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    Heretic Studios is an outstanding lighting manufacturer that has been leading the industry for over a decade. They are highly regarded for producing high-quality, innovative, and top-performing lighting solutions for various applications such as off-road vehicles, motorcycles, and marine vessels.

    One of the key highlights of Heretic Studios' products is their robust and sturdy construction. Their lights are crafted from top-grade materials that can withstand the most rigorous conditions. The company uses military-grade aluminum for the housings and unbreakable polycarbonate lenses for the light covers. This not only makes their lights impact and vibration resistant but also weatherproof and dustproof.

    Moreover, Heretic Studios' products are renowned for their exceptional performance. Their LED light bars generate a powerful and focused beam of light that can brighten even the darkest trails, while their rock lights are ideal for lighting the area under your vehicle for easier navigation on rough terrains. Their marine lights are also specifically designed to resist saltwater corrosion and the harsh marine environment.

    Apart from their durability and performance, Heretic Studios also places a high value on innovation and design. They strive to go beyond the limits of LED lighting technology, and their products feature exceptional and striking designs that are both functional and stylish.

    In conclusion, Heretic Studios is a leading lighting manufacturer that produces top-notch products for off-road enthusiasts, motorcyclists, and boaters. Their lights are known for their durability, high-performance, and aesthetic appeal, making them an excellent investment for anyone who wants to elevate their outdoor experiences.


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    Heretic Lights


    40” LED Light Bar


    Heretic 40 Inch Light Bar

    If you're searching for a reliable and powerful LED light bar for your off-road adventures, the Heretic 40” LED light bar is an excellent choice that showcases Heretic Studios' dedication to top-notch design and high-quality manufacturing. The standout feature of this light bar is its impressive luminosity. Providing an enormous 29,000 lumens of light output, this is one of the brightest LED light bars on the market, enabling you to see clearly in the darkest of trails.

    Besides its brightness, the Heretic 40” LED light bar is also exceptionally durable. Its sturdy housing is crafted from military-grade aluminum, ensuring that it can withstand the toughest conditions. Moreover, its shatterproof polycarbonate lens is incredibly tough, so the light bar can endure hits without breaking. Additionally, this light bar is fully weatherproof, which means that rain, snow, or mud won't affect its performance.

    Another great feature of this Heretic light bar is its elegant design. The Heretic 40” LED light bar boasts a sleek and stylish design that enhances the appearance of any off-road vehicle. Its low-profile design ensures that it won't take up too much space on your vehicle, yet it will still provide an immense amount of light.

    Overall, the Heretic light bar is an outstanding product that will enhance your off-road adventures. With its exceptional brightness, durable construction, and stylish design, this light bar is a top-tier option that you won't regret purchasing.

    Why do we like it?

    • High-quality construction
    • Powerful light output
    • Stylish design



    Curved LED Light Bar


    Heretic Curved 40 Inch Light Bar

    Another great LED light bar that Heretic Studios has to offer is their curved light bar. It has pretty much the same features as their regular 40” LED light bar except that it has a curved design that will focus the light beam better and help you better illuminate the road. This LED light bar also features an IP68 rated casing that is able to withstand any outside elements.

    The Heretic 40” curved LED light bar boasts a remarkable feature which is its powerful brightness. It emits a massive 29,000 lumens of light output that can effectively light up even the darkest trails and rugged terrains. This ensures that you'll have clear visibility while driving, making your off-road adventures safer and more enjoyable.

    Moreover, the Heretic 40” curved LED light bar is highly durable and designed to withstand the toughest conditions. The light bar is constructed with military-grade aluminum housing and a shatterproof polycarbonate lens that can provide reliable protection from the elements. It is also weatherproof, so you can be sure that it will keep working even in rain, snow, or mud.

    Additionally, the design of this LED light bar is impressive. Its curved design gives it a modern and stylish appearance that is both functional and appealing. The low-profile design ensures that it won't occupy too much space on your vehicle, but it still provides a vast amount of light. Whether you are using it on a truck, SUV, or any other off-road vehicle, this light bar will enhance the overall look and feel of your ride.

    Why do we like it?

    • Curved design for better light focus
    • Sturdy weatherproof build
    • Stylish low-profile design



    FOG Light Kit


    Heretic Fog Light Kit

    Next up is the Heretic fog lights! Before we get into detail, we want to mention that Heretic offers a variety of different fog lights for many different vehicles. They are designed to maximize visibility and minimize over-fogging. With this fog light kit you can go through any terrain confidently as they will illuminate the road in front of you and give you the needed visibility to go on.

    The impressive brightness of the Heretic Fog Lights is a major selling point. These lights utilize advanced LED technology to create a powerful beam that can penetrate through even the thickest fog. The optics are top-notch, producing a wide and even beam that illuminates the road ahead with an impressive power of 2900 lumens.

    In addition to their brightness, the Heretic Fog Lights are also highly durable. They are made of top-quality materials, including military-grade aluminum for the housing and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses for the covers, and have been IP68 rated making them capable of withstanding the harshest conditions. The fog lights are also fully weatherproof, ensuring that they continue to function properly even in rain, snow, or mud.

    The Heretic Fog Lights are also visually appealing with a sleek, modern design that adds a touch of style to any vehicle. Their low-profile design allows them to fit seamlessly onto any vehicle without taking up too much space, while still delivering a substantial amount of light.

    Why do we like it?

    • Very bright lights
    • Strong casing
    • Can be mounted onto any vehicle



    Behind The Grille Light Bar


    Heretic Behind The Grille Bar

    Behind the grille 30” light bar is another amazing Heretic Studios product that lets you have a good and reliable LED light bar on your vehicle without having to permanently install it. It is a low-profile LED light bar and it stays hidden behind the grille of your truck. It is also compatible with various vehicles and installing it does not take more than a few minutes as it doesn’t require any drilling or cutting.

    The Heretic behind the grille light bar is an outstanding product that is ideal for those who want to improve their vehicle's lighting. One of its most remarkable features is its exceptional brightness, which provides a powerful beam of light that can illuminate even the darkest off-road terrain, ensuring clear visibility and safer driving.

    This LED light bar's construction is highly durable, as its housing is made of high-quality materials such as military-grade aluminum and shatterproof polycarbonate lens. It is also IP68 rated so it can withstand even the toughest conditions, making it fully weatherproof to resist rain, snow, or mud's effects.

    Additionally, this LED light bar has a sleek and stylish design. Its low-profile design ensures that it provides a massive amount of light while not taking up too much space on your vehicle. The light bar is designed to fit discreetly behind your vehicle's grille, making it a powerful yet unobtrusive addition to your lighting setup.

    Overall, the Heretic behind the grille light bar is a top-tier option that is well worth investing in. With its impressive brightness, durable construction, and stylish design, this light bar is an exceptional product that can enhance your driving experience. It can assist you in navigating off-road terrain or driving on winding roads by providing clear visibility in front of you with ease.

    Why do we like it?

    • Very low-profile design
    • Can withstand any outside elements
    • Provides a massive amount of light




    Bumper LED Light Bar


    Heretic Bumper LED Light Bar

    The last product for today is the Heretic bumper LED light bar. This Is yet another easy-to-install LED light bar that sits on the bumper of your vehicle and provides ample lighting thus allowing you to conquer any type of terrain even at night! It has a durable and rugged construction made of high-quality aluminum that is able to withstand any weather conditions.

    It is a sleek-looking and low-profile LED light bar that doesn’t take up a lot of space on your vehicle, making it a discreet yet powerful addition to your lighting setup. With it your vehicle will also look better! Another cool feature of this bumper LED light bar is that it has cooling fins that create more efficient heat transfer thus allowing this light bar to function for longer periods of time.

    This 20” LED light bar has 14,520 lumens and is incredibly lightweight as it weighs only 3 lbs. Overall, this Heretic Studios bumper LED light bar is an amazing product that offers impressive brightness, durable construction, and a very sleek design. No need to say that this light bar will be a great addition to your vehicle as well as your next off-road adventure so be sure to check it out!

    Why do we like it?

    • Doesn’t require drilling to be installed
    • Very lightweight design
    • Features cooling fins for better function



    Heretic Studios FAQS


    Are Heretic lights good?


    Yes, they are! All of the Heretic Studios LED light bars have durable weatherproof construction and provide ample lighting needed to illuminate the road when driving at night!


    What is the best Heretic light bar?


    We cannot say what is the single best Heretic Studios LED light bar as everyone has different needs. However, if you are looking for an LED light bar that will sit on top of your roof then you should take a look at their 40” light bar. If you are looking for something smaller perhaps you should consider getting their bumper or even behind the grille light bar.


    What is the benefit of a curved light bar?


    A curved light bar is better at focusing the beam of light in one direction.


    What is the smallest Heretic light bar?


    The smallest Heretic LED light bar would be their 6” LED light bar.


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