How Much Weight Can You Put On A Subaru Roof?


If you're looking for a Subaru Outback roof rack system, it's critical to understand the roof rack weight restriction and the manufacturer's recommended weight limit for your vehicle's roof.


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In this article, we'll answer these two frequently asked concerns to assist you in selecting the best rack for your needs.

The roof rack's weight limit differs slightly from the vehicle's weight capability because each Subaru roof rack has undergone extensive testing to verify its accurate weight capacity.

For example, popular brands such as Prinsu, Front Runner, and Sherpa provide roof racks with weight ratings ranging from 600 to 700 lbs.

  •         Subaru specifies a dynamic weight capacity of 176 lbs., which indicates that the car can securely carry up to 176 pounds of weight on the roof when driving.
  •         While the car is parked, the weight capacity increases to 650 lbs., as recommended by Subaru.. It should be noted that these values are cautious, and several owners have successfully driven while carrying higher weight.
  •         Nonetheless, we recommend you stick to Subaru’s recommendations as to avoid any issues, which could be affecting your vehicle’s center of gravity.

Now, let’s go onto understanding the roof’s weight capacity. When estimating the total load over your roof, include the weight of your roof rack.

For example, if your roof rack weighs 46 lbs., you'll have 130 lbs. of room left for your accessories.

If you plan on adding accessories or gear over the rack, remember to try and stay within the limits, and perhaps use lighter roof top tents (if that’s what you want to install) or rack accessories as to avoid overloading the rack itself.

When parked, you could carry close to 650 lbs., but verify the weight restriction of your roof rack.

For example, a Front Runner Slimline II roof rack can safely accommodate 660 lbs., although other models may have lesser weight capabilities. To avoid difficulties, always adhere to the weight restriction indicated by your roof rack.

To summarize, the weight capacity of a Subaru roof is determined by several elements, including the model, roof type, and dynamic and static weight capacity.

See your vehicle’s manual to learn the roof weight capacity of your individual Subaru model and establish the weight limit you may safely transport.

It's critical to consider the weight of the equipment, the weight of the gear, and the weight capacity of your Subaru roof while opting for a rooftop tent or roof rack.

Overloading your roof can be hazardous and harm your car, so sticking to the set weight limitations is critical.


Understanding What Is Dynamic And Static Weight Capacity

When selecting a roof rack for your car, you should examine the dynamic and static weight capabilities.

The weight limit of the rack while the vehicle is in motion, such as when driving down the highway with cargo or gear on the roof, is referred to as dynamic weight capacity.

In contrast, static weight capacity refers to the weight limit of the rack when the vehicle is parked and stationary.

Both factors are critical to ensuring your equipment's safe and secure shipment.

In addition, you risk damaging your vehicle and possibly causing an accident if you exceed the weight restriction for either dynamic or static weight capacity.


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What Does My Subaru Vehicle Manual Say?

When looking to buy a rooftop tent for your Subaru vehicle, there are various factors that you need to take into account.

While many of the same concerns to standard tents apply to rooftop tents (such as capacity and seasonality), some special considerations come with this unique camping arrangement.

Here are some crucial points to remember as you go through the=the decision-making process:

  •         Check the weight capacity of your Subaru model. Then, check the weight capacity of your roof rack, as well as the weight of your tent and how many people will camp on it. If you are 100% certain you are not exceeding the weight capacities of the rack and roof, then you’re good to go!
  •         Choose a tent with an easy set-up process.
  •         Consider the shell type, either hard or soft, and the weight limit it falls under.

Price or budget you have in mind. Tents vary in price, some being entry-level, perhaps with a lower quality, yet good enough for beginners. Others come with all the bells and whistles, but that will depend on your budget!

Understanding the weight capacity of the roof rack requires consulting your Subaru car manual.

The maximum load restriction for the roof rails and crossbars is specified in the manual, along with dynamic and static weight limits.

It is crucial to follow these guidelines to avoid causing damage to the roof, roof rack, or the car itself.

Read the manual thoroughly to discover the weight capacity restrictions for your specific Subaru model.

Remember that weight limits will vary depending on your vehicle's model and year and the type of roof rack you have installed.

Following those principles will result in a safe and enjoyable roof rack experience.


Can My Rack Carry More Than My Roof Weight Capacity?

Indeed, a roof rack can carry greater weight than the roof weight capacity. However, exceeding the weight restriction indicated in the vehicle manual is not recommended.

It is critical to keep the weight on the rack as close to the roof weight capacity as possible, which is normally around 176 lbs. dynamic for a Subaru.

Exceeding this weight limit may result in vehicle damage and threaten road safety.


Will The Roof Weight Capacity Change From One Vehicle Model to Another?

The roof weight capability varies depending on the vehicle model. When in motion, the Subaru Outback, for example, has a roof weight capacity of 176 lbs.

Other Subaru models, such as the Forester and Crosstrek, also have a roof weight capacity of 176 lbs., but the  Ascent has a weight capacity of 150 lbs.

Refer to your vehicle’s handbook or quickly search for your vehicle's precise weight capacity.

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