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    Getting the maximum safety for your vehicle should be one of your top priorities in overlanding. Aside from having the comfort you need while traveling, protecting your off-road rig at all costs is essential to ensure that your outdoor adventure will not be spoiled by any inconveniences while on the roll. Our overlanding vehicles can be exposed to different threats from the trail, and one of the most vulnerable parts is the underside of your off-road ride. That’s why having the best skid plate for additional security is crucial when conquering challenging tracks. 

    Protecting the underbody of your vehicle isn’t as complex as it may seem. Skid plates are off-road accessories made from durable aluminum or steel with high-strength material quality that covers different under-chassis elements such as differentials, transfer boxes, and fuel tanks. When traversing through tough and relentless trails, these crucial parts are susceptible and prone to damage. 

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    The Importance Of Having A Skid Plate

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    Skid Plate Tacoma Lower Arm Skid Plate Tundra

    RCI Skid Plate 4Runner

    RCI Full Skid Plate F150

    CBI Tundra Skid Plate

    RCI F150 Engine Skid Plate

    FJ Cruiser Engine Skid Plate

    Nissan Frontier Skid Plate

    4Runner 4th Gen Engine Skid Plate

    RCI Bronco Skid Plates

    TRD Skid Plate Tacoma

    CBI Aftermarket Skid Plates Chevy

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    How Important Are Skid Plates?

    Though our 4WDs are often equipped with multiple security features to protect our under-carriage, the chances of having them damaged by a rock or side-swiped by other elements on unfamiliar terrain can stop you from enjoying your outdoor adventure. Also, when these vehicle parts are struck, expect a ton of headaches because these vital parts aren’t easy to repair and quite costly.

    For off-road enthusiasts, getting a skid plate doesn’t just add up to your rig's style and overall design. Installing a couple of skid plates on your under chassis gives you enough confidence to smoothly cruise unfamiliar tracks without hesitation from engine damage brought by scrambling rocks or unexpected debris impact. Plus, here are the other notable difference installing skid plates can make: 

    • Skid plates can help you align the center of gravity as they are made of heavy metal composition and placed underneath your off-road vehicle. These accessories can improve your vehicle handling and stability.
    • Installing a skid plate on lifted 4WDs can impose better fuel economy and reduce wind dragging as they smoothly let wind pass through the aerodynamic design. Skid plates prevent wind from traveling underneath certain engine parts that may cause wind resistance. 
    • For extreme off-road aficionados, skid plates enable you to glide smoothly through rocky slopes or trails without damaging your undercarriage. The same is true when driving through thick snow. 

    Multiple aftermarket suppliers offer different variations of skid plates. You’ll sometimes get confused about the perfect skid plates for you. To give you a further idea and expand your choices before getting one, we have collated the top skid plate model that you can choose from.


    Types Of Skid Plates

    Aside from knowing the importance of having them on your vehicle, it is also essential to understand which skid plates protect which specific underbody engine parts. Some brands offer a full skid plate package covering everything found underneath. However, there are some part-specific skid plates that you can purchase for a more in-depth shield against heavy impact due to overlanding. To give you a better idea, here are the types of skid plates: 

    Front Skid Plates protect the first point of impact while tackling off-road trails. They also give cover against gravel, sand, and the like, in case you are more into challenging trails.

    The Rear Skid Plate protects some of the most critical elements of your underbelly, like the fuel tank, differentials, and transfer box. Also, having a rear skid plate gives an extra shield against speed bumps if your vehicle is on a lowered stance. 

    Engine Skid Plates generally give your engine an additional layer of safeguard, keeping them safe against rock damage or anything that may cause your engine to break. 

    Transfer Case and Transmission Plate may be the most vital skid plate protection due to their importance. These skid plates cover your transmission and transfer box, which are responsible for keeping your off-road vehicle moving. 

    There are other types of skid plates, depending on your priority on which undercarriage part is the most prone to damage brought by off-roading. Specific skid plates can be bought to cover just the gas tank, control arms, oil pan, and other underbelly engine parts.

    But for us, purchasing a complete skid plate package is recommended. This ensures that everything else is covered, and you need not worry anymore if you have the protection on what’s underneath your 4WD. 


    Best Skid Plate Models

    In considering buying a new set of skid plates, you must be able to determine if they are compatible with your off-road ride. Also, it is best to familiarize yourself with what under-body parts they mainly protect so that you’ll know what to expect from them. The items on the list are heavy-duty and off-road-ready materials that will withstand any challenging trails. Here is the list of the Best skid plate models for extra off-road protection. 


    Toyota Skid Plates

    The following list contains the best Toyota skid plates. Clearly, there are a lot more brands and we could even make a whole article for each and every single vehicle and each and every single type of Toyota skid plate. However, to keep it short we preferred to just name the most important vehicles, choosing either the full skid plate package for each (out of convenience), or a very specific plate we know is a great choice. If you own a Toyota vehicle which isn’t reviewed below, we recommend you scroll down all the way to the product section, as you may find more of them there, even the part specific plates.


    Skid Plate Tacoma

    skid plate tacoma

    What’s the best choice for your Toyota Tacoma 2nd and 3rd Gen? Well, an RCI full skid plate. Made in USA in either steel or aluminum, you get a front, transmission and transfer skid plate for your Taco, making sure that no trail, rock or branch can ever cause any problem to the underbody of your truck.

    Essentially, this full Tacoma skid plate protects the front two cross-members, the low hanging front differential, the oil pan, the transmission, the second and third cross-members, the exhaust cross pipe and the transfer case. As you may see, you fully cover your Tacoma. 

    There is no drilling required for this skid plate Tacoma. Instead, they bolt directly onto the existing factory attachment points, making installation quite an easy process. The weight of the skid plate itself will depend on the material you choose, with steel being heavier.

    What Makes It One Of The Best?

    • No drilling required for installation.
    • Made in USA
    • Smooth flat surface with a sleek look offering better protection against rocks or branches


    RCI Skid Plate 4Runner

    RCI Full Skid Plate 4Runner Toyota

    When there's a great need to protect the under-chassis of your 5th Gen 4Runner, RCI Offroad's Full Skid Plate Package for Toyota 4Runner is the perfect solution. This skid plate package offers unbeatable protection from obstacles, rocks, and other road debris through its 3/16" thick stainless steel or quarter-inch aluminum alloy skid plates designed specifically for the 4Runner. The American-made 5th Gen 4runner skid plates are made to cover the transmission, transfer case, engine oil pan, steering rack, and hard brake lines.

    Comprising three essential skid plates, the RCI Offroad 4Runner skid plate package consists of a front skid plate, transmission skid plate, and transfer case skid plate. These accessories protect the entirety of your 4Runner's underbody without the need to drill or modify any parts as they fit exactly to the factory mounting slots. A designated oil drain hole is placed on each skid plate to ensure easy access to oil changes.

    What Makes It One Of The Best?

    • Precision cut for an exact fit to Toyota 4Runner 5th Gen models
    • Simple installation and removal of all subsections for maintenance
    • Exposed bolts are surrounded by bolt protector rings to safeguard against physical damage


    CBI Tundra Skid Plate

    Front Full Skid Plate Toyota Tundra CBI

    This set of skid plates from CBI Offroad protects your Toyota Tundra’s entire under-chassis. The CBI Full Skid Plate covers the front grill of your vehicle and gives extra security panels to your oil pan, transmission, transfer case, and up to catalytic converter. This off-road accessory offers the utmost protection that is bundled into one package. 

    The Tundra full skid plate from CBI Offroad is made from heavy-duty 3/16”-thick metal with featured cut-outs that give compatible access to the oil drain plug and filter. The CBI full skid plate can be easily bolted onto your Toyota Tundra without modifying or drilling. 

    What Makes It One Of The Best?

    • Ease of installation with minimal effort required and few bolt-on procedures
    • Perfectly fits Toyota Tundra pickup trucks with matching cutout panels for factory features.
    • Multiple design options to match your off-road style


    RCI Skid Plate FJ Cruiser Engine

    FJ Cruiser Engine Skid Plate

    Making it to the list of the best skid plates for you is the RCI Engine Skid Plate for FJ Cruiser. This off-road accessory protects your vehicle's engine while you tackle the challenging overlanding trails. Made from either durable stainless steel or heavy-duty aluminum composition, this FJ Cruiser skid plate is designed to give ample protection to your engine, as well as the front two cross-members, low-hanging front differential, and oil pan.

    Talking about the well-thought design, the FJ Cruiser skid plate has multiple bolt-on points, including a center mounting post that gives additional stability and increased strength while mounted on your under-body chassis. Plus, there are built-in oil drain holes as part of its design, which allows you to change your oil without needing to remove everything entirely. 

    What Makes It One Of The Best?

    • Simple installation and removal through bolt-on points that are matched with factory mounting points
    • Manufactured directly by RCI Metalworks, which is based in the USA
    • Black powder coat finish for rust resistance and durable, high-quality finish


    RCI 4Runner Skid Plate Engine

    Engine Skid Plate Toyota 4Runner

    The RCI Engine Skid Plate for Toyota 4Runner is a must-have addition for off-road enthusiasts. Made from durable steel, this 4th Gen 4runner skid plate provides ultimate protection to the engine and transmission of your 4WD truck, enabling you to worry less about untoward incidents while enjoying the off-road trails. The RCI skid plate is custom-designed to fit snugly onto your vehicle's undercarriage and is made with durable CNC-cut 3/16” steel construction. This material provides a sturdy, heavy-duty shield from elements that may damage your engine. 

    The 4Runner engine skid plates can be installed by bolt-on process and do not require any modification or drilling. Bolt protection rings are also placed to prevent exposed bolt heads from damage from normal wear and tear. 

    Since the design and style of the 4th Gen 4Runner engine skid plate also match the Lexus GX470, this RCI engine skid plate can also be used to give additional protection or replace the unreliable skid plate mounted on your Lexus 4WD. 

    What Makes It One Of The Best?

    • Protects front two cross-members, low-hanging front differential, oil pan,  transmission, second and third cross-members, exhaust cross pipe, and transfer-case
    • Grade 8 hardware and installation instruction is provided
    • Built-in oil drain holes allow easy access and the ability to change oil without removing the skid plate.


    Cali Raised LED Front TRD Skid Plate Tacoma

    transfer trd skid plate tacoma

    Toyota Tacoma is one of the most reliable off-road vehicles you can bring in any outdoor adventure. However, letting this amazing 4WD conquer trails with factory-installed under-chassis engine parts may impose a greater chance of unwanted incidents. That’s why protecting them with the Transfer Skid Plate from Cali Raised LED is best. These Tacoma skid plates have a universal fit to your Tacoma, either 2nd Gen or 3rd Gen Tacoma and even TRD.

    Crafted with 3/16” American steel, the Tacoma front skid plate is made from high-quality materials and can be mounted easily to your off-road truck without drilling and unnecessary modification. The Cali Raised LED Tacoma transfer skid plates can be installed entirely by bolt-in process and done in a few minutes. Remember, these skid plates work for the TRD, but they are very specific, not all Tacoma skid plates work with the TRD, this transfer skid plate does.

    What Makes It One Of The Best?

    • Freedom to choose the style that suits your preference
    • Available in steel and aluminum materials, you can decide whether you want a powder coating for it
    • High-quality materials that ensure impeccable strength and withstand extreme off-road activities


    CBI Lower Control Arm Skid Plate Tundra

    CBI Lower Control Arm Plate

    This CBI Tundra skid plate provides unbeatable protection for your lower control arm, ensuring it is well-protected and functioning correctly. The Lower Control Arm skid plate also increases the longevity of your lower control arm, as it prevents any potential damage from damaging conditions or contact with rocks or other off-road elements that you may encounter on your overlanding. 

    The lower control arm of your off-road vehicle has the least ground clearance on your Toyota Tundra, so protecting them should be one of your priorities. Installing a ¼” thick aluminum skid plate which serves as additional security against off-road elements such as rocks and other debris that you may come across, can make your overlanding journey hassle-free. The pair of Tundra skid plates for your lower control arm has a bolt-on installation and can be done in less than ten minutes.

    What Makes It One Of The Best?

    • Great fit for Toyota Tundra 2022 models and compatible with Toyota Sequoia as well
    • Maintains superior protection for the lower control arms
    • Available in optional powder coat finish 


    RCI Skid Plate F150

    RCI Full Skid Plates F150

    Another full skid package, this time for Ford F-150 pickup trucks, the RCI Off-road skid plates are guaranteed with protection, safety, and heavy-duty material composition. Manufactured in the USA through RCI Metalworks, the F150 full-skid package is the best off-road accessory to cover the underbody of your overlanding truck. 

    The RCI full skid plate package for Ford F150 consists of a front skid plate, transmission cover, and transfer-case skid plate and mostly gives sufficient coverage to everything under your F150 truck. The F150 skid plate requires simple installation with direct bolt-on access to existing factory attachment points; thus, drilling is unnecessary. 

    What Makes It One Of The Best?

    • It can be removed easily when there’s a need for maintenance
    • Built-in drain holes that allow easy access to change oil without the need to remove the entire skid plate package
    • Black powder coated for rust resistance and gives a stylish, quality finish 


    RCI F150 Skid Plate For Engine

    RCI Engine Skid Plate F150

    The engine-specific protection for your F150 truck, this RCI Ford engine skid plate exhibits excellent material construction through the high-strength ten gauge steel and additional powder coating process. This off-road-ready accessory provides an excellent shield against elements while safeguarding your engine, power steering unit, front differential, front cross-member, engine bay, and low-hanging intercooler (for EcoBoost Ford F150) intact.

    Giving you the freedom to upgrade, you can choose your RCI engine skid plate made from 5052 aluminum with a quarter-inch thickness to make it lighter while getting the same quality protection you’ll get with the steel counterpart. Both variants can be installed effortlessly through the bolt-on feature from RCI that matches the factory attachment points set by the manufacturer. 

    What Makes It One Of The Best?

    • Smooth, flat surface that easily slides over obstacles
    • Mounts to frame horns behind tow hooks, not interfering with aftermarket bumpers, hidden winch, and other off-road accessories
    • Six mounting points for extra durability


    CBI Nissan Frontier Skid Plate

    CBI Nissan Frontier Full Skid Plate

    The CBI Nissan Frontier Full Skid Plate is made from high-grade steel construction and top-of-the-line coating for superior rust resistance, giving full underbody coverage to your Nissan off-road truck. The Frontier full skid plate maximizes the protection of your truck's front end and undercarriage, featuring a reliable range to shield your transfer box, catalytic converters, fuel tank, and differentials. 

    The 3/16” thick steel plate construction of the CBI skid plate for Nissan Frontier can withstand elements, such as snow, mud, or rocks, and can outstandingly provide security to your under-body. Though lightweight, the CBI Nissan Frontier skid plate doesn’t give additional load to your carrying capacity while performing at its best to shield the engine parts located beneath your Nissan truck.

    What Makes It One Of The Best?

    • Bolt-on installation that can be done in a couple of minutes
    • Optional powder-coat finish or bare metal finish
    • Protects crucial under-body components from damages brought by overlanding or theft


    RCI Bronco Skid Plates

    Ford Bronco Skid plates

    The four-piece Ford Bronco complete skid plate package from RCI Offroad tops our list of the best skid plates for additional protection. The Bronco skid plate set comprises a two-piece engine cover, a transmission plate, and transfer-case skid plates. These off-road accessories provide all-out support and security on the Ford Bronco’s undercarriage, protecting them effectively from rock damage found in rugged trails. 

    The RCI Metalwork masterpiece explicitly made for Ford Bronco gives the best defense against elements that may affect the engine parts found underneath your 4WD SUV. Made in two different material composition, the RCI Bronco skid plates produce the same quality of protection whether they are made from 3/16” steel or ¼” aluminum. These Bronco skid plates can be installed directly to your vehicle using the factory mounting points without drilling.

    What Makes It One Of The Best?

    • The steel version is powder-coated with a black epoxy finish for additional rust resistance. 
    • Direct bolt-on addition to existing factory attachment points, no drilling required
    • Extremely high clearance hugs the truck very tight and does not sacrifice ground clearance for protection.


    CBI Aftermarket Skid Plates For Chevy Trucks

    aftermarket skid plates for chevy truck

    CBI makes a full skid plate that perfectly fits two different Chevy trucks, the Chevy Colorado ZR2 as well as the Chevy Colorado Z71. As it is with other CBI skid plates you get to choose the finish, which can be bare metal or powder coated in black, as well choosing the material to be either aluminum (lighter) or steel. Furthermore, since these two Chevy trucks have different oil tanks, you can choose a standard skid plate for that specific part, or a rear differential drop.

    Made in USA, the quality of this full skid plate is fantastic. It’s the dream for any off road or overlanding enthusiast, as you know the bottom of your pickup truck is protected from rocks, branches or any hazards that the road can have. It will perfectly protect, as a full skid plate does, the transmission, oil tank, front and rear of your Chevy.

    Installation is not complex, nonetheless if you aren’t as handy with power tolls and as knowledgeable of your vehicle, we recommend you install them with a professional. However, with the instructions, it is pretty straightforward how to install them!

    What Makes It One Of The Best?

    • Made in USA
    • Choice between aluminum or steel depending on the weight and resistance you want
    • It’s a full skid plate that will protect the full underbody of your Chevy truck


    Skid Plates FAQs

    What does a skid plate do?

    Skid plates give additional protection to your off-road vehicle under chassis parts. They are usually made from durable steel or aluminum and braces against the impact of rugged trails or scrambling rocks. This off-road accessory covers the underside engine parts and prevents unnecessary contact with the ground that may cause damage.


    Are skid plates necessary?

    Having a set of skid plates installed on your off-road vehicle increases your protection against untoward damages brought by rugged trails. The materials used in your underbody engine parts are not usually made to withstand heavy impact. Having skid plates installed can save you a lot of trouble, especially when traveling in unfamiliar terrain. 


    What are skid plates made of?

    Skid plates are typically made of either aluminum or steel. Aluminum skid plates are lightweight and offer good protection but are not as strong as steel skid plates. Steel skid plates are heavier and more durable than aluminum, but they’ll also add more weight to your vehicle.

    How much do skid plates weigh?

    The weight of the skid plates depends on the materials used in their composition. Basic aluminum skid plates will weigh the least, typically around 15-20 lbs, while steel skid plates may weigh over 40 lbs. The exact weight of your vehicle’s skid plate will depend on its make and model.

    How to remove skid plates?

    Skid plates are often designed to give easy access to your underbody engine, especially when changing your oil. However, if you need to remove skid plates, you need to jack up your vehicle and secure it properly while the jack stands. Locate the mounting point for the skid plates and unbolt them accordingly. 

    Is there such thing as a universal skid plate?

    Not really, there isn’t such a thing as a universal skid plate, since skid plates are vehicle specific, and even part specific. For example, you can have front skid plate, rear skid plate, transmission skid plate, so on and so forth. And you can have a transmission skid plate fit a 5th gen 4Runner, but it won’t fit the transmission of the 3rd Gen 4Runner.

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