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    Subaru Forester Accessories Review

    Known for its practicality and reliability, the Subaru Forester stands out as one of the better SUVs for overlanding and off roading. Currently in its 5th generation, the Subaru Forester comes with a spacious interior, affordable price, and versatile cargo space making it a popular choice among families and outdoor enthusiasts. And what better way to make it even better than to equip it with a variety of Subaru Forester accessories? Here at Off Road Tents, you can find various Subaru Forester accessories that will not only make your vehicle look cooler but will also serve a great function on your next outdoor adventure.


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    Subaru Forester Aftermarket Accessories

    In this section we'll take a look at some of the aftermarket parts and Subaru Forester accessories that will be a great addition to your off-road rig. We'll go over some racks, lights, overlanding gear, and more. If you have questions about particular items or categories we haven't discussed, please feel free to reach out.



    A crucial Subaru Forester accessory is a reliable suspension kit, offering not just protection and improved off-road performance but also the capability to absorb impacts on diverse terrains. This kit enhances stability, boosts load-bearing capacity, ensures vehicle safety, and raises ground clearance, facilitating smoother navigation through challenging off-road trails.



    Equipping your Subaru Forester with robust tires is vital for ensuring reliability on challenging terrain. Dependable and durable tires improve traction, incorporate reinforced sidewalls for puncture resistance, and efficiently clear mud and debris with their rugged tread design. This not only enhances control, stability, and overall off-road performance but also prioritizes safety, benefiting both occupants and the vehicle.



    The importance of both front and rear bumpers cannot be overstated when it comes to protecting your Subaru Forester. In off-road conditions, where potential hazards abound, these robust bumpers serve as the primary line of defense, providing a crucial barrier against significant damage and prioritizing the safety of you, your passengers, and your vehicle. Additionally, these bumpers improve your Forester's ability to navigate steep inclines, offer multiple attachment points for accessories and lights, and provide recovery solutions, including the option to mount a winch for handling challenging situations.


    Rock Sliders

    Rock sliders offer additional protection against rocks and branches and are typically made from steel or aluminum. Positioned beneath the doors of your vehicle, they shield the undercarriage and lower doors from potential damage, effectively increasing ground clearance. Beyond their protective role, rock sliders double as convenient steps, making entry and exit easier, especially in muddy conditions. They can also serve as anchor points for additional features such as side steps or jacking points, further enhancing the off-road versatility of your Subaru Forester.


    Skid Plates

    To safeguard your Subaru Forester and ensure its safety, it's prudent to consider undercarriage protection. Full-length skid plates, vital Subaru Forester accessories, serve to absorb and disperse impact forces, acting as a protective barrier between your vehicle's susceptible components and potential damage caused by rocks, branches, and debris encountered on the trail. With the installation of skid plates, you can confidently explore challenging terrains, knowing that your vehicle's essential parts are shielded. Additionally, they act as a deterrent against theft, providing protection for valuable components.



    Enhancing the storage capabilities of your Subaru Forester becomes crucial for off-road journeys, considering its limited space. Augmenting storage options involves installing a roof rack system to secure overlanding gear. Alternatively, utilizing storage drawers and containers within the vehicle's trunk or on the roof rack improves organization, facilitating easy access to essential items. Expanding storage not only accommodates gear and accessories but also ensures a secure and comfortable transportation experience during your adventures.



    Enhancing your off-road journey with various vehicle lighting options, including LED bars, fog lights, and spotlights, can be beneficial. However, maintaining a suitable balance is crucial to avoid excessive brightness. Select lighting solutions tailored to the specific needs of your Subaru Forester and the terrain you'll encounter. These lights improve visibility and safety, especially during nighttime off-roading, ensuring clear vision, precise vehicle control, and the ability to identify potential obstacles that may challenge your expedition.


    Roof Top Tent

    Contrary to the belief that camping can do without roof-top tents, we firmly advocate for their use, offering compelling reasons. Sleeping inside your vehicle or setting up a ground tent may lack comfort, while a roof-top tent provides an elevated and secure shelter with a comfortable mattress, ensuring a night of rest without discomfort. Additionally, these tents provide reliable protection against adverse weather conditions and feature well-insulated interiors to keep you warm on cold nights.


    Subaru Forester Accessories Camping

    Roof-top tents are a blessing for individuals embarking on off-road journeys with their vehicles. Offering numerous advantages that contribute to a memorable outdoor experience, these tents feature an insulated interior capable of shielding you from various weather conditions, even on the chilliest nights. In this segment, discover some Subaru Forester accessories for camping that will prove highly beneficial on your upcoming outdoor adventure!


    Guana Equipment Wanaka Subaru Forester Tent

    Guana Equipment Wanaka Roof Top Tent For Subaru Forester

    At the forefront of our Subaru Forester accessories list is the impressive soft-shell rooftop tent from Guana Equipment. Designed to accommodate three individuals, it's suitable for year-round use and exhibits exceptional durability with a robust 600D waterproof ripstop polyester oxford canvas body and a thick rainfly. Quick and efficient setup, along with straightforward disassembly, sets this tent apart.

    Its standout design includes windows on all sides for an immersive connection with the surroundings, a skyview window for natural light and stargazing, and a bottom entrance for added convenience and privacy. The tent boasts a plush 3-inch high-density foam mattress, ample storage, and an interior LED light strip.

    Surprisingly lightweight at just 140 lbs, it places minimal stress on your vehicle, making it an excellent choice for any off-road setup. An additional annex, made from durable materials, can be attached to expand sleeping accommodations or provide extra storage space. With numerous other enticing features, this rooftop tent is a compelling choice worth exploring.

    Why do we like it?

    • Heavy-duty tent canvas
    • Large windows including a skyview window
    • Affordable price
    • Comes with one of the biggest annexes on the market
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    3 Person 140lbs (155lbs with annex)

    Open: 56.3" (143cm) W x 122" (310cm) L x 49.5" (126cm) H

    Closed: 56.3 " (143cm) W x 48" (121cm) L x 12" (30.5cm) H

    Annex Room: 100" (254cm) W x 100" (254cm) L x 75"-82.5" (190cm-210cm) H

    2 Year Limited



    Skycamp Mini Roof Top Tent For Subaru Forester

    iKamper Skycamp Mini Roof Top Tent For Subaru Forester

    Introducing the iKamper Skycamp 3.0 Mini, a premier and excellent choice when it comes to hard-shell roof-top tents. This rugged, top-tier tent is designed for two individuals, excelling in all environments and weather conditions. Its durable hard-shell casing and reliable tent canvas meet international standards for quality.

    Crafted from breathable 300gsm poly-cotton blackout canvas, the tent ensures a peaceful rest even in sunny conditions. The 75D waterproof polyester ripstop rainfly, featuring a DWR coating, effectively repels heavy rain. Quilted insulation inside keeps you warm, and the 9-zone, 2.5-inch thick polyfoam mattress with an insulating layer mitigates condensation.

    Skycamp 3.0's design includes ample windows, including a skyview window for stargazing and welcoming daylight. Notably versatile, the tent allows complete detachment of the canvas from the shell, transforming into a roof-top cargo box. Weighing just 165 lbs, it offers easy installation with patented universal mounting hardware compatible with almost all rack systems. Explore the numerous exceptional features of this remarkable roof-top tent.

    Why do we like it?

    • One of the most premium tents out there
    • Very well-insulated interior with ample storage
    • Modern looking aerodynamic hard shell
    • Removable canvas that enables you to turn the RTT into a roof top cargo box
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    2 Person 125lbs

    Open: 83" x 52" x 48"

    Closed: 55" x 57.5" x 13.5"

    2 Year Limited



    Thule Autana Subaru Forester Roof Top Tent

    Thule Auatana Subaru Forester Roof Top Tent

    The Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 3 roof top tent stands out as a top-tier choice among Subaru Forester accessories for camping. Designed to comfortably house up to three people, this tent caters to small families or groups of friends with a shared passion for camping and outdoor exploration. The rugged construction of the Thule Tepui Explorer Autana 3 is a standout feature.

    Crafted from high-quality materials, this tent is built to endure harsh weather conditions and challenging terrains. The tent body utilizes heavy-duty, waterproof 600D ripstop fabric, complemented by a robust 420D polyester rainfly. The inclusion of a lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame ensures stability and support, even in the most demanding conditions. Beyond durability, the Thule Autana roof top tent offers a spacious interior, measuring 96 x 56 inches when fully deployed.

    This ample space provides a comfortable sleeping area for three individuals. The high-density foam mattress adds to the comfort, ensuring a restful night's sleep wherever your adventure takes you. Additionally, the tent comes with an annex that serves as extra storage or an additional sleeping quarter. Setting up and dismantling the Autana RTT is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design and intuitive features. Equipped with a telescoping ladder adaptable to various vehicles, along with large, easy-to-use zippers, this tent ensures a hassle-free camping experience.

    Why do we like it?

    • Very lightweight but sturdy build
    • Features a spacious annex
    • Rugged tent canvas
    • Underside entrance point for increased privacy
    Sleeping Capacity Weight Dimensions Warranty
    3-4 Person 130lbs

    Open: 56" x 122" x 52"

    Closed: 56" x 48" x 12"

    2 Year Limited



    Subaru Forester Exterior Accessories

    Enhancing the exterior of your Forester with Subaru Forester accessories not only enhances its overall appearance, lending it a more robust and rugged aesthetic, but it also contributes additional functionality and protection based on the accessory you install. In this category, explore some of the finest Subaru Forester accessories designed for the exterior of your vehicle, offering improved storage capabilities and simplifying your life during your next outdoor adventure.


    Prinsu Roof Rack Subaru Forester

    Prinsu Roof Rack Subaru Forester

    Prinsu, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality Subaru Forester accessories, presents the Subaru Forester Prinsu rack, a standout product that will elevate your vehicle's performance on your upcoming off-road expedition. With a mere weight of 46 lbs, this rack boasts an impressive static weight capacity of 500 lbs, providing versatility for mounting various gear, accessory mounts, cargo boxes, and even a roof-top tent.

    Crafted from robust 3/16" thick 5052 aluminum, this rack is engineered to withstand challenging conditions, ensuring durability and longevity. Its fully modular system is compatible with sunroofs and facilitates a swift, drill-free installation process. The rack features an integrated wind deflector and a sleek, low-profile design, enhancing your vehicle's aerodynamics and minimizing noise, even at high speeds.

    The rack is equipped with built-in drop-in points for effortless cargo attachment, and integrated tie-down points contribute to the stability and security of your mounted gear. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with various LED light bar systems, enhancing road visibility and ensuring safety during night driving. These are just a few of the remarkable features that make the Prinsu roof rack an enticing choice for exploration.

    Why do we like it?

    • Durable, lightweight aluminum construction
    • One of the lowest-profile roof racks on the market
    • Modular system
    • No drilling is required for the installation
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 46lbs

    Static: 1000lbs

    Dynamic: 500lbs

    Limited Lifetime



    Front Runner Subaru Forester Rack

    Front Runner Subaru Forester Roof Rack

    Front Runner presents a superior option among Subaru Forester accessories with their robust and extensively tested Slimline II Kit. This kit guarantees an unparalleled experience during your forthcoming off-road escapade. At a mere 46 lbs, it remains lightweight, ensuring it won't encumber your vehicle or impact its fuel efficiency. The 4Runner rack system is capable of supporting up to 660 lbs of weight, granting you the flexibility to mount various items on its top.

    Constructed from resilient 3CR12 steel and T6 aluminum, complemented by a black epoxy powder coating, this rack exhibits durability in diverse environments without succumbing to corrosion, even in challenging muddy or snowy conditions. The inclusion of slat channels simplifies accessory mounting, accommodating standard 8mm bolts for a secure attachment.

    The Front Runner Slimline II system distinguishes itself by its elevated design from the roof, allowing convenient sliding of additional items underneath, such as a foldable camping table or gear of similar size. As a fully modular roof rack, it offers easy customization to suit your requirements, and the installation is straightforward, requiring no drilling. Numerous other exceptional features make this rack a compelling choice worth considering.

    Why do we like it?

    • One of the strongest platform racks on the market
    • Slim and lightweight design
    • Installation requires no drilling
    • Modular roof rack system
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 46lbs


    Limited Lifetime



    Thule Roof Rack Subaru Forester

    Thule Roof Rack Cross Bars For Subaru Forester

    Unlike the previously mentioned Subaru Forester accessories, this Forester rack is a crossbar roof rack. Nevertheless, it remains a robust and aerodynamic piece of off-roading equipment capable of supporting up to 220 lbs of weight without the need for any drilling or modification during installation.

    The Thule Winbar EVO crossbars offer a larger loading space, presenting an enhanced version of the AeroBlade bars. Their improved and aerodynamically designed features, including the TrailEdge design, contribute to reduced wind resistance and noise, even at high driving speeds. These crossbars can securely hold various items such as kayaks, skis, snowboards, cargo carriers, and roof boxes, all without obstructing your sunroof.

    With a dynamic weight capacity of 220 lbs, they prove sturdy, especially when the weight is evenly distributed. The SmartSlides slidable length scale doubles facilitate quick and easy installation, and their durability has been tested in some of the most extreme environments. Plus, they come with a reassuring 5-year warranty. Take a look at these impressive crossbars!

    Why do we like it?

    • Easy to mount and install
    • Requires no drilling
    • Very lightweight yet sturdy build
    • Aerodynamic and sleek design
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 3lbs


    5 Year Limited



    GOBI Ladder

    Gobi Roof Rack Ladder For Subaru Forester

    Going up and down from your roof rack can be tedious at times especially if your hand are full with a variety of equipment and gear. So we ask you, why keep struggling with that simple task and risk damaging your gear if it accidentally falls down? That’s why we want to introduce one of the simpler but still very important pieces of Subaru Forester accessories that will make loading and unloading your roof rack a piece of cake.

    Introducing the GOBI ladder that can be mounted either on the rear side of your vehicle or even its side and you can either mount it to your roof rack system or just your vehicle itself separately from your rack. It is constructed out of stainless steel and it weighs only 10 lbs making it both very sturdy and able to withstand pretty much anything you throw at it and also very lightweight, not affecting your fuel efficiency and not putting a lot of weight on your off-road rig.

    Not only can you use it to safely secure your gear to your roof rack but you can also use it to go in and out of your roof top tent! Installation if very simple as it does not require any drilling or modification to be done. It has an impressive 250lbs of weight load capacity and even comes with a 1 Year Limited Warranty so be sure to check it out.

    Why do we like it?

    • No drill installation
    • Very lightweight and sturdy construction
    • Does not need to be assembled
    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 10lbs


    1 Year Limited



    Subaru Forester Lights

    Having reliable lights is crucial, especially when navigating perilous routes at night where the risk of getting stuck or encountering severe accidents is high. Ensuring your vehicle is equipped with top-notch lighting is essential to minimize the potential for unfortunate incidents. In this segment, explore some of the finest Subaru Forester lighting options that not only enhance your vehicle's aesthetics but also significantly elevate the safety of your upcoming outdoor adventures.


    Cali Raised LED Light Bar

    Cali Raised LED Light Bar

    If you haven't done so already, consider enhancing your overlanding vehicle with a reliable lighting system, a critical investment for a safer and more enjoyable journey. In this context, let's delve into the features of the highly acclaimed Cali 42" Slim single-row LED light bar, a popular choice among Subaru Forester accessories.

    This LED light bar sets itself apart with 40 individual LEDs, delivering an impressive lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours and emitting a remarkable brightness of 20,000 lumens. Its broad compatibility makes it suitable for various vehicles. A noteworthy attribute is its instant-on capability, eliminating the need for a warm-up period. The light bar incorporates effective temperature management and features durable polycarbonate lenses.

    Additionally, it proudly carries an IP68 rating, showcasing its resilience against dust, dirt, and sand. Remarkably, it can withstand submersion underwater for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1.5 meters, underscoring its overall durability. Installing the Cali 42" Slim LED light bar is a simple process, making it a valuable addition among roof rack accessories for off-road or overlanding adventures, particularly during nighttime travels.

    Why do we like it?

    • Incredibly bright LED light bar
    • IP68 rated casing
    • Extremely durable and waterproof



    Subaru Forester Awning Models

    Following an extended day of driving and searching for the ideal spot to establish your camp, the most rewarding course of action is to recline in your chair and savor the natural beauty around you. Nevertheless, the weather might not consistently cooperate, making it beneficial to have a dependable awning that can provide a pleasant shade, allowing you to relax and relish the remainder of your day. This section highlights some of the finest Subaru Forester awning systems, ensuring your upcoming outdoor excursion is even more delightful.


    Thule HideAway Awning

    Thule Awning For Subaru Forester

    Introducing another exceptional addition to Subaru Forester accessories, the Thule side awning serves as the perfect complement to your off-road setup. Built with exceptional durability, it can withstand even the most challenging weather conditions, providing a reliable shade for you to relax and take in the surrounding scenery. 

    Operating it is a breeze with its retractable, crank-operated system. A notable feature is the spring-loaded tension arms that absorb movement, ensuring stability during windy conditions. The legs are equipped with the Thule QuickLock system, allowing easy adjustment of leg height and preventing movement in harsh weather.

    Adding to its appeal, the Thule HideAway awning incorporates a drainage system, efficiently managing water accumulation during rainy conditions. This feature simplifies the cleanup process when it's time to pack up and move. Enjoy both durability and convenience with this impressive Thule side awning.

    Why do we like it?

    • Simple, retractable system
    • Built-in drainage system
    • Lightweight and sturdy construction
    • Movement-absorbing spring-loaded arms



    Morpho 270 Awning

    Guana Equipment Morpho 270 Awning

    One of the great Subaru Forester accessories made by Guana Equipment stands out as an exceptionally budget-friendly awning in the market, offering an array of impressive features for its affordable price. Manufactured by Guana Equipment, this awning has undergone rigorous testing in extreme wind and harsh weather conditions to ensure its durability. Setting it up is a breeze, taking less than a minute. While it can function as a freestanding awning, it's recommended to utilize the included aluminum telescoping poles for added stability.

    This Subaru Forester awning proves to be an excellent addition to your off-road rig. It can be mounted on either a full-length rack or a ¾ length rack, as long as it's positioned at the vehicle's end to avoid interference. Constructed from high-quality aluminum poles, it is built to endure the rigors of outdoor adventures. Turning our attention to the awning's fabric, it is crafted from heavy-duty 420D ripstop polyester, featuring double-stitched seams to prevent water ingress. The fabric is weather-resistant and resistant to mold growth, ensuring durability in various conditions. Additionally, it incorporates a reinforced PVC membrane corner piece to safeguard against fabric tearing and water leakage.

    When not in use, the awning can be neatly packed into the included 680G/1200 OVC black travel cover. The telescoping poles can be extended to a length exceeding 7 feet, accommodating various vehicle heights. The versatility of this 270 awning is particularly noteworthy – it can be transformed into an annex or a tent using the Morpho 270 awning walls. Crafted from the same weather-resistant material as the awning fabric, these walls provide extra privacy and protection against the elements. Featuring zippered windows and entry points, they offer a chance to enjoy the surrounding scenery and ensure proper ventilation, making it one of the top choices for a Subaru Forester 270 awning.

    Why do we like it?

    • One of the lightest 270 awnings on the market
    • Awning walls can be added (comes separately)
    • Durable, heavy-duty fabric used
    • Fits most of the rack systems



    Subaru Forester Accessories FAQS


    What are some of the best Subaru Forester accessories?

    That all depends on your needs and your lifestyle. However some of the most popular Subaru Forester accessories would be a sturdy and reliable roof rack, a good set of lights, and if you are an outdoorsy person you should also consider acquiring a roof top tent that will provide a safe haven on your next camping adventure.


    Where can I get Subaru Forester accessories online?

    You’re in luck! You can get all of your Subaru Forester accessories right here at Off Road Tents. We have thousands of products to offer that all come neatly shipped right to your doorstep for FREE!


    Is Subaru Forester a good car?

    Subaru Forster is a very good and reliable vehicle that is suitable both as an everyday drive and in harsh off-road environments. It has an all-wheel drive, well-designed interior with a lot of storage space and it is a comfortable vehicle for long drives!


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