Warranty Policies:

At Off Road Tents we strictly adhere to the different warranty policies from each manufacturer. 

The warranties can vary from different time frames, depending on the product and the manufacturer or brand. If you have a question about the warranty policy or the warranty of the product you are about to purchase, or have already purchased, please send us an email to: claims@offroadtents.com

Furthermore, we adhere to the warranty policies stated by each manufacturer. We are extremely strict in following their guidelines. If you need help, we will advice, help and assist in placing the claim for you, or help you in the process.

It's important to understand that according to the different guidelines, Off Road Tents and the manufacturer reserve their right to repair or replace, at the manufacturer's discretion, any defects during the warranty period.  In the event that the tent or item must be returned to the manufacturer's facility for inspection, the owner must assume the cost and liability of freight. In some cases, Off Road Tents or the manufacturer may choose to source a local repair shop in the city where the customer is located, however, only if the repair shop will guarantee the repair. All repairs done by a local repair shop must be approved in writing by the manufacturer before any repairs are completed. In other cases, Off Road Tents or the manufacturer may choose to ship a replacement part or parts to the customer, who is seen as capable of installing.


(1) The warranty does not apply to items added or changed or modified after the product left the possession of the manufacturer or Off Road Tents.

Please keep in mind, if you order any item from offroadtents.com, you are seen as Off Road Tents as a capable person to handle and install the item you purchase.

If you damage your item or a person you hire damages your item during installation, Off Road Tents nor the manufacturer of the product are liable to cover the damages with warranty.

If you hire a professional to say replace your water heater, it's on the installer to make good on any warranty issues arising from the installation, that includes damages. It's not on Off Road Tents or the manufacturer to cover with a warranty damages arising from neglection during the installation process. Remember, if you purchase an item you are seen as capable of installing it without damaging it.

(2) Any product used for commercial purposes.

(3) Normal wear and usage, such as fading or discoloration of soft goods (upholstery, screens, cushions, mattresses), fading or discoloration of wood, plastic, or fiberglass components, tarnishing of aluminum or stainless steel surfaces, powder coated surfaces, tears, punctures, soiling, mildew, effects of moisture condensation inside the vehicle, or mishandling, neglect, abuse, misuse, lightning or other acts of nature, or corrosive atmospheres which can result in rusting, oxidation or pitting.

(4) Minor imperfections, which do not affect the suitability of the vehicle for its intended use.

(5) Normal and routine maintenance such as inspections, lubricating, adjustments, tightening of screws, tightening of lug nuts, scaling, cleaning, or damages arising from the failure to have maintenance performed or improper storage as outlined in the owner's manual and/or the component manuals.

(6) Wheel alignment or adjustments to axles when caused by improper maintenance, loading or damage from road hazards, including off road travel, wheel damage or balancing, or damage resulting from tire failures.

(7) Costs incurred for onsite service, transportation of the product to a customer or costs incurred as the result of the consumers request to have repairs performed at a location other than an authorized dealership.

(8) Tires or batteries, that are supported by other established dealer networks and warranty repair locations. The written warranty that is provided by component manufacturers is a direct responsibility of that manufacturer.


In the event that a substantial defect in materials or workmanship is found to exist in parts warranted by the manufacturer, Off Road Tents or the manufacturer will bear the cost of the repair or replacement of such defective materials or workmanship, provided that the owner:

(A) Notifies Off Road Tents of the defect in a timely manner (following the time frame of each particular brand, and no more than 1 year after purchasing the item) at claims@offroadtents.com

(B) Follows instructions from Off Road Tents on how to get approved repairs or replacements. (Off Road Tents will determine if there is an authorized service center within reasonable distance of the owner. If there is not an authorized service center near the owner, the owner will be required to get two written estimates, from any local repair shop, RV dealer or RV service station, for the required repairs).

(C) Schedules an appointment and promptly takes the product to the authorized service center.




What Is The Warranty Extension By Off Road Tents?

It is an extension of the exact original wanrranty that the product you are purchasing holds. Off Road Tents offers the paid service of extending by 1 or 3 years the original extension of your product, and will cover it exactly in the same way. For example, if the product has a warranty covering a certain feature such as a hinge, then Off Road Tents will cover that exact same feature. If the warranty doesn’t cover normal wear and tear, Off Road Tents won’t cover it.

To understand the exact clauses, please read below.

WARRANTY EXTENSION: The duration of any extended warranty for your product will be for the period you purchase, commencing on the start date of the original base warranty. Any extension must be purchased during the product’s original base warranty (for example if the original warranty is 1 year and the Warranty Extension is purchased for 3 years, then the total number of years for the Warranty Extension is 3 years). Parts consumed through use of the product for example an LED light life, batteries, and normal use wear and tear of any product are not covered by this Service. Normal use wear and tear are for example scratches to a rack or base of a tent, and discoloring of fabric after exposure to the elements.

The Warranty Extension provided by Off Road Tents doesn’t cover any damages inflicted by an accident or by mistreating the product. Such damages can be a tear to any fabric caused by a branch or forcing the fabric itself. The Warranty Extension applies to the same exact conditions the original warranty already covers. To make sure you know what the original warranty of your product covers, feel free to read it, or ask us for it. We are happy to provide it, so you understand fully what your warranty covers and what the Off Road Tents Warranty Extension will cover.

The Warranty Extension provided by Off Road Tents applies only for items purchased and used in the United States of America. Any item used outside of the United States of America doesn’t apply for any warranty extension.

How do I file a claim for my Warranty Extension?

You can file a claim directly with us, by writing an email to: claims@offroadtents.com

You must add:

  • Order Number
  • Order Name
  • Screenshot or picture of order confirmation
  • Pictures of the product and what you want to apply the warranty to (damage, etc)
  • File the extension between the timeframe in which your extension is valid


Will my item be repaired, will I receive a replacement or reimbursement if my claim is approved?

Off Road Tents will follow the exact procedure that your original warranty covers. That said, if the original warranty offers the right to repair the item, then we will repair it, if the damage or problem requires a replacement, Off Road Tents will cover it, if it requires a reimbursement, Off Road Tents will cover it.


What are the filing time frames?

Time to File: In between the timeframe of your Warranty Extension.


Procedures to follow:

There are procedures to be followed, and conditions to be met, for your item to be fixed, replaced or to receive a partial or full refund.


In case of damages:

  • Proceed to send good quality pictures of the damaged item from different angles
  • Send us your name, order number, date of purchase and address of delivery
  • Please allow us 7 more business days for us to: inspect the claim, approve it and offer a solution: replacement, partial or full refund.


Required Documents To File A Claim:

  • Order Number
  • Order Name
  • Proof of Value (Sales/Purchase Invoice/Order Confirmation)
  • Recipient Statement of Non-Receipt or Damage
  • (If Applicable) Pictures of Damage, repair estimate, or salvage value
  • Failure to hold damaged property until claim is resolved will result in the claim being denied. This includes KEEPING THE ORIGINAL PACKAGE in


Claim Processing Info:

Online: https://offroadtents.com/pages/contact-us
Email: claims@offroatents.com

Review: 5 - 7 Business Days, add additional 3 business days if documents are requested 
Refund (if applicable) : Will be made to the credit card with which the order was made
Claims Phone: (44) 200 39679
Hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:00pm PST 


Other Important Terms: 

Excluded Events / Perils

Loss or Damage caused by:

Changes in Temperature or Humidity
Clean Up Costs
Confiscation or Destruction under Customs Regulations
Confiscation by any government or public authority
Failure to follow carrier or government regulation(s) or requirements
Hostile or Warlike Action ( during peace and war)
Illegal contraband
Illegal Transportation of Trade
Inherent Vice10
Latent Defect11
Loss of Market 
Nuclear Exclusion
Other Deterioration 
Over Acts by Insured, Associate in Interest, or Insured’s Employees, whether occurring during hours of employment or otherwise 
Remote or Consequential Loss (Arising or not arising out of peril insured against 

Delivering the product to someone who obtains or attempts to obtain it by trick, false pretense, or other fraudulent schemes