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    Ford F150 Roof Rack Review

    Ford Is definitely one of the leading brands when it comes to the manufacturing of off-road and overlanding vehicles and one of their most popular models is the F150 itself! And as great as it is most of the time you won’t see a stock vehicle on any off-road adventures. One of the most popular and most essential off-road accessories or pieces of gear is a good and reliable roof rack system.

    And that is exactly what we are going to go over here! We’ve made a list showcasing some of the greatest F150 roof rack models that we currently have in hopes that you’ll find the one that best suits your needs and your lifestyle of course. So, without further ado let’s begin with our collection!


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    2018 F150 Roof Rack Front Runner Slimsport Crew Cab Ford F150 Roof Rack Front Runner
    Front Runner Raptor F150 Roof Rack Sherpa F150 Overland Rack
    Gobi F150 Roof Rack F150 Roof Rack Kayak Carrier
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    2023 F150 Roof Rack Front Runner Slimsport 

    Front Runner F150 Roof Rack Slimsport

    First Ford F150 roof rack on our list for today is the Front Runner Slimsport rack that was specifically designed to fit the F150 super crew models from 2018 up to the current one! As you may or may not know, all of the Front Runner roof rack models, including this one is very lightweight, low profile, and modular to suit your needs and desires! But there are many more great features about it so let’s get to it!

    This F150 roof rack is constructed out of T6 aluminum that has been black powder coated to increase its durability and prevent it from scratches and erosion in muddy and dirty environments. It also only weighs 70.2 lbs but it can be even less if you decided to leave some of the crossbars out. Now as we mentioned earlier, this is a modular roof rack system that you can set up the way you want to and add as many or remove as many crossbars as you want!

    This is a very low profile F150 roof rack meaning that it won’t create any aerodynamic drag or noise even when driving at high speeds. Now, it does not come with a wind deflector but you can always mount one! You can even mount a lightbar on the front of it to better illuminate the road in front of you as that is one of the most popular roof rack accessories that you can get!

    This 2018 F150 roof rack does require drilling in order to be installed but it also does come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty like the rest of the Front Runner roof racks which is always a huge plus!

    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    Requires Drilling 70.2 lbs 660 lbs Limited Lifetime



    F150 Crew Cab Roof Rack Front Runner

    Crew Cab Ford F150 Roof Rack

    Next up on our list is another Front Runner roof rack and this one was designed to fit the Ford F150 crew cab models from 2009 up to the current one! Since this is another Front Runner rack it shares the same features as the previously mentioned one except that this one comes with a wind deflector that you can mount on the front of the rack to increase its aerodynamics even more!

    It is made out of T6 aluminum and 3CR12 stainless steel that has been black epoxy powder coated for increased resilience in harsh environments. It is another very lightweight model, weighing only 64 lbs and it also requires drilling in order to be installed. It has a load rating of 660 lbs which is enough to support the weight of things such as kayaks, boards, bikes, extra gear, or even a roof top tent!

    Great thing about this rack is that it can be equipped with a variety of different Front Runner accessories that can make your next overlanding trip even better and since there is a bit of space between the rack and the roof of your vehicle you can store something there such as a camping table or something of a similar size!

    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    Requires Drilling 64 lbs 660 lbs Limited Lifetime



    Front Runner F150 Raptor Roof Rack

    Ford Raptor F150 Roof Rack

    Going back to the Front Runner roof racks, we have another one that was made to fit the Ford F150 Raptor from 2009 up to the latest model. It was designed and manufactured in South Africa and was tested in some of the harshest terrains and environments to ensure its durability! Front Runner roof rack models stand as one of the most durable and reliable off-road racks on the market and this Raptor F150 roof rack is no different!

    The F150 roof rack offered here is a robust and long-lasting option made from stainless steel, T6 aluminum, and coated with a protective black epoxy powder. Despite its lightweight design at 64 lbs, this roof rack is incredibly sturdy and can handle a wide range of items such as kayaks, motorcycles, bicycles, extra luggage, fuel tanks, or even a rooftop tent.

    With an impressive static weight capacity of 660 lbs, this roof rack can securely transport various gear, equipment mounts, and additional items. What sets this rack apart is its clever design, which leaves ample space beneath it for storing extra items like a camping table or items of similar size.

    For enhanced aerodynamics and reduced noise during driving, an optional wind deflector and LED light bar can be added to this Ford F150 roof rack. Installation is relatively simple, requiring only the included hardware and following the provided instructions. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore this remarkable roof rack system.

    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 64 lbs 660 lbs Limited Lifetime



    Sherpa F150 Overland Roof Rack 

    Sherpa F150 Roof Rack

    Up next is the Sherpa Storm roof rack that was made to fit the Ford F150 Supercrew models from 2021 up to the current one. It is a very low profile F150 roof rack that has a built-in wind deflector which helps with the aerodynamics even more. It is also one of the lowest profile roof rack systems that you can find on the market right now!

    It is constructed out of built-to-last aircraft-grade aluminum and a great thing that you can do is pick if you want it to have a bare metal finish or have a black powder coat on it for increased durability and erosion prevention! It weighs only 52 lbs while having a static weight capacity of 600 lbs. It comes with 8 crossbars that can either be silver anodized or black anodized.

    This is a perfect overland roof rack system that will be a great addition to your Ford F150 and can support a variety of off-road accessories as well as a variety of gear such as kayaks, boards, and even roof top tents!

    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 52 lbs 600 lbs Limited Lifetime



    Gobi F150 Cab Roof Rack

    F150 Gobi Basket Roof Rack

    Now let's take a look at the Gobi basket roof rack designed specifically for Ford F150 models manufactured from 2015 onwards. Gobi is well-known for their high-quality, durable, and lightweight basket roof racks, and this model lives up to their reputation. Let's explore its standout features.

    First and foremost, this roof rack basket is meticulously crafted from stainless steel, ensuring exceptional durability. It is fortified with an anti-rust undercoat and a black powder coat, providing added protection against the elements. The integrated wind deflector not only improves aerodynamics for both the rack and the vehicle but also reduces noise during road travel.

    A notable feature of this roof rack is its easy installation, requiring no drilling or additional modifications to your vehicle's roof. Gobi Stealth roof racks are designed to minimize noise compared to many other options in the market. This is achieved through their fully welded construction and reduced use of screws in the design.

    The Gobi basket roof rack is impressively strong, boasting a weight capacity of 600 lbs or more. This allows for secure transportation of various items and even enables the mounting of a rooftop tent. Additionally, it includes a convenient ladder, making it easy to access and load items onto the roof rack.

    Drill or No Drill Weight Weight Capacity Warranty
    No Drill 65 lbs 800 lbs 1 Year Limited



    F150 Roof Rack Kayak Carrier

    F150 Kayak Carrier

    The last item on our lineup is the Front Runner kayak carrier, a compact and convenient accessory designed specifically for transporting your kayak or canoe on your Front Runner roof rack. This F150 roof rack kayak is engineered to withstand rugged off-road terrain while keeping your kayak securely in place.

    Equipped with adjustable rubber-lined "V" braces, this carrier allows for a customizable fit, with the ability to adjust up to 20% to accommodate different kayak sizes. It is compatible with most kayaks and canoes, and the bracket spacing can be adjusted to align with the size of your Front Runner roof rack. To ensure maximum security, the carrier comes with straps that effectively fasten your kayak, preventing any potential slippage.

    Constructed from black powder-coated 3CR12 stainless steel, this kayak carrier combines strength and durability. It features EPE foam pads, along with a UV-protected outer shell and polyester lining, offering added protection for your kayak during transport. Despite its lightweight design, weighing only 6.2 kg or 13.7 lbs, this carrier boasts an impressive weight capacity of 300 lbs, showcasing its robust construction.



    Why Get An F150 Roof Rack?

    As mentioned earlier, a roof rack is an essential component for any off-road vehicle. It provides a platform to securely mount additional gear that may not fit inside your vehicle, allowing you to carry supplies for extended overlanding trips. While you can mount a few items on your existing roof rails, a roof rack offers a strong and stable platform to support a wide range of items, including suitcases, ladders, kayaks, bikes, skis, camping gear, recovery equipment, roof top tents, and virtually anything you can imagine.

    You might be wondering if a roof rack is worth it, especially if you don't use your vehicle for off-roading frequently or at all. Well, that depends on your specific needs and daily activities. A roof rack is not only beneficial for overlanding enthusiasts but also for those who require transportation of larger and longer items that cannot fit inside the vehicle.

    Construction vehicles can greatly benefit from a roof rack when transporting various construction supplies, and it can also be useful for everyday tasks like shopping. You can mount furniture on top of the roof rack or use a cargo carrier to safely transport smaller and more fragile items. Having a roof rack provides additional space inside your vehicle, allowing you to accommodate more passengers without compromising storage capacity. There are countless uses for a roof rack, but we won't delve into all of them in detail.


    F150 Roof Rack FAQS


    Can you put a roof rack on an F150?

    Yes you can! All of the roof racks mentioned in this list, and more, can be mounted on top of your Ford F150!


    What is the Ford F150 roof rack weight limit?

    That all depends on the roof rack itself. Some can have a static weight capacity of 500 lbs while some can withstand even more weight than that!


    Is there an F150 roof rack with lights?

    While not many roof racks have integrated light bars (barely any) you can always mount an LED light bar on your roof rack!


    What is the best Ford F150 roof rack?

    We cannot say what is the single best F150 roof rack model. That all depends on your preferences. However, in our list, we’ve mentioned some of the best roof racks in our opinion!


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