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At Off Road Tents we like to participate as much as we can in industry topics, debates and resources. Not only do we regularly attend events such as SEMA, Overland Expo and more, but we frequently connect with journalists, publications and forums as much as we can. Why? Well, if we can contribute with reliable information, talk about our first hand experience, and hopefully help spread the word related to outdoors, off road and overlanding, we'll do our best to do so.

You might find different quotes from our founders, Gianluca and Karsten, or some of our team members like Nick, Ignacio and Juan around the web or even on the news or local newspaper. If you do, and you like what you read or heard, or even if you didn't, shoot as an email and let us know your thoughts. We're always looking to improve.

We also have a YouTube channel where we share objective and in depth reviews of many products and even experiences we have. Check out our YouTube channel here.

If you work with any media outlet, have a blog, work for an overlanding/outdoors forum, or in general want to interview any of us, know information from within the industry or just connect, please let us know. Contact us by sending an email to and get in touch! We love to connect.

Last but not least, if you're just curious to read a few of the publications we've worked with, click on the logos below to read some articles. We aren't sharing all of them, as sometimes we have just a few quotes and didn't think we should have added everything. So, we're sharing a select few. Enjoy!


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