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    With incredible off road capabilities, weight load rating, off road reliability, and overall versatility, the Jeep Gladiator stands as the ultimate overlanding and off roading vehicle that money can buy! But we are not here to talk about the Gladiator itself. No, we are here to talk about all the ways you can turn it into a mean, overlanding machine using all the Jeep Gladiator accessories we have to offer.

    No matter how good the Gladiator is by itself, you can always take it to that next level and adapt it to your needs and your lifestyle using an array of Jeep Gladiator accessories that will not only turn heads wherever you go but also allow you to get the most out of your vehicle and traverse those harsh trails like its nothing. This collection brings you just that, a variety of Jeep Gladiator accessories that will turn your next camping, overlanding, or off roading trip into an unforgettable experience.

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    2024 Jeep Gladiator Accessories

    As we already mentioned, in this collection you’ll find a variety of Jeep Gladiator accessories we picked out, aimed at optimizing your Gladiator for your upcoming off road adventures. We even added a variety of camping and overlanding accessories that work great with any Gladiator model, in hopes you’ll find something that suits you style and your needs!


    Jeep Gladiator Camping Accessories


    Guana Equipment Wanaka Jeep Gladiator Tent

    Guana Wanaka Jeep Gladiator Roof Top Tent

    Starting off our list of some of the best Jeep Gladiator accessories for camping is one of our most popular soft shell roof top tents, the Wanaka made by Guana Equipment. This 4 season RTT comes in 3 different sizes, depending on your needs, the smallest one being able to sleep 3 to 4 people at the same time! Besides having a spacious interior, this is also one of the most affordable Jeep Gladiator accessories for camping, making it a budget-friendly option that will thrive in any environment out there!

    Another thing that makes this one of the best Jeep Gladiator accessories for camping is the fact that it comes with one of the largest annexes on the market that expand your storage capacity and also give you the extra room that you can turn in additional sleeping quarters for your fellow campers. With large windows on all sides of the tent as well as on the annex, you can enjoy the view around you and fully immerse yourself in the nature surrounding you! 

    The Wanaka RTT is constructed out of 600D waterproof ripstop polyester Oxford canvas and comes with a sturdy rainfly that will protect you from any outside elements and even the strongest of winds. Inside you’ll find a 3” thick high-density foam mattress that comes with a removable, machine washable cover, as well as an integrated LED light that’ll illuminate the tent’s interior as well as your surrounding campsite, making visibility better during nighttime.

    It features a strong yet lightweight construction that is easy to setup and take down when you’re ready to move and it even comes with a thick and durable travel cover that will protect your folded tent from anything and everything you’ll encounter on your next outdoor trip. There are many more amazing features to this tent, so feel free to check it out for yourself!


    • Very affordable price
    • Lightweight yet sturdy construction
    • Comes with one of the largest annexes on the market
    • Comes in various sizes
    Sleeping Capacity Weight  Dimensions Warranty

    4 People

    Wanaka 55: 140lbs

    Wanaka 64: 160lbs

    Wanaka 72: 160lbs

    Wanaka 55

    Open: 56.3" (143cm) W x 122" (310cm) L x 49.5" (126cm) H

    Closed: 56.3 " (143cm) W x 48" (121cm) L x 12" (30.5cm) H

    Wanaka 64

    Open: 64" L x 121" W x 49" H (160 x 307 x 125 cm)

    Closed: 64" L x 48" W x 12.5" H (163 x 155 x 31 cm)

    Wanaka 72

    Open: 72" (183cm) W x 122" (310cm) L x 49.5" (126cm) H

    Closed: 72" (183cm) W x 48" (121cm) L x 12" (30.5cm) H

    2 Year Limited





    iKamper Skycamp

    iKamper Skycamp Jeep Gladiator Tent

    While it may not be as affordable or budget-friendly option as the previously mentioned tent, the iKamper Skycamp is certainly one of the best roof top tents you can find on the market as well as one of the best Jeep Gladiator accessories for camping you can find! But what makes it so great? The Skycamp has gone through so many years of development and now with its newest 3.0 version as well as the 3.0 Mini model, it brings you some of the highest quality features you can imagine that’ll elevate your next adventure wherever you go!

    Both the Skycamp 3.0 versions are 4 season models, meaning you can use them all year round! The 3.0 Skycamp is a 4 person roof top tent while the Mini can only sleep up to 2 adults. Nevertheless, this hard shell roof top tent is built to withstand the rigors of everyday use, designed to thrive in some of the most unforgiving environments out there, all while keeping you safe and sound inside the tent. Despite being a hard shell roof top tent with a sturdy construction, it still remains pretty lightweight, thus not putting a lot of strain on your already packed rig.

    It is constructed out of durable, breathable 300gsm Poly-Cotton Blackout canvas that blocks out light, allowing you to sleep well past sunrise. It also features a waterproof 75D Polyester Ripstop, Eco-Friendly Water-Repellent coated rainfly that is impenetrable to any downfall. Now, what sets this RTT apart from the rest is the fact that is has one of the best interior insulations that’ll keep you warm during winter and provide a cool atmosphere during summer and hotter days. It even has durable insulating honeycomb aluminum floor panels! 

    Being a hard shell roof top tent, it is easy to set up and you would need less than a minute to do so. One more interesting thing to mention is that the Skycamp was designed so that you can separate the canvas part from the hard shell case and that way you could use the case as a roof top carrier/cargo box that’ll hold all of your valuable gear and keep it safe from any outside elements! It is certainly one of the best Jeep Gladiator accessories for camping, and while it is on the more expensive side, it is worth every penny, so feel free to check it out!


    • One of the most premium RTTs on the market
    • Can be turned into a roof top cargo box
    • Sturdy blackout canvas that blocks out sunlight
    • One of the best interior insulations you can find
    Sleeping Capacity Weight  Dimensions Warranty

    Skycamp 3.0: 4 People

    Skycamp 3.0 Mini: 2 People

    Skycamp 3.0: 165lbs

    Skycamp 3.0 Mini: 125lbs

    Skycamp 3.0

    Open: 83" x 77" x 48"

    Closed: 55" x 85.5" x 13"

    Skycam 3.0 Mini

    Open: 83" x 52" x 48"

    Closed: 55" x 57.5" x 13.5"

    2 Year Limited




    Guana Morpho

    Guana Morpho Jeep Gladiator 270 Awning

    Besides having one of the biggest and most affordable roof top tents on the market, Guana Equipment also came up with one of the most affordable 270 awnings that will go great mounted on your Jeep Gladiator! This budget-friendly addition to Jeep Gladiator accessories is constructed to withstand some of the strongest winds out there and the heaviest of downpours all while keeping you and your fellow campers safe underneath it! With a quick and easy setup, you can enjoy the great outdoors under the shade that this 270 degree awning provides in a matter of minutes!

    This awning system can work with many different roof rack systems, whether they are full-length, ¾ length, or even half-length racks. What makes this awning even more amazing is the fact that you can upgrade it and turn it into an annex by adding awning walls to it! Constructed out of high-quality, heavy-duty 420D Ripstop Polyester fabric with Double-Stitched Seams, this awning can resist water ingress, and mold growth and thrive under various unforgiving weather conditions. Additionally, it features reinforced PVC membrane corner pieces that protect the fabric from tearing and prevent any water leakage.

    Keep in mind that this is not a freestanding awning and should be used alongside included aluminum telescoping legs for increased stability. It is easy to pack up and you would tear it inside the sturdy 680G/1200PVC black travel cover that will protect it from any outside elements. It is a fantastic addition to Jeep Gladiator accessories that does not cost an arm and a leg to get, and will surely elevate your next outdoor trip wherever you go, so feel free to check it out!


    • Works with a variety of rack systems
    • One of the most affordable 270 awnings on the market
    • Awning walls can be added
    • Durable fabric used



    Jeep Gladiator Exterior Accessories


    Front Runner Jeep Gladiator Roof Rack

    Front Runner Jeep Gladiator Roof Rack

    Starting off our list of some of the best Jeep Gladiator accessories for overlanding, we have one of the most popular Jeep Gladiator rack models out there and that would be the Front Runner Slimline II system that was designed for Gladiator JT models from 2019 up to the current one. While it does come with somewhat of a hefty price, this rack was tested in some of the harshest terrains that South Africa has to offer in order to ensure its durability and be able to withstand pretty much whatever you can throw at it.

    With a sleek low profile design, this rack is as aerodynamic as can be, lowering wind resistance and noise, even when driving at high speeds! This amazing rack also allows you to remove the hardtop roof and use it with or without it, depending on your liking. Furthermore, because the cargo weight is evenly spread across both the roll bars and the Jeep's body, there's no added weight on the hardtop itself! Constructed out of Black Epoxy Powder Coated T6 Aluminum and 3CR12 Stainless Steel, this Jeep Gladiator rack will thrive even in some of the most unforgiving environments all while being resistant to corrosion.

    It is easy to assemble and thanks to its lightweight construction you won’t put a lot of strain on your already packed rig. Thanks to its spacious platform, you’ll be able to mouth a variety of gear needed for your next trip including a roof top tent! Another thing to mention is that because there is a bit of space between the rack and the roof of your vehicle, you’ll be able to store some slimmer items underneath it such as a foldable camping table and anything similar in size! With so many more great features to offer, this Jeep Gladiator rack will surely be a great addition to your next adventure so be sure to check it out!


    • Durable yet lightweight construction
    • Can be used with the hardtop roof or without it
    • Spacious platform for mounting various items
    • Drill free installation
    Installation Type Weight Load Capacity Dimensions Warranty
    No Drill 56lbs 660lbs 1476mm(W) x 954mm(L) Limited Lifetime



    Eezi Awn K9 Jeep Gladiator Rack

    Eezi Awn Jeep Gladiator Roof Rack

    Here's another fantastic addition to the lineup of Jeep Gladiator accessories. What sets this roof rack apart from others is its exceptional load capacity. The design of this Gladiator rack is sleek, which helps reduce wind resistance and improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle. Plus, it's more budget-friendly compared to some other models, making it a popular choice.

    Made from fully anodized and black powder-coated aluminum, this roof rack for the Jeep Gladiator is incredibly durable and can withstand tough conditions without corroding. What makes this one of the top Jeep Gladiator accessories, or at least one of the finest racks, is its impressive weight capacity. It can handle up to 1000lbs, which is more than sufficient to support even the heaviest rooftop tents available, along with various additional gear.

    Another aspect that sets this rack apart from other mentioned Jeep Gladiator accessories is its availability in five different lengths and three different widths, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. It's also designed to accommodate a wide range of accessories and mounts, thanks to the M8 T-slot slats that run the entire length of the rack. Additionally, it's compatible with mounts from brands like Thule and Yakima for items such as bikes and kayaks. With its affordability and versatility, this rack system for the Jeep Gladiator is sure to enhance your next overlanding adventure. Be sure to check it out


    • Easy no drill installation
    • Lightweight and low profile construction
    • 1000lbs of weight load capacity
    • Comes in various lengths depending on your needs
    Installation Type Weight Load Capacity Dimensions Warranty
    No Drill Depends On The Size

    Static: 1000lbs

    Dynamic: 500lbs

    Depends On The Size 3 Year Limited



    RSI SmartCap Jeep Gladiator Topper Rack

    RSI SmartCap Universal Drop Rack

    Introducing another standout among Jeep Gladiator accessories: a smartly engineered rack system designed exclusively for mounting on RSI SmartCaps. What sets this rack apart is its innovative ability to slide out to the sides of the SmartCap, making it easier to mount or remove gear without needing to climb onto your vehicle. It's important to note that this rack system is specifically tailored to work with SmartCaps and is not compatible with other truck bed covers.

    Crafted from sturdy stainless steel, it's built to endure harsh environments and demanding off-road conditions. The addition of a black powder coat finish not only enhances durability but also guards against rust. With a dynamic load rating of 330 lbs and a static load rating of 770 lbs, this top rack demonstrates exceptional strength. However, it's advisable to refrain from mounting a rooftop tent on it, as the rack splits into two sides, compromising safety in such a setup.

    Nevertheless, you can utilize it to attach various Jeep Gladiator accessories and gear up for your off-road excursions. Compatible with all SmartCap models, including EVOa Adventure, EVO Sport, and EVOc Commercial bed caps, this top rack offers versatility for different SmartCap configurations. There's plenty more to discover about this impressive top rack, so be sure to delve into its features.


    • Easy no drill installation with modular design
    • Various accessories can be mounted
    • Durable and strong construction
    • Has the ability to slide to the side of the truck cap
    Installation Type Weight Load Capacity Dimensions Warranty
    No Drill 69.45lbs

    Static: 770lbs

    Dynamic: 330lbs

    51.18"(L) 3 Year Limited



    AlphaRex Jeep Gladiator Headlights

    Jeep Gladiator Headlights

    Specializing in crafting some of the finest LED headlights available, AlphaRex introduces one of the standout Jeep Gladiator Accessories tailored for 2018 and newer Jeep Gladiator models. Designed to illuminate the path ahead and enhance your next off-road journey, these headlights boast cutting-edge LED technology and sturdy construction, ensuring they excel in any environment and accompany you on all your outdoor adventures.

    Equipped with an innovative patented Ice Cube 3D LED projector featuring flat LED chips for low beams and LUXX LED for dual beams, these headlights significantly enhance visibility wherever you go. Constructed with an exceptionally durable polycarbonate plastic casing, as previously mentioned, these Gladiator headlights are built to withstand even the toughest conditions while providing superior lighting. Additionally, they come with a protective coating to prevent yellowing and oxidation, preserving their appearance over time.


    • Featuring innovative LED technology
    • Sleek and modern design
    • Very durable housing that can survive the harshest conditions
    • Comes with a protective coating to preserve appearance over time



    AlphaRex Jeep Gladiator Fog Lights

    Jeep Gladiator Fog Lights

    Introducing one of the latest additions to the Jeep Gladiator accessories lineup and among the newest fog light models available today. Specifically designed for Jeep Gladiator JT models, these fog lights feature advanced LED technology with dual-color LED projector lights, promising to illuminate your path wherever you travel. With an innovative DoubleTap feature, you can seamlessly switch between 6500K white lights and 3000K yellow lights in mere seconds!

    Having a sleek and modern design, these fog lights boast projector lenses that eliminate the need for a conventional chrome reflector, making them suitable for various environments and weather conditions. Crafted from durable polycarbonate plastic lenses, these Jeep Gladiator fog lights are equipped with a protective coating to prevent yellowing and oxidation, ensuring long-lasting performance. Built to endure the demands of daily use, wherever and whenever you journey, these fog lights are definitely worth checking out!


    • Feature a sleek and sporty design that integrates with the look of your vehicle
    • Comes with a very durable housing
    • Uses DoubleTap feature that lets you switch between two colors
    • Advanced LED technology is being used



    Jeep Gladiator Accessories For Overlanding


    Gaia Campers Jeep Gladiator Topper Tent

    Gaia Campers Jeep Gladiator Camper

    Let’s talk about one of the most complete Jeep Gladiator accessories; the Gaia Campers Gladiator camper, a truck bed cap that comes with an integrated roof top tent, a perfect addition for any adventure, wherever you go, whenever you go! While it does come at a higher price point, this Gladiator camper is all you would ever need as it combines a sturdy metal truck topper that can withstand the rigors of everyday use and can survive in pretty much any environment with a rugged 2 person roof top tent that will keep you safe and sound from any unforgivable weather conditions.

    Forget about getting separate truck caps, top racks and tents when you can have it all in one amazing product! As we already said, the truck cap is one of the strongest ones you can find on the market thanks to the durable black powder coated stainless steel construction that can withstand anything you throw at it while being corrosion resistant. It has a lot of space for mounting additional accessories and mounts on the sides of it and it even comes with reinforced glass and welded bars for maximum security of the contents inside your truck bed!

    It goes without saying that nobody is getting through it and stealing anything. The tent itself is a hardshell 2 person, 4 season tent that can be set up in a matter of seconds thanks to its strong gas struts, and even has integrated T-slot tracks for mounting any additional accessories you would need on your next trip. It has a thick mattress, air vents to prevent condensation and what’s most interesting about this whole setup is the integration of the “Pass-Through” construction that lets you get inside your roof top tent directly from your truck cap! There is so much more that this amazing Jeep Gladiator accessory has to offer but why not check it out and see for yourself!


    • Sturdy and durable stainless steel truck cap combines with a hard shell roof top tent
    • A “Pass-Through” design that allows you to enter the tent from the cap and other way around
    • Heavy duty, reinforced sides and windows with welded bars for maximum protection
    • No drilling whatsoever
    Installation Type Material Used Load Capacity Dimensions Warranty
    No Drill(Uses Clamps) Black Power Coated Stainless Steel & Aluminum

    Roof Top Tent Roof Storage Capacity

    Closed: 525lbs

    Open: 100lbs

    Truck Cap Roof Storage Capacity

    Static: 700lbs

    Dynamic: 200lbs

    Sleeping Area: 90.5" long x 50.5" wide x 57" tall

    2 Year



    OVS Jeep Gladiator Bed Topper With A Roof Top Tent

    OVS MagPak Jeep Gladiator Camper

    Similarly to the previously mentioned one, this OVS MagPak Gladiator camper shell/roof top tent combo is one of the most affordable and complete Jeep Gladiator accessories for overlanding you can find on the market. With a aircraft-grade aluminum Jeep Gladiator bed topper and a hardshell roof top tent, the MagPak provides the most complete overlanding setup that’ll provide both a comfortable sleep wherever you go as well as a durable truck cap that’ll protect all the gear inside your truck bed from any outside elements and even theft!

    Constructed, as we already mentioned, from black powder coated aircraft-grade aluminum with stainless steel hardware, this Jeep Gladiator topper can withstand the rigors of everyday use and thrive in any environment out there, under any conditions, all while being corrosion resistant. Requiring no drilling for installation, the OVS MagPak will not damage your truck bed in any way and t won’t take up much of your time setting it up. It comes with full opening gulwing side doors for easy access to your truck bed as well as integrated LED lights that’ll illuminate your truck bed for better visibility.

    Now, as for the hardshell roof top tent itself, it also has an aircraft-grade aluminum shell that can survive in any environment, and you can set it up in a matter of seconds thanks to the gas powered struts. It can comfortably sleep up to 2 adults all year round and thanks to its premium 320G Rip Stop Waterproof tent body, you can be sure that it will protect you even from some of the harshest downpours and winds. The MagPak is created with ultimate versatility in mind, and thanks to the T-slots that go all around the tent, you’ll be able to mount a variety of additional Jeep Gladiator accessories that will be needed for you next adventure!


    • Relatively affordable price compared to other similar products
    • Lightweight yet durable construction able to withstand even some of the harshest conditions
    • Made with ultimate versatility in mind, allowing you to adapt it towards your needs and mount a variety of accessories to it
    • Does not need drilling for installation
    Installation Type Material Used Weight Warranty
    No Drill(Uses Clamps) Aircraft-grade Black Powder Coated Aluminum 450lbs 4 Year Limited



    Jeep Gladiator Accessories For Truck Bed


    RSI SmartCap Jeep Gladiator Bed Topper

    RSI SmartCap Jeep Gladiator Truck Cap

    RSI has been making some of the highest quality bed caps that money can buy and that’s why we wanted to include one of the best Jeep Gladiator accessories for its truck bed; the RSI SmartCap bed cap. Another thing that makes this one of the better caps for your Gladiator and overall one of the better Jeep Gladiator accessories is the fact that it comes in 3 different models, depending on your needs! Choose between the EVOa Adventure, EVO Sport, and EVOc Commercial SmartCap and elevate your next adventure with your Jeep Gladiator!

    The SmartCap is the worlds first modular truck cap system that comes with a sleek and aerodynamic design that seamlessly integrated with the look of your Gladiator. It provides a secure water-resistant enclosure for your truck bed, protecting any valuable pieces of gear you have inside of it. Constructed out of long-lasting, black powder-coated stainless steel, you can be sure that this Gladiator bed cap can thrive in some of the most unforgiving environments out there, and that it can also withstand a pretty impressive 770lbs weight load on top of it, allowing you to mount a top rack, attach a variety of gear on it, and even a roof top tent!

    The Gladiator SmartCap is designed with versatility and customization in mind and that’s why there’s an array of SmartCap compatible accessories you can upgrade your Jeep Gladiator bed cap with in order to make it the perfect overlanding companion. Discover the freedom and adaptability of the RSI SmartCap Evo Sport designed for the Jeep Gladiator. Convert your truck into a reliable and well-equipped partner for adventures with this high-quality bed cap solution. Embrace the ruggedness, practicality, and sleek design that the SmartCap adds to your Jeep Gladiator, and enhance your outdoor adventures like never before.


    • Completely modular and versatile bed cap system allowing customization
    • Sturdy and durable stainless steel construction that can take a heavy weight load
    • Easy no drill installation
    • Lightweight, sleek, and aerodynamic design
    Installation Type Weight Weight Capacity Dimensions Warranty
    No Drill(Uses Clamps)

    EVO Sport: 282.1lbs

    EVOa Adventure: 298.8lbs

    EVOc Commercial: 287.1lbs

    Static: 770lbs

    Dynamic: 330lbs

    EVO Sport: H - 21.65, L - 63.78, FW - 60.83, RW - 60.83

    EVOa Adventure: H - 21.65, L - 63.78, FW - 60.83, RW - 60.83

    EVOc Commercial: H - 19.69, L - 60.24, FW - 62.99, RW - 61.42

    3 Year Limited





    UpTOP Overland Jeep Gladiator Bed Rack

    upTOP Overland Jeep Gladiator TRUSS Bed Rack

    Relatively new on the market, the upTOP Overland Truss bed rack has made itself a worthy addition amongst other great Jeep Gladiator accessories and there are a lot of good reasons for it! With a lightweight aluminum construction, no drill installation, and a massive 1100lbs of weight capacity, this Gladiator bed rack will fit right onto your overlanding rig, providing more storage capabilities to mount whichever pieces of gear you want and even a roof top tent!

    This Gladiator bed rack has a durable, black powder-coated aluminum construction that makes the system both very rigid as well as lightweight, thus not putting a lot of strain on your rig. Thanks to the pre-drilled armor plates on its sides, you’ll be able to mount a variety of accessories needed for your next trip. The TRUSS bed rack comes in a variety of different heights, depending on your needs, the full height being at the height of your roof rack, making this bed rack system a very aerodynamic option.

    It does not require drilling for installation, making the process a piece of cake, however, you would need to have trail rails installed in order to mount this bed rack. With a fair price and great features, this bed rack secured its place as one of the best Jeep Gladiator accessories that let you experience the great outdoors with confidence and peace of mind so feel free to check it out!


    • Lightweight yet durable aluminum construction
    • High weight load rating
    • Easy no drill installation
    • Comes in a variety of heights depending on your needs
    Installation Type Weight Load Capacity Dimensions Warranty
    No Drill 55lbs

    Static: 1100lbs

    Dynamic 300lbs

    Mid Height: 11.5"

    Full Height: 19"

    Limited Lifetime



    Decked Jeep Gladiator Bed Drawer System

    Decked Jeep Gladiator Truck Bed Drawer System

    Organization of your Gladiator truck bed does not have to be a hassle. While it's tempting to toss everything in and go, it's not the best way to ensure your items stay safe and easily accessible during transport. That's why we're excited to introduce another fantastic addition to Jeep Gladiator accessories. This solution not only helps you organize your truck bed more efficiently but also grants easier access to your belongings while safeguarding them from various weather conditions.

    Introducing the DECKED drawer system, tailor-made for the Jeep Gladiator, featuring two spacious drawers to keep your gear organized and shielded from the elements. What sets the DECKED system apart is its outstanding durability. With a galvanized steel subframe and drawers crafted from high-density polyethylene, it's built to withstand harsh UV rays and temperature fluctuations, ensuring resilience against rugged off-roading and everyday use, all while protecting your belongings from adverse weather.

    Installing the DECKED drawer system is a breeze and customized to fit your truck bed perfectly, optimizing usable space without requiring drilling. It securely attaches using J-hooks fastened to the bed tie-downs, simplifying assembly, installation, and removal as needed. Notably, this truck bed drawer system boasts an impressive load-bearing capacity, supporting up to 2000 lbs of evenly distributed weight on top. Each drawer can handle 200 lbs, offering ample storage for your essentials, ensuring you're well-equipped for any adventure that comes your way.


    • Easy no drill installation and assembly
    • Weather proof construction
    • Can withstand a high weight load
    • Sturdy construction
    Installation Type Weight Load Capacity Warranty
    No Drill (Uses J-Hooks) 220lbs

    Payload Per Drawer: 200lbs

    Payload Evenly Distributed On Top: 2000lbs

    Limited Lifetime



    EGR Electric Jeep Gladiator Tonneau Cover

    EGR Jeep Gladiator Tonneau Cover

    A dependable tonneau cover is essential among Jeep Gladiator accessories to safeguard your belongings in the truck bed from external elements and potential theft. That's why adding the EGR RollTrac electric tonneau cover to your Jeep Gladiator accessories list is a wise choice. This cover stands out as one of the market's best, boasting a durable design capable of withstanding diverse weather conditions and intuitive technology that simplifies its operation.

    The EGR RollTrac, as mentioned earlier, is a sophisticated bed cover that seamlessly integrates with your vehicle's electrical and central locking systems for enhanced security. Crafted from premium aluminum that meets global standards, it incorporates features such as anti-pinch technology, smart ECU speed control, and tamper-proof security. With a weight limit of 700 lbs, it's well-suited for off-roading and can accommodate heavy accessories like bed racks and rooftop tents, making it an ideal companion for your outdoor adventures.

    This tonneau cover has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its reliability and durability even in challenging environments. It utilizes factory mounting points for secure attachment to the truck bed, ensuring excellent protection. With its stylish design featuring a textured black finish, the RollTrac seamlessly complements your vehicle's aesthetics. Additionally, it incorporates large drainage tubes and interlocking aluminum slats to prevent water ingress, safeguarding your valuables stored in the truck bed.


    • Easy-to-use electric operating system
    • Can support a massive weight load on top of it
    • All-around weather proof
    • Factory central locking integration that locks the tonneau cover alongside your truck for increased security
    Installation Type Weight Load Capacity  Warranty
    No Drill 110lbs 700lbs Limited Lifetime



    Jeep Gladiator Accessories For Off Roading


    Fishbone Jeep Gladiator Bumper

    Fishbone Jeep Gladiator Front Bumper

    While the Jeep Gladiator is rugged on its own, adding extra protection can enhance safety for both you and your passengers, especially on challenging off-road trails. That's why we're highlighting one of the essential Jeep Gladiator accessories: the Fishbone Jeep Gladiator bumper.

    Featuring a sleek and straightforward design, this front bumper shields the entire width of your Wrangler while providing the option to mount a winch. Not only does it safeguard your vehicle's underside from rocks, branches, and debris encountered on the trail, but its looped design also protects the grille.

    What sets this bumper apart as one of the top Jeep Gladiator accessories is its recessed mounting plate, ensuring continuous airflow across the grille. Additionally, it comes equipped with 2 D-rings and is compatible with Jeep Gladiator models from 2019 onwards. You can even attach fog lights to illuminate the road ahead, enhancing safety during nighttime adventures.


    • Works with OE fog lights
    • Features a recessed mounting plate for increased airflow to the grille
    • Supports a winch
    • Very sturdy construction featuring a looped design for increased protection



    CBI Jeep Gladiator Rock Sliders

    Jeep Gladiator Rock Sliders

    When talking about some of the most necessary Jeep Gladiator accessories for off-roading, we can’t forget about rock sliders. Whether you are planning to go on a camping or overlanding trip with your Gladiator or you plan on doing some heavy off roading in rocky mountains, rock sliders will be your best friend and will protect the outer body panels wherever you go. 

    With a simple bolt-on installation process, you can get these rock sliders up and running in no time and get ready to hit the road. They have a sleek and low profile design that will complement the look of your Gladiator while providing incredible side protection that will safeguard your vehicle from any rocks, low-laying branches, and even other debris you can find on the road.

    Apart from serving as another layer of protection, these Gladiator rock sliders also act as steps that will allow you to enter or exit your vehicle with ease. Constructed out of high-quality powder-coated steel, these rock sliders will be able to withstand pretty much anything you throw at them and even thrive in some of the harshest conditions out there, all while being corrosion-resistant.


    • Easy bolt-on installation
    • Sturdy steel construction
    • Acts as side steps as well
    • Provides additional side protection



    FOX Jeep Gladiator Shocks

    FOX Jeep Gladiator Shocks

    One of the best Jeep Gladiator accessories when it comes to tackling extreme off road terrain is the FOX Internal Bypass Piggyback Shock that was designed to fit the Jeep Gladiator models from 2020 up to the current one. Enabling you to navigate your Gladiator at high speeds across rugged terrain, these shocks offer the flexibility to adjust low and high-speed compression for precise damping control, regardless of the terrain you’re traversing.

    The Factory Race Series 3.0 Internal Bypass shock is a bolt-on kit engineered for dominant racing performance. Its patented position-sensitive internal bypass technology regulates fluid flow, ensuring a smooth ride on standard off-road terrain while providing extra damping force during intense compression and rebound events.

    Made from durable hard-anodized aluminum, these shocks feature precision-engineered components and high-performance valving. Compatible with 2-3" aftermarket suspension lift kits for the Wrangler JL, they come with a sturdy piggyback bridge and a CNC-machined aluminum remote reservoir with external fins for improved heat dissipation.


    • Delivers a smooth and predictable ride during standard off road conditions
    • Offers increased damping force
    • Enhances heat dissipation
    • Precision-engineered with aluminum components and high-performance internal valving



    Jeep Gladiator Accessories FAQS


    Where can I get the best Jeep Gladiator accessories near me?

    Right here! We are a licensed retailer of many Jeep Gladiator accessories and with us, you can enjoy the benefits of getting a FREE delivery to your doorstep with each purchase!


    What are some of the best Jeep Gladiator accessories for camping?

    There are many Jeep Gladiator accessories to enhance your camping adventures wherever you roam. Firstly, a quality rooftop tent is a must-have for Jeep Gladiator camping trips. You could also consider a sturdy truck bed cap to transform your Gladiator into a sleeping area. Additionally, adding an awning to your rig provides shade and shelter from rain showers.


    What is the Jeep Gladiator good for?

    Jeep Gladiator is one of the sturdiest off road vehicles out there that can traverse over any terrain without any difficulties. Gladiators are known for their off-road capability, versatility, towing capability, and incredible customization, allowing you to accessorize and adapt your Gladiator to your needs!


    Can you sleep inside the Jeep Gladiator?

    If you're wondering if you can sleep inside the cab of your Jeep Gladiator, the answer is yes. Would it be comfortable enough, however, that is another question. The great thing about the Gladiator is that it has a spacious interior allowing you to sleep inside it and even inside the truck bed once you install a truck bed cap. A smart thing would be to get a roof top tent that can provide a nice, spacious, and comfortable environment in which you can spend the night and get ready to continue your journey the next day.


    Are Jeep Gladiators good in snow?

    Yes, they are! Jeep Gladiator can go over any type of terrain, however, keep in mind that a good set of off road tires as well as a good suspension kit and a lift can make a big difference.


    Can I tow an off road trailer with a Jeep Gladiator?

    Yes you can! Jeep Gladiator has incredible towing capabilities allowing you to attach a fully loaded off-road trailer and tow it along on your next overlanding adventure.