RotoPax Collection

    RotoPax Water And Fuel Containers

    RotopaX is a widely known brand in the overlanding industry that provides fuel, water and general liquid containers. These are the only rotational-molded EPA and CARB compliant fuel containers available in the United States.

    This is thanks to their patented three layer Roto-Molding process, along with specially manufactured with plastic barrier material that meets the government's new extremely low permeability requirements. 

    Made in the USA, they are the original manufacturers of the 1st generation fuel and water packs. Unlike any other, RotopaX have a unique and completely modular system. With innovative designs and improvements, they offer a full-size, 4-Gallon gasoline pack. 

    Quality has distinguished RotopaX from all other competitors, making them the preferred choice amongst experienced vehicle owners, mechanics, overlanders and day-to-day users.

    Their most known model is the RotopaX 3 Gallon Fuel Can, that can save you from any emergency. This is a solid, durable, flexible plastic that takes all the abuse you can give it, and still never leaks.

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