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    Dometic is one of the most sought and important brands in the overlanding industry when it comes to portable electric car fridges and coolers. This is a brand that has expanded globally, providing one of the most efficient, reliable and high-quality products. 

    Dometic is a company that uses in many products the absorption technology that was invented by Carl Munters and Baltzar von Platen in 1922. The company has grown into a global leader through innovation, geographical expansion and acquisitions. 

    If you are a true outdoor lover, then you know how important it is to take the right products and gear to your overlanding adventures. In this case, a portable fridge will make a difference between enjoying your road trips and simply not having the greatest time. 

    Having a portable electric freezer and cooler for your vehicle is a key in the camping lifestyle, as having your food and drinks fresh and cool is simply one of the most relevant aspects when you travel. In this collection you will find the best fridges available for you to have a more professional camping experience. 

    We offer a wide range of options that vary in style, capacity, liters, dimensions, compartments, temperature range, and more. This way you can choose the one that fits your needs better and the one you are more comfortable with. 

    Anything you need, from portable lithium batteries, to fridge slides, to 12v fridges, and more, we've got you covered.

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    Browse around the different options, choose the dimensions and prices that you prefer and find your ideal portable electric fridge and cooler for your vehicle. 

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