 600D poly-cotton ripstop. Add to that a rainfly of 420D polyester oxford ripstop, as well as a double insulated black plated base, and you got yourself a full 4-season roof top tent well equipped for winter or colder temperatures.

    What about the summer months? Great question, fortunately the Nomadic 3 has quite large windows on all sides of the tent for great ventilation and airflow. Clearly, it has mesh on all windows to avoid creatures from coming in. The tent even has a skylight or window on the roof, which allows you to watch the night sky when you feel like it. During the warmer months, if it’s not raining, you can remove the rainfly and even fully open up the sky window.

    When it comes to comfort, this OVS tent has a 3” thick foam mattress with a washable and removable cotton cover. It’s a very comfy mattress, with a sleeping footprint of 63” x 94.5”, which is perfect to comfortably fit two adults, a family of three, or even three adults a bit tighter. Amongst the extra accessories the Nomadic 3 includes, is a 40” Velcro LED light strip, as well as six interior storage pouches or pockets, and the two shoe bags.

    All in all we are looking at an affordable 4 season tent that is perfect for smaller families, couples or groups. With dimensions when closed of 63” x 47” x 14” you have a tent that can fit literally over any roof rack, even on the cabs of pick up trucks, as well as over any bed rack, even those that sit lower. Plus, it weighs only 165 lbs, which is not too heavy as to stress smaller vehicles. Oh, and it comes with a 4 year warranty, guaranteeing a durable and high quality products.

    Why we like it?

    • Affordable price
    • Great insulation and materials to use all year long
    • Smart accessories included such as led light strip and pockets
    • 4 year limited warranty

    Sleeping Capacity




    3 People

    165 lbs

    Open: 63" x 122" x 51"

    Closed: 63" x 47" x 14"

    4 Year Limited


    OVS Bushveld II

    ovs bushveld II

    The Bushveld II is the younger sibling of the two, a compact hard shell roof top tent with a few advantages over its older brother (the Bushveld): compact size, light enough to go over pretty much any vehicle without over stressing it, and finally what would be an unbeatable price for a hard shell roof top tent.

    Measuring at a sleek 67” x 47” x 10” when packed, the Bushveld II is the ideal companion for those spontaneous road trips. Whether you drive a double cab truck or a crew cab, this tent is designed to be your perfect match. And the best part? Setting up camp is a breeze. In just 60 seconds, you can transform this compact unit into a spacious place that comfortably sleeps two adults.

    Taking a look at the quality you’ll be amazed. It comes with a 4 year limited warranty which solidifies its durability and quality. As to materials and craftsmanship, well crafted with a durable polymer hard shell and reinforced with double 600D rip-stop canvas, this tent is built to withstand the harshest of conditions. The marine-grade 304 stainless steel hardware ensures longevity, making it a worthy investment for all your adventures.

    Finally, the Bushveld II's elegant black diamond plate aluminum base. adds a touch of sophistication, as well as offering enhanced insulation, ensuring you stay cozy even in colder months. And for those who love to stargaze, the skylight window offers an unobstructed view of the night sky.

    Why we like it?

    • Affordable price
    • Great insulation and materials to use all year long
    • Smart accessories included such as led light strip and pockets
    • 4 year limited warranty 

    Sleeping Capacity




    2 People

    150 lbs

    Open: 64" x 84" x 43"

    Closed: 67" x 47" x 10"

    4 Year Limited


    Sidewinder Overland Vehicle Systems Tent

    Sidewinder Overland Vehicle Systems Tent

    One of OVS’s newest roof top tent models, the Sidewinder Overland Vehicle Systems tent is an aluminum hard shell that opens towards one side and takes literally around 60 seconds to open up or pack down. One of the best features about the Sidewinder is the fact that it has adjustable struts inside the tent, that can increase or decrease the headroom throughout the length of the tent.

    Taking a look at other features, we can start by the comfortable 2” thick mattress, with an anti-condensation mat included beneath it, which helps massively for those who sweat a lot during warmer months. As to the air flow, well, it can be pretty great as this tent has a huge side opening and large windows at the front and the back which help with the ventilation. Clearly, each window has the mesh to cover them and prevent bugs from coming in, yet the air still flows in and out. 

    The tent itself is made of aircraft grade aluminum, and a premium canvas of 600D polyester ripstop, perfect to resist all sorts of weather conditions. On top of the outer shell you can add, or remove, crossbars to carry additional items such as boards, Maxtrax, etc. It is quite easy to close thanks to two lockable latches which add another layer of security to your tent.

    Finally, we are looking at a 2 maybe 3 person rooftop tent with a sleeping footprint of 86” x 50”. It does weigh 250 lbs being on the heavier side of tents, but given its aluminum, and premium quality canvas, this is the norm. Fortunately, it’s literally only 8” tall when closed, being one of the most aerodynamic and slim in the market, thus reducing the wind noise and resistance. As to warranty, well, 4 years limited warranty. 

    Why we like it?

    • Great quality outer shell
    • Additional crossbars on top to carry items
    • Easy setup
    • 4 year warranty 

    Sleeping Capacity




    2 People

    250 lbs

    Open: 91" x 55.5" x Adjustable"

    Closed: 91 x 55.5" x 8”

    4 Year Limited


    OVS TMBK 3

    OVS TMBK 3 Person Roof Top Tent

    One of the roof top tents on this list with the lowest price is also one of the lightest. It is an OVS 3 Person Soft Shell Roof Top Tent that is extremely tough, has a strong design, and can survive all weather conditions for all four seasons of the year. Now let's get started and discover more reasons why this RTT is outstanding.

    This roof top tent's body is constructed from waterproof and all-weather resistant marine grade 600D rip-stop polyester fabric. A waterproof rainfly made of 430D polyester oxford is also included. In addition to the sky view window, which allows you to let in extra sunshine and look at the stars at night, this tent includes mesh windows on all four sides so that you can take in the environment.

    This soft shell roof top tent, as we've already indicated, has an insulated stainless steel foundation that will keep you and the other campers warm during colder weather. Even the strongest wind can't break the solid aluminum pole design of this RTT. Inside the tent, you will find a 2.5” thick high-density foam mattress that comes with a removable, machine-washable cover.

    When not in use, you may store the tent within the 1000G PVC black cover, which has reinforced corners and can endure almost any weather condition without breaking. It will be simple to enter and exit the tent thanks to the aluminum telescoping ladder that is included with this RTT. This RTT's ability to be put up without drilling is another fantastic feature.

    You should definitely check out this roof top tent because it is incredible, especially for the price, and will be a wonderful addition to your upcoming off-road adventure.

    Why we like it?

    • Very lightweight build
    • One of the cheapest roof top tents on the market right now
    • All season RTT
    • Easy setup
    • All around weather resistant
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions  Warranty
    3 People 108lbs

    Open: 56.5” x 94.5” x 50.25”

    Closed: 57” x 49.5” x 11.5”

    4 Year Limited


    Safari OVS Tents

    Safari OVS Tents

    Looking for something slightly different than a roof top tent? Well, you ask for it and OVS provided: the Safari portable ground tent. This is a tent which can be deployed rather quickly and sleep from 4 to 5 people on the ground quite comfortably. Made from a breathable and resistant 420 oxford canvas, you got yourself a 4 season ground tent. It is waterproof thanks to the polyurethane coating, as well as mold and UV resistant. All the zippers are heavy duty and it comes with its own bag for storage and to carry it.

    As to the dimensions, it has a length of 92 inches, a width of 76 inches and a height when open of 78 inches, as well as weighing 41 lbs. Please be adviced it doesn’t include a mattress, but it is quite spacious. As to set up, the quick deploying feature of the poles is excellent, and it just takes around 2-3 minutes to set it up, and around 5 to pack it down, which is still quite good for any large ground tent.

    Finally, when it comes to airflow and ventilation the Safari does a good job, having a breathable canvas, but more importanty four windows on all sides of the tent, which allow for very good and much needed air flow. Each window has mesh to keep all bugs or creatures away, and the full size door is spacious enough to fit adults without any issues.

    Why we like it?

    • Spacious for 4 to 5 people
    • Easy to deploy and pack
    • High quality

    Sleeping Capacity




    4-5 People

    41 lbs

    Open: 92” x 76” x 78”


    4 Year Limited



    Overland Vehicle Systems Bed Rack Models


    OVS Discovery Rack 

    ovs discovery bed rack

    This is yet another amazing bed rack kit made by OVS and it too is a bed rack that sits above the truck cab making it a perfect system to carry any longer loads such as kayaks, ladders, planks, snowboards, skis, and more. It also has a static weight capacity of 1350 lbs making it one of the strongest bed rack kits on the market right now and it gives you the ability to mount pretty much anything you can think of including bigger roof top tents.

    Great thing bout this bed rack is that you can modify it and equip it with a wide variety of bed rack accessories that will be useful on your next off-road or overlanding adventure. It is a universal bed rack meaning that a variety of different truck models can mount it and it was designed for mid-sized trucks with short beds.

    No drilling is needed to install it. This OVS bed rack is made out of sturdy, built-to-last marine-grade stainless steel that has been black powder coated to prevent any chipping, scratches, and even erosion when driving around muddy terrain. There is enough space underneath the rack to store things in your truck bed.

    This rack also has integrated tie-down points that make carrying any loads safer and even has side panels that you can use to mount a variety of gear, gear mounts, and even camping accessories and recovery gear. This is another great bed rack system that OVS has to offer so be sure to check it out! 

    Why we like it?

    • No drill bed rack
    • 33” tall
    • Can withstand up to 1350 lbs weight capacity
    • Universal bed rack system
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity  Warranty
    No Drill 80lbs

    Static: 1350lbs

    Dynamic: 450lbs

    4 Year Limited

    OVS Freedom Rack 

    OVS Freedom Bed Rack

    First on the list of the OVS rack systems is the Freedom bed rack. This is affordable, sturdy, and on top of that a universal system that is able to be mounted on a variety of truck beds. It is a high-quality bed rack that is able to withstand up to 1350 lbs of weight capacity which is more than enough to load up pretty much any gear you can think of and even mount a bigger roof top tent.

    It sits above the truck cab which gives you the ability to carry longer loads such as ladders, planks, skis, kayaks, and many more. You can also mount a variety of accessories to it and modify it to fit your needs and your lifestyle. It weighs only 80 lbs and you can adjust the height from 19” all the way up to 30” for maximum utility and versatility.

    It is built to last and has an aluminum construction with a black powder coat finish to increase durability and prevent any scratches and even erosion when driving through muddy terrain. The great thing about this OVS bed rack is that it DOES NOT require any drilling in order to be installed. It uses a clamp system which allows you to install your rack in a short time period.

    It also features integrated tie-down points which allow you to securely fated any load you put on the bed rack and even has T-slot attachments that make adding gear and gear mount a breeze. It is one of the sturdiest bed rack systems on the market right now and it will certainly be a great addition to your next overlanding adventure so feel free to check it out!

    Why we like it?

    • Up to 1350 lbs of weight capacity
    • No drill bed rack system
    • Able to mount a variety of gear
    • Adjustable height
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity  Warranty
    No Drill (Uses Clamps) 80lbs

    Static: 1350lbs

    Dynamic: 450lbs

    4 Year Limited


    OVS Awning Models


    Overland Vehicle Systems 270 Awning With Walls

    OVS 270 Awning With Walls

    Although it is one of the most expensive 270 awnings now available, it is also one of the largest awnings available. Moreover, it has walls! It was created and manufactured by OVS, and like their other top-notch off-road equipment, this is no different. This is another freestanding 270 awning, but since it is one of the heaviest awnings out there and weighs 72 pounds, we do advise using the included support legs.

    It has a lot of incredible features, so let's look at some of them. Let's start by mentioning that the 270 degree awning's fabric is constructed of 600D poly cotton ripstop canvas, which is waterproof and weatherproof in every way. To assure its endurance, the awning has been put to the test in some of the toughest weather scenarios. Just fold up your 270 awning when not in use and store it within the 1000G PVC travel cover to further shield it from the weather.

    The awning's frame is constructed from durable aluminum poles that can resist all types of weather. You can deploy and pack it up quickly—it takes about a minute total. Telescoping poles are provided with this awning, as we already mentioned, and they can be adjusted to match almost any vehicle height. The heavy-duty stakes and ropes can be used to further anchor the awning during strong winds.

    The fact that the walls are included with this 270 awning is another fantastic feature! With those walls, you may transform this awning into an annex area or even a tent that you can use to house additional people, conceal surplus supplies, and store goods. Walls are strong and resistant to all weather conditions. This awning, which covers 129 ft2, is among the largest 270 awnings now available, as we've already mentioned.

    It is truly an incredible piece of equipment that will increase the experience of your upcoming overlanding adventure. Even a 4-year warranty is included! Please feel free to take a look!

    Why we like it?

    • Comes with walls
    • Biggest 270 awnings on the market
    • Freestanding awning
    • Very sturdy and high-quality build 


    OVS 180 Awning

    OVS 180 Awning

    This is another high-quality awning from OVS and it is a 180 degree awning. It is smaller than the previously mentioned one however it uses the same materials. It is a freestanding awning that can be deployed in just under a minute and it provides you and your fellow campers with 88 square feet of coverage under which you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery around you.

    The material of this 180 awning is 480 rip-stop thread and also features a 600D poly cotton rip-stop cover. It is a really sturdy awning that has aluminum poles holding the canvas up and it can resist all types of weather conditions and even the strongest of winds as it was tested in some of the harshest weather conditions out there.

    Even though it is a freestanding awning you still can use the support telescoping poles that come with it and secure it even more with cords and heavy-duty stakes. Those aluminum poles can be adjusted to fit any vehicle's height. It weighs 53 lbs and it DOES NOT require any modifications or drilling whatsoever in order to mount this awning to your rack system.

    You can mount this 180 degree awning to either the driver's or the passenger's side, depending on your preference. Even though it is smaller and covers less than the 270 degree awning system it is still one of the highest quality awnings on the market and will surely be a great addition to any camping or overlanding trip so feel free to check it out! It also comes with a 4 Year Limited Warranty!

    Why we like it?

    • Freestanding awning
    • High quality materials
    • Durable aluminum construction
    • Can withstand even the strongest of winds 


    Overland Vehicle Systems Awning Nomadic

    OVS Nomadic Side Awning

    This is the smallest awning that OVS has to offer, and it is a side awning. It is however the most affordable model and it offers 53 square feet of coverage. However, there is also a longer model that offers 69 square feet of coverage and they both use the same materials. This side awning is very easy to setup and pack up and you need less than a minute to do so. But let’s see what else it has to offer.

    The awning has 420 poly cotton rip-stop canvas and features 2 pivoting poles with adjustable heights so that they can adapt to a variety of vehicle heights. They also give the awning additional support during harsh weather conditions and during strong winds. This awning also comes with a 600D rip-stop cover. For additional stability, you can also use the tie-down points and attach the cords and stake them to the ground.

    This OVS side awning is compatible with all aftermarket roof rack kits and does not require any drilling or modifications in order to install it. You do, however, need an awning bracket that would sit on your roof rack. It comes with a 4 Year Limited Warranty as the previously mentioned awnings and it is a fantastic model to have if you do not want to put a lot of weight on your off-road rig.

    Why we like it?

    • Compact and lightweight
    • Rugged materials used
    • Easy and fast setup
    • Compatible with all roof racks


    Overland Vehicle Systems Accessories


    Overland Vehicle Systems Lights

    OVS Camping Lights

    When going out camping you should always have a source of light with you. Sure, a flashlight is good but maybe you need to set up something or carry something or do some work around your camping spot and you need both of your hands free. That’s where this OVS camping light comes in.

    It is a solar-powered camping light that has its own telescoping tripod so that it can sit freely and light up the area you point it at. Just place it outside on a sunny day and let it charge its lithium-ion battery which will last you all night long.

    You can adjust the height of these lights from 70” up to 90” and you can even remove some of the 12” light pods so that you can use them with a different light setting. Each of the mentioned light pods features a hook and a magnet for easy mounting.

    You can even carry a singular light pod with you to light up the path or even place it inside your tent if you need it. These standing lights come in a sturdy and secure storage case that you can neatly store away inside your vehicle.

    These OVS camping lights weigh only 17 lbs and will surely be a great addition to your next off-road or camping adventure. Be sure to check them out!


    Overland Vehicle Systems Cargo Box

    OVS Storage Box

    For storing all of those smaller gadgets, food supplies, toiletries, or even some smaller camping gear OVS created the Dry Box storage box. It has a rugged and sturdy build that was designed to survive even the harshest outdoor conditions and take a beating. There are a couple of sizes to this OVS Dry Box so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

    This storage box was made from durable military-grade polyethylene and features dust and water-resistant gasket seals. As you guessed by the name, this is a water-resistant box so you can put your valuables inside without worrying if they are going to get damaged. Also, you don’t have to worry about them getting stolen as this storage box features a locking mechanism.

    Couple more things we want to mention are the heavy-duty stainless-steel latches that keep the box closed at all times even if it starts tumbling inside your car on rough terrain and the heavy-duty ballistic nylon handles with rubbed grips that make carrying this OVS dry box a breeze. The larger box weighs 60 lbs while the smaller one weighs only 20 lbs!

    Both of the boxes have a cool little feature and that is the integrated bottle opener! All in all, it is a great product to have to carry pretty much anything you can fit inside and keep it safe from outside elements and even theft so be sure to check it out!



    Recovery Gear Pack

    OVS Recovery Gear Pack

    This is a neat little pack of all the essential recovery gear that you might need during your next off-road or even overlanding trip. The pack contains a recovery ramp and a utility shovel which you can use to excavate a portion of your vehicle if it ever gets stuck or even dig out a hole for a campfire.

    The shovel is foldable so it takes up less space inside your vehicle and has a serrated edge for clearing obstacles or cutting wood. It is constructed out of boron steel and is also black powder coated for added durability. You can even rotate the edge so that you can use the shovel as a pick or a hoe.

    The recovery ramp is useful if your tires get stuck in mud or snow or even sand. The cruciform grip on the back of the ramp will provide a more solid ground gripping that is needed to get your vehicle out of that stuck situation. The ramp also has drilled-in tie-down holes so that you can attach it to your rack system if you want.

    Both the shovel and the ramp have their own convenient covers in which you can store away your gear when not using it. We know that there’s a lot more to recovery gear than just a shovel and a recovery ramp but regardless this is a neat little bundle that the OVS has created which will certainly be of great use during any off-road adventure so be sure to check it out! 


    Overland Vehicle Systems Shower 

    overland vehicle systems shower

    Nothing like having your own easy to deploy, private shower room when you’re camping or on the road. The OVS Nomadic Side Shower Room easily mounts onto the side of your rack as if it was an awning, and then opens up in a matter of seconds to allow you to have all the needed privacy to take a good and refreshing shower. It can also be used as a private changing room for both men and women. 

    It comes with all the needed hardware to mount it to the rack, an L-shaped bracket, stainless steel bolts and nuts, etc. All the zippers are of high quality, and the canvas is 420D ripstop oxford, and waterproof. It measures 76 inches when open, but it can be adjusted, 42 inches wide and long, and it weighs only 15 lbs.


    Overland Vehicle Systems FAQS


    What is Overland Vehicle Systems?

    Overland Vehicle Systems or OVS short is a brand that designs and creates a wide variety of off-road and overlanding gear including roof top tents, awnings, bed racks, accessories, recovery gear, and many more.


    What is the best Overland Vehicle Systems tent?

    That all depends on your needs and your lifestyle. If you are looking for a budget-friendly tent, then take a look at the TMBK 3 which is a 3-person roof top tent and one of the most affordable roof top tents on the market right now. If you are looking for the biggest tent you can get your hand on that would be the OVS Nomadic 4. However, OVS creates a lot of high-quality roof top tents, and some of them we mentioned on our list.


    Is the Overland Vehicle Systems cargo box worth it?

    The short answer to that would be yes! It is waterproof, able to be locked so that it protects all of your valuables, and can even take a beating as it has a rugged and durable design.


    What is the weight of the OVS 270 Awning?

    The OVS 270 Awning weighs 72 lbs and is among the heaviest awning systems on the market.


    What is the Overland Vehicle Systems awning warranty?

    They have 4 Year Limited Warranty!


    What is the biggest OVS roof top tent?

    The biggest OVS roof top tent would be the OVS Nomadic 4 as 4+ people can sleep inside it.


    Where is Overland Vehicle Systems made? 

    Overland Vehicle Systems products are designed in America and manufactured in different countries. Yet most of them are made in China, under an excellent quality control and reassuring that the craftsmanship is top notch. On top of that, all the materials are of the highest quality. Not for nothing all their products have a 4 year limited warranty.


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