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    Ford F150 & F150 Raptor Roof Racks, Bed Racks & Crossbars

    The Ford F-Series are Ford's best pick-up trucks altogether. This range of light duty trucks starts with the F150, being the "smallest" of them, although it can still be considered a full size pick up.

    Made in USA, the F-Series have been around for 80 years. This has been an insignia for Ford trucks, an insignia for Americans. They are strong, they are reliable, and they are powerful.

    At Off Road Tents we offer you what they don't come with: aftermarket racks and mods. We offer you full platform roof racks for the cab or canopy, bed racks both at mid height and cab height, and crossbars.

    All of them for either your Ford F150, or F150 Raptor. You will find what you need from the best brands in the market: Front Runner, Leitner, Prinsu, Rhino-Rack and more. You name it, we have it.

    It's important to understand, before you purchase any type of cargo carrying rack system for you rig, what you will use it for.

    Typically, it's really important to pay close attention to the dynamic weight capacity of the rack system. That's when the vehicle is in motion. The static weight capacity is when the car is parked.

    So, for instance, if you are using your F150 to carry light weight items, such as ladders, kayaks, fishing rods, boards, or even some hunting gear, perhaps all you need is either a good ladder bed rack, or cross-bars.

    Generally, crossbars can handle around 165 lbs of dynamic load rating. They allow you to carry all the items or things mentioned above, as well as other gear, and sometimes even roof top tents.

    However, if you plan to truly go off-road, overlanding, wheeling or such with your Ford prick-up, then you might want a tougher and better built rack.

    That can either be a bed rack system, or a full platform roof rack. The idea is that one or the other can handle at least 200 lbs of dynamic load rating, which translates to 500+ lbs of static load rating. That way, no matter if you are off road, on a bumpy trail, in the middle of nowhere carrying heavy recovery gear or other items, your car and rack will be safe.

    Therefore, keep an eye out for all these details, which are key to an optimal upgrade of your Ford F-Series truck.

    The best platform roof racks we offer for your Ford F150:


    When it comes to bed racks, we do have a few options you should look for. Mid range or mid height bed racks are normally 12" tall, such as the RCI bed racks. If you carry a roof top tent, then when the tent is closed, its height will be the same as your cab, meaning it won't make any noise and won't offer additional resistance to the wind.

    If you prefer a full height rack (normally around 18" tall), then it'll be at the same height as the cab of your Ford, and you'll have space to put more stuff in the bed.

    Here are the bed rack systems we offer for your Ford F150:

    Front Runner Outfitters

    When it comes to crossbars, the options we offer for your Ford F150 are:

    Finally, if you have any questions on what cargo carrying rack system better suits your Ford F150, please call us at 844-200-3979 or send us an email to

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