RAM 2500 Accessories

    Dodge RAM 2500 Accessories

    With a powerful engine capable of traversing even the harshest terrains, a spacious and comfortable interior, and amazing durability, reliability, and off road capability, the RAM 2500 stands out as one of the best choices both for everyday use as well as overlanding and off roading. It is a powerful and versatile vehicle capable of handling a wide range of tasks while providing a smooth riding experience. That’s why we wanted to take some time and talk bout all the ways you can modify this great vehicle and showcase all of our RAM 2500 accessories that you can use to do so and make this amazing vehicle even greater and more suitable for you and your next off road adventure.


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    RAM 2500 Aftermarket Parts



    An essential component for your RAM 2500 is a dependable suspension kit, providing not only protection and enhanced off-road capabilities but also the ability to absorb the impact of various terrains. This kit improves stability, increases load-bearing capacity, ensures vehicle safety, and raises ground clearance, making it easier to navigate challenging off-road trails.



    Outfitting your RAM 2500 with durable tires is essential for ensuring dependability on tough terrain. High-quality and trustworthy tires enhance grip, feature strengthened sidewalls to resist punctures, and effectively remove mud and debris thanks to their rugged tread design. This not only improves control, stability, and overall off-road performance but also ensures safety, benefiting both passengers and the vehicle itself.



    Both front and rear bumpers play a critical role in safeguarding your vehicle. Especially in off-road scenarios where hazards are prevalent, these sturdy bumpers act as the initial protective barrier, shielding against substantial damage and prioritizing safety for both you, your passengers, and your RAM 2500. Furthermore, these bumpers enhance your vehicle's capability to safely navigate steep inclines, offer various attachment points for accessories and lights, and present recovery solutions, including the option to attach a winch for tackling challenging circumstances.


    Rock Sliders

    Rock sliders provide extra defense against rocks and branches and are commonly constructed from steel or aluminum. They are installed below your vehicle's doors to safeguard the undercarriage and lower doors from potential damage, ultimately improving ground clearance. In addition to their protective function, rock sliders also function as convenient steps, facilitating entry and exit, particularly in muddy conditions. They can also serve as anchor points for additional features like side steps or jacking points, further enhancing the off-road adaptability of your RAM 2500.


    Skid Plate

    To ensure the safety of your RAM 2500, it's wise to invest in undercarriage protection to guard against rocks, branches, and debris encountered on the trail. Full-length skid plates are essential for absorbing and dispersing impact forces, acting as a barrier between your vehicle's vulnerable components and potential damage. By equipping your vehicle with skid plates, you can boldly venture into rugged terrains, secure in the knowledge that your critical vehicle parts are shielded. Moreover, they serve as a deterrent against theft, protecting valuable components.



    Expanding the storage capacity of your RAM 2500 is essential when embarking on off-road adventures, especially given its limited space. You can increase your storage options by installing a roof rack system, enabling you to secure gear for overlanding. Another efficient approach is the use of storage drawers and containers within your vehicle's trunk or on the roof rack, enhancing organization and ensuring easy access to essential items. Expanding storage not only creates space for gear and accessories but also guarantees a safe and comfortable transportation experience.



    Elevating your off-road experience through a range of vehicle lighting choices, such as LED bars, fog lights, and spotlights, can be advantageous. Yet, it's vital to strike a suitable balance to prevent overwhelming brightness. Opt for lighting solutions that align with the specific requirements of your RAM 2500 and the type of terrain you'll be traversing. These lighting options enhance visibility and safety, particularly when off-roading at night, ensuring clear vision, precise vehicle control, and the ability to identify potential obstacles that might impede your expedition.


    Roof Top Tent

    In contrast to the viewpoint that roof-top tents are dispensable when it comes to camping, we strongly endorse their utilization for a variety of convincing reasons. Sleeping inside your vehicle or pitching a ground tent can be less than comfortable, whereas a roof-top tent provides an elevated, secure refuge with a cozy mattress, guaranteeing a night's rest free from discomfort. Moreover, these tents supply dependable protection against inclement weather and boast well-insulated interiors to keep you warm during chilly nights.


    Best RAM 2500 Accessories For Bed


    RCI Bed Rack

    RCI Bed Rack RAM 2500

    RCI has added several excellent RAM 2500 accessories to their lineup, and this bed rack is one of them that we'd like to discuss. With a static weight capacity of 1500 lbs, robust and sturdy construction, adjustable width, and built-in mounting points, this bed rack system promises to be a valuable addition to your off-road setup, ensuring a hassle-free experience for your next outdoor adventure and providing peace of mind. It's worth noting that this truck bed rack is available in three different lengths to suit your RAM truck bed.

    Crafted from black powder-coated 12GA steel, you can trust in its longevity and resilience against a variety of challenges, all while being corrosion-resistant. This RAM 2500 bed rack stands at 18" tall, offering excellent visibility of your truck bed through the rear window. It also provides ample space beneath the rack for storing a wide range of gear and accessories, in addition to the capacity for carrying more on top of it and along its sides, thanks to the abundant mounting points integrated into the rack's side panel.

    What makes this rack stand out is its ability to reduce wind drag associated with rooftop tents, as it sits below the level of the cab. When a rooftop tent is mounted, it aligns perfectly with the cab of your RAM 2500. Assembly and installation are simplified by the inclusion of drill-free clamps. However, it's important to note that the provided C-clamps may not be compatible with all tonneau covers, and in such cases, you may need to secure the rack to the sides of your truck bed using drilling.

    Why do we like it?

    • Up to 1500 lbs of weight capacity
    • Adjustable width
    • Integrated mounting point
    • Drill free installation
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill (Uses Clamps) 90lbs

    In House Tested: 1500lbs

    Recommended Static: 750lbs



    Leitner ACS Forged

    Leitner ACS Bed Rack For Dodge RAM 2500

    Among the RAM 2500 accessories, there's the remarkable RAM bed rack created by Leitner Designs, known as the ACS Forged truck bed rack. This rack is fully compatible with all Leitner mounting systems and accessories, boasting an impressive static weight capacity of 1400 lbs, allowing you to mount a wide range of items, including a spacious rooftop tent for your friends and family. Positioned at cab level, it facilitates the attachment of longer gear such as ladders, kayaks, skis, and more.

    Remarkably, the entire rack weighs only 85 lbs and is constructed from powder-coated forged aluminum, ensuring exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion. The Leitner rack features an innovative design that enables the complete mobility of the rear crossbar, maximizing the utility of your truck bed. Its sleek and aerodynamic design, along with rubber wind deflectors, prevents cargo from shifting on uneven off-road trails. Additionally, it includes a quad-rail load beam, offering numerous mounting options.

    Manufactured in the USA, this robust and dependable RAM 2500 bed rack is an excellent choice for your off-road setup, allowing you to securely attach various accessories and gear that will prove valuable for your upcoming off-road expedition!

    Why do we like it?

    • 1400lbs static weight capacity
    • Easy no drill installation
    • Lightweight, aerodynamic design with numerous mounting options
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill (Uses Clamps) 85lbs

    Static: 1400lbs

    Dynamic: 800lbs

    Off Road: 400lbs

    5 Year Limited



    RSI SmartCap

    RAM 2500 Accessories RSI SmartCap Bed Cap

    SmartCaps stand out as one of the more inventive RAM 2500 accessories due to their complete modularity and excellent upgrade options, allowing you to tailor them to your preferences and needs. It's currently among the top bed cap systems available, designed to be entirely weather-resistant, boasting a robust stainless-steel shell that can endure significant wear and tear, and handle various challenges with ease. It's even sturdy enough to support additional accessories or a rooftop tent.

    Installation is a breeze, requiring simple clamping to your truck bed, and you're good to go. The SmartCap prioritizes functionality, enabling easy access and organization of your bed by merely opening the side windows, eliminating the need to open your truck tailgate and enter it. Additionally, it features an integrated interior LED light that illuminates your bed, facilitating better organization of your gear.

    What's also appealing about the RAM 2500 SmartCap is its compatibility with a wide range of aftermarket accessories, making your off-road adventures more enjoyable and convenient. This bed cap boasts an impressive 330 lbs dynamic weight load rating and 770 lbs of static load capacity. Its sleek and aerodynamic design seamlessly integrates with the overall appearance of your RAM 2500, providing a polished and refined look.

    Why do we like it?

    • Very sturdy and durable construction
    • Modular and adjustable design
    • Can withstand a high weight load



    BilieBars RAM 2500 Bed Bars

    Billiebars RAM 2500 Bed Bars

    BillieBars presents an exceptional set of precision-fitted bed bars designed for the Dodge RAM 2500. These bed bars are meticulously engineered to seamlessly integrate with a tonneau cover, providing enhanced security for your truck bed while offering versatile mounting options for various items, including rooftop tents, all on your Billie Bars bed bars. With four different height options, you have the flexibility to select and customize these bars according to your specific requirements.

    These bed bars have undergone rigorous testing to ensure their durability and resilience, capable of withstanding the most demanding conditions encountered during your overlanding journeys. To reinforce their robustness and protect against scratches and corrosion, especially in muddy terrains, the cross bars are treated with a dual-stage powder coat and a zinc base. Crafted from high-quality, long-lasting aluminum, these bed bars are constructed for long-term endurance.

    A notable advantage is their placement below the cab level, which enhances your vehicle's aerodynamics even when loaded with gear. Furthermore, their impressive 1000 lbs weight capacity ensures they can accommodate a wide range of cargo, essential for your forthcoming off-road adventures. Installation is a straightforward process, and they even come with a 3-year bracket guarantee, offering the flexibility to replace brackets if they happen to sustain any damage. Billie Bars bed bars exemplify exceptional value for their cost and unquestionably make for a reliable companion on your upcoming journeys.

    Why do we like it?

    • Has 4 different height options
    • 1000lbs of weight capacity
    • Works with tonneau covers



    Retrax Bed Cover RAM 2500

    Retraxk RAM 2500 Tonneau Cover

    Continuing our list of the RAM 2500 accessories, we have the the Retrax RAM tonneau cover. This impressive tonneau cover prioritizes durability, featuring a retractable design that simplifies access to your truck bed while safeguarding your gear and belongings from potential damage or theft. The retractable design grants you convenient access to your truck bed's contents without the necessity of fully unzipping the cover.

    It comes equipped with a Trax Rail system, offering unique customization possibilities above your RAM 2500 tonneau cover, thereby providing extra mounting options for your off-road vehicle. What distinguishes this hard tonneau cover is its electric retractable mechanism, reinforced by a robust aluminum build and a resilient matte finish. When combined with the Trax Rail system and compatible accessories, you can effectively double your cargo capacity, allowing you to secure a variety of items for your upcoming overlanding adventure.

    This encompasses the mounting of bikes, kayaks, rooftop tents, and an assortment of other accessories using T-slot attachments. The PowertraxPRO XR tonneau cover offers effortless one-handed operation, eliminating the need for pull straps, Velcro, springs, or snaps. Thanks to internal ball bearings, it guarantees a smooth and hassle-free experience when opening or closing the cover.

    Why do we like it?

    • Able to withstand harsh conditions
    • Easy-to-operate electrical system
    • Works with many T-slot accessories from Rhino Rack, Yakima, Thule, etc



    RAM 2500 Exterior Accessories


    Front Runner RAM 2500 Roof Rack

    Front Runner RAM 2500 Roof Rack

    Another great option when it comes to Tacoma accessories is this Front Runner Slimline II Kit which was vigorously tested to ensure its durability in the most unforgiving environments out there in order to provide an unforgiving experience on your next off-road trip. Weighing only 58lbs, your vehicle won’t feel the additional weight which won’t compromise the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. This Tacoma rack system can withstand up to 660 lbs of weight load giving you the freedom to mount a variety of items on top of it.

    Constructed out of black epoxy powder-coated 3CR12 high-strength steel and T6 aluminum, this rack can survive in pretty much any environment out there and take whatever you throw at it without corroding in muddy or snowy places. Mounting a variety of accessories is easy thanks to the channels on the slats that can accommodate standard 8mm bolts that are used to fasten said accessories and mounts to the rack system.

    The great thing about this Front Runner Slimline II system is that it sits just far away from the top of your roof so that you can slide in a few more items under it such as a foldable camping table or anything similar in size. Being a completely modular roof rack, it is easy to set it up towards your needs and even the installation but keep in mind that drilling may be required. A lot more great things could be said about this rack so feel free to check it out!

    Why do we like it?

    • Modular roof rack
    • Sturdy & adjustable platform
    • Lightweight construction
    • Works with a sunroof
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    Drilling May Be Required 58.7lbs


    Limited Lifetime



    Sherpa Roof Rack RAM 2500

    RAM 2500 Accessories Sherpa Roof Rack

    Next on the list is the Sherpa Diablo roof rack, which is among the most low-profile rack systems available and serves as an excellent addition to the lineup of RAM 2500 accessories. This game-changing accessory is poised to elevate your upcoming outdoor adventure, thanks to its innovative design, lightweight and durable construction, and exceptional functionality. It offers an elegant and stylish solution for mounting all your gear while minimizing wind resistance and noise, even at high speeds.

    Constructed from high-quality aerospace-grade aluminum with a black powder-coated finish and reinforced polymer components, this rack offers remarkable strength and rigidity. It's built to withstand a wide array of challenges and remains resistant to corrosion, even in harsh environments. With an impressive weight capacity of 700 lbs, it's a versatile accessory capable of accommodating a wide range of gear, including the weight of a rooftop tent and its occupants.

    The Sherpa Diablo roof rack boasts an intuitive design and user-friendly features, making installation a breeze. Recognizing the importance of convenience during outdoor adventures, Sherpa ensures quick and easy access to all your gear, reducing the time spent dealing with straps and mounts and allowing you to immerse yourself more fully in your surroundings. Weighing in at just 55 lbs, this RAM 2500 rack adds minimal extra weight to your off-road setup, ensuring that your vehicle remains as fuel-efficient as possible.

    Why do we like it?

    • Very low profile and aerodynamic design
    • Durable yet lightweight construction
    • Easy, straightforward installation
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 55lbs

    Static: 700lbs

    Dynamic: 300lbs

    Limited Lifetime



    RAM 2500 Light Bar

    Cali Raised LED Light Bar

    If you haven't already, consider outfitting your overlanding vehicle with a dependable lighting system, as it stands as a top priority. Such an upgrade can significantly elevate your upcoming adventures, enhancing nighttime visibility and reducing the risk of accidents. With that in mind, let's take a closer look at one of the most popular LED light bars on the market and its key features.

    Let's explore the characteristics of the Cali 42" Slim single-row LED light bar, a product that has garnered considerable acclaim and emerged as a favored choice among RAM 2500 accessories. Several factors distinguish this LED light bar. It boasts 40 individual LEDs, providing an impressive operational lifespan of over 50,000 hours and emitting an exceptional 20,000 lumens of brightness. Its wide compatibility renders it suitable for a diverse range of vehicles.

    A standout feature is its instant-on capability, eliminating the need for a warm-up period. The light bar incorporates efficient temperature management and incorporates durable polycarbonate lenses. Moreover, it proudly carries an IP68 rating, indicating its resilience against dust, dirt, and even sand. It can even be submerged underwater for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1.5 meters, enhancing its overall durability. Installing the Cali 42" Slim LED light bar is a straightforward process, making it a valuable addition among roof rack accessories for off-road or overlanding adventures, especially during nighttime travels.



    RAM 2500 Accessories For Camping


    Guana Equipment Wanaka

    Guana Wanaka RAM 2500 Roof Top Tent

    At the top of our list of must-have RAM 2500 camping accessories, we introduce an impressive soft-shell rooftop tent designed by Guana Equipment. This tent is capable of accommodating three individuals and is suitable for year-round use, showing exceptional durability. Its sturdy 600D waterproof ripstop polyester oxford canvas body, along with a thick rainfly made from the same robust materials, equips it to withstand even the most challenging weather conditions. Setting up the tent is a quick and efficient process, and disassembly is equally straightforward.

    What distinguishes this rooftop tent is its well-thought-out design, featuring windows on all sides that provide an immersive connection with the surrounding landscape. Additionally, a skyview window allows ample natural light during the day and a chance for stargazing at night. For added convenience and privacy, the tent includes a bottom entrance. Furthermore, it offers a range of enticing features, including a plush 3-inch high-density foam mattress, ample storage space, and an interior LED light strip.

    Surprisingly, this rooftop tent is exceptionally lightweight, tipping the scales at just 140 lbs. This makes it an excellent choice for any off-road setup, as it places minimal stress on your vehicle. You also have the option to attach an additional annex, constructed from the same durable materials as the tent, to expand sleeping accommodations or provide extra storage space for your gear. With a multitude of other compelling features to discover, this rooftop tent stands as an attractive choice worthy of your consideration.

    Why do we like it?

    • Rugged canvas
    • One of the biggest annexes out there
    • Very affordable roof top tent
    • One of the lightest RTTs for its size
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    3 Person 140lbs (155lbs with annex)

    Open:: 56.3" (143cm) W x 122" (310cm) L x 49.5" (126cm) H

    Closed:: 56.3 " (143cm) W x 48" (121cm) L x 12" (30.5cm) H

    Annex Room: 100" (254cm) W x 100" (254cm) L x 75"-82.5" (190cm-210cm) H

    2 Year Limited




    OVS TMBK 3 Person Roof Top Tent For RAM 2500

    In addition to our list of exceptional RAM 2500 accessories, we present the remarkable OVS TMBK, a lightweight, soft-shell, all-season rooftop tent designed for three occupants. Featuring sturdy marine-grade 600D ripstop polyester waterproof canvas and a durable rainfly, this rooftop tent ensures resilience against the harshest and most unpredictable weather conditions, providing safety and comfort for all occupants. Weighing a mere 108 lbs, it ranks as one of the lightest rooftop tents available, requiring no drilling for installation and adaptable to almost any aftermarket rack system.

    The tent's aluminum anodized poles and insulated aluminum construction maintain rigidity while remaining lightweight, thus preserving your vehicle's fuel efficiency. Thanks to its insulated base and thick canvas, you'll stay warm even on the chilliest nights in a moisture-free environment, aided by four large, breathable, fade-resistant mesh windows that immerse you in your surroundings. The tent also features a skyview window that introduces more daylight during the day and offers a perfect view for stargazing at night.

    The interior of the OVS TMBK is furnished with a 2.5" thick, high-density foam mattress, complete with a machine-washable cover. Storage compartments and shoe bags are provided for organizing your gear and keeping the interior of your tent clean. Entry and exit are made convenient with the aluminum telescoping ladder, and when the tent is not in use, it can be neatly packed into the included 1000G PVC black cover for enhanced protection against harsh conditions.

    Why do we like it?

    • Very lightweight yet durable construction
    • Heavy-duty, rip-stop canvas
    • Large fade-less, breathable mesh windows
    • Ample storage space
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    3 Person 108lbs

    Open:: 56.5” x 94.5” x 50.25”

    Closed:: 57” x 49”.5 x 11.5”

    4 Year Limited



    RAM 2500 Storage


    Decked Drawer System

    Decked Drawer System For RAM 2500

    If you've recently acquired the latest RAM 2500 model and find yourself grappling with the challenge of organizing your truck bed, you're not alone. While it might initially appear cumbersome to meticulously arrange your cargo instead of simply tossing it into the bed, the benefits become evident in time saved and ease of access, as you won't need to sift through a chaotic pile of items.

    Enter the DECKED drawer system designed specifically for the RAM 2500, offering two generously sized drawers to facilitate efficient vehicle organization and protect your belongings from the elements. What sets the DECKED drawer system apart is its remarkable durability, featuring a galvanized steel subframe and drawers crafted from high-density polyethylene. This construction makes them impervious to the harshest UV exposure and temperature fluctuations, ensuring they can handle rigorous off-roading and the demands of daily use while effectively shielding your possessions from adverse weather conditions.

    Installing this DECKED drawer system is a straightforward process, tailored precisely to your truck bed to maximize usable space without any drilling required. It can be easily attached using J-hooks secured to the bed tie-downs, simplifying assembly, installation, and removal when no longer needed. The true standout feature of this truck bed drawer system is its impressive load-bearing capacity, supporting up to 2000 lbs of evenly distributed payload on top. Each drawer is capable of handling 200 lbs, providing ample storage for your gear and personal items, ensuring you're well-prepared for your adventures, no matter where they may lead.

    Why do we like it?

    • 2000lbs of evenly distributed payload on top
    • Sturdy galvanized steel subframe
    • Easy no-drill installation



    RAM 2500 Accessories FAQS


    What are some of the best RAM 2500 accessories?

    Choosing the best RAM 2500 accessories may seem like a complicated task as you are looking to not overcrowd your vehicle with a variety of items you probably won’t need. But that all depends on you and your off road needs. However, choosing the right suspension system, roof rack, armor, storage system, and even lighting are some of the most essential things you should consider when building that perfect off road rig and choosing the best RAM 2500 accessories.


    What year RAM 2500 to avoid?

    While RAM 2500 is an amazing and capable vehicle there are some years that have more faults like with any other car out there. The 2012-2013 RAM 2500 has the most reported issues so if you are looking to buy a used RAM 2500 you should try to avoid these years.


    RAM accessories near me?

    You’re in luck. Here at Off Road Tents, we have a variety of RAM 2500 accessories to offer so be sure to check it out! With FREE shipping for most of our products, you can get your RAM 2500 accessories delivered right to your doorstep.


    Which RAM 2500 is most reliable?

    The early 2000s RAM 2500s are considered the most reliable and the best ones on the market. The 2006 RAM 2500 is famed for longevity and durability and it is one of the best and most reliable used RAM 2500 trucks you can get.


    All RAM 2500 Accessories For Sale

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