About Us

How Did It All Begin For Off Road Tents?

It all started back in 2016, after a long roadtrip across Australia and New Zealand. Two best friends, we had explored lots of places together, from Mexico, to Norway, now it was the land down under, and the place that introduced us to roof top tents.

We had both always been passionate for hiking and camping. We had been to mind blowing places like Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica, where we hiked and camped for 4 nights in the rain forest surrounded by marvelous animals. We have always loved exploring, pushing ourselves to the limit.

Both of us shared a passion for vehicles and one thing lead to another, giving birth to Off Road Tents.

It's been quite a journey since then, we've learned a lot, and you, all of you have helped us learn even more. We've tested accessories, attended Overland Expos, spoken to hundreds of customers, gone overlanding in beautiful states like Colorado, Utah, Maine, Arizona, California, Florida, you name it.

From experience, we understand the necessities, problems and gear needed to go overlanding or off-road and that is why we chose to open a store to sell the best products we find in the market.  We enjoy what we do and focus on innovation, time efficiency and detailed information of our products.  

It is common for people to ask themselves why buy online, or why buy from us? As experienced campers and overlanders we understand perfectly what you really need, what can make a difference on your adventures and off road experiences.

And on top of all of that, we have a truly committed team that wants and likes to help, that knows how to do it, and will go above and beyond so you feel satisfied with your whole experience, from buying, to using the products.


The Off Road Tents Team:

Time to meet the team. We've been very. very lucky to grow, thanks to your help, in the past few years. What started as a company of two, is now slightly bigger, and it's become a family. From customer service, to marketing, sales and logistics, we have a great team of committed and passionate people. Truly, we believe this team is second to none. 

Ignacio Roses - Sales Manager & Customer Support:

Ignacio Roses - Sales Manager Off Road Tents

Hi overlanding enthusiasts, my name is Ignacio and I am a sales manager at ORT.

So far, the experience has been great. We are a small team with one element in common: passion for what we do.

From Monday to Friday, you can find me providing floor support or jumping into calls and emails with our customers. I have to confess, I am customer service oriented (obsessed), so you can always expect the best from me and the rest of the crew.

My passion? Outdoors and every single thing related to it. From a camping trip, riding my bike, snorkeling or just a quick walk in the woods, that's who I am and what defines me the most.

As you can imagine, my spare time is dedicated a 100% to my hobbies. Hence, you'll never find me in a mall, unless I really have to. If I can escape on a weekend cmaping trip, I'll be doing that. If not, I'll ride my bike or take care of my plants (my house is like a forest!)

I think, finding an adventure is always easy if you are truly self-driven for what you love. That's why, outdoors is my life.

Having a job that gives me the possibility of finding people somehow related and connected to what I love, that's what this is all about. Happy to work at Off Road Tents!



Nick Wright - Sales & Customer Support

 nick wright off road tents

Hey, my name is Nick, better known as the Wright Guy!

I've been working at Off Road Tents for two years, in what has been a beautiful journey.

I'm more of a family guy, with a passion for plants and my garden. Find me mowing the lawn, taking care of my fruit trees in the garden, and spending time with my family. 

I'll likely be the one advising you on what overlanding product to buy, and you can bet I'll always do my best to recommend you the best option. I'm a DIY type of guy, I love fixing stuff myself, putting things back together and just curious about how everything works. And well, that means I know a thing or two about vehicle equipment and what works best in different scenarios!



Gianluca Boncompagni - Co-Founder:

co founder off road tents

My name is Gianluca and I’m one of the founders at ORT. I’m one of the guys assisting in a little bit of everything: sales, marketing, support, you name it. My goal is to make sure you are pleased with every step of the journey here at ORT, whether that’s giving you access to helpful information, or you getting your item on time.

About me? Well, my passion for the outdoors started when I was a young kid. We had a big backyard at my parents’ house, and I was always climbing trees and playing games. As I grew, that passion turned onto camping, traveling and exploring. 

Nowadays you’ll find me at my home office crunching numbers, or finding ways to help you guys, but on the weekends I can’t wait to go on a roadtrip, use my RTT, or chill by the beach, have a grill-out with friends or even just a short hike.

Life’s been a beautiful journey for me. I’ve had the pleasure to explore all 6 continents (I’m missing Antarctica and I’ll make it there one day!), camp literally everywhere, and enjoy the most beautiful places I could have imagined.

Working for ORT has allowed me to share my passion with wonderful people, whether that’s talking over the phone with a customer, sharing experiences over a few drinks at an Overland Expo, or sharing a campsite at a National Park.

I firmly believe that what we sell, is the best for you to be able to enjoy time outside, with friends and family, as much as I do. I hope we can help you out, and you find whatever you need here at ORT.



Karsten Koberg - Co-Founder:

karsten koberg - fo-founder off road tents

Hey! I’m Karsten and I’m the co-founder at Off Road Tents. I’m one of the guys that helps a bit on every department, from sales to customer service, logistics and even marketing! I like doing the groundwork and working hands-on with our team. You will always find me working on some crazy new idea for the business or probably recommending cool products to customers who want to build an awesome rig. 

I love helping people and after 9 years of sales and marketing experience on a big company, I’ve understood that an honest and transparent communication with the customer is key to a successful business. My goal at ORT is to offer a seamless experience using our e-commerce platform so that everyone finds exactly what they’re looking for and with outstanding support if needed.

As for myself, since I was a little kid, I’ve had a strong passion for the outdoors and adventure. Having grown up between the US and Costa Rica gave me the opportunity of traveling to beautiful places and enjoying a lot of what nature can offer. To the day, I’ve never decided what I like most, if it’s the beach, the mountain, desert, lakes, forest or any other, I just love them all!

Now, I like to think of myself like an adventurous businessman that likes his life to the fullest. Hiking, camping and road trips around the world are the activities that motivate me the most and thankfully, in the last decade I’ve had the opportunity of doing them all over the world. From Norway, all the way down to New Zealand, and a lot in between. Can't wait for my next adventure!

Why Buy From Us?

We have been in business for 7 years and we pride ourselves on the fact that we have experience. After such a long time, you get to know everything, everyone and every situation in the industry. We've grown alongside excellent brands and companies, we've experienced pretty much every turn there has been, and here we are.

Every year you can find us at one of the Overland Expos, getting to know new brands and gear, but most importantly chatting to customers and other industry enthusiasts to learn as much as we can. That knowledge translates into better customer service and recommendations!

And what sets us apart?

Customer Service: Our main goal is to satisfy each and everyone of our customers, as to help you have a great shipping experience. We are available to talk to you on the phone, or via email, everyday, even on weekends. Call our Toll Free: 844-200-3979or email us at info@offroadtents.com. A team member will help you clear your doubts, or solve your problem.

Widest Selection Of Products: We pride ourselves in being official dealers of some of the biggest brands in the market. We offer you the widest selection of Roof Top Tents, racks and other overlanding gear in the whole market, so that in one single store, you can find all you need to modify your rig.

Secure Shopping: When you buy with us, you are protected by an SSL Safe And Secure Shopping. This means that you are protected, your card is protected, and there will not be any unpleasant charges or surprises. You are in safe hands.



Off Road Tent's mission is to be the leading retailer of off road and overlanding gear in America, by offering the widest variety of accessories from only the top brands, a specialized and personal customer service to help customers truly find what better suits their rigs, and provide the most up to date information in the industry to help educate and grow the community.



To inspire adventures and fulfill the desire to explore by offering customers access to the best overlanding gear just one click away.


Finally, we want to reassure you that we are open to any phone calls or emails, not only for questions, but for ideas, suggestions and general comments. You see something you think we can improve? Please tell us. Ideas, comments and suggestions are always heard and taken under consideration. Please give us feedback so that we can keep improving our page and business!