How Much Does A Bed Rack Affect MPG


In this article we will go through the effect a bed rack can make on your vehicle especially the usage of fuel. We will talk about how bed racks and items over it can affect MPG (Miles Per Gallon) and what can you do to decrease the usage of fuel.


What Is MPG?

MPG is short for miles per gallon and with it, you can see how far your vehicle can go for every gallon of fuel it spends or for every 4.55 liters. So, let’s say you have a car that has 50 MPG that means that it can go 50 miles before it runs out of fuel.

Now a lot of things can increase your fuel spending. Some of the things would be the speed at which your vehicle is moving, the weight of the vehicle itself, and even low tire pressure because your engine will have to work harder in order to make your car move.


How Can A Bed Rack Affect MPG?

Certain bed racks are designed in a way so that your vehicle can be as fuel efficient as it can be. Bed rack manufacturers try to design them so that they are sturdy yet light and aerodynamic. However, there are some things that you should look out for if you want to spend less fuel.



Now, this may sound surprising but a height of a bed rack is a very crucial thing to consider when buying one. If a bed rack is higher than the truck cab it will increase the vehicle’s aerodynamic drag. You may not feel the difference but it will certainly make one.

A lot of vehicle manufacturers try to design said vehicles so they can be aerodynamic so that they can move through the environment with as little resistance as they can. Loot at planes for example. They do not have any square parts and that is because they have to move efficiently through the air.

Not only that but they also save a lot of fuel by designing them that way. So, if you put anything that sticks out from the frame of your car your gas tank will feel the difference.



This is another important thing to look after. Now a lot of bed racks have different weights so if you want your vehicle to be more fuel efficient you should pick a lighter bed rack. But the things you put on that rack will also have an impact.

If you load your car with heavy cargo your engine will have to spend more gas in order to make it move. You’ve probably noticed how having your car full of people spends gas more than if you were driving it by yourself.


Items Over Bed Rack

When putting certain cargo over your bed rack you will have to worry about two things if you want your vehicle to be fuel efficient. First thing is that said cargo doesn’t stick out as much. The reason for that is that you will encounter the aforementioned aerodynamic drag.

The second thing is the weight of that load. Of course, you will use your vehicle to transport items because they were meant for that but you should also pay attention to what you put on it. If you want to save fuel you should avoid the unnecessary weight.

Or if you have to transport heavy cargo, be ready to bring some extra fuel canisters with you because you will probably need them.


Let's Wrap It Up

So, we mentioned the most important things to look after if you want to save fuel on your off-road adventures or even just driving around in an urban environment. You now know that the aerodynamics of the vehicle and a bed rack plays a huge role in the gas usage of your vehicle.

Not only that but also the weight of your cargo that goes over the bed rack and the shape of it. In order to spend less fuel, you should make your vehicle as light as possible but we all know that sometimes that is impossible. So, make sure you are always prepared and bring that extra gas canister with you.

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