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    Imagine this. You are out and about driving through off-road terrain and you see that nice flat ground that you can use as a camping site for that day. You get there, park your vehicle, set up camp, and sit down to unwind but the sun is constantly getting into your eyes and burning your skin. That’s where awnings come in. A nice and reliable awning will protect you from that scorching sun or even from rain so that you can still sit outside your tent and enjoy the nature all while taking cover under your car awning!

    In this collection, you will see vast options for both awning models that will accompany you greatly on your next overlanding adventure. You will see a variety of 270 awnings, 180 awnings, and even side awnings. To top it off, we also have many different awnings walls that when attached to the awning make a huge, covered space that resembles an annex or even a ground tent and provides even more protection from any outside elements and keep you, your friends, and family and even your supplies safe and sound.

    You will find products from a lot of great overlanding gear manufacturers such as;

    • iKamper
    • Tuff Stuff
    • Guana Equipment
    • Front Runner
    • GoFSR
    • Smittybilt
    • Thule
    • Eezi Awn
    • Rhino Rack
    • Overland Vehicle Systems
    • And More...

    Now many of you already know what awnings are and what they are used for, but we always like to go the extra mile and try to shortly explain what are the products that we are offering to you. So, in case you do not know, keep reading and find out what awnings are and what they are used for!


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    What Is A Car Awning? Best Car Awning Models
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    What Is A Car Awning?

    Awnings have become one of the most popular things to mount on your vehicle when going on overlanding journeys. They provide shade on those hot sunny days under which you can sit back and relax with your friends or family and enjoy the nature around you. They are easy to mount and deploy and even easier to pack up when you need to leave.

    There are 3 different types of awnings. The biggest one is the 270 awning which wraps around your vehicle and creates a 270-degree pattern under which you can take cover from the sun or rain. Then you have the 180 awning which is smaller than the 270 one and creates a 180 degree shape that will provide you with enough cover. And the finally we have the smallest one which is usually called the side awning.

    This awning attaches to the side of your vehicle, or to the side of your roof rack and provides with just enough shade or protection so that you or a few more people can take shelter under it! All of them are really lightweight and will not add much weight to your already existing off-road rig but will certainly make a difference on your next adventure!


    Best Car Awning Models


    Guana Equipment Retractable Car Awning

    Guana Equipment Car Awning

    First up on our list of the best car awning models is this retractable side car awning made by Guana Equipment. Guana Equipment has been making some of the best low budget overlanding gear and this side awning is no different. Don’t let the low price fool you as this retractable car awning is very durable and can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

    It comes in two sizes depending on your needs and will provide that nice shade on those hot sunny days under which you can sit back and unwind and enjoy the scenery with your with your friends or family! It is constructed out of heavy-duty ripstop 420D polyester canvas that is waterproof and will not create any leakage points even during heavy rainfall.

    It is easy to set up and even easier to pack up! It is not a freestanding awning but rather you would have to use the supporting legs that it comes with. When you are done using it, simply pack it up into the built-to-last black PVC travel cover that will protect your awning from getting scratched or damaged in off-road settings!



    Thule Awning Overcast

    Thule Car Awning

    Next up we have another side awning for cars and this one was made by one of the most reputable overlanding gear manufacturers, Thule! Similar to the previous one, this car awning is also easy on the budget but will provide that unforgettable overlanding experience. It comes in two sizes so that you can choose the one that best suits you!

    You won’t need more than a couple of minutes to set up this car awning alongside the supporting legs and you would also need a few more minutes to put it back up into the 1100g PVC travel cover that it comes in when not using it so that it can stay well protected from any outside elements and overall unforgiving environment.

    This side car awning comes with adjustable supporting legs so that it can be mounted onto a variety of vehicles and adjusted to the exact height. You won’t need to worry about strong winds as this side awning comes with guide wires that will keep it in place even during the harshest of weather conditions. It is very lightweight, 28 lbs to be exact, meaning that you can mount it by yourself in no time!



    Guana Morpho Best Overland Awning

    Guana Equipment Car Awning 270

    We already mentioned one car awning from Guana Equipment but this 270 awning that was also made by them is worth mentioning as well as it is by far the cheapest 270 degree awning on the market right now but it is also one of the sturdiest ones as well and provides a large shade under which you can take cover from the sun or even rain as it will not create any leakage points thanks to its durable seams.

    To begin, it's important to note that this product is a versatile car awning, designed to be compatible with any vehicle equipped with a roof rack. The 270-degree awning can be securely mounted on either a full-length or a ¾ length rack, as long as it's positioned towards the end of the vehicle to avoid obstructing its operation. Crafted from premium aluminum poles, its durability is guaranteed.

    Turning our attention to the awning's material, it is fabricated from heavy-duty 420D ripstop polyester, boasting double-stitched seams to ensure complete water resistance. This rugged construction makes it impervious to various weather conditions and mold growth. Moreover, a PVC membrane-reinforced corner piece has been integrated to safeguard against fabric tearing and prevent water seepage.

    When not in use, the car awning can be conveniently stowed in the included 680G/1200 OVC black travel cover. The telescoping poles can be extended to over 7 feet, accommodating a wide range of vehicle heights. Another notable feature of this 270-degree awning is its adaptability – it can be transformed into an annex or tent by attaching the Morpho 270 awning walls.

    These walls, constructed from the same weather-resistant material as the awning fabric, provide both privacy and protection against the elements. Equipped with zippered windows and entry points, they enable you to relish the surrounding scenery, ensure ventilation, and shield against adverse weather conditions.



    OVS 270 Car Awning

    OVS 270 Car Awning With Walls

    This is by far one of the biggest 270 awning system that you can find on the overlanding market right now and it even comes with its own walls that can turn this incredible car awning into a huge annex that can be used as sleeping quarters or even to protect your extra gear from any unforeseen weather elements. It is a freestanding awning and believe it or not, even though it is one of the biggest car awnings out there it is one of the lightest ones as well!

    To begin, it's important to highlight that the material used for crafting this 270-degree awning is 600D poly cotton ripstop canvas, a waterproof and all-encompassing weather-resistant fabric. Rigorous testing has been conducted in challenging weather conditions to ensure its longevity. When not in use, the car awning can be efficiently packed and stored within the 1000G PVC travel cover, providing an additional layer of protection against external elements.

    Moving on to the framework of this awning, it is constructed from robust aluminum poles designed for enduring performance across diverse weather scenarios. Its deployment and packing process is straightforward, taking only about a minute to complete. As previously mentioned, telescoping poles are included with the car awning, offering adaptability to fit a wide range of vehicle heights. For enhanced stability during strong winds, heavy-duty stakes and ropes can be employed to secure the awning further.

    Another noteworthy aspect of this 270-degree awning is the inclusion of walls. These walls enable the transformation of the awning into an annex or even a tent, providing accommodation for additional individuals or storage for extra equipment and cargo. Engineered to be durable, these walls are resilient against various weather conditions. Notably, this awning ranks among the largest 270-degree awnings currently available on the market, offering a spacious coverage of 129 square feet.

    Undoubtedly, this is an exceptional piece of equipment that will significantly enhance the enjoyment of your upcoming overlanding expedition. Additionally, it comes with a 4-year warranty, further exemplifying its quality and reliability. Don't hesitate to explore this remarkable product further!



    Kakadu Retractable Vehicle Awning

    Kakadu BlockOut Retractable Side Car Awning

    This is one of the newest car awning models on the overlanding market and it was designed and made by Kakadu which is an Australian company that specializes in creating a variety of high quality, affordable overlanding gear. Their BlockOut car awning is no different as it is a very rugged and durable retractable overland car side awning that will protect you from that scorching sun and heavy rainfall.

    This is the perfect side awning for smaller vehicles but you can install it pretty much onto any car of your choosing. It is constructed with 280gsm ripstop polycotton canvas and it is waterproof so that you don’t have to worry about there being any leakage points when it rains or snows. It also features a unique aluminum backboard that ensures a secure and compact pack down.

    What’s great about this car side awning is that the mentioned awning canvas has BlackOut features meaning that it will block out up to 95% of light and make it very enjoyable for you, your friends, and even your family to sit under it even under the most horrendous heat. Just sit back and relax, grab a cold drink, and enjoy the scenery around you without having to worry about your skin burning up.

    It weighs only 24.92 lbs and it provides 53.82 sqft of shade coverage. Another great thing about this car awning is that it comes with adjustable supporting poles and they can be setup quickly and effortlessly and even be adjusted to a variety of heights depending on your exact vehicle. As we said, this is one of the newest car awning models on the market right now, and while not many people know about it just yet we do recommend that you check it out and be among the first people that will be proud owners of this very affordable side awning!



    ARB Awning

    ARB Side Awning For Car

    This aluminum-encased awning is another impressive vehicle awning crafted by ARB. It offers compatibility with a wide range of vehicles and provides a generous 67 square feet of shade. You can use this shade to relax under the scorching sun, enjoy the surrounding scenery, or seek refuge from harsh weather conditions and heavy rain.

    Constructed from 300GSM, PU-coated poly-cotton ripstop canvas, this car awning boasts exceptional durability, capable of withstanding challenging off-road conditions without tearing or damage. While it's not a freestanding awning, it remains exceptionally sturdy thanks to its telescoping aluminum poles, which can be adjusted to fit your vehicle perfectly.

    Another notable feature of this car awning is its integrated stakes located at the base of the aluminum poles, making it easier to secure the awning to the ground and prevent it from shifting. ARB has earned a reputation for producing some of the most robust off-road and overlanding products, and this car awning is no exception. It serves as an excellent addition to your next outdoor excursion, offering reliable sun protection and safeguarding against various elements.



    Tuff Stuff Truck Tailgate Awning

    Tuff Stuff Truck Tailgate Car Awning

    The last up on our list of the best car awning models is one of the smallest car camping awning and it was made by Tuff Stuff. You can mount this side awning pretty much anywhere on your vehicle including the cab of your truck, bed cap, on the sides of your bed rack or even on the back of it! It is only 6’ long, and while it may not be suitable for large groups of people, this car awning is one of the highest quality ones that you can find at that price.

    It can be installed easily, and you don’t need help from anyone else as this car awning is very lightweight and you can carry it by yourself. It comes with a universal L bracket that can fit a variety of rack systems out there and also a variety of vehicles. It is constructed out of high-quality polycotton fabric that can withstand strong winds and even heavy rain without creating any leakage points.

    It comes with 4 supporting arms, 4 velcro support loops per hole, and an all-aluminum frame that won’t erode even in muddy and dirty conditions. This car awning has the best water-shedding ability on the market and on top of that if you need extra cover to either extend your awning or even just have a wall that will protect you from rain you can even get the extra awning wall that you can easily attach to this Tuff Stuff car awning.

    Setting it up is easy and you can also do that by yourself, and when not in use anymore you can just roll it back up into the heavy-duty black PVC waterproof driving cover that comes with it so that you can better preserve it and protect it from getting torn or scratched by any bushes or branches while you are driving on off-road routes.



    Car Awning FAQS


    Are car awnings worth it?

    They most definitely are! A good awning will be a great extension of your vehicle that’ll provide you with shade and protection from rain so that you can have an enjoyable camping experience with your friends and family!


    Does the car awning go on the driver's or passenger’s side?

    That completely depends on you. There is no right side when it comes to awning placement. You can even place it on the back side of your vehicle if that’s what you prefer!


    How to create a car awning shelter?

    Awnings already do provide shelter from sun and rain but if you want to increase the protection they give you, you can always acquire the right awning walls that you can attach and that way create something like an annex where you can take shelter from bad weather.


    Do I need a car awning?

    Well, you definitely don’t need it as you don’t need a lot of other things, right? But will it make your camping experience more pleasant? It sure will. With it you can spend more time outside your vehicle and your tent without getting sunburned so that you can still do things around your campsite and enjoy the view around you.


    Will a car awning block the sunlight?

    Yes it will! There are many different types of awnings out there and some will block less some will block more but it will provide that nice shade under which you can relax on a hot and sunny day!


    Is there an aluminum car awning?

    There are car awnings that have aluminum hard shell casing that will protect your awning from any unforgiving elements.


    All Car Awning Models For Sale