Off Road Tents - Our Story

How Was Off Road Tents Born?

Let us tell you a story of how the holiday of a lifetime turned into a vision and a business that changed our lives.

It all started after an adventurous trip to Australia, one you think about in dreams, which can be fulfilled if you truly want to.

Two best friends fly to Australia, with the goal of driving across the Australian territory, visiting beaches, crossing deserts, exploring forests, mountains, national parks. And thank god we did it.

We started off in Perth, Western Australia, and drove along the south west coast, visiting white sanded beaches, stopping to admire the beauty of pink lakes, kangaroos chilling under the sun at the beach, then we bathed on light blue water. It was paradise.

By night, we slept in a roof top tent. We had never been in one before, but once there, we were lucky to find good deal for the car and a TJM RTT. And off we went, setting it up at sunset to then sleep like babies and get ready for the next day's adventure.

We proceeded to cross the Nullarbor plain, a desert over 800 miles long, where we had to drive through Australia's longest straight road. And when we were tired, every night we'd just crawl into our rooftop tent and that was it.

We loved how easy it was to set up camp in just a matter of minutes, whether that was parked somewhere along the Great Ocean Road overlooking the ocean, in the middle of the Outback, in a random parking lot, and still sleep well, rest, and enjoy the wonders of nature.

Before this short trip we had been to New Zealand, couldn't find a roof top tent there, but we drove around sleeping a camper van. After comparing both experiences, we can tell you, rooftop tents are much better!

We had always travelled to exotic places, hiked the Himalayas, drove around in Mexico, explored Norway, and wanted to keep doing it. With a background in business and marketing, we wanted to join forces in a business: one that would allow people to experience the freedom, excitement and joy that only traveling and exploring give you, but with a little bit more comfort and power. Yes, the kind of power that a vehicle gives you.

Therefore, we decided we wanted to create a company that sold these tents, as to make our passion more accessible to any overlanding or road tripping enthusiasts in America. That's why we now sell some of the best rooftop tent brands in USA: FSR, Thule Tepui Tents, Guana Equipment, iKamper, Eezi-Awn, and many more. Later on came racks and overlanding equipment. Anything you might need for an off-road adventure.

So if you're looking to purchase a roof top tent or any other overlanding accessory, buckle up, because at Off Road Tents we'll show you why exactly we are so passionate about them. In no time you'll be exploring America, Jack Kerouac style, always on the road, finding the next mountain to climb.