5 Best RAM 1500 Bed Racks

    RAM 1500 Bed Rack Review

    Today we will talk about bed rack models, RAM 1500 roof rack models to be exact. As you already know, RAM is one of the most popular off-road and overlanding vehicles in the world and there’s a good reason for it. It is a powerful vehicle that can overcome any time of terrain with ease. But every off-road enthusiast knows that in order to have a complete overlanding vehicle you must have extra gear on it.

    One of the essential pieces of gear is the and one of the most popular overlanding upgrades is the bed rack. There are a ton of different roof rack manufacturers and bed rack models. That’s why we decided to make a list of what we think are some of the best RAM 1500 bed rack models out there and hopefully by the end of our list you’ll be able to find the one that best suits your needs.

    Another thing we want to note is that all of the RAM 1500 bed rack models can also fit the RAM 2500 & 3500.


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    Why Get A Truck Bed Rack For Your RAM 1500?


    We don’t want to say that it is necessary to get it because it is not. You can have a perfectly good off-road trip without having a bed rack. However, if you do decide to get it, it will be an amazing addition to your vehicle and your next adventure. Having a bed rack allows you to carry more items, attach different accessories, and more.

    Without having a bed rack, you wouldn’t be able to mount a roof top tent that will provide a comfortable place to sleep during those longer overlanding adventures. You can still use your truck bed even if you have a bed rack installed. The only difference is that you can mount even more stuff and extra gear that just cannot fit inside your vehicle.

    A truck bed rack does not add too much additional weight to your vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about that. Some bed racks sit below the truck cab thus decreasing the aerodynamic drag and wind noise, and some sit above the truck cab and allow you to transport longer loads such as ladders, kayaks, or any construction material that cannot fit inside your truck bed.


    RAM 1500 Bed Rack Models


    Best RAM 1500 Bed Rack


    RCI Bed Rack RAM 1500


    RCI Bed Rack Ram 1500

    This is one of the most popular choices when it comes to bed racks. This is a low profile truck bed rack for RAM and it sits below the truck cab at a height of 12". Being an adjustable bed rack, it can also fit a variety of vehicles. It is tested in some of the most challenging conditions and terrains to ensure its durability. Let's look at it in more detail to see what else it has to offer in light of that.

    As we said the bed rack sits bellow the truck cab and while that does have its perks such as the increase in vehicle aerodynamics and the reduction of wind noise it does also have its negative sides. One of the biggest ones is that you cannot carry any items that are longer than your truck bed as they cannot sit above your tuck cab.

    This bed rack is one of the heavy-duty ones and it is created from 3/16” thick aluminum and comes with 14GA steel telescoping braces. It was also black powder coated to prevent any scratches or erosion in muddy environments. It is also one of the strongest racks out there as it can withstand a whopping 1500 lbs of weight capacity while weighing only 43 lbs!

    This bed rack has a ton of mounting points that you can use to mount a variety of overlanding accessories such as hi-lift jacks, fire extinguishers, roto-pax, spare tires, recovery gear, or even have a bigger roof top tent on top of it. Great thing about this bed rack is that you can still have enough space underneath it to access your truck bed and store away some extra gear.

    As we already mentioned, this rack is adjustable, and you may alter the width from 54" to 64". It takes less than an hour to assemble and mount on your truck bed. This bed rack mounts to your truck bed using C clamps and requires no drilling. This is one of the most popular options for RAM 1500 bed rack systems, as we already discussed, and it is well worth the money. Please feel free to take a look!

    Why do we like it?

    • One of the strongest bed racks on the market right now
    • Easy and fast installation
    • A variety of accessories can be mounted
    • Has adjustable width
    Drill or No Drill Weight  Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill (Uses Clamps) 43 lbs 1500 lbs


    Cheapest RAM 1500 Bed Rack

    Tuff Stuff Bed Rack


    Tuff Stuff Bed Rack For RAM 1500

    This overland truck bed rack from Tuff Stuff is another affordable option that is also reliable, durable, and lightweight. Because it is adjustable, it can fit almost any vehicle on the road. It works well with truck beds of all widths, from mid-size to full-size. Although drilling is not necessary to install this rack, it is advised that you do so if you plan to travel through more difficult off-road terrain.

    The black powder coat finish on this Tuff Stuff RAM 1500 bed rack prevents scratches, chipping, or even eroding in muddy areas. It is made of superior, long-lasting materials. It can handle any substantial item you can think of, including larger roof top tents, thanks to its 800 lb static weight capacity, 650 lb dynamic weight capacity, and 51" cargo carrying rack that can expand to a maximum width of 68".

    Due to the fact that this rack is lower than the truck cab, it might not be suitable for longer loads. You'll find accessory tabs on the bars of this overland truck bed rack that are ideal for mounting a wide range of alternative mounts, including Rotopax mounts, jack mounts, shovel mounts, axe mounts, and even lamps to illuminate your truck bed. Even an awning can be attached to it!

    It is safe to claim that this rack can endure just about everything you subject it to because it has been tested under extreme circumstances and on some of the roughest routes. Using the provided installation instructions and the necessary hardware that is included with the rack, you could install this rack in about an hour. Feel free to check it out because it will without a doubt be a fantastic complement to your next overlanding adventure.

    Why do we like it?

    • Lightweight bed rack model
    • Easy to install without drilling
    • Is adjustable
    • Aerodynamic construction
    Drill or No Drill Weight  Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 55 lbs 800 lbs 1 Year Limited



    RAM 1500 Bed Rack With Tonneau Cover


    Leitner ACS Forged


    Leitner ACS Forged Bed Rack RAM 1500

    This truck bed rack is incredibly stylish, strong, and light weight, and it has a retractable cover. This is a relatively recent bed rack system that was tested in some of the most extreme conditions to ensure that it could withstand almost anything. It can carry pretty much everything you want because of its static weight capacity of 800 lbs and dynamic weight capability of 400 lbs.

    Let's begin by stating that this overland bed rack is made of an aluminum alloy, making it both extremely sturdy (as we just mentioned) and lightweight (weighs only 85 lbs.). From the top of the bed caps to the sturdy 2" square load bars, the rack is 23" tall. To prevent your stuff from moving, the bars also contain a load pad and a rubber wind diffuser.

    The quad-rail load beam design of this Leitner RAM 1500 bed rack is ideal for unlimited mounting choices, making it a completely upgradeable bed rack with an ever-expanding line of accessories. A large range of Thule, Rhino Rack, and even Yakima accessories are compatible with the rack. For those lengthy overlanding journeys, mounting a roof top tent is a terrific idea in addition to mounting extra equipment. All of the steel brackets have a dual-stage powder coating as well.

    Pushing a button opens the tonneau cover that comes with this RAM 1500 bed rack, and you may store a range of stuff in your bed rack both above and below it. The Leitner gear pods are another fantastic accessory that you can place on your bed rack to enable you to carry more goods. Please feel free to check it out as it is one of the best RAM bed racks available and one of our top recommendations.

    Why do we like it?

    • Sleek and aerodynamic design
    • Comes with a tonneau cover
    • Easy and fast installation
    • Can support a variety of different accessories
    Drill or No Drill Weight  Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 85 lbs 800 lbs Limited Lifetime



    RAM 1500 Bed Rack Rambox


    Front Runner Slimline II Bed Rack


    Front Runner Bed Rack For RAM 1500

    Front Runner, a leading manufacturer of top-notch off-road and overlanding equipment, created this RAM 1500 bed rack. Its relatively low profile enhances aerodynamics and reduces wind resistance as well as road noise. Your vehicle's bed would still have plenty of room to accommodate any more equipment or gear even after installing this bed rack. In order to ensure its durability while remaining light and strong, it has been tested in the most demanding environments.

    This RAM 1500 bed rack's durable T6 aluminum and stainless steel construction has a black epoxy powder coat finish that prevents scratches and erosion when traveling through muddy terrain. The weight capacity of this platform bed rack is around 660 lbs, which is just enough to load up your stuff, fasten any accessories you may like, or even set up a roof tent.

    For your upcoming off-road trip, this RAM bed rack may be equipped with a variety of Front Runner accessories and gear attachments. It is very simple to put it together and install it on your Ranger truck bed because drilling is not necessary. You can easily finish the task by yourself in under an hour. Now this bed rack is designed to fit your RAM with OEM bed rails and a RamBox.

    The Front Runner provides a limited lifetime warranty because it is confident that its cost-effective bed rack can resist any environment it encounters. Just be careful not to overload it with more stuff or heavier loads than what is permitted. It's one of the best RAM 1500 bed racks out there, so feel free to check it out.

    Why do we like it?

    • Lightweight and low-profile design
    • Reasonably priced
    • Does not require drilling
    • A variety of accessories can be attached to it
    Drill or No Drill Weight  Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 61 lbs 600 lbs Limited Lifetime



    RAM 1500 Bed Rack Cross Bars


    Thule TracRac


    Thule TracRck Bed Rack RAM 1500

    This fantastic RAM 1500 bed rack is arguably one of the most affordable options available right now. It is a robust and stylish rack that is also quite simple to put together and install. Drilling is not necessary to mount Thule TracRac onto your truck bed. This product from Thule, like many others, is quite reliable and will make a fantastic addition to your next trip.

    The Thule TracOne bed rack is extremely durable, as we've already mentioned, and it can support an 800-pound static load. It is 30" tall as well. When you combine this rack's height and strength, you get an overland truck bed rack that can transport both large and lengthy cargo. Kayaks, planks, ladders, skis, and even a roof top tent can be mounted on the TracRack.

    Additionally, it weighs only 42 lbs. and has an aerodynamic design with built-in wind deflectors, so it won't strain your fuel engine. This RAM 1500 bed rack is also one of the lightest ones available right now. In order to prevent scratching, chipping, and even erosion in muddy areas, the rack is also powder coated.

    Thule TracRac TracOne uses heavy-duty clamps in order to be mounted to your truck bed. It is a great bed rack system to have, so feel free to check it out!

    Why do we like it?

    • One of the cheapest bed racks on the market
    • Easy and fast installation
    • Can be used to carry longer objects
    • Sleek-looking, aerodynamic design
    Drill or No Drill Weight  Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 59 lbs 800 lbs 2 Year Limited



    RAM 1500 Bed Rack FAQS


    What is the RAM 1500 bed rack weight capacity?

    Not all bed racks have the same weight capacity. Some can hold up o 600-800 lbs of weight and some can withstand up to 1500lbs of weight capacity.


    How much weight can you put in a RAM 1500 bed?

    That depends on the payload capacity of your vehicle. Before loading up your RAM 1500 be sure to check what the maximum payload capacity is and be sure not to go above it. RAM 1500 has 2300 lbs of payload capacity.


    What is the best bed rack for RAM 1500?

    We cannot pick just one bed rack as the best one and that’s why we’ve made this list showing what we think are some of the best RAM 1500 bed rack models on the market today.


    Is there a RAM 1500 bed rack with a tonneau cover?

    Yes there is! That would be the Leitner Designs bed rack. It comes with a tonneau cover.


    What is a RamBox?

    RamBox is a cargo management system that is integrated into the sides of the RAM truck bed and you can use it to store tools and other equipment safely.


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