Nissan Frontier Bed Rack

    Frontier Bed Rack Review

    With the introduction of the 2022 edition, the Nissan Frontier has quickly risen to become one of the most sought-after pick-up trucks in America. It’s not a surprise, the Frontier isn’t just a good-looking rig, but a very powerful vehicle.

    Thanks to a 310 horsepower 3.8 liter V6 engine, you’re looking at truck that’s a jack of all trades. From overlanding, to carrying construction materials, ladders, lumber you name it. This a true power truck.

    Dare we say, to upgrade a Frontier even more, old or new, a great secret is to install an aftermarket bed rack. And guess what? This article brings to you the best Nissan Frontier bed rack options in the whole market, for you to be able to compare, contrast and choose the ones you like. Bear in mind we also have other options we haven’t included in the review list, simply because they’re very similar to the ones we reviewed so it was redundant. Nonetheless at Off Road Tents we only carry premium bed racks, so that’s what you’ll find.


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    Best Nissan Frontier Bed Rack Options

    The following list contains what we consider the 4 best Nissan Frontier bed racks, for both older Frontier versions and the newest. If you keep scrolling down, you will find other options that weren’t included in the list. That’s because they are quite similar in design, such as the Thule bed racks, or they are slightly different in construction such as the Leitner ACS Classic. Those are still excellent bed racks, it was simply redundant to include them too.


    nissan frontier front runner bed rack

    Nissan Frontier Front Runner Bed Rack

    Front Runner is a South African company, manufacturing their bed racks in house for over 20 years. The production and craftmanship is impeccable (trust us, we’ve visited their HQ), and the Slimline II Nissan Frontier Bed Rack kit from the 1997 to the current model is no exception. 

    This is a mid height bed rack, slightly different to all the other options in the list, as it’s a platform bed rack. That means, that the Slimline II platform gives you a bit more space to either mount more cargo, or install even more aftermarket rack accessories, such as water or gas tanks, shovels, and recovery gear. 

    Installation is simple, as it can mount directly to the existing Nissan Utili-Track System, all you need to do is make sure you have the correct size square nuts that fit the tracks, and those can be found at any hardware shop. On top of that, thjs Frontier bed rack has a 660 lbs load rating, meaning, you can mount roof top tents as well as other heavy cargo. All in all, it’s a great bed rack, that fits many different Frontier models from different years. 

    What we like

    Platform bed rack capable of installing many aftermarket accessories

    660 lbs load rating

    Easy installation

    Fits many Frontier models


    nissan frontier leitner bed rack

    Leitner ACS Forged 2022 Nissan Frontier Bed Rack

    Leitner Designs makes perhaps some of the best bed racks in the whole world. Their Forged ACS is a work of art. A fully forged aluminum construction, all made in USA, weighing only 85 lbs, with the option of having multiple add-ons to it so it can become a fully Nissan Frontier overlanding bed rack.

    The Leitner ACS Forged can fit a 2022 Nissan Frontier, but with one condition, so please read carefully: modifications need to be made to the bed of the truck. You will need to cut out the bed lip in order for the ACS clamp to fit. If you are comfortable with doing so, this is a perfectly safe bed rack.  

    That said, it does fit any Nissan Frontier form the 2004 to the 2021 models. On top of that, the Leitner ACS Forged has an outstanding dynamic weight capacity of 500 lbs, once again, ideal for roof top tents, heavy cargo and more. Thanks to the height of this bed rack, it can also work as a kayak rack, to transport ladders, lumber or longer boards.

    What we like

    A true overlanding bed rack with tons of mounting options

    500 lbs load rating

    Can fit a 2022 Nissan Frontier if custom modifications are done to the lip of the bed

    Made in USA


    Thule XSporter Pro Ladder Rack For Nissan Frontier

    Thule XSporter Pro Ladder Rack For Nissan Frontier

    Ideal for any Nissan Frontier Standard Cab, Crew Cab and King Cab from 2005 to 2021, the Thule Xsporter Pro is an excellent bed rack. Not only is it easy to install, but it has an adjustable height, meaning you can use it as a low height, mid height and high bed rack. No drilling is required to install it, saving you precious time and even allowing you to easily take it off if required.

    With a 450 lbs load rating, it’s on the lower weight capacity side, yet it can still carry any roof top tent. Nonetheless, this is an excellent option to be used as a ladder rack for a Nissan Frontier, or even better, as a kayak rack. Don’t even forget lumber or other stuff such as surfboards.

    It comes in either black or silver, depending on what you think is a better fir for your truck. The price is also quite affordable, especially considering how good and durable Thule racks are.

    What we like

    Adjustable height

    450 lbs load rating

    Drill free installation

    Ideal design to transport ladders, kayaks and lumber


    nissan frontier overland bed rack

    OVS Nissan Frontier Overland Bed Rack

    The Discovery Overlanding Bed Rack by Overland Vehicle Systems is a great choice for any Nissan Frontier owners. It comes with full length rails that have multiple tie down options for you to install from water tanks to more cargo and such. The side panels also allow for an easy recovery gear installation.

    The bed rack itself sits at 33”tall, so slightly above the cab of your Frontier. Once again, a perfect fit for those looking to have roof top tents, or carry longer accessories such as kayaks, canoes or boards.

    Installation is quite simple. No drilling is required. Do keep in mind this is only for mid-size trucks, and will only fit short beds. It is fully powder coated, giving it a tougher and sleeker look, as well as having a 450 lbs weight capacity, which gives you a peace of mind when mounting heavier items.

    What we like

    Limited Lifetime structural warranty

    450 lbs load rating

    Drill free installation

    Great side panels and tie down points to install lots of overlanding accessories such as jerry cans


    Nissan Frontier Bed Rack FAQs


    How much weight can a Nissan Frontier carry in the bed?

    The maximum payload, which would be the maximum weight that a Nissan Frontier can carry in its bed is of 1,610 lbs. However it’s towing capacity is of 6,720 lbs.


    How much weight can a Nissan frontier bed rack handle?

    That depends completely on the bed rack. As said before, the payload of the Frontier is of 1610 lbs. Most bed racks can handle around 600+lbs of static load rating, that means when the vehicle is not in motion.


    What is the ideal Nissan Frontier bed rack height? 

    It will depend completely on what you want to use it for. Typically, there are 3 bed rack heights: low, medium and cab height. If you carry smaller items but heavier, perhaps you want to have a low or mid height bed rack. If you carry larger or longer items, those won’t fit on a med or low height bed rack, in said case you want a taller rack, a cab height rack.


    Is it hard to install the bed rack?

    Not really. Most Frontier bed racks are non-drill and will use the Utili-track in the bed to mount onto. However, please read carefully the instruction manual of each bed rack to see how to install them.


    Is there a bed rack that works as a Frontier lumber rack?

    Absolutely. All the taller bed racks, such as Leitner, Thule, OVS, even Rapid Switch Systems, are a great option to carry lumber on them.


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