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Searching For Your Rack:

Choosing a rack and a roof top tent can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, there are a LOT of options. But don't worry! We're here to help narrow down your search.

Above you'll find a search tool that will help you identify which racks fit your specific vehicle. It's important to mention that there are mainly two types of racks, cross bars or platform systems:

  • Cross bars are the simplest style or racks. They're composed of two "load bars" that run across the roof of the vehicle, and usually work to mount Roof Top Tents, bike racks and a bunch of other accessories.
  • Platform Racks are bigger rack systems that basically look like platforms and cover bigger portions of the roof of the vehicle. They're composed of "slats" or "load bars" that go either across the roof or from front to back of it. Platforms provide more space to attach more accessories than regular cross bars, and usually have a higher weight capacity.

Also, depending on your type of vehicle (Sedan, SUV, Pickup Truck, etc), you'll see different rack options. For example, on a pickup truck, you can mount racks on the roof of the cabin and on top of the bed.

To use the search tool, follow these steps:

  1. Select the brand of your vehicle on the first drop down menu on the left
  2. Select the car model on the middle menu
  3. Choose the year of your vehicle on the right dropdown
  4. Click search.

As easy as that!

Searching For Your Roof Top Tent Step By Step:

1. Determine the size of tent you want: 2, 3, 4, or 5 person capacity.

2. Choose the type of tent you want: Hardshell, Softshell or Hybrid

3. Find the style of tent you'd like within the type: Traditional softshell, easy open softshell, pop-up hardshell, clamshell hardshell, hybrid, etc.

4. Finally, choose between prices and brands that offer this particular roof tent that fits your needs.