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    Looking to buy a roof top tent? Then you've come to the right place. At Off Road Tents we specialize in off-road and camping equipment, as you may have already noticed.

    We're proud to offer the widest selection of rooftop tents in the market, as well as the right roof racks and accessories to make sure that you can buy everything you need in the same place, without spending extra money or time.

    From softshell to hardshell roof tents, we've got them. The brands we carry are by far the best ones in the market, we care about quality, and that means giving you a selection of only the best products in the market.

    You can select roof rack tents from brands such as:

    • Tepui
    • iKamper
    • Front Runner
    • Roofnest
    • Free Spirit Recreation
    • Bundutec
    • Guana Equipment
    • Tuff Stuff
    • And more...

    That's the best of the best.

    Do you need help choosing an RTT?

    • Give us a call: 844-200-3979
    • Email us: info@offroadtents.com

    In case you do need help, we suggest you read our blog posts, where you will find relevant information about the best roof top tents out there, as well as which roof racks suit your rig, or other advice on vehicle accessories and camping gear.

    Basic Roof Top Tent Info

    It's important that you also understand a few basic concepts form rooftop tents.

    RTTs come in two different types: hard-shell and soft-shell

    Hardshell tents, or hard tops, are either the squared shaped tents or the clamshell tents. Normally they are made of either fiberglass shells, or aluminum shells. They tend to be more expensive, as their materials cost more, and are slightly more durable.

    They are more aerodynamic, but also tend to weigh a bit more, and normally fit a maximum of three people, except for models such as the iKamper Skycamp 2.0, which can fit 4.

    Probably the biggest advantage of a hard top tent, is the fact that they open and close in a matter of seconds, literally in less than a minute. This makes it much easier to just leave your camp space quickly, or just park your vehicle anywhere and be up there in seconds.

    When it comes to softshell car top tents, you're looking at a few extra features. Soft-shell RTTs do take longer in setting up, maybe around 3 minutes once you've got some practice, and then around 5 to pack them up.

    Depending of the model, they take less space on the rack, and weigh less, as well as being more affordable. A great thing is that they come in many different sizes, and a few can fit up to 5 people comfortably, such as the Elite by Tuff Stuff.

    Despite not having a hard top, they still can last for years, since they're built with excellent canvases, and at Off Road Tents we make sure you only get to buy the best ones.

    Thanks to their shape or design, they can even have an annex attached to them, which can be used as a changing room, to sleep more people, or even to sit, cook or store things inside of them. One great annex is the XL annex of the Guana Equipment Wanaka Roof Top Tent.

    What you decide to buy depends on your needs:

    • Budget
    • People that will use it with you
    • How often you'll use it
    • Where you will use it
    • Design

    It's very important you also take into account things such as where and when you'll use your roof rack tent. Because if it'll be during winter, you want to make sure you get a 4-season roof top tent, such as the FSR High Country 55 Tri-Layer.

    Once again if you need a word of advice:

    • Give us a call: 844-200-3979
    • Email us: info@offroadtents.com

    Finally, and really important, you need to know that for effectively and safely using a rooftop camping tent, you also need the right roof rack.

    You want to make sure that your roof rack, or cross bars, have a dynamic weight capacity (DWC) of at least 165 lbs. the DWC is the weight that your rack can carry when the vehicle is in motion.

    165 lbs will be enough to support your tent when the car's moving, and then once you're parked on the campsite, the rack will normally hold over 500 lbs of Static Weight Capacity (SWC). This will be enough to support the tent and the people sleeping inside of it. 

    ***If you're not sure whether your vehicle has the right roof rack, please take a look at our roof rack collection, most of which will be able to support this roof top tent.***

    Certain vehicles aren't really suited to carry a tent, but if equipped with the right rack or crossbars, then for short periods of time, or if they're not carrying the RTT on top for extended periods of time, they'll be fine.

    Of course, vehicles such as a Jeep, a Ford Explorer, an FJ Cruiser, a Toyota 4Runner or such are perfect.

    Pickup trucks can also handle tents without a problem, either on the roof if the cab allows it, or on the bed if they have a bed rack. Tacoma, Tundra, F150, RAM, you name it. Just make sure you have an appropriate bed rack, and you'll be good to go.

    Once again, at Off Road Tents we're proud to offer you the best and widest selection of RTTs in the market, as well as all the other necessary gear for your overlanding adventure.

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